Bookings, injuries, tactics, fitness. Tomorrow night’s about everything apart from the result


I was away last week and missed the Rennes game, so I have that ‘Can’t wait to see Celtic in action’ buzz right now.  The outcome of the tie was decided in the first leg when Scott Sinclair added Celtic’s third goal, but the game is important preparation for the stiffer challenges ahead.  Boli Mbombo and Christopher Jullien need every possible minute on the field to become part of a solid defensive structure.  Everyone in the squad has fitness work to do, and remember, this is Neil Lennon’s first proper chance to work with the players on new tactics.

It was at this stage last year that Jozo Simunovic picked up a red card suspension, despite Celtic winning the away first leg 0-3.  It made no difference in the end, but there is no point making life complicated; let’s not pick up unnecessary bookings that can count against us later in the competition.  I know it would be asking too much to hope for 90 minutes without injury…

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  1. Paul 67 still in holiday mode.



    Either that, the copious amounts of Pina Colada, not yet wore off ….. ha

  2. DAVID17.



    If you were available on Saturday you should have come to the B/V,you would have been very welcome, Re that Picture of me sitting in my original seat, I can’t even remember seeing you in Lisbon that day, that’s what hppens when you get to my age. My memory is my biggest worry these days,did we have a drink that day or was it just a snapping shot you took. sorry for the memory thing.

  3. I know tomorrows game is important, even having a 3-1 advantage from away leg.



    However, surely we don’t have to be so reliant on Scott Brown ? Surely..



    I’d prefer we opted for following:






    Ajer Jozo Jullien Holy Boli






    Shved Forrest Christie Sinclair



    ———— Edouard ———————-




    I appreciate he is far from finished, but we need to start planning for life without Broony eventually.

  4. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on




    You’re here yourself mate. We are just residual echoes from a CQN past. :-)







  5. Ruggyman



    Agree with the sentiment regarding Broony but that’s a powderpuff midfield.



    We do need a big Wanyama like enforcer in there or Kouassi to take up the challenge.

  6. As has been pointed out many times before…. we had a superb run of form last season, when Brown was out the side. McGregor and Christie paired up, and Rogic played in the No.10 role.



    Now Rogic might be 6ft 1 , but he is hardly a physical player.



    There are different types of physicality, and to my mind, a midfield of McGregor and Christie and offers more mobility, energy and speed.



    Having a Wanyama type would be great, but there isn’t a plethora of them out there.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    I think we should be looking at bringing in Broonie’s successor this window, this may well be his last season as a starter and if we got in a successor then we could use him sparingly giving players a rest during the season. Im certain that the management already know this and are looking at the various options out there.



    Wouldnt be too upset if we brought in an enforcer type

  8. CelticRay



    I believe Lewis Morgan will have a part to play.



    But he deserves a start ? Does he though.


    He was good when he came on away in Sarajevo, of course.


    Sinclair came on, and added the 3rd goal.



    Mikey Johnston, although injured for tomorrow, has been hands down the most impressive of the wide bhoys so far.



    Morgan will be in the mix. But reckon, most likely from the bench.

  9. Ruggyman- Morgan possibly deserves a start in front of Shved and Sinclair?


    MoM and not starting the next match is a disincentive.


    i agree re MJ…he’s been awesome.

  10. N.L has just confirmed, Shved not available for tomorrow. Still injured.



    Broony, McGregor, Christie : Midfield 3



    Forrest and Sinclair on the wings



    Edouard up top.



    I’ll be surprised if that’s not the arrangement.

  11. traditionalist88 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 16TH JULY 2019 1:55 PM



    got caught on a phone call…





    Gonnae ask Dudu what happened to aw the Israelis that were meant to be comin? ;)




  12. traditionalist88 on

    Celtic v FK Sarajevo standard tickets sold out



    STANDARD match tickets for Celtic’s first competitive home match of the 2019/20 season, the UEFA Champions League qualifying return leg against Sarajevo, have now SOLD OUT.



    Thank you once again Celts, for your unwavering support. The unrivalled atmosphere of a packed Paradise will be vital for Neil Lennon and the Bhoys, as they look to finish the job after an impressive 3-1 first leg victory.



    It’s a 7:45pm kick off at Celtic Park on Wednesday, July 17 and entry to the match is included for all 2019/20 Season Ticket holders.



    Limited Hospitality Spaces Still Available


    A limited number of Hospitality spaces are still available in the Number 7 Restaurant, priced from £165+ VAT per person.



    For further information or to book now, please contact the hospitality team on matchdayhospitality@celticfc.co.uk or call 0871 226 1888* (option 4).



    Live Celtic TV Coverage for ALL Subscribers


    For those who can’t make it to the game, Celtic TV will be showing exclusive LIVE coverage of the tie for ALL Celtic TV subscribers.



    No matter where you are in the world, simply sign up for Celtic TV before 6:45pm on Wednesday, July 17 (60 minutes before kick-off) to ensure you don’t miss a minute of the action as the Bhoys look to secure their place in the competition.



    Visit celticfc.tv to subscribe now.



    *Calls cost 13p per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.

  13. It is ALWAYS about the result.


    This is a champion team of country.They looked decent enough in the first leg.


    An early goal or two and the whole tie can seem very different.


    Very surprised to read such egotistical lines on here.


    Never take anything for granted.


    Play your strongest team.

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Trad- as you know i only post what i hear from time to time, we have went from Castagne at €8m,and will probably end up with O’Donnell for 800 grand…..NL on SSN said he wants 2 in……i would have thought 3 or 4,with about 3 or 4 out as well HH

  15. traditionalist88 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 16TH JULY 2019 2:30 PM



    Was only joking, I have no doubt the guys you mentioned have been debated and are on our ‘short’ list.



    Initial enquiries probably made with all and thats probably how some info leaking out.



    I thought the 2 in comment from NL was for the next round, hoping like you that there’ll be a couple more on top of that before the window closes.



    Keep them coming as you get them!




  16. Matt Stewart on

    Brilliant News for for Harlech in Gwynedd, but for me….???



    Back in January 2012 I made my way up the now erstwhile steepest street in the world, complete with Brisbane CSC top which Kitalba (remember Kit?) gave me as a present when I stayed with him and family while stopping off on what was part of “Estadio’s world tour part 3”.



    Anyway on my way to South America I stopped off in NZ and spent about six weeks hitching, driving, cycling and walking around the north and south islands, bumping in to and cadging a roof from such luminaries as Taurangabhoy!









    So here’s me in my top (with a couple of other pics) of the now de-throned Baldwin Street.






    Time to book a ticket to Harlech I think.😁😁



    Hail Hail




  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Trad- as i posted the other day, one of BR’s inner sanctum told me last close season, every scout worldwide, was told to get a right back…..still waiting….

  18. traditionalist88 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 16TH JULY 2019 2:52 PM



    I think we have a decent list with priority on those proven in UK, maybe as we go for 9IAR seen as more reliable option, but did not anticipate that getting one would prove so problematic, and now search has opened up and possibly restarted.



    But as time marches on you’re probably be right about O’Donnell coming in.




  19. FRANNYB67 on 16TH JULY 2019 1:43 PM





    Big JR looking radiant in blue 😍





    That’s just what Sue Ellen used to say when they first started dating….:)




  20. weebobbycollins on

    Matt Stewart…nice photies…and Baldwin Street nearly as steep as Gardner St after a good bevvie…

  21. None. of the names linked to Celtic’s Right Back position are better than Mikael Lustig , some of them don’t come close to the big Swede who was pilloried on these pages every other week, on that basis I’m glad we still await his successor.



    Like most Celtic signings the press will not have a clue about his identity until he arrives.




  22. mullet and co 2 on

    ODonnell looked ok to me. Mobile enough and one of the better players we faced domestically last season. If we are looking for a development left back I would look at the boy from Hearts.



    Assombalonga looks a goer but I’d be disappointed with that. A good striker who can hold the ball and a work horse centre mid who can go box to box would make a terrific difference in terms of options.

  23. Fool Time Whistle on






    I think you have listed what they call the League Path to qualification in CL i.e. for teams that did not win their league (Basel and Plizen were both runners up in their league but, unlike Scotland get a chance of 2 or more qualifiers for CL).



    It is not a great position to be in because qualification from the League Path might be harder than from the Champions Path where we are placed with other clubs from leagues that only get their Champions into the qualifying draw (our SPFL runners-up are in the Europa). The League Path is harder because these teams (Basel, Plizen etc;) will play against teams from leagues that are good enough to have more than one attempted qualifier for CL. We just have to beat the Champions from diddier leagues



    At the 3rd qualifying stage they will be joined by Porto, Kiev, Krasnodar, Brugge, Basaksehir & LASK (Aut) – 4 will qualify from that group at Play Off stage.



    In the Champions Path- all the teams so far have played in Q1(some played a preliminary round) & winners will play in Q2. The Q2 winners will be joined by Ajax (despite last year’s heroics- they have to qualify despite being Dutch champions- PSV as 2nd get to enter at Q.2 stage) and PAOK at q.3 stage (that is where they enter the fight) and at Play-off round by Young Boys (Swiss) and Slavia Prague who are Champions of their higher rated leagues.



    Like the League Path, only 4 will qualify from the Champions Path to the Group stage.



    Clear as mud, eh?



    But definitely corrupt.








    Thanks for this exposition & yes definitely bent.



    I feel bad enough for us – but Ajax having to queue up for a chance to have a seat at the big table?



    The die was cast for this corrupt system when Uefa changed it from a Champions League to a super League of the richest, most powerful clubs. I know that most folk in England have no idea about how this system is loaded in favour of English (& other) clubs. My Scottish brother in law in Basingstoke had absolutely no clue that this was how it worked – but then he’s a closet fan of Newco, so he would have had no reason to even wonder why is beloved’s are never in Europe.



    However, I particularly admired the phrase “We just have to beat the Champions from diddier leagues.” :o))



    Obviously, Uefa see this Champions route as a concession of sorts to the “Champions” of the diddier leagues, but they also add to the growing gap between both leagues. While we restrict some players summer break to get them back & ready to play on July 9, the non-diddy league teams cavort around the USA earning a few more miilions in exhibition matches as part of their pre-season preparations.



    In these circumstances & against all the obstructions put in our way, it’s hard not to conclude that just making it to the Group Stage is a significant victory for us.



    I know you know all of this, but I was in the moment…



    Diddier CSC

  24. Re Broony’s successor…



    I don’t think we need one in a hurry. A quick google told me he’s had over 50 appearances in each of his last 3 seasons. Plenty of football left in him yet. Still so very important to our team.



    One first eleven ready RB has got to be top priority imo




  25. Go tell the Spartim on




    Was NL not referring to 2 in before the next round? I only ask as i heard him say (Read) that he’d like 2 in before the next round. I might be mistaken, however.



    O’Donnell only EVER as a back up

  26. Go tell the Spartim on




    He’s not getting any younger and he’s not getting much rest, just now is the ideal time to get his successor in, whether that is from the youngsters already at the club or we purchase one is for others to decide.



    Its true though we do have more pressing priorities

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