Beale Mathematics to the rescue!


If Philippe Clement thinks Brendan Rodgers’ comments about the coming game between Celtic and Newco are disrespectful, he would be advised to avoid his own side’s fan media if the result does not go their way at the weekend.

Brendan suggested, “We can have a bit of fun”, using his ability to deescalate tension in his squad ahead of a big game.  Clement, perhaps clutching his pearls, said Rodgers’ comment was “not really respectful towards my team.”  Pity help him if he encounters his own fan media in the event he loses the game.

Clement went on to do some casual Beale Mathematics.  It requires control over when you start counting the league table, a tactic which can quell a sense of inadequacy in football managers.  Beale took over from that nice Giovanni van Bronckhorst, before going on a long streak of wins and telling everyone the gap in the table was nothing to do with him.

Picking up where his predecessor left off, Clement told the media on Sunday, “Six months ago we were seven points behind; now we are three points behind and we can go equal”.  If he loses on Saturday, the reality of being two points clear one month ago, then six points behind, will stop the Belgian concerning himself with maths for a while.  As Pythagoras often said ahead of the weekend, ‘Three points are all we need, lads.”

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  1. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Hit the bar twice !


    F,Y,G,C,M,K,J,M,C,D and ?


    Who is missing and it’s not desserts.

  2. KYOGO is 50/1 with Ladbrokes to score Exactly THREE Goals against the Huns…my cash is ON.



    MON the HOOPS……Just DAZZLE these Bassa’s !




  3. PAUL67



    Before the our game at ibrox , he was asked about how his team would cope with Celtic ? He said, “we have played better teams than Celtic ” …..that could be construed as disrespectful ………another Gerrard , the man has no class whatsoever……..



    As for the playing staff … old song springs to mind with these words …..



    Players only love you when they’re playing…



    courtesy FM.


    BHOYJOEBELFAST on 7TH MAY 2024 12:09 PM


    Hit the bar twice !





    F,Y,G,C,M,K,J,M,C,D and ?





    Who is missing and it’s not desserts.




  5. Clement seems to be going madder by the week. Actually when he first cam here i thought he was a serious professional and he conducted himself well.



    Now…Approaching Bealie levels and galloping towards full Pedro

  6. SAINT STIVS on 6TH MAY 2024 6:22 PM



    And a few thousand no shows sitting somewhere but not at the game.






    I was in attendance at my nephew’s wedding in London so had to miss the game. There were at least 6 season ticket holders there. Similar very important family occasions and commitments take place at this time of year, weddings, First Communions and family holidays. They all take a toll on Tim’s’ ability to attend big matches unfortunately. Family first, then football.

  7. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 7TH MAY 2024 1:04 PM


    Tavernier’s response when he heard Daizen was fit and rarin’ to go…







    😂😂😂I’ve never heard that one before. Nor have I had the experience… Not that i can remember 😁

  8. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I thought the attendance figures included the ST’s irrespective if they attend or not 🤔may be wrong…

  9. I wore my persistence beats resistance T shirt to the gym today .


    Well , it tickled me 🤪

  10. the long wait is over on

    From last article:-



    “!!BADA BING!! on 7TH MAY 2024 10:31 AM





    The players and fans hate each other, Butland,Barasic twice outside the ground on Sunday having altercations with fans, Rae and Silva punch up in the dressing room, they are imploding”



    Imagine giving pelters to the only player so far (fingers crossed no-one else gets pass marks the rest of the season ) who really gets pass marks week in week out for your team.



    Hopefully he gets hacked off and goes.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Looks like a week of old firmery starting up. Fantastic! How lucky we are to have them. Good thing it was only the holding company that got liquidated and not the club…..

  12. Jack Butland seems a decent sort, very good friends with Joe Hart, and unlikely to buy into the worst aspects of playing fur the Ayebrokes club.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Long Wait- if we win this League, Butland will get punted to pay for a new team

  14. The Original Sadie’s Bhoy



    I too have a First Communion to attend on Saturday, but my seat will not be empty.


    My ticket will be used.



    You say six of you, all ST holders left your seats lying empty last week ?



    Why not pass the tickets on to someone ?



    Not everyone can make every game, but do not leave the tickets to be wasted.


    Pass them on.



    I will guarantee you now, all the people failed to attend recent home games will miraculously have no other commitments on Saturday.



    People who love to say ‘family first’ or ‘had to work’ etc will all be at the game on Saturday.

  15. I dont think Butland will command much of a fee. Until Sevco he was evry much a journeyman.



    Sevco elevate to heights utterly without foundation. Joey Garner, Windass. Kent amd lets not forget El Bufalo. All£10m plus and we can talk.



    Butalnd has made a few decent saves, but he has also looked suspect . a good illustration would be the goal he lost at the weekend.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If Butland’s people did their due diligence – he’ll have a moderate release clause in his contract.


    (Bearing in mind he was a free transfer in his early 30s with options)



    “Get me out of here” insurance.



    Good keeper but, given his age and injury history, any notions he’ll be sold for gazillions are fanciful.

  17. Moravcik



    I kinda agree with you. My son can’t go most weeks due to playing most weeks this season but we always make sure his ticket is used. It’s not that hard to do and ensures folk who do want to go have a chance.

  18. O’Neill, Strachan, Lennon, Ange – I’d have Brendan Rodgers over every single one of them for week’s like this week.

  19. Saint Stivs on



    Someone cant make the game, then so be it.







    Nobody’s business.






    sure, the personal family reason for non-attendnace is nobodys business.



    however the “owners” of the business are perfectly within their span of control to pull the analytics and come to a conclusion that x customer doesnt attend, and that y customer wants to, so lets make a judgement call and determine, who is the most valable asset to the business,



    this is where it will end up, it is obvious. ah la man united.



    a non attendee might have paid up front for a whole season, but they will not increase match day revenues.



    the graphic of matt scoring against a half empty lower tier celtic end versus declan rice scoring on 90+7 to a packed stadium was very illuminating to me.

  20. I disagree with you on this one Moravcik. There are a great many Celts that will be attending First Holy communions this Saturday and it wouldn’t matter if it was the Champions league final, they will be witn their family.



    I do agree that passing on a season ticket is the best thing to do but I’ve struggled to do so in May before because of the very same reason.



    I wouldn’t pass mine on to anybody I didn’t know and several people feel the same. The thing is most people I know have tickets or are at First Holy communions.



    There’s an awful lot of judgment and rage about these matters. There are 60000 people at CP and that is a lot of people to expect to always be available.




    Two weeks ago a Part Owner of a Horse gave me the TIP for his Horse which is Running in the 4.55 Race at KELS0 Tomorrow ( WEDNESDAY ) . The Horse is called ” KINGSTON JAMES”. Sadly the Horse appears to have been backed from 7/2 to 2/1 FAVOURITE with BET365.



    Funnily enough there is ANOTHER horse also running in the KELSO 1.40 Race and its name is ” KINGSTON BRIDGE”, and its around 9/2 odds with BET365 at this moment.



    The MAIN Bet for me is the ” TIP” KINGSTON JAMES…but I have also backed the POSSIBLE DOUBLE !



    Fingers crossed.


    Please do NOT shoot the messenger.






  22. Saint Stivs on

    i realise i am an old thinker at 58, and my 55 years of attendance are about to be bursted this year with never being to celtic park this whole season (exp covid), but ………..



    i have never really understood anyone of a footballing supporting family having a wedding during a season, why would you ?


    you have the summer and now the mid season break to get married in, why would you have it during the season.



    if you allow the bride to set the date and that doesnt allow you to attend a fixture then that marraige is doomed, where is the compromise ? you will be held to that for ever, some time in the future you will be at a wedding for her cousin you never met, with people you dont even like and celtic will be playing a league cup tie at arbroath but you are in milton keynes, its your own fault, hell mend you.



    as to communions, they are saturday mornings for a reason, yip, so the priests can get to the game in the afternoon. do what my uncle duncan did, 1979, fixture v partick at firhill cousin susan made her communion that morning, and attended the game in full outfit in the afternoon, made a fortune.



    family holidays ? during the season, seriously ? why should you miss the games because the weans want to go to disney ?



    it is a mixed up world it really is.

  23. Weebobbycollins on

    I agree it is not always easy to pass on one’s season book…but it is certainly easy to complain about it.

  24. Saint Stivs on




    why procure a season book then ?



    you know part of the season, for some games, at sometime, you wont be able to attend, so why deny others ?



    i wonder what the real bums on seats attendance was on saturday ? 56,000 maybe,

  25. CELTIC MAC on 7TH MAY 2024 2:13 PM


    Jack Butland seems a decent sort, very good friends with Joe Hart, and unlikely to buy into the worst aspects of playing fur the Ayebrokes club.




    Sorry mate but I STILL remember BUTLANDS ACT of THUGGERY towards wee KYOGO earlier in the season when he used BOTH Hands to shove Kyogo to the Ground, with the Ball NO-WHERE insight !



    It reminded me of that other Hun THUG Goalie…McGREGOR.



    BUTLAND ALSO committed a worse of unpunished THUGGERY more recently on the Ross County Goalie, when LAUCHING Himself at the Head of the County Goalie when he ( BUTLAND) had went up for a Huns corner very late in the game. It was CLEARLY RECKLESS behaviour by BUTLAND.



    BUTLANDS acts of THUGGERY have went UNPUNISHED…I wonder ” WHY” ?




  26. bigrailroadblues on

    I’ve been on the waiting list for a season book since the Mighty Quinn put 3 past the hun. So there now.

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