Arriving hungry to own the place


You don’t really want players who pitch up at Celtic Park hoping to do OK, you want them hungry to own the place.  Kwon Hyeok-kyu, who has not yet been paraded in the customary hoops, pinned his colours to the mast saying, “I will become the best player in Celtic and go to higher places such as the German Bundesliga or the English Premier League.”

Pump that into the veins of everyone wearing green and white next season.  Football is brutal at all ages, from the kids who are cut from their youth teams, to the greats who often slip out a side door as they leave the game.  Anyone Celtic pay money for has already come through dozens of iterations of making the cut when team-mates have been rejected.  They are already in the 1% and have earned the right to be confident.

Kwon (22) has a lot of work to do to convert his confidence into a regular starting place at Celtic, but his attitude is spot on.

Terrible news yesterday than longstanding CQN’er GG (Ronnie) passed away yesterday.  Our thoughts are with his family and the many friends he made through these pages.

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  1. quadrophenian on

    TB; good game but Spurs can’t defend crosses.


    Afraid we might get a cheeky offer for Cameron if Spurs defensive woes persist.

  2. TURKEYBHOY – thanks on previous post, sure it will be great even if his voice and energy levels won’t be what they once were. Last time we saw him was in London about 25 years ago. The wife will have the hoops on :)



    50 degrees is mental. For me once it goes over 33-34 it becomes uncomfortable for doing anything outside. The temptation will be to drink too much cold beer tonight.

  3. Deniabhoy,



    My thoughts exactly.Same problems in defence.If Kane goes,he will have problems.Not just at CH the problems.Whole back 4,who are good players,can’t defend as a unit.


    Not our problem now.

  4. TURKEYBHOY on 18TH JULY 2023 11:59 AM


    How do you like them Apples,Aipple.






    Pretty sure you were offside and VAR shows my alarm clock didn’t go off. Podium with an ‘*’ I’m afraid.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Could do without guys ,who have still to play for us,talking about going to England, hopefully it’s SMSM nonsense….

  6. I see today,Son is saying g the Korean CM we have signed is world class.Coming from Son,it’s high praise indeed.Known before as the ” Korean Rodri”.Our recruitment team could have struck gold here.

  7. AIPPLE on 18TH JULY 2023 12:12 PM


    TURKEYBHOY on 18TH JULY 2023 11:59 AM



    How do you like them Apples,Aipple.








    Pretty sure you were offside and VAR shows my alarm clock didn’t go off. Podium with an ‘*’ I’m afraid.





    Very funny TurkeyBhoy and congratulations on your Podium.



    Brilliant come back from Aipple. 🤣

  8. Ange won’t care about losing a pre-season friendly even in Australia. so long as his team plays the way he wants. I’ve only seen the second half and I can see the style emerging. He’s playing a hybrid team of youngsters, fringe and first team players. They have been on constant attack but can’t find a finish.

  9. I guess it is becoming increasingly likely that we will be without several first team players come the Asia Cup. Anyone think we will try to postpone fixtures during that period? Kyogo, Oh, Maeda, Reo, Yang, Kwon and Tilio could be unavailable for weeks.

  10. TURKEYBHOY on 18TH JULY 2023 12:26 PM


    Hopefully true,and in Sptember he boots Cantwell right up his Ballet Pumps.





  11. Really sorry to hear about GG.



    One of the good guys on here.



    RIP Ronnie.




  12. Sad shocking news yesterday



    RIP Ronnie. Best wishes to his loved ones and anyone who knew him

  13. Obviously if our anticipated Korean midfielder is being quoted correctly, he shouldn’t have said what was reported.



    However there are plenty who come with the same attitude but play the game, kissing the jersey but with a constant eye on moving to a bigger League.



    In a way I admire his honesty and look forward to seeing what he brings to us. The video clips of him are impressive.



    If he does come gives us 2 great years & moves on for 30 Million, I’d be asking has he a younger brother.

  14. Loving the attitude of the new guy. Come to Celtic with a Champions League attitude and all you need us the ability to back it up




  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Haven’t posted for a while, not had the time really, and as usual I’m just


    catching up with you bhoys on here.


    But really had to make a post after reading of such a good and prominent


    poster on CQN .. GG and his recent passing.


    Such a shock, when the last post I seen from him was a positive one and I


    thought he was on the road to recovery.


    I can only offer condolences from me my family and from the Mornington


    Celtic supporters club some of whom lurk on here.


    RIP Ronnie.


    H H. Mick

  16. Back on 3rd June, I was posting comment on the cup final and, surprisingly for most of the game there was nothing from GG.


    Then he posted this:



    ‘GG on 3RD JUNE 2023 6:57 PM


    Just finished grandfatherly duties in time to see GOAL #2



    – – – –


    A true family man, a true Celtic fan. HH.

  17. Deniabhoy



    Hopefully Iwata also if he starts season well.



    He was the Japanese Poty last year.



    No doubt we would seek 2 or 3 games to be postponed. ESP if 4 or more players are missing.



    Only fear is we might have fixture congestion as we go really deep in the Europa Cup or even CL.

  18. Very entertaining game,but I think both teams will not improve much in the EPL.Hammers will miss,Rice.Spurs,Kane.

  19. I agree that Rice is a big loss to West Ham- he was very good last season- but I wouldn’t have gone over £100m for him.



    I think Spurs can improve a great deal. I was surprised by how well the reserve and fringe players responded to Angeball. Lo Celso was a star but I agree that Richarlison (scorer of great goals) cannot replace Kane (great scorer of goals). I suspect they will buy a ready made scorer and it won’t be Kyogo.

  20. Been thinking about ‘GG since seeing the dreadful news yesterday. He is a poster who will be long missed on the site due to his matchday presence. Sincere condolences to his family and friends. I’m sure there will be some comfort in the blog contents yesterday where the site closed down to all other interests for the day. Ronnie leaves a Morelos size hole in our line-up.

  21. “Terrible news yesterday than longstanding CQN’er GG (Ronnie) passed away yesterday. Our thoughts are with his family and the many friends he made through these pages.”




    That is such sad news. My sincere condolences to all GG’ family

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Don’t think anything was lost in translation on this one.



    And, speaking personally, I was delighted when I read these utterances.



    Warrior-monk types are my favourite kind of sportspeople … particularly in an internet age full of vacuous noise.



    IMHO, these types need to form the core of your squad.



    But you also need room for a little bit of brash and swagger.



    Coming from a 22-year old this is bold.



    Ultimately though, talk is cheap.



    Any cowardly lion can holler “Put em up!”.



    Over to you (forgotten his name and can’t be bothered scrolling back up)

  23. The 2023 AFC Asian Cup will be the 18th edition of the AFC Asian Cup, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Asia organised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). It will involve 24 national teams after expansion in 2019, with Qatar as the defending champions.[1][2]


    Due to the high summer temperatures in the Persian Gulf and Qatar’s participation in the 2023



    CONCACAF Gold Cup, the tournament was postponed to 12 January – 10 February 2024.[7][8]






    Key dates for season 2023-24 Premiership Winter break – 3-19 January






    So the Asian players if selected by Korea and Japan, could be away for 4 weeks if they get to the final.



    The fixtures that might be affected could be –




    15:00 Sat 27 Jan ROSS COUNTY Celtic Park




    15:00 Sat 3 Feb ABERDEEN Pittodrie Stadium



    19:45 Wed 7 Feb HIBERNIAN Easter Road Stadium



    I might worry about it after the 3rd january game at st mirren and depending on who is selected and where we are in the league.

  24. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Brazen Head. Raising my glass to Ronnie. You’ll never walk alone. 😔

  25. The Battered Bunnet on

    My thoughts are with the family and many friends of Ronnie, one of the good guys.

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