Selling reserves at a premium


Stephen Welsh’s breakthrough season at Celtic came in 2020-21 as defence and goalkeeper position fragmented.  He started in several of Ange Postecoglou’s first line-ups and was trusted to partner Carl Starfelt for a trip to Ibrox but a costly mistake at Livingston saw him drop down the pecking order.

At 23, he is just seven months older than Alexandro Bernabei, still considered young with room for development, but it is unlikely to happen at Celtic.  He has not made an appearance since October, though made it onto the bench five times in the closing months of the season.

It is no surprise there is interest in the player from Italy, where several of his peer group have excelled, but quoted the £3m price spot is noteworthy.  This is not far from the price we paid for Alistair Johnston, fresh from the World Cup and already a stalwart in the Celtic defence.

It remains to be seen what happens to Stephen.  If we are able to sell a player on the very fringe of the squad for a fee like this, it is a clear indication that the value attributed to a player simply by being at Celtic has increased.  We have seen this phenomenon at top English clubs for years.  They acquire huge squads, mostly loaned out for a healthy fee, before being sold at a premium as, for example, a Chelsea player.

It would also not escape your attention that if we sell reserves for £3m, maybe we can aim a little higher when signing first team players.

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  1. The returnof weeron on

    Emm…MY last post was in relation to BURNLEY78’s last 2 posts.



    If that makes any sense.




  2. With regards the “New strip”. There is only so much Adidas can do with a hooped top of green and white.Every time a new top comes out,it is met with loads of negativity.” Breaking the tradition”etc.Still have not heard of any being a failure in sales.Personally,I love it,my son and grandson love it.Some mates dont,some do.


    I think it wil be very vivid with the black,stand out a bit.


    Anyway,we love the Adidas money,and its only for a year.Wont make a blind bit of difference to how we play.

  3. B78


    I wholeheartedly agree re a certain faction’s treatment of WGS.


    He brought success on a restricted budget.


    3 league titles and 2 CL knockout stages can only be regarded as a success.


    He may have been abrasive at times, but no one can dispute his knowledge of the game and the pride he brought in his European achievements.


    He has earned much more respect than he is given from a section of our support.

  4. I know we shouldn’t believe the many unsubstantiated reports in the press but if the Saudis have offered silly money for Hatate, I’d take it if it left us in a stronger position to decline other offers for Kyogo, Jota or CCV.

  5. How much would we need to bring back KT.


    Arsenal no longer want him.


    I’m sure he’d rather be at Celtic Park than St James’


    How about offering Arsenal 10 million plus Liel Abada?


    AJ and KT would make up a formidable full back pairing.

  6. Went into my local Tesco with wife and grandson about 20 minutes as Aaron Mooy was coming out. Didn’t have presence of mind to ask her m if we would see him next season.







    Where is everybody??




    TESCO looking for CELTIC PLAYERS.

  8. Burnley78



    Tiny Tim



    I get you are permanently unhappy with Celtic but fyi we have won 14 of 18 leagues since WGS took over a downsizing and overspending club in 2005



    We won 6 out of 7 of those leagues when BR or WGS were managing.



    All of these were in the 14 seasons when a form of rangers were in the top flight.



    Maybe not good enough for you.



    My dad would have walked over MON’s fabled broken glass for that. I would take those results anytime also.





    What would your Dad say of the course of justice that seen our club do and say zero over criminal goings on.? Supreme Court? Lord Nimmo fraud.



    Keep that ol frim going.there is money to be made?


    In a hundred years time will there liquidation.



    Shall we be talking like Hibs of late 19thC a small accounting error when in actual fact 92.01% of players where illegally registered



    I get Celtic not saying alas whatever description,in corporate terms


    But each passing game v them it just comes across as craven corporate shitebagism as the faecal spray of ol frim haunts us.


    We are in love with a shitecoveveredmermaid


    And took that route in 2012



    No point in giving it big licks and want to beat ‘theym’ when theym are criminal and corrupt as flook.



    Had my time in square mile


    Murray was a criminal fraud of cards awaiting to be tumbled over .


    Your dad would have blown them apart.


    God willing we step away from this craven behaviour,in Europe.get the rancid identity to f



    Do you have any critique of Celtic 2012 ? What is it? or are you full of the corporate snobbery/they know best nonsense that we fought against with Kelly’s,David and whites whose hubris and utter incompetence nearly saw an end to the ship set afloat by Brother Walfrid in January 1888.








    But it develops into an association of craven

  9. Loathing and hating??



    Good grief. That stuff’s deeper than football or a blog and just an unhealthy burden to carry around.



    All these guys are professionals in a game that overpays for their talent, given the circus that surrounds it.



    Let it go. You’ll feel better for it.




  10. BRRB


    Are you aware tha FSTB is an anagram of SFTB ?



    Is this some masonic communication?

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