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  1. Had a look on FF. Before the goal they were screaming for Morelos and Kent to be taken off. Morelos, in particular, is getting loads of abuse.

  2. SFTB,



    James role in the Goal was World Class.



    It really is a Tremendous team goal. Totally Amazing.



    Can we win a quadruple? I think we can.



    Lenny has the most Incredible winning desire. It transmits to his players.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    We scored the second goal from a quick, incisive break while the Dons had a few players up at our end .


    Something I had been screaming at us to do throughout that second half , instead of the too slow , too many passes stuff which allowed them to all funnel back.

  4. Neil Lennon in his after – match summary:



    ` “We’re happy and we’ll enjoy the trip home, but we’ve got a big game coming up on Thursday and a huge game next Sunday away to Kilmarnock.”



    Away? Did the excitement get to the bold Neil?

  5. RobinBhoy


    many moons past I was red carded from here for languauage violations


    It is not a word you will ever hear me speak


    It was not a word written in haste

  6. Don’t think the huns will feel an awful lot better after that. Here’s hoping Braga do them on Thursday and do them good.


    BOGNORBHOY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:47 PM


    Off side again



    Who were?????????????????????????????????



    lesson learned NO.

  8. HS,



    So many away games, nae wonder he said that.



    Everyone makes mistakes, even me. 😉 LOL.



    Copenhagen is HUGE.

  9. Livvy gave the huns a real scare in the last 10 minutes especially with centre forward Dykes winning a lot of balls and being unlucky to hit the post with Reptile McGregor stranded.


    Not many Hun fans left at full time.



    We can take 3 or 4 off of them at Ipox…they are mince.



  10. Jinky red star 4.57pm



    A very good evening to your good self



    By the way I have enjoyed your posts wishing others good evening etc .. although without replying I can assure you your posts are met with a wry smile :-)

  11. Petec 4.56pm



    I for one wasn’t too worried about Celtic being away from home … less moaners away :-)



    As for Thursday … win lose or draw Neil Lennon has a terrific European record both player & manager …. now they is a fact 🍀

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well that was a difficult watch today, this team has some resolve. Well done bhoys, looks like the deadly bears had another cracker of a game😉

  13. Did not keep abreast of the Sevco score today. No need. They’re running out of games to catch us, and fast.



    Today was a big win.

  14. Thanks as always to GG et al for the updates from Aberdeen.



    James Forrest “appeared” at the right minute and it was funny that it was big Ajer who was the one to win the game!



    I hope their chairman enjoyed the view.

  15. Seemingly one of the Sevco coaches “tweeted” a wee while back that they play with “two” number 10s ??? And we have some questioning John Kennedy as a coach … I am only referencing the Sev coach as they are our nearest rivals … Stevie Gee out with the violins again 🎻

  16. GFTB – cheers


    Started as an alternative to ‘test’ but I decided to make it a wee sign on message to all 😀



    BOGNORBHOY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:47 PM





    Off side again







    Who were?????????????????????????????????







    lesson learned NO.



    Oh sorry sir it was the hun …one day maybe I’ll get it right …but don’t hold your breath …😜

  18. I see Michael Stewart is missing from Sportscene tonight. What is the official story with that? Has he been sacked? Suspended?


    Is there any way we can let the BBC know, en masse, that there is support for an honest pundit?

  19. Jinkyredstar 5.39pm



    pretty clever as it catches my attention.. much more than some other posts :-)



    In my humble opinion … very clever in a very good way 👍



    Keep them coming :-)

  20. Good win against a very aggressive aberdeen team that worked out throwing ball into box in poor weather conditions would cause problems. We tried to play our normal game despite the conditions and it showed. However, we score 2 very good goals and won.



    Keeping up the good work since the restart. We have plenty of hard games coming up. Head down work hard and pick up points, keep pressure on our nearest challengers.



    You win nothing in February, so keep it going bhoys




  21. Good evening CQN from a happy clappy Garngad



    A great day spent with family and friends, my son in laws grandfather was over from Turkey (Bursa) a mad Bursaspoor fan, he was a bit in awe of the Glasgow Clientele, in other words the whole pub going mad when the tic score.😂😂 and he loved his Guiness.



    Anyway a great 3 points and we move on.


    It’s never easy to go to Aberdeen and win so that will do me, we ground out a win.






    D. :)

  22. I read the post below early this morning.


    The time that it was posted probably means it has been missed by many.


    Worth a re-post, and worth a read.




    The Onlooker








    I talking to my matr about der hun after the Kilmarnock game midweek and he made some great points – he generally does.




    I’ve been trying to get him to sign up for a few weeks and even started the set up process for him after our chat.



    But since he’s not bothered I’ll post his comments for the night shift.




    To give context I was saying that I can’t see Gerrard hanging around for another season after this one…






    Mate I made the point last night



    It’s unfair expectation that’s killing him



    Let’s look at this without emotion.




    He came to a rangers team in massive turmoil. Players were miles off it. A lot of money spent. Wasted in fact.




    Celtic has won, what 6 in a row. Money in the bank. Young players breaking through. Established players all over. Solid.



    We also outspend then overall by 2/3 times.



    To think ANYONE could turn that around in 2 seasons is incredible. I said it before he came – it’s almost impossible.




    But what happened is we went into a bit of funk – recruitment wasn’t great, good players left, Rodgers left, Lennon came in – and the feeling was just low, rightly or wrongly.




    At the same time, they hit a bit of form. Recruitment was good. Players playing above themselves. They kept a hold of key players.



    So although form remained similar, the vibe was more positive at rangers.




    But; it’s a cliche I know – but class is permanent, form is temporary. And that’s literally all that’s happened here.




    The expectations, born from their inability to accept playing second fiddle to catholics (let’s be honest, that’s what it is) has meant they have demanded something almost impossible. And now they are holding people account to those standards.




    Gerard has done a very decent job imo. They are considerably better than when he started. They have a better playing squad. They have players (not many, but better than none) that other teams actually want. They have came 2nd (which was an improvement). They have beat us home and away, which they hasn’t done in a long time. They have got to finals, which they hadn’t done. They have done well in Europe, which they hadn’t done.



    Also – it’s 10 points in it! With a game in hand and 2 old firms! So your talking literally 1 point of with their control.




    And this is where Gerard has massively shown his immaturity and inexperience – and also a fascinating insight into why he has never won a league before.



    It’s 1 fkng point!!!!!!!



    He’s the worlds best cup player. All or nothing player, and showing he’s same as a gaffer. No sense of context, no sense of perspective.




    Not to put too fine a point on it, but as I said above – the important context is that we simpler better than them in every single way. If we lose to them, it’s because they have performed to their maximum and we have massively underperformed (ie think Leicester winning the league – that didn’t make them “the best” team, which is why it was SO special).



    But as I said, they – and him – have allowed themselves to be caught up massively in their “rivalry”.



    It should always have been a 3/4/5year plan.



    Instead, they are at a real risk of a complete meltdown – it’s the refs, it’s the sfa, it’s the Celtic media machine, it’s racist Scotland, it’s the media – all of which is 100% bullshit at 100% counter productive. It’s throwing the baby out with the bath water stuff.



    The reality is – they just aren’t there yet.



    And long may it continue.





    I’ll obviously let him know I’ve posted it and if it stirs any discussion it might bring him on

  23. The onlooker we were discussing said post and subject in the pub today as well as putting the world to right😂😂😂






    D. :)

  24. Not sure we need to go back to Christmas to read negative posts,page 7 on here must be one of the worst ever.Taking things into consideration that was actually a good performance today

  25. Taking nothing into consideration that was a terrific 3pts today … this NEIL LENNON’s Celtic team are performing better than any other Celtic team that I have witnessed …



    Although if you want to dismiss the posts on the 30th December it’s easy to do…. it’s called the internet