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  1. Well that was a a poor as we’ve been for a long time. Second best all over – half time rocket required

  2. As poor as we’ve seen for a long time. 1-1 though was no panic stations just yet.



    Big step up needed for second half.

  3. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Really poor so far. Shame about Taylor getting injured as we have burned a substitution on Hayes.



    Frimpong and Christie to make an appearance.



    Griff stupid to pick up a booking.

  4. Not competing well enough in midfield, too many stupid free kicks given away allowing Aberdeen to throw balls into the box.



    Poor defending for their goal.



    Big improvements needed in the second half.

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Dreadful game of football. Predictably spoiled by the wind. Suits the lesser team.



    Our defending for their goal was pathetic.



    Bitton isn’t a defender. Cheap patch up option coming back to haunt us there.



    I like Johnny Hayes, but he’s had a stinker since he came on.



    Can’t get Eddy and Griff into it. Weather makes it a lottery.



    Be ecstatic to sneak an ugly 2-1 here, but Aberdeen have dominated.

  6. Lots and lots of stupid free kicks …. in each of our last five games or so we have only turned up for a half….same today …so we can look forward to the second half when we follow the same pattern and TURN UP ….

  7. The conditions are making the game more physical and less technical. We are losing too many second balls and individual battles. We are also too slow to close the ball down in wide areas. This is an incredibly dangerous game in normal circumstances never mind with Dallas involved.

  8. Not a good day at the office so far.



    Pity Greg got injured (are these injuries never going to end?) seemed like he was really up for it, unlike almost everyone else.




  9. ON struggling with the man marking, SB an calmac sitting too deep. Dons do not have great pace so we need to move our back-3 15 yards up the pitch to allow our centre backs to start more attacks.

  10. The two idiots on Celtic TV don’t seem to realise,that we are playing into a low sun,and a howling wind.Unbelievable.This half,hopefully,our football will take us through..Keep it on the ground..Great performance by the defenceSo many headed clearances.So difficult. in that first half.

  11. Big 45 mins coming up. We need to keep the ball on ground and find our men with the passes. Far too many stray passes that half.



    Dallas for me is giving Aberdeen plenty of opportunities to get balls in with free kicks. We’re finding the free kicks harder to come by but our defending for their goal was european away leg stuff.

  12. Think the wind has had a big bearing. conditions suiting the Sheep. Bigger physically stronger, game is being played on their terms.


    We have a huge task on our hands second half.

  13. Dire conditions and sheep falling over at every opporchancity. But we need to pass the ball better. Maybe Jeremie on for the invisible man. The goal apart has not contributed much.

  14. The wind is playing a big part in this 1st half, thats why the Dons are launching high balls from free kicks and throw ins into the Celtic box, making it all a bit of a lottery…as the ball is at times holding up in the wind etc.


    Hopefully the Celts will be able to control the play a lot more in the 2nd half, and add a couple of goals.


    I can see us doing likewise in the 2nd half, from free kicks etc, by getting Jules and Kris in the dons box ?



  15. Whoever deals with high balls the better will win this, Celtic were pushed back after the goal and a the scored at the back post, midfield not involved, wind a huge factor in this, its a lottery actually.

  16. We are actually winning a watch being one each in this match.


    I am hoping this is down to the conditions and especially which half we are attacking.


    But to all those who seem to think the league is over perhaps they will have to wake up to the reality that it is all to do.


    Aberdeen have been everything they were not last time we visited.


    Really hope we get back to ourselves in the second half.


    The defence has been pretty organised in the first half [goal apart]…they need to keep concentrating in the second half.

  17. Hope all the pathetic vermin trolls on here are enjoying their 30 minutes of pleasure this year.



    Away back to your wee Pondlife environment now dafties as celtic are going to show why we are champions.

  18. Very competitive first half. Aberdeen working hard, playing a physical game which has pushed us out of our normal rhythm. Very like the sevco game in December. The wind is making it tough to keep the ball on the ground. This is one where we are going to have to grind it out to get 3 points.



    Goal was well worked with Griff, Eddy, and Forrest all doing well before Callum put it away. Theirs was a mix up at the back due to us not having a genuine right back on the pitch.



    2 up front not working today because we’re getting out muscled in midfield. Brown is absent. Game not suited to Callum and Forrest not in it. Ntcham probably the only one earning his corn in there so far.



    Expect to see Neil change up the formation for the second half.

  19. the 3 5 2 only works well when the defenders come forward with the ball creating the space.


    When they are sitting on top of the goalie it feels we are a man light in midfield.


    We need to push this game forward towards the aberdeen goal…even if it is with high balls like they did in the first half

  20. Interesting watching the game and then looking back at comments on here.



    What I thought I saw was Celtic struggling against the wind and an agricultural side using that to their advantage. A few of our bhoys off the boil too.



    But apparently we aren’t trying and thus uscthe worst we’ve played all season.



    We haven’t got started really but I don’t think it’s as bad as some seem to think.



    Big 45 ahead. calm heads and a bit of quality required

  21. Tricky conditions, tough opponent and poor performance. Get the three points here today and it will really dishearten the other mob. We can’t allow them daylight in the title race.



    Big 45 minutes coming up.

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