Selection question, casino gambling at United


Ross County started their league campaign on Saturday with a 2-1 defeat at Tynecastle.  Last season that kind of result was title winning form.  Prior to that, they had three League Cup wins without conceding, although it took penalties for them to overcome Buckie Thistle in their first game in that tournament.

The big moments of last season are easy to recall.  The 3-0 win over Newco in February and the 1-0 over Dundee United a few days earlier.  Our first domestic away win in 8 months, at Pittodrie, and coming from behind at Ibrox in April.  High on the list, though, is our visit to Dingwall in December.

Playing with 10 men for the last 18 minutes (including added time), Tom Rogic dinked a cross to the far post for Tony Ralston to outleap a clutch of defenders and score a 97th minute winner.  You will not need to be reminded that Ross County have caused Celtic problems since they first emerged on the scene.

They lost Regan Charles-Cook and Blair Spittal, which will blunt them, but you know to expect a battle.

The big question for me is about selection.  Celtic failed to build on an early lead against Aberdeen, prompting Ange to hook Kyogo, Hatate and Maeda.  David Turnbull will be hopeful of a start.  It is too early to expect Moritz Jenz, Aaron Mooy or Alexandro Bernabei to force their way into the starting 11.

Delighted Dundee United got the win over AZ Alkmaar last night.  The moved the dial for Scottish clubs in European qualifiers, who until then recorded three defeats without scoring.  Tony Watt provided more evidence of the quality he has had for a decade, without being truly fulfilled.

Jack Ross is a manager I have admired since he took his Championship St Mirren team to Celtic Park on Scottish Cup duty five years ago.  His time at Sunderland was captured in the Netflix documentary, Sunderland ‘Til I die, a perfect example of why not to join a shambles of a club.  It is worth watching, if only to try to figure out how Sunderland managed to replace ex-Rangers chief executive, Martin Bain, with a less empathetic, David Brent-type character.

Last season he was rewarded for getting Hibs into the League Cup Final with the sack, a decision that looked strange to begin with, and now just looks ludicrous.

European group stage football would give United a chance to curtail the baked-in structural losses they have experienced in recent years. Their smallest loss in the last three years was £2.52m, their highest turnover in that time was £3.9m.

This is a club living way beyond its means, maybe they caught the casino bug off Monaco all those years ago.

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  1. Whilst accepting that David Turnbull is an excellent replacement ( if he is selected), I feel Rio Hatate`s more energetic style of play would have been better suited to the narrower confines of the pitch at Dingwall and the likely to be ` energetic` style of Ross County.


    Prove me wrong, David.

  2. Hot Smoked at 9:43


    Good yin🤣


    Now getting ready for the game. Nerves kicking in. I know they shouldn’t, but hey hoh it’s what we do. Any sort of win does.

  3. SCANIEL on 6TH AUGUST 2022 9:39 AM







    yes, well remembered. He’s what’s known as a Gypsey Cob because of his black and white markings. And I’ll agree to any conditions you’d like to make…… you do know my car runs on donkey poo, don’t you :))




    Your car runs on ” Donkey Poo” ?


    Do you drive a ” ASSton Martin” ?



  4. Hot Smoked



    A new wee Reo song for you






    Quality pics



    Melbourne Mick.



    It’s matchday,so I hope the Timiousness is in you,


    You open your eyes,thanking God yir a tim


    It’s all good from there mate.





  5. “SCANIEL on 6TH AUGUST 2022 10:19 AM


    Now getting ready for the game. Nerves kicking in. I know they shouldn’t”



    Same for me !


    We, as a support, have never had that superiority complex that I believe the Huns have.


    My own feeling is that, apart from our second class citizens origins, the constant MSSM negativity for us and the opposite for THEM has its effect.


    Maybe a Ten-in-a-Row would do the trick :-))

  6. “AN TEARMANN on 6TH AUGUST 2022 10:25 AM


    Hot Smoked


    A new wee Reo song for you”



    Where? Are you going to sing it to me in 106 ? :-)))



    PS I just noticed I had type “ Rio`. Maybe he does have a wee touch of a Bhoy from Brazil :-)



    Golf outing today so


    Cheerio for now.


    Hail ! Hail !

  7. Celtic and Rangers on alert as landmark legal challenge could ‘open the door’ to cross border league


    FC Swift Hesperange of Luxembourg have filed a claim against UEFA as they bid to join a proposed breakaway competition involving clubs from Belgium and the Netherlands.





    A landmark legal challenge could open the door to Celtic and Rangers leaving the SPFL, according to a top sports lawyer.



    FC Swift Hesperange of Luxembourg are attempting to take UEFA to court over rules blocking them from taking part in a cross-border league with clubs from Belgium and the Netherlands. Swift want to be allowed to join a proposed Benelux League and are prepared to fight European football’s governing body and the Luxembourgh Football Federation.



    I have a few Doctor/Nurse Appointments coming up in the Next Two weeks or so. Maybe we can arrange a meet soon after these appointments ?


    A Day during the week would suit me fine.


    HH Mate.

  9. Scaniel


    Hope you don’t mind me asking,but what is the name of your company.


    One of my sons lives in Biggar and he is always looking for new places to go to,with his four children HH

  10. So the BBC have decided Tannidice was a see if ORANGE on Thursday night.



    I am sure this was just a typo by the hack concerned but last I checked Dundee Utd wear tangerine and in fact have always worn and claimed to wear tangerine.

  11. I passed the queue on Friday morning outside Tannidice. Over 500 folk apparently most had been there since the end of the game the previous night. All trying to secure briefs for Alkmaar.



    If only they had the same collective passion for the league games. Then they really could be a serious sustainable challenge for Hearts Hibs Aberdeen

  12. Drove right past dingwall today en route to Ullapool for the ferry to Stornaway.



    Nearly persuaded my good lady that an afternoons shopping in dingwall would be an exciting option until she noticed an early CSC minibus with the passengers receiving themselves by the roadside just after Kessock bridge.



    An early start for them but sadly it put paid to my cunning plan.

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    CARPE DIEM 63, we haven’t set a day yet mate. One of the Shipbank Shipwrecks shall post it about a week before. 👍

  14. Paul67



    Interesting comment towards then end of the article that I posted the link on .



    Dermot Desmond mothballed Celtics interest in an Atlantic league in 2020 .




  15. Mild Colonial Bhoy on

    PARKHEADCUMSALFORD– I too remember being told at Primary School (St Bridget’s) to sing “Hail Glorious St Patrick” as per the church version and not the Celtic Park version. That would have been 1961,1962. That is the song that I most associate with Celtic games in the early 60’s. Never heard “Faith of our Fathers’ being sung at Celtic games but my father and older cousins have told me that they think it was still being sung in the 1950’s. I had cousin who was in the clergy and he did tell me that in those days priests, ministers could get in the stand. Don’t know when that stopped but my cousin did need to have a season ticket after Fergus introduced them. He had have to give that up because the parish he moved to had am early vigil Mass on a Saturday evening which meant leaving home games well before the end. Was not aware of a “Pope’s Corner” at Celtic End but until 1964 I was watching mainly from the Rangers End.

  16. Our 3 of our 4 Japanese players came to us with wonderful tecnique,poise,composure ,vision ,humility and a hard work ethic.


    The other trades a bit of composure for a little extra speed and strength.



    My concern when we signed them was there size .


    Would they be able to cope with the physical demands of the Scottish game?



    Will we get a full season out of them.



    Ideguchi ( subject of a dangerous meaty challenge ) has been unlucky ,but has played virtually no part .


    Kyogo made a Ghod like start ,and missed half a season.



    Hatate will now be earmarked for the rough stuff .


    If the tackle test case is Ludstrom ,then he won’t be protected by Scottish refs.



    Hopefully The bald eagles pace will protect him .



    But I would like to see a couple of Roy Aitken types in our squad ,and another striker.



    GG himself has been injury prone .



    We need to beef up a little to help the squad .





  17. fergusslayedtheblues on

    BIG JIMMY 7-36 am


    Can’t top that jimmy


    The lassie must have been well smitten if she gave u a showt owt


    On the airwaves.


    Big jimmy Clooney fae the Shipbank


    Has certain ring too it



  18. Two weeks into the new season and Sky Sports have already given us the last KIck Off time for the first weekend and now they’ve ignored our first away game to show Norwich v Wigan.



    I hope when the time comes we vote against giving this shower the tv rights again.

  19. Tom McLaughlin on

    AN DUN


    Sky Sports . . . ignored our first away game to show Norwich v Wigan.



    No they didn’t. They decided to show the Edinburgh derby instead of our game. A reasonable choice in my opinion.

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