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  1. Fairhill Bhoy,


    i know you aint a hun,but seems like you and GFTB would


    be better ignoring one another.


    As for weebawbabbity,seems like he only comes on here to goad GFTB.

  2. My old man introduced Arfield to pro football, signed him as a 12 yr old for Falkirk after watching him in a bounce game. Quickly ran and got kit for him during game to try and make sure he returned. When he explained he would only sign if his pal would be signed as he had no transport to games and training, my dad said he was worth taking the hit as his pal was just a jersey filler , youth football is ruthless and fierce no place for sentiment.

  3. GORDYBHOY 64-well I do,marspapa is a guy I can chap his door and get his thoughts,the same with Bobby or Stevie or you on here.its all good being a prick/arsehole


    Thank god im not sensitive 😉👍

  4. A little over 8 years ago this story was the point of discussion, debate and schadenfreude.




    I well remember well spending every available minute on can following the news, rumours and just enjoying the banter and what banter it was.


    Fast forward 8 years and the evening after a significant Celtic victory, CQN is dominated by, presumably 2 middle aged men, having a rammy.


    Is it any wonder so many of the wonderful, erudite, witty, provocative, knowledgeable posters no longer post( there are a few notable exceptions who have not yet deserted the site).

  5. ASWGL – thanks. He always gives me a new way at looking at situations. And I was out for a pint with him earlier so can confirm that he is good company over a glass or two.



    Interesting videos too re the racism. I’m can’t believe we are still talking about this sort of stuff in this age. And I would stand by any of my team or opposition team who chose to walk off after getting abuse.


    In fact I would hope the rest of the field would follow suit.



    Peace all X

  6. SFTB


    Thanks mate 😊



    The Bhoy from Oz


    Thanks for that post.😊




    Majestic Hartson


    Tell your friend to give it a go.😊



    Goodnight Celtic world.






  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    SFTB @ 16/02– 16:01pm page 15


    “If we are, as we should be, mostly interested in the football matters, not the Board, then these are great times.”



    I am interested in all things Celtic and will not be told I should be mostly interested in any specific aspect of the club. The decisions at board level have a direct impact on the football.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I did enjoy the result yesterday but not the football in general, a few moves showed what we could have done had we kept the ball on the deck being we couldn’t.


    Filthy win like champions do.

  9. Good morning CQN from delighted, dark and thankfully calmer Garngad, hopefully that wind is away to feck.



    WOW – what a read back that was.



    Well that wasn’t the best we have played since the turn of the year, but it’s job done and I suppose we were never going to keep up the high octane pace and blow every team away for 80-90% of games. It takes those kind of wins to win title after title. So it’s job done 3 points in the bag and we move onto Copenhagen, as Corkie said a nice wee distraction from league duty (think it was Corkcelt) my apologies if not.


    I hope Taylor isn’t going to be out to long.






    D. :)

  10. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just back from a hoopy happy singalongy Celtic few days on the


    rebel peninsula.


    David 66


    Just catching up on the blog now with no internet down at the caravan


    and caught your post, thank you for enquiring after me, and yes we’re


    all well and good here, but not had much time to post with visitors


    over from the U.K. and showing them round the Peninsula delights, plus


    running after our local youths soccer club, and of course the grandweans


    lol, not much time left for posting, but back to normal now.


    Big Jimmy


    Also seen your post regarding PADDYMACOZ, had a few beers with him


    over the weekend and he’s much improved so much so thats he’s determined


    to get another Huddle Down Under organised with all the Oz CSC’s gathering


    in rebel town, what a belter that would be , i believe the Jock Stein CSC in


    St Kilda have already started sounding Celtic people out, hope it happens.


    Sorry to hear about your continuing health probs. as just like Paddy you’ve


    been through the mill, fingers crossed you come out of it all fitter, faster, and


    handsomer, and give those Shipbank dancing ghirls a run for their money 8-))


    And now what about our fantastic team eh? maybe not silky football up at the


    sheepshearers bowl, but they certainly know how to dig in and match the all in


    wrestling tactics employed by hun & co.


    I’m just luvin it.


    H.H . Mick


    p.s still can’t find a hurtin hun.

  11. MM – Hail Hail Mick, good to hear from you and good news about Paddy.



    When I never seen you posting I thought maybe you had flounced😂 or God forbid anything had happened to you. I hope the young team are keeping you on your toes.⚽️⚽️⚽️



    You, Paddy and all the other Aus Celts keep up the good work👍🍺👍🍺






    D. :)

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    Not a great day out there but a great day to be a Celtic supporter.



    Was chuffed to be one 20 hours ago.



    Even more chuffed 3 hours later.



    Happy all last night.



    Happy this morning.



    Angst on the blog after an unbelievable run of results?






    11 to go.



    10 in front.



    9 in our hands.



    8 my breakfast.



    I’ll get my coat (and hat, scarve, gloves and wellies).






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. MELBOURNE MICK on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 6:29 AM




    Great news about PADDYMACOZ.


    Thanks for the info.


    Hope you and yours are well also ?



  14. RT @AgentScotland Neil Lennon became the fastest Celtic manager post WW2 to reach 50 victories as Celtic manager, it’s taken him just 61 games in his second spell as manager. Rodgers: 64 Deila: 76 Lennon: 64 Strachan: 67 O’Neill: 63 Burns: 93 Brady: 71 McNeill: 70 Hay: 90 McNeill: 81 Stein: 71

  15. Canamalar



    “I am interested in all things Celtic and will not be told I should be mostly interested in any specific aspect of the club. The decisions at board level have a direct impact on the football”




    Having been on the receiving end of unjust jibes that happy clappers are only interested in the Balance Sheet, it is nice to see you make this point.



    Is it your ccontention then that it is legitimate, as a Celtic supporter, to be as interested or more interested in Boardroom matters than it is in on-the-field play?



    Don’t get me wrong! I am glad there are some who take an interest and scrutinise and criticise the Board. It’s just that I’d like them to enjoy themselves from time to time and get some joy fro the more interesting world of watching football. I think the balance should be, at least, 90/10 in favour of Football watching/ Board scrutiny. What do you think the balance should be?



    Hope that clarifies it for you.

  16. One incredible miss from the incredible french eddy yesterday stopped a hatrick of assist for wee james forrest.



    I marvel on a weekly basis at the sheer productivity of james forrest.


    Labelled mr invisible by some [not all]…he continues to score goals and set up goals every single week and midweek.


    Perhaps it is just a personal opinion but he is the most productive creative player i have seen in my lifetime at celtic.


    Always looking to drop a shoulder or skin a defender.


    Always looking to score a goal,deliver a cross or create a goal.


    I just marvel at this wee piece of magic we have on our hands.


    Incredibly loyal,honest and hardworking.


    Of course with all creative players when the result or game does not go our way we know who gets the blame.


    But I know that when the result does go our way he is behind 70% of the good stuff.


    Reminds me of my own hero paul mcstay when he wore a scotland shirt.


    The first one to be scalded by the media/fans in the negative times yet he was behind nearly all the creative stuff that was ever produced.


    Thankyou james forrest..you are my 21st century celtic hero…not henrik,

  17. I’ve also always been a fan of James Forrest and defended him many times over the years, although not as vocally as someone like SFTB. Sure he does have weaknesses and can be infuriating at times, wide players everywhere are the same.


    Have we ever had a player of such quality that divides the fans as much. As a ‘67 baby I don’t remember some of our best players but I do recall Harry Hood getting plenty of stick . Is James the new HH ? Perhaps some slightly older than me could answer that or come up with other fall guys who no matter how many goals or assists they come up with just don’t convince some.

  18. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Don’t know how some can spat all night as I can hardly read for it jumping about.


    Third attempt at post!

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bognorbhoy – respect.



    Brilliant stat on “first 50 wins”.



    Not only does Neil’s record this time stand out, his record first time around (as an inexperienced manager) compared favourably too.