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  1. James Forrest assist. Again.



    Somewhere in Sydney, a Celtic fan squeezes his beer glass so hard, it smashes in his hand.



    Well done Hoops.

  2. James Forres…. You are enigma. I go hoarce shouting at you as much as cheering you.



    Even when you are ‘invisible’ you are an awesome presence.









  3. Phew


    A sub par performance from the Bhoys and a disgraceful display from the MIB. Dallas could easily have robbed us of the win today and too many fans would have blaimed the team.


    The champions stuck to their task even when every advantage was given to the Dons. This is why we are champions now and will be again in May



  4. Just spare a thought for a stinky office at the top of the marble staircase.


    Beneath the half eaten doughnuts and and spanish to english translation dictionaries lies an overweight pensioner with his head in his hands with sky sports playing away in the corner.


    His depression is complete.


    20 MINUTES ago he had excitment and hope….now its been dashed.


    His big red phone to the SFA rarely rings these days so now he has to compose himself and take out a fresh piece of paper and spin a new press release for the early part of next week and hope he can keep the lights on himself and his job for another week……..lol

  5. GENE on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:06 PM


    Has Celtic boycotted Sky interviews





    No boycott today.

  6. Not content with criticism of Stevie Gee, the hoards on FF are now calling for the head of Celtic’s oppositions manager



    Post below






    An absolute shit bag of a manager. Brings on the goal scorer when they are getting beat with 10 minutes to go despite have numerous chances beforehand but no one there to finish it. A constant 12 points a season to Celtic with him there. Only goes for it against us but I personally think Docherty is the tactician there.



    A true shit bag and I am absolutely delighted we never got him here. A team like Hamilton is his level without any disrespect. Aberdeen could do so much better.

  7. NOTTHEBUS on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:03 PM


    Thats why we are champions






    This 👆🏻

  8. MNCELT on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:05 PM



    have you read back the comments re JH , amazing how the one sub can change how we play.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Still a brilliant result 30 minutes after full time whistle.



    Happy days

  10. What a result. The wind played havoc with the players ability to judge the flight of the ball.



    Except when it mattered. Eddie, that touch, that backheel; Forrest, what a run, what a pass; Ajer, such a great, calm finish.



    Eddie. How did you miss.



    3-1 would have been so sweet. Not that 2-1 isn’t. Add in the chance for Hayes and it would been an easy victory.



    Of course, Aberdeen dominated parts of the game, but didn’t have any clear cut chances like ours.




  11. My goodness, that was a grind. But oh what a grind. Atrocious conditions, dodgy refereeing decisions and agricultural opponents. Big, big, result, which will hopefully prove crucial in the league outcome.


    Ecstatic with the win, although we didn’t play all that well.



  12. AN DUN on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:28 PM


    We’re not going to steal this today. We really have been dire.



    – – – – ——–



    Aye we are :)

  13. Was actually pretty impressed with McInnes post match observations for once.


    Pretty honest and did not make stuff up like he usually does.


    His team made it as tough for us today as any away fixture we have had in the league this season.


    With 10 minutes to go i was thinking if we end up with a point it would be a good point.


    However we all know celtic made it 3pts because the have big players who refuse to accept less than they came for…….very happy

  14. Weather’s just taken a turn for the worst here in the southside. Just started raining to accompany the gales. – lovely

  15. One more tricky game out the way and 3points closer to the league.


    I’ve had worse Sundays 🍀

  16. I will watch our winning goal Today….possibly 13 Times.


    Because of our win Today, I wouldnt be surprised if that hun support make thems players even more scared as IF Livingston can keep it tight for as long as possible that Hun support will be going nuts at their own players HaHa…


    I also hope all the Hun fans get feckin soaked Today.



  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Feels the same as when Broony scored the injury time winner at Kilmarnock last season.



    A real boot in the Crown Jewels for the orcs.



    Whisper it, but I thought Dallas the Younger had a good game.

  18. Ibincredible result.We faced a gale force wind in both halfs,but a wonder goal took the points.Fantastic performance by the back 3,all day,under pressure.


    Areal team victory today

  19. Apart from the sitter that Eddy missed…Celtic were happy to put the ball into the corners and see the game out for once…which is something that many teams have did to us in the past…so it was good game management from Neil and the players.