Training Revision Loop urgently required


If concerns are realised and Liel Abada’s injury, sustained on international duty with Israel, results in him missing five months of the season, it will be a huge blow to Celtic, as well as the player.  Liel was an instant hit when he arrived in Glasgow two years ago as a 19-year-old.  His goals and assists since were a big part of Ange Postecoglou’s success story.

Although a winger, it is inside the box where his talents are exceptional.  He finds space and can finish at elite level.  We can only hope for better news.

Sport science is about getting players fitter, stronger and avoiding injuries.  Our athletes are charged with achieving progress on the fitter and stronger categories, while hopefully not becoming more prone to injury.  There are no hard or clear rules on how to achieve this.  Without intensive training, footballers will not get near the Celtic first team, but with Carter-Vickers, Nawrocki, Welsh, Hatate and Abada all picking up injuries since the start of the season (and others preseason), we need an urgent revision loop.

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  1. MCPHAIL BHOY on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2023 11:53 AM







    Potter knocks back Rangers (sic) approach according to an Ibrox mole who has begun ‘Operation get Beale to resign which will mean that we don’t have to pay him for his full contract’.







    I know it’s a long call sign but they only had a week to come up with it!








    This story has came from a London based reporter, so i’d lend credence that it has legs.

  2. The better news is that Nir is available on a loan if we need a spare central defender…




    Out went McElhone and in came Driscoll – I’m no grass but is that telling ?

  3. Understand the concern P67 when looking at the injury list as a whole, however on deeper inspection its sheer bad luck that Maeda fell on Stephen Welsh when going for a high ball in training and Welsh damaged his ankle.



    Abada’s injury was also picked up on International duty and was down to the player doing extra personal training after everyone else had finished, and Rocky got injured on a pitch that isn’t fit for professional football in any country in the world.

  4. Prestonpans bhoys on



    10 years old ?



    Yip we are going to get done for employing underage kids 🙃🫣

  5. Personally I wish the so called corrupt board would actually call out the GB for the attention seeking pretendy anarchists they they are though, instead of bestowing them with tickets for away games and platitudes.


    They are no different to the wee gangs of ultra types all the clubs seem to have now. Just different tunes saying ‘look at me’. Like the naughty wee child in the class seeking to be noticed.




    pretendy anarchists, plastic paddies, woke, real world, grown up conversation…..



    words and phrases used by usually older folk who seem quite happy with the status quo, think they know better and who have idly sat by watching the world get to where it is today…



    imo, they dont get enough attention..







  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    This is deterministic.



    From the uninformed outside looking in at the outcomes ….



    … we are not understanding or working the issue hard enough.



    BTW – let’s allocate blame proportionately



    Neither are Israel.



    From memory that is twice now Liel has been injured while training with the national team?

  7. Potter knocks back Rangers (sic) approach according to an Ibrox mole who has begun ‘Operation get Beale to resign which will mean that we don’t have to pay him for his full contract’.



    Harry Potter, Pansy Potter or Graham Potter ????

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Spikeysauldman @ 12:11



    Nice one.



    Blunt, direct, challenging … none of which I mind at all.



    Hope it stimulates a decent discussion and debate.



    IMHO, truth invariably lies somewhere in the middle.

  9. MOD – it was just an observation.



    Love the thought of a stubbled MENA athlete fella turning up to sign an S-form with us ;))



    Potter Passes Up Paupers.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Brilliant statement from Harry Maguire’s mammy.



    Won’t make a blind bit of difference though.

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Looking forward to Saturday, Prestonpans is buying me drink in the Oak. Can’t afford to be in St Tams company in the Sports Bar, he drinks Pimms and Campari.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Big blow. Thought he would be a great asset for us in Europe with his pace and finishing – perfect for counter-attacking.


    Guess it will have to wait for the knockout rounds, hopefully!

  13. back to basics



    and btw , b78 and others who slag off the GB writes loads of stuff i agree with…



    and i sit here as an older. , frustrated and wishing i had done more good, protested more and fought more against the powers that be..



    I’ve contributed as much to much of the shyte in the world as most everyday folk :(

  14. Will we be able to replace Abada on our champions league list? An opening for the (injured) Tillio, perhaps.

  15. Is the memory of a supporter a bit like a goldfish, we had injuries last year to CCV, Hatate, Mooy, Kyogo etc



    Or is it because they are all at the same time?

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    My only criticism of the GB is that the drummer never attempts the drum track on Crossroads Blues. Harrumph!

  17. So Abada is out for five months with a pinched muscle, a pinched muscle is a new one on me, it doesn’t sound too serious but five months FFS, ach well, it hopefully gives others a chance.


    Oh and welcome back TTT, long time no hear.


    Been off the drink for a couple of weeks now, as an alcoholic trust me it’s been hard, but so far worth it, feel better and have more energy and sleeping like a baby, fingers crossed I last tho I wouldn’t bet on it.

  18. bournesouprecipe on

    KevininLasVegas @ last article



    Same but,



    I do see the hype, as you call it, and it’s not coming from Celtic. It was the same with Karamoko Dembele or Ben Doak. Celtic supporters see clips of goals on the internet, for a development team, and think he looks decent why isn’t he in the first team?



    The ‘ hype ‘ started when Rocco signed up with the elite academy agency, they do the rest, fill twitter etc, which is parroted by SMSM and drives up the status and interest till they can sometimes broker the players move to sunnier climes. All hype indeed, Celtic can only sit back and watch.



    Back in the real world Rocco plays in a sporadic B league where it’s almost impossible to develop due to the lack of competition, whilst he can’t lay a glove on the first team.



    Celtic buy Benfica players who are in exactly the same boat in Portugal, and on and on and on.




  19. Spikysauldman



    Maybe if the fines that UEFA get from Celtic from Celtic were channeled to the good causes which the green brigade support then we might all be in a better position.



    My argument protesting is your thing then do it without damaging something which means a lot to lots of people. There are smarter ways of doing it. Even in todays restricted society.



    Pyros are not protesting but they attract unnecessary fines btw

  20. TET – glad you can see the benefits of abstinence – all the best with it fella.



    As Lena Martell used to warble ‘One Day At A Time!’

  21. A blow for sure. Fortunately, we do have options.



    Had it been AJ or Taylor then I’d be more worried. A lot more worried.



    Hopefully Liel is back soon.

  22. I know what you mean Bourne,



    The exotic always sells, especially now with fast food football.



    I’d imagine Roco will go straight into the pool now with Maeda, Marco,Paulo and Yang.



    Don’t know the first thing about training elite athletes but surely the amount of long term injuries can’t just be bad luck. I also have worries about relapses with CCV the early indicator.







  23. Think Kyogo and Maeda the only guys not injured since Brendan came back.







    Kyogo trained all day today and raring to go.




  24. bournesouprecipe on




    Players get injured, part and parcel of the game, and part of the reason why you need thirty or so, in a big club.



    Good luck with convincing Brendan his sports science needs a review.

  25. garygillespieshamstring on

    Got to laugh at the fuss in the press about Maguire getting taunted by the Scotland support.



    I don’t remember any concerns in the press when Scotland players were being abused regularly by Scotland fans due to the club they represented.



    Also not much being said at present in the media about the offensive chants being directed at our club and players on a regular basis by supporters of most clubs in the SPL.

  26. Spikysauldman



    I get your point re our generation playing its part in the problems. That is for sure. I am as guilty as anyone Re that also. Just not sure what they do is effective vs the negative aspects.

  27. Kevinlasvegas



    That’s great to hear.



    Given there are a few young lads close to this blog are participating in the half time 10 second challenge on Saturday I was thinking one might have got an upgrade to the starting 11.

  28. garygillespieshamstring on

    Abada injury Just goes to show that despite what previous Celtic managers have said, sometimes you do need to have to have signed millions of wingers. :)

  29. A bit worried about the striker situation. Even if Kyogo doesn’t pick up an injury the fact remains he’s not Superman. Between now and Christmas its midweek followed by a weekend fixture. Far too much for one player. But the drop down in quality to Oh is dramatic. Oh apart we are then into “next best” territory ie playing guys as a central striker when that’s not their primary position. Another striker should have been bought in the window.



    A very tough run of fixtures upcoming and, whilst Ibrox was good, the league was not won there. Concerns I had before that game remain extant.

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