Six football games to play right now


WHEN fans of the club aren’t taking in the action at Celtic Park and reading match reports of away matches they couldn’t attend, playing football-related games is a popular thing to do. Whether it’s on a portable mobile phone device or through a powerful PC machine, the options are extensive.

For fans of the beautiful game, the offering in this area has always been strong. Nowadays, though, thanks to the sophisticated modern-day devices we all typically use, games developers have upped the ante and enabled us to explore even more impressive football-related titles. Below is a look at six football games that are particularly shining right now.

Football Manager 2023 is impossible to disregard

 Accessible via mobile or PC, Football Manager 2023 is still one of the best football games around right now. Putting players in the ruthless world of football management, gamers have to find the right formula on the pitch, unearth talent, conduct press conferences, deal with contracts, and everything else that being a football manager entails. You can even manage Celtic, too.

 The Football Rules slot is a leading title

Accessible on a number of prominent gaming devices, such as a smartphone or a PC machine, online casinos are thriving right now. An option for soccer lovers is the Football Rules slot, a leading title that takes the action from the pitch in a 25-payline game. Offering football-themed symbols and plenty of entertainment, it’s a great product to session.

Rocket League is a blast 

First and foremost, we should probably highlight the fact that Rocket League isn’t strictly a football game, but it does include enough football-related elements to make it a viable option for lovers of the sport. Controlling miniature high-powered vehicles, gamers have to score their way to glory in a series of 3-on-3 matches. While it does take some time to grasp the game fully, it’s a blast to play once you get the hang of it.

Kevin Toms Football Manager is a charming release

 If you’ve already sampled aforementioned options like Football Manager 2023, then another management game with a charming feel might represent an enticing alternative. Kevin Tom’s Football Manager certainly fits the bill in that respect, with this classic C64 game being adapted for mobile gaming audiences. It isn’t free but the game’s pixel feel and management aspect makes it a top title to session for an hour or so. You’ll have to navigate a promotion push, win various tournaments, buy and sell players, and loads more.

eFootball 2023 is perfect on PS5

For PlayStation gamers who are beginning to look into alternatives away from FIFA, eFootball 2023 is the standout option. Thanks to a number of impressive updates that have elevated the game’s offering in 2023, eFootball 2023 is worth looking into. The gameplay is solid, the opportunity to build a successful side in MyClub is well worth exploring, while the game’s graphics and all-round gameplay is excellent. Despite occupying a somewhat saturated space, eFootball 2023 continues to remain popular in 2023.

Top Eleven is another engaging management title

A game that has been entertaining gamers on a variety of platforms for over a decade now, Top Eleven is yet another engaging management product that is being explored within the football gaming community on a daily basis. Particularly popular on iOS devices, the football manager simulation is fun to play for a few hours, the game’s tactical side makes it a real challenge, and it’s rewarding when you do secure a win. If you’ve ever fancied being a football manager, then Top Eleven is a game you might take to.


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