Taylor and Johnston’s importance to Celtic


Celtic’s defence had to cope with another injury on Saturday: Liam Scales missed out with Maik Nawrocki stepping in, but as a unit, they are solid with Greg Taylor, Alistair Johnston and Cameron Carter-Vickers in place.

It was fitting that Johnston got an assist for Reo Hatate and Kyogo’s goals, the second a particularly satisfying cross.  He is back on the form we saw when he first arrived in January last year.  Decision making, energy levels and end product have all ticked up since the winter break.

Both fullbacks were missing in February, then returned to build up match fitness in a team in a mini crisis.  It was a lesson on how fragile form can be when players are even 10% short of sharpness.

The injury to Daizen Maeda poses a different challenge.  Luis Palma returned to action after six weeks out and, for my money, looked like he has work to do and perhaps a few pounds to shift.  Yang didn’t look comfortable on the left on Saturday, so until Daizen recovers or Luis gets miles under his belt, I expect Greg Taylor has a lot of running to do, especially on the big open spaces of Hampden.

The two fullbacks are among Celtic’s most important players.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Each and every one of them is important to the outcome of the league.



    Was great to see the huns lose at the weekend but this is far from over.

  2. The FBs are absolutely critical and the criticism Taylor gets regularly is really harsh. I think Johnston is one card away from an automatic suspension so expect he’ll be booked the first match after the split……

  3. Well, I’m logged in so might as well say “Hello”



    Any other long-time lurkers around?

  4. I wouldn’t play Yang. I don’t rust him just yet. I feel he still has a brain fart in him and could give officials the opportunity to change a game with a red card or couple of yellows.

  5. Before Christmas AJ was poor and could barely get a cross past the first man.



    His forward play and his crossing , link up play has improved immeasurably recently, probably been told to keep his head up but also Matt is providing a great foil with some tremendous movement.




  6. KINGLUBO on 16TH APRIL 2024 12:17 PM


    Our best wishes go out to Kris Boyd who has been in for an arsehole transplant. Sadly, the arsehole rejected him





    i remember a story years ago that was around when JOHN WAYNE was still alive.


    The ” story” was that John Wayne had just went thru Heart Surgery, and that the Surgeons had replaced one of his Heart Valves…..with a PIGS Heart Valve…….Apparently the Pigs Heart Valve REJECTED John Wayne ?


    Ive no idea if any of that ” Story” was indeed true ?



    True or not…Big Duke was one of my Movie Cowboy favourites….Despite his off screen Politics.




  7. DAVID66 on 16TH APRIL 2024 12:52 PM


    An Tearmann from previous thread watched Kin and the prequel




    Have you watched Ozark on Netflix?


    Or Severance on Apple TV?



    Really enjoyed both.



    Also, The Mafia Only Kills In Summer is a good wee series on Channel 4’s All 4 app. 👍

  8. I’m liking the Shortbread web site picture of the Dens Park pitch , with a good view of the big muddy bit.

  9. Best thing I’ve watched in a while, apart from Dingwall On Sunday, is Ripley, on Netflix. Extremely binge worthy.

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    If you can be bothered with foreign language telly with English subtitles, then Spiral, The Bridge and The Bureau are all with watch.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Dundee H


    Killie A


    Huns H


    St Mirren A


    Hearts H



    Is doing the rounds,nothing confirmed…..

  12. doing the rounds



    man city a



    real madrid h



    leverkusen a



    tyson fury h



    miami dolphins a

  13. and the rangers have got



    cove rangers h



    berwick rangers h



    larkhall thistle a



    rangers ladies h



    rangers b (away but moved to ibrox for security purposes)

  14. Weebobbycollins on

    Free Solo on the iPlayer is a more exciting watch than anything promoted on here…


    Watch the guy scale a 3000+ feet granite wall without ropes.


    It’s almost as exciting as watching the huns get stuffed in Dingwall…

  15. HOOPLE on 16TH APRIL 2024 12:15 PM


    Well, I’m logged in so might as well say “Hello”



    Any other long-time lurkers around?



    Yer no ur he …



    Welcome to the madness…

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TEXASTIM @ 12:36 PM






    Classy Clement now has an excuse!






    Sidelines soaked.



    Pitch green and lush.



    Visual proof Dens Park drainage works.



    Good to see SPFL opponents of Dundee (St Johnstone and Celtic) rising above it to assist a competitor.



    Such behaviour reflects well on these clubs and is indicative of a willingness to collaborate to resolve problems.



    Just a shame the league has an outlier outfit who behave selfishly (always) and lash out with childish rants (regularly).

  17. Hi Everyone




    A big shoutout to D66. I can endorse his IT skills (as displayed recently to posters).



    He’s the goto mhan for all IT problems at his work and goes by the moniker of Power Ranger !. No job too small for D.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    SAINT STIVS on 16TH APRIL 2024 1:51 PM



    miami dolphins a



    I believe they’re hoping to sign Silva but are facing competition from the Navy Seals . -)))

  19. Talking of John Wayne is an arsehole.



    As part of my genealogy past time I have taken to wandering the port cemetery looking for headstones of the ancestors.



    I actually enjoy it having forgotten overtime where everyone is.



    What strikes me is how many old fashioned names are there. And names you no longer hear of.



    In my wandering I have genuinely found a Vincent mcdaid and a John Jarvis across from each other. Gave me a wee laugh and immediately thought of John Wayne is an arsehole skit

  20. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11781/13115851/scottish-premiership-2023-24-post-split-fixtures-dates-and-schedule-revealed



    Saturday April 27


    Kilmarnock v Heart of Midlothian (3.00pm)



    Sunday April 28


    St Mirren v Rangers (Sky Sports, 12.30pm)


    Dundee v Celtic (Sky Sports, 3.00pm)



    Saturday May 4


    Celtic v Heart of Midlothian (3.00pm)


    Dundee v St Mirren (3.00pm)



    Sunday May 5


    Rangers v Kilmarnock (Sky Sports, 1.00pm)



    Saturday May 11


    Celtic v Rangers (Sky Sports, 12.30pm)


    Heart of Midlothian v Dundee (3.00pm)


    St Mirren v Kilmarnock (3.00pm)



    Tuesday May 14


    Rangers v Dundee (Sky Sports, 7.30pm)



    Wednesday May 15


    Kilmarnock v Celtic (Sky Sports, 7.30pm)


    St Mirren v Heart of Midlothian (7.45pm)



    Saturday May 18


    Celtic v St Mirren (12.30pm)


    Dundee v Kilmarnock (12.30pm)


    Heart of Midlothian v Rangers (12.30pm)






    Saturday April 27


    Aberdeen v Motherwell (3.00pm)


    Livingston v Ross County (3.00pm)


    St Johnstone v Hibernian (3.00pm)



    Saturday May 4


    Aberdeen v St Johnstone (3.00pm)


    Motherwell v Livingston (3.00pm)


    Ross County v Hibernian (3.00pm)



    Saturday May 11


    Livingston v St Johnstone (3.00pm)


    Ross County v Motherwell (3.00pm)



    Sunday May 12


    Hibernian v Aberdeen (3.00pm)



    Wednesday May 15


    Aberdeen v Livingston (7.45pm)


    Hibernian v Motherwell (7.45pm)


    St Johnstone v Ross County (7.45pm)



    Sunday May 19


    Livingston v Hibernian (3.00pm)


    Motherwell v St Johnstone (3.00pm)


    Ross County v Aberdeen (3.00pm)

  21. Dundee Away?


    I can only hope the Dens Park pitch is playable otherwise the SMSM will be giving Dundee hell and demanding we get awarded the three points for er no playin

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