Season will be a battle from now on


For the top half of the table, post-split competitive action is mostly concentrated on Celtic and Newco, for the top spot, and the battle between St Mirren and Dundee for fifth place and European football.

Hearts are marooned (get it), 13 points from second and nine ahead of fourth placed Kilmarnock.  Killie have an eight-point lead over St Mirren, who hold only a two point advantage over Dundee.

St Mirren are up first on Sunday, hosting Newco.  Dundee will know that result before they take the field against Celtic at Dens.  We can get lost in our own worlds but you can expect St Mirren or Dundee to have another say in the outcome at the top of the table before the season ends.  The rest of the season is going to be a battle.

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  1. Friday eve friends!



    Less than 3 months until the 3 game US pre-season tour.



    If interested in connecting with a few of us over here that are attending shoot me an email a




  2. Someone posted on here that in the three post-split games were games involving us and THEM they play before us.


    a) Is that correct?



    b) Is that fair?



    c) Has our club said anything?



    d) Have any of the supporters groups said ( or done ) anything ?

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ll fix it for you: “Dundee ( and John Beaton) will know that result before they take the field against Celtic at Dens”.



    As I said the other day, I find it curious that of the remaining 5 games, Sevco will kick-off either before (twice) or at the same time (twice) as Celtic.

  4. HOT SMOKED on 25TH APRIL 2024 12:45 PM


    “Just checked. They play before us twice; we play before them, once.”



    I assume that when they are earlier / we are later this is due to TV company scheduling?




    With us away to Dundee after they are away to St Mirren, it could have been either way?



    They are at home to Dundee a day before we go away to Killie – again could have went either way but as this follows the Glasgow Derby I think an extra day to recover is no bad thing, especially as Killie away should be a harder tie that Dundee at home.



    We play Hearts (no TV) the day before Rangers play Killie (on TV) as this is the Sunday game as away games often are.



    I’d like to think (as per pre split fixtures) that a few variations are drafted and a consensus is arrived at but who knows. It could be at the whim of an individual at the SPFL or SKY for all we know.




  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Makes absolutely no difference who plays first on the same day. Just win our games.




    Nothing on the Lee Congerton comments yet? Any day now, surely…..



    On why Atalanta fired/mutualled him?


    I think it was Back to Basics who pointed out our press were eager to get the interview so imo to sow a little infighting among tims as we go for a title,Peter Lawell can wait til league is won.Eye on the prize GTTF,dont participate in any hun meeja shenanigans,plenty of time for review once work is done.


    Be interesting to see where Congerton works next.




  7. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Sky will dictate when the games are played, we a the pre entertainment for their main event ie the EPL, hence the noon or 12:30 kick-offs.



    No idea how they pick us or them for the first game, doubt if Sky are really that interested apart from the ‘OF’ games !

  8. BADABING Have you any inclination of the renovations .that McKay mentioned at the AGM In and around Celtic Park

  9. Advantage in playing first or second,only in peoples heads.Win,that’s all that matters.If someone plays before you and gets beat,massive boost,if they win,whatever,we have to win anyway.


    Nit picking..

  10. Hot Smoked



    “We play Hearts (no TV) the day before Rangers play Killie (on TV) as this is the Sunday game as away games often are.”



    They are at home to Killie but point stands – the TV games are often Sunday for SKY scheduling purposes.



    Hopefully in 3 wins time it wont matter who plays when!




  11. Do any of you remember about a private company wanting build a club with the entrance like a railway engine being built on spare land in Davvar Street near the Turnstile pub on London Rd

  12. HOT SMOKED on 25TH APRIL 2024 12:42 PM




    Appreciate your point regarding who plays first – there will be differing views of course.



    I actually would prefer us playing after the Ibrox club. I think it can be an advantage when you know what you need to do.



    For example: if they score 3/4 goals, and if we are winning comfortably, say 2-0, we know that we must push-on and get a couple more. If they draw, or, lose, then if we are winning only 1-0 and it’s not particularly comfy, it would be better to manage the game and ensure a win. Now I know that has not been a strong point of late, but nevertheless.



    There are pros and cons about the scheduling of important matches at this time in the season; that’s why on the last day everyone kicks off at the same time.



    Let’s just win all that is put in front of us, and put things to bed in what has at times been a surreal season.

  13. bigrailroadblues on



    Global buffet. Not a fan but the small doll likes it so that’s that.

  14. See a few getting excited about Maeda making a quick recovery.A guy with poor control,poor dribbling skills,shocking crossing ability,poor goals per chances ratio,and quite prone to ridiculous blooters out the park.


    Am I missing anything?.You all watch him.What,you dont see this?.You were on the ball to see it with Yang,Khun,Palma,who has a much better goals,assists ratio.Khun,not doing to badly there either.


    This myth,Tavernier is terrified of him,is just that.Last Celtic Park game,he scored two,and delivered 10 crosses into our area.No ign of being terrified.


    He runs about a lot,scores a few goals,misses many more.Is this the type of player we really think is the future?.


    Sorry to the Maeda fan club,but when we were kids playing in the street,spare ground,he would have been one of the last” Diddies” to be picked.I remember them,and its all I can see watching him.


    This will go down well !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 1868: Willie Maley born in Newry, County Down, Ireland.



    Willie Maley is the longest serving manager in Celtic’s history, but also holds the longest reign of any manager at any senior club in the UK. In total, in his 43 years as manager, he won 16 league titles, 14 Scottish Cups, 14 Glasgow Cups and 19 Glasgow Charity Cups. It wasn’t the mass of trophies that was most important about Willie Maley, it was his character & ethos. He engendered the moral framework around the club and how Celtic were to work. (The Celtic Wiki)



  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TIMBHOY163- nothing new re development at CP for a long time,plans were for a hotel on site of the Ticket Office, which was being relocated near north east of stadium, there are plans in for a thearte type venue behind Turnstiles pub,plans are out there in public domain.

  17. AN TEARMANN on 25TH APRIL 2024 1:16 PM




    Spot-on AT.


    We need to be united behind the team, the manager and the club at least until we’ve secured the league.



    BTW, met up with Carpe Diem 63 for the semi final in Kitty O’Shea’s in Edinburgh. Really nice guy and was singing your praises AT.



    Also met another poster from on here in there. However, he said he was mainly a lurker and wouldn’t give his CQN name.



    If you’re looking in. Was great to meet you and your family. He said knew Tom McLaughlin well.




  18. Posting my email isn’t always best idea. Just got an email saying someone used it to attempt to sign up for a dodgy adult website.

  19. Weebobbycollins on

    I see the Vasilis Barkas scout is still ridiculing Maeda as being useless. I think Daizen has been much more useful to us than Barkas ever was…just my opinion. Lol.

  20. Some good posts re who plays first. I have now joined those who feel it is not really important.




    AIPPLE on 25TH APRIL 2024 3:02 PM


    Huh! That old excuse :-))

  21. For me, Maeda is a dangerous bundle of energy but, as with many other players, his perceived ability grows in his absence.

  22. The thing with Maeda is: to reference Otis Redding , “You don’t miss you water till the well runs dry”



    That’s why Ange & Brendan always play him – he’s an acquired taste I know – I acquired it from day one . HH







    Not my full personal email so not too worried. Stinks though.

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on



    Could just be talk (Celtic site) about talk (Newspaper) ….. but if it has any truth in it ….. then a very sensible approach.



    Bosun turns just 21 later this year.



    CB requires more physical power than any other position …. so important not to rush youngsters.



    Get him signed until 2028



    Loan him to an English Championship team for 2024/25



    If he does as well as we hope? …..



    ….. Bring him home and integrate him into the first team squad for 2025/26 …



    ….. at which point he will still be only 23 years old.

  25. Maeda has his faults but offers especially in a Derby game >> more than other options.



    In the Derby sometimes a bit of graft will overcome craft(or the craft)



    Im delighted we have him back if fit.

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Turkeybhoy – Fully accept Maeda isn’t great at some things.



    So why do I hope he is available again this season?



    Simple. Another option. Another guy to help do some of the heavy lifting that will need done.



    His availability allows greater rest and rotation of others.

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