Abada time


In October, the win over Hearts was by the odd goal in seven. Celtic collected the points in thoroughly satisfying circumstances, a result which setup a league campaign that promises so much.

Hearts are third in the league and, despite folding at the sight of a blue shirt, are more than capable of knocking Celtic off their stride tonight.

Conversely, a Celtic win, after a win in Paisley, would see the betting closed on this season’s title.

Ange should give Liel Abada a start. He has been patient from the bench and performed well when called upon. It’s also likely that Hearts will press forward more often in the cup games between these sides at Tynecastle on Saturday, a task more suited to Daizen Maeda. Rest Daizen, play Liel.

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  1. iPaddy McCourt on

    Get this mob absolutely skelped tonight, ruin their confidence going into the quarter final

  2. Abada deserves a run after his performance on Sunday.


    Jota on the left, his natural position.


    We have eccellent cover if its not working.







    “True but you might be able to make some money out of your hobby.’







    Can you enlighten me as to why my posts are characterised by you, as lecturing, whereas yours are, presumably not so? Am I being lectured about something when you provide unsolicited employment advice? Is it a hobby or your full time employment?




    if you are able to answer such a difficult question and are able to categorise your posts and those of others with such discrimination, perhaps you are more qualified for the employment you wish me to undertake.




    I think your cage is rattled.

  4. Tobago Street on

    I’m in the lounge tonight ( I know, I know ). Opens at 5:30 so once in won’t be allowed to go in and out. If there’s anyone at the Pools office bridge at that time I’ll see you then ( early, I know )


    Been a great trip so far, typically frantic! Surely ‘The Bells’ on Tollcross road must be out of Guinness by now!






    3-0 tonight. CalMac to open the scoring

  5. Tobago Street, enjoy the sunshine today, Glasgow looking wonderful out of the office window.

  6. fanadpatriot on

    When you purchase a ticket to watch Celtic you get a seat number ,that’s where you sit.


    Would you stand on a seat if you visited a friend and they said ,please take a seat.


    Respect is sadly lacking HH

  7. Tobago St.



    I hope your trip here is going great and you enjoy your beer in the lounge.i had a change of plans as pal,mrs and grandaughter are over for game from galway so i wont make corner and will miss you.think the bastion of temperance:-)


    BIGRAILROADBLUES said he was heading to one too,i think the kerrydale.i may end up in one myself just dont know which,if any.




  8. If a new standing section is opened up I will request to move into it.



    Reading last nights inputs, plenty of people feel the same way.



    Doesnt matter if your young , old, a woman , a man, anything you want to be if your fit enough to stand you will be happy to do so.



    For others relocate to the vacated North Curve area.



    what is the big deal ?

  9. TOBAGO STREET re: game tonight



    Enjoy the game tonight. Took my Looval lover to her first game this season and was lucky enough to meet a few at CQN corner after shouting “where’s CQN corner?”



    Was the last Celtic Park game vs the salt n sauce huns.



    Enjoy. HH!

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Any future alterations/reconstruction of the ground should probably include a large standing area it would provide freedom of choice.

  11. From Previous Thread…



    CONEYBHOY on 8TH MARCH 2023 10:06 AM


    I was at a funeral of a guy who drowned and his best mate chucked a lifebuoy on top of the coffin.







    I asked why and he said :







    ‘it’s what he would have wanted’




    Good wan Mate…LOL



    I had a friend who sadly died and it was very strange …..as we never got the chance to say ” GOODBYE” to him…….although he drowned in a Bowl of ” CHEERIOS” !







    There’s no big deal. I hope you get that chance and enjoy your standing experience. I enjoyed standing in my younger years to watch games but these days I can’t cope with it. It was the only blight on the recent cup final win at Hampden. We paid £44 to sit in comfort to watch the game but we’re forced to stand if we wanted to see it. I saw quite a number of fans around my own age in my near vicinity. It somehow feels like a retrograde step to go back to fans standing in a previously all seated stadium. However, that’s only my opinion and if enough people want to do it why not.

  13. Big Jimmy





    A bit like the guy who drowned in a bowl of muesli, pulled down by a strong current.



    Or the lad who drowned in a vat of varnish. Horrible end but a beautiful finish

  14. Different subject



    Good TV series. Try Lillyhammer on Neflix, with Steven Va Zandt ( ex Guitarist with Bruce Springsteen and Sopranos.


    Quirk and very funny




  15. Kinglubo re: TV



    I binge watched Dublin Narcos on Sky last weekend. Very interesting mix or interview, reconstruction and narration. 70s hash through heroin , exstasy , cocaine to 00s Celtic Tiger.

  16. I sit in the same area at all Hamden finals, in the same seat, with the guys left and right and front and back of me all the same faces for last twenty years or so.



    The Bronze area. 55 pounds a ticket , K3 section, most ironically for the dear seats you cannot actual see underneath to the stadium podium.



    Anyways area in front is Silver section, usually access to the lounges Nevin i think on the celtic end of segregation.



    However, not for the first time the lounges on this level are not opened for a full sit down service hosted by hampden.



    A few years back and it wasnt widely publish there was an almighty rammy in the connecting corridor between the suites at a Glasgow Derby semi final, and i think they just dont open them now.



    So there is always some chat around these occassion who actually gets the tickets, how do they end up on the market, people talk of 500 pound packages for an overnight stay, a seat and a meal outside the stadium with transport etc etc.



    So how do they get on the market , this grey market if you like business terms.



    This is only speculation on my part but I wonder if the Silver seats are sold to other buyers and not necessarily the clubs, the hampden slice of the pie if you like.



    I did witness many many people in front of me , late arrivals, tanked up on something, unsteady on feet, lanyards on, then point blank refusal to sit down, forcing everybody behind then to also stand, led to a really anxious bawling match all first half, and for me i didnt get to see the full move for the first goal i didnt see talyor crossing the ball. I did catch Kyogo finish though.



    At half time i took a wonder though all the sections and to my suprise a full empty row , 2nd from front in H5, a whole row to myself. Behing Tony roper and gerry collins.


    When i see a gap like this in a big game, my mind always wanders to what happened, did a bus break down was a flight delayed, did something worse happen , anyways i digress.



    Other evidence on the day, in the bronze section as not being regular supporters, how the feck can someone walk up nowadays and not know how to operate the turnstyle with the ticket on the barcode ?


    Long waits while drunken eejits have it explained to them how to present the ticket.



    One guy in my row managed to finally get the light to go green and tried to pull the turnstyle the wrong way, wtf.



    Anyways my long boring point.



    I look round at everywere else in the stadium and everybody everywhere stands up,



    that was it.

  17. Tobago Street on

    Thanks lads. Great day in the town today! Lots of building going on, cranes all over the shop! Folk from all over making the dear green place their home. Love it!




  18. Lots of noise coming from Hearts about big changes to their team because of a long injury list, for tonight’s game.




    Do we think this is the old tactic of getting us to lower our guard?




    Or an attempt to prioritise the Scottish Cup Q-F tie as they are a much harder team to beat in Edinburgh?

  19. I’d expect Hearts to prioritise Saturday’s game so tonight I think will be fairly straightforward. 3-0.

  20. Hearts have a few weapons- pace on the counter attack and a reliable scorer but I still think we will see a St. Mirren style set up. Concentrate on defence but be willing to attack when opportunities arise.



    Even if they have a completely different line up at the weekend, they will not want a doing tonight. I think there line up will have many recognisable names tonight.

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