Aberdeen when they are looking ominously at Glass


When second placed score five against third the same day first score four at the team in fourth place, you can expect the top two to be involved in few shocks.  I expect Celtic and Newco to vacuum up points at home without trouble and do nearly as well on the road.  It is places like Aberdeen and Livingston that concern me most.

That being the case, it should be a perfect time for Celtic to visit Pittodrie, while we are scoring goals for fun and Aberdeen fans are looking ominously in the direction of Stephen Glass.  After winning four out of five, tomorrow’s hosts have collected just two points from the last four games, losing to St Mirren and Livi, although taking an important point from Newco.

It would be good to get this game won, done and out of the road, reduce the remaining away fixture count to five.


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  1. Livingston away is the one I fear most – that pitch is a disgrace & they do very well being used to it – not to mention that they’re a strong physical side with whom we’ve already had difficulties.

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    Spring in Ireland started here, as is the tradition, on the feast of St. Brigid, the 1st of February. On that the weather has been terrible ever since!

  4. my favourite Government ads




    ‘and you know who it was? My dad in a new car!. ………..my nan would have done er nut’



    ‘do you want to see some puppies? ………And the man ran away’



    If you smell gas………..NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!



    Snatch Of The Day – ‘the inside right, the outside left’

  5. Livingston will come up against a Celtic team now firing on 90% of cylinders and not liable to continually fling crosses into the box willy nilly. They’re a tall and cumbersome team and will do well to stop us from scoring there this time, from neat one-twos and triangles, por cierto.




    Ah, OK. Did not know that. Scotland has always been 20th March which is also my birthday. Stopped counting a decade or so ago though.

  7. MCPHAIL BHOY on 8TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:29 PM



    Tired from the long Darkness,


    An Cailleach eases her wintery grip,


    And to her dismay, allows to slip,


    BrÍd, Daughter of Dagda, bringer of new life.


    So, at Imbolc, scatter wildflower seeds in lands now Fallow.


    Then, at the coming of the Swallows,


    You may dance in colours; Reds, Yellows, Blues


    And lay down to rest in Purple Hues.

  8. I think Aberdeen have been poor all season. Their little run was down to getting the breaks in low scoring and poor quality games.



    With Hedges gone, they have only Ramirez up front. With Monty playing LB, I think Hayes can trouble us on the left wing but I really think they are stodgy and we should batter them



    I know we had 2 narrow wins against them but it was early days for us in the first game and we had a form dip and injuries the second game



    2-0 Celtic (going on 5)



    Livingston are due a beating from us. I was annoyed when their manager said they went more attacking against Sevco as they were off form. Lost 1-0 when they got a 0-0 against us with anti football. A bit blase when playing them?

  9. Garngad to Croy on

    “It would be good to get this game won, done and out of the road, reduce the remaining away fixture count to five.”



    It might be six, can the SPFL make us play an extra away game depending on the teams that finish in the top half of the table after the split?

  10. Aipple,



    Already Spring here.Long walk on the Beach yesterday.Glorious.Today,pissing down.Tomorrow,same,then beautiful for 4 days.


    A,hhh, the good old BBC Weather Map.

  11. No worries about any team for me at the moment.This Celtic team will gub anyone.No one will be able to live with them.This is not the Celtic of even before Xmas,when we had to make do with whoever was available.


    This is an entirely new animal,who will destroy you.


    This team will not be beaten the rest of this season.I have no doubts about that whatsoever.




    I shouldn’t have mentioned spring, probably scared it away. That said with the crazy up and down weather I have some bulbs popping through.

  13. Garngad to croy…..no….they can ask celtic to go somewhere 3 times…probably livingston !!…..but has to be equal home and away

  14. MADRA RUA on 8TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:41 PM


    MCPHAIL BHOY on 8TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:29 PM



    as is my want, I often listen into the Irish radio channels on AM, since the time I visited Longford.



    Last saturday , Spirit had an interview with Imelda May, discssion was st bridgets festival.



    Yir man doing the interview was talking up the catholic connetations of saint bridgit, while Imelda was more into the ancient celtic traditions, pre christian, and put up a very feminist viewpoint akin to claire grogan when she was on father ted.



    now, they were talking a load of old nonsense, but i could listen to imelda all day and all night.




  15. You can’t be made to play an extra away game, Every team plays 19 away & 19 at home.


    What could happen is the top 6 could include 5 teams you have already played twice away,


    So you might be forced to say play Hibs 3 times in Easter Road.


    We definitely don’t want Livi to make the top 6 because we would be nailed on to play them away the 3rd time,


    They won’t mess with the Hun or Hearts game, but if Hibs Sheep & Livi made the top 6, we would have to travel again in 2 of our games,


    Best case scenario for us would be if Dundee United & St. Mirren made the top 6 as they would be our 2 away games.

  16. A bit confused as to when the GB displays become a safety concern.I never heard of any concerns being voiced after the Cup Final,when the y had a fantastic Pyro display for Bertie Auld.Not a word from Celtic,SFA,Police,so just what is the difference?The timing of these bans seem to take place at the worst possible times.We have a European game coming up,the feel good factor surrounding the club,has never been higher,for a very long time,yet here we go,split the support that seems a great idea once again,to have the Stadium like a Morgue for a run of 3 home games.


    Who decides this,anyone put their head above the Parapet,instead of leaving it to the SLO.

  17. Madra Rua


    That is beautiful and I’m a Philistine!





    There was a good discussion here on radio on the feat of St. Brigid about Spring, seasons etc. There was a woman from Met Éireann, who talked about folklore, she knew her stuff but also seasons meteorologically. In Ireland (the northern hemisphere?) she said Spring is March, April and May, Summer is June, July and August. Autumn is September, October and November and Winter is December, January and February. Although did say that in Ireland the middle of winter there can be brilliant sunshine and 15 degrees and in Summer you can get snow!

  18. If the league was to split just now…..celtic would be at home to huns, hearts, and motherwell….and away to Hibs ( 3rd time) and Dundee United

  19. Calmac said Boyd contacted him after Wednesday night’s game, and said hos choice of words were wrong ,and is happy to move on,no mention of an apology…………i wonder if the Club will see it that way?

  20. prestonpans bhoys on



    ‘You can’t be made to play an extra away game, Every team plays 19 away & 19 at home.’



    There’s an awful load of bull shit in the DR about this, are you 100% sure of the above. Are they just stirring it😕

  21. Leftfield question — probably asked 5 years ago …


    What was / is the difference between the UVF and the UDA?



    Brogues vs Pit boots?


    Garden centres vs allotments?



    UVF = had some history.


    UDA = started in 70/71’ish.



    UVF = more military minded / had connections to MI5/6 / big picture unionists?


    UDA = local yahoos / connections with the local police / NI focused local unionists?



    Who did the Army deal with the most if at all?


    Did the MI5 vs MI6 conflicts in the early days impact on the UVF vs UDA split?



    Can just about understand the UU vs DUP split — although not sure who was the more Orange?


    The complexities of the 6 Counties are not my strong point.


    Feedback appreciated.

  22. SAINT STIVS on 8TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:21 PM


    If you ever get a chance to visit the Neolithic site of Carrowmore, you will find the most amazing


    site of Dolmens and Cairns.


    The sun alignment on Imbolc, literally lights up the inner chamber of one Cairn, the light coming over the mountain, reflecting Bríd’s femininity. The Cailleach (witch or Queen of Winter) , loses her grip as Spring (Bríd) escapes her clutches.


    A curse on that modern Roman Catholic nonsense, give me the old time religion anytime.







    Thank you, I wrote it as a birthday present for a friend last year.








    ‘You can’t be made to play an extra away game, Every team plays 19 away & 19 at home.’







    There’s an awful load of bull shit in the DR about this, are you 100% sure of the above. Are they just stirring it😕






    Ever few seasona a club WILL BE DISADVANTED into have to playe 18 fixture at home, and 20 away, it happens.



    Simply because the forecasted finishing positions differ from what actually happens.



    Imagine for example, something called Rangers won their first league last year, and are then forecasted to win the league this year, but finish in the bottom since, its highly likely there would be an mbalance in their fixtures.



    having 19 home and 19 away does often lead to the “going somewhere 3 times” if the top 6 doesnt work out at forecast, did we not go to tynecastle 3 times one season i recall.



    the rational/logic applied here –








    The top flight of Scottish football has contained 12 clubs since the 2000–01 season, the longest period without change in the history of the Scottish football league system.[4] During this period the Scottish Premier League, and now the Scottish Premiership, has operated a “split” format. This is used to prevent the need for a 44-game schedule, based on playing each other four times. That format was used in the Scottish Premier Division in the mid-1980s and early 1990s, but it is now too high a number of games in a league season.



    A season, which runs from August until May, is divided into two phases. During the first phase, each club plays three games against every other team, either once at home and twice away or vice versa. After this first phase of matches, by which time all clubs have played 33 games, the league splits into two halves – a ‘top six’ section and a ‘bottom six’ section. Each club plays a further five matches, one against each of the other five teams in their own section. Points achieved during the first phase of 33 matches are carried forward to the second phase, but the teams compete only within their own sections during the second phase. After the first phase is completed, clubs cannot move out of their own half in the league, even if they achieve more or fewer points than a higher or lower ranked team, respectively.



    At the beginning of each season, the SPFL ‘predicts’ the likely positions of each club in order to produce a fixture schedule that ensures the best possible chance of all clubs playing each other twice at home and twice away. This is known as the league seeding and is based on clubs’ performance in the previous season.[5] If the clubs do not finish in the half where they are predicted to finish, then anomalies can be created in the fixture list. Clubs sometimes play another three times at home and once away (or vice versa),[5][6] or a club can end up playing 20 home (or away) games in a season.[7]





  24. Corkie.


    This is from Scottish Premiership Wikipedia.


    What they don’t is its never happened to Celtic or * Rangers *.


    During the first phase, each club plays three games against every other team, either once at home and twice away or vice versa. … Clubs sometimes play another three times at home and once away (or vice versa), or a club can end up playing 20 home (or away) games in a season.

  25. PrestonPans, No doubt at all Huns,& Celtic will play 19 home & away.


    Almost 100% of the time every team plays 19 away & 19 at home but it is just possible depending on the make up of the top 6 that it is logistically impossible to achieve this and one Club might lose out but it would never be either of the Clubs competing for the Title.

  26. Ange Postecoglou has said we’ll see David Turnbull back in action before Kyogo Furuhashi.



    And by saying Turnbull is ‘two to three weeks ahead’ of Kyogo, it suggests it might be a while yet before the talisman is back.



    He said: “Dave is closer because his injury happened before Kyogo. So he’s two or three weeks ahead.

  27. JimmynotPaul, Was typing my post before I read your’s, I think we are on the same hymn sheet.

  28. UEFA implement new Covid protocol for continental tournaments


    Just a week before the beginning of the knockout stages of the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League, UEFA has implemented a new Covid protocol in a bid to avoid the cancellation or postponement of any matches.



    First of all, the European governing body have decreed that “if at least 13 players from ‘List A’ (including a goalkeeper) are available, the match must take place on the scheduled date.”



    If fewer than 13 players from the registered Champions League list are available, it is now possible to draft in players on the condition that they are at least registered with the national association.



    “If a member of the designated officiating team tests positive for Covid-19, UEFA may exceptionally name replacement officials who may be of the same nationality as one of the clubs,” decrees the protocol, a scenario which would certainly bring scrutiny.



    Crucially, UEFA have threatened forfeit for teams who are unable to play: “if it is not possible to reschedule the match, the club who are unable to play will be held responsible and will forfeit… considered to have lost 3-0.”



    UEFA are clearly doing everything possible to stick to the schedule in a busy year of football, including Nations League fixtures in the summer and the World Cup at the end of the year.

  29. HH


    a fan of all things Ange but I wonder how much of the Rogic revival didnt come from the Big Man himself?


    After Celtic decided to sell him, he wanted to stay. perhaps a good look in the mirror


    “Right then better get my ‘act’ together.”


    a wee wake up call mebe?





    Ange has crossed the Rubicon.

  30. Barcelona will sign a new partnership with Spotify over 3 seasons, worth €93m-a-year. The music tech company will sponsor the kit and training kit of the men’s and woman’s team and the stadium will be called Camp Nou Spotify!



    Neil and Joni burning their Barca scarves 😜

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