This is not a drill


This season, Newco present the greatest domestic test to Celtic since Aberdeen in season 2014-15.  More significantly, their results in Europe defined expectations.  Having eliminated Young Boys and Feyenoord, they are in the Europa League knock out stage.

This would be a dream season for them were it not for their two defeats to Celtic: one at Ibrox in the league, the other this month’s League Cup Final defeat at Hampden.  There is a reason for that.

Celtic are an exceptional team.  Better than Porto, who topped Newco’s Europa League group, better Young Boys and Feyenoord.  I can think of only two regrettable moments in our season so far (Scott Brown’s handball against Cluj and Ryan Chistie’s lunge against Livingston).

Tomorrow we get the chance to beat them at a third Glasgow venue of the season: Celtic Park, which, due to Newco’s inability to deal with celebrating visiting Celtic fans, will have 59,000 Celtic fans and around 700 visitors.  Newco believe, having drawn in a half-empty stadium in Oporto and away to a weak team in Rotterdam, they can cope on the road.  They will find Celtic Park is a virulently hostile an environment.

Like most of you, I hope to see Mikey Johnston on the left, James Forrest on the right and Ryan Christie in the No. 10 role, but Neil Lennon has shown no inclination of picking this formation, which would leave Olivier Ntcham on the bench.

This morning, I watched our Ibrox win in September.  Olivier was exceptional throughout, as he was the first time these teams met last season.  If he is in the 10 role, we have nothing to fear.  The full back positions are crucial.  Newco flourished on their right wing in particular at Hampden, If Boli Bolingoli and either Forrest or Johnston dominate that side of the field, the entire flow of the game will be different.

The greatest risk tomorrow is from a red card, but we have experience all over the field, even Jeremie Frimpong has some lessons under his belt.

Odsonne Edouard terrifies them.  They cannot tackle him, cannot shove him off the ball, and after Hampden, they will even be reluctant to kick him.  I expect Odsonne to be as calm and devastating as usual.  Look out for a late cameo.  Leigh Griffiths endured a torrid 2019.  He has scored three times this calendar year, in games Celtic scored 5, 7 and 5 goals respectively.  The script is written for a rejuvenating end to the year for the player.

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  1. JNP-hi mate,don’t think the flute playing was in the same game,pretty sure they won that game,I could be wrong (again).Hope you’re feeling better after last night sleepy head 💚

  2. As Paul67 said yy, lets trust Lenny to pick the team and do what he does and say what he does before going out… Then let Broony do his bit in the huddle…. Then let our core players, JF, SB, RC, CMcG do their jobs…. Then let our genuine superstar striker and world-class goalkeeper and the most passionate support in world football blow these rat-bags away.



    Do the same kick-off as we done at the debt-dome in September and incessantly attack this hire-purchase shambles.



    It’s all there for us.



    Lastly these Celtic fans thinking that the LC final was a car-crash should realise that if sevco had scored Celtic would have then attacked and changed the game…. Not being complacent but I think we will destroy this mob tomorrow



    .No hiding place for these **** tomorrow for 90mins.



    Celtic to win by 2.




  3. Please just win Celtic!



    I will take 1-0….or even 7-1….so long as we win.



    Mind you…………………………hehehe

  4. Fairhill Bhoy.


    It’s from Celtic Wiki,


    They have dated newspaper cuttings reporting the flute incident.


    Thanks for kind words.


    You would think it would be virtually impossible to do the damage I’ve done, in my sleep, but somehow I have. I’ve had a very quiet day, face still sore.

  5. DAVID66



    lol, Lambert is one of my fave players from recent times , all round class …we all see different things in the same players at times.



    Time for my bed .



    ps … thanks for taking the time to look at the link , and replying , it’s much appreciated.



    Hoping for a better performance and the same result as the final would be lovely .

  6. Forster, Frimpong, Ajer, Julien, Boli, Brown, McGregor, Christie, Forrest, Johnston , Edouard. leaked tonight alledgedly

  7. Marspapa – Goodnight, sleep well you have a big celebration mañana



    Ps lambert was a good player, you don’t win a EC medal if not. I just think Broonie is better all round but hey that’s my opinion only.



    Dream of French Eddie hitting the back of the net 3 times and you will be fast asleep.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  8. Park Road 67


    I would substitute Ntcham for Johnston, and Taylor for Boli- think the latter will know what’s at stake in this game. Otherwise, agree with your selection. Regardless, we need to win.



  9. On this occasion I wish to agree with Steven Gerrard.



    So, Mr. Clancy



    Don’t not book Alfredo Morelos for his first simulation.



    Don’t not book Alfredo Morelos for his second simulation.



    Lets see how they cope for 80 minutes minus their centre forward.

  10. Hard to see why Lenny would change it after sticking with his formation recently.I like your team,but someone mentioned earlier that Ntcham actually had a very good game in the first match this season.Anyway we will see soon enough 🍀

  11. I believe Neil has been building up to this game with the formation and personnel he’s played over the last few games having been spooked after the cup final performance, and if I’m being honest I understand why, so if we win 3-1 tomorrow I won’t blame him for that goal.

  12. Noone knows anything, and it is a cert that the team hasn’t been leaked.



    The way Brendans teams were leaked was just wrong.



    I actually had a thought that A Celtic without Broonie might mean an awesome performance, allowing Olivier and Mikey to play as the hun are hell bent on negating Broonie.



    Anyway, Showtime soon enough.



    If Celtic are on it. Celtic will win.

  13. DAVID66



    I’d bite your hand off for a 1-0 .



    My daft bets for tomorrow are



    Johnston hattrick 3-0.


    Calmac, Forrest Eddy and Julien 4-0


    Broony to score anytime lol.



    That’s my dream for tonight.






    Going to the game pal, pre-match brekkie in Coias with some cracking ghuys……



    Catch up over the next week or so f your not working 👍😀 mibbe a game of golf ⛳ 🤔😀



    MON THE HOOPS 🇮🇪⚽🥅🍀🏆

  14. SFTB,



    Lenny is rightly confident, lets face it he has been through a lot mair than any of us, that to me gives me confidence more than anything. Those average laws and all that stuff go oot the windae on this occasion.



    He is still standing saying CELTIC CELTIC.



    A True Celtic Great.



    We are spluttering as the weight of games is heavy, but the Lenny Bhoy is doing alright.



    Nae Surrender frae Lenny Bhoy.

  15. Imo Barisic is a bigger danger to Celtic than “Tav.”



    Lenny is a tactical Genius, I reckon he’d gie up a cup for the League.



    Jeremie will occupy that flank well.

  16. Late hour. (With AOW).



    Been navel gazing and realised that the things I enjoy in life are a mixture of ingredients and events.



    Celtic – the players, the manager, the fans, the stadium, all combine to give a heady experience full of excitement and anticipation.



    Friends & Family – the wife, the Bhoy, the house, the friends all make life more bearable and enjoyable.



    Stella – water, barley malt, maze and hops all combine to create a mildly euphoric and sometimes dizzying experience. It is always best consumed while watching the former (Celtic) and in the company of the latter (friends & family).



    However, all 3 can have similar outcomes.


    If Celtic don’t win or play well I can be depressed or feel bad for a short time (until the next match). Cos I love the Celtic.



    Family and friends can have issues that also affect my mood or feeling of wellbeing. But due to my love of these individuals it is usually short term or until better news arrives or more satisfactory outcomes have been achieved.



    With Stella my enjoyment comes with the occasion of watching or being with the other two. Good company whilst having a small libation amongst friends and family whilst preferably watching the Hoops. Family is the reason I get out of bed each day. Not work or hatred of anyone else.



    Obviously I don’t need to have alcohol on each occasion ( aye right – wife) as I wouldn’t be able to function at work or cycling/driving etc…but it is Saturday night/Sunday morning.



    To end my ramblings, I turn to the match in about 11 1/2 hours.



    Neil has to get his ingredients right. The players need to embrace the support of the fans and perform in our stadium. I’ll be watching with friends and family and a few Stella’s will be taken.



    Whatever the outcome, I’ll still be a Celtic fan who loves having his family and friends around him who in turn support me each day.



    God bless you all and enjoy what you have.

  17. I’ll tell ye what’ll probably make the difference the morra……….



    A red-card bearing, man-in-black wearing “Hampden-Blue” tinted speks…………….




  18. Points won, lost, denied……………..



    A “League” table………………….?



    Penalties “awarded”…or goals ignored. The kolour of scoddish fitba’ justice is either Black, Red or Blue.



    They can’t chalk them all off, can they?




  19. Bankibhoy1 – it’s on Sky so probably the monotone, sometimes whiny, drone of Andy Winker to listen to.



    In the same game he has said ” there’s definite contaçt, so a penalty for me” Sevco



    “Not enough contact for him to go down in that manner, no penalty for me.” Celtic

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