Cast of Thousands lift Celtic to victory


After a bizarre opening period, which saw Hearts pass through Celtic with ease and create good chances, but also saw Kyogo open the scoring, Celtic hit their best form of the season.  Their speed of passing and thought was better than I remember in well over a year.

Kyogo’s third season has not been as productive as his first two in Glasgow, but he was at his outstanding best against Hearts.  His innate ability to find space in a packed penalty area delivered the opening goal from a pitched Reo Hatate cross.  Matt O’Riley’s high ball into the area for the second was the pass of the game, but Kyogo’s finish was quite sublime.

Nothing calms the nerves like a two-goal lead and full of confidence, Celtic swept the ball across the Parkhead pitch with speed and precision.  Hearts could easily have gone into the break facing double the deficit they did.

You and I have been chastened by the loss of late goals in recent weeks, so although Celtic totally dominated the second period, a third goal was welcome to settle the game.  It came from a penalty, awarded when Lawrence Shankland raised his hand above his head when defending a cross into the six-yard box.  Matt O’Riley continued our excellent recent return from 12 yards.

Two goals up with a penalty to hit, the game was secured, so this is not a rant that Celtic were somehow done out of something, but the reasons why Shankland was not shown a second yellow card for an incident which went to VAR is indicative of how far officialdom has to come in Scotland.  We do not have a problem with VAR, it’s more about applying the rules consistently.

The uptick in form of Callum McGregor and Reo Hatate in the space of a week was huge.  Both players made it their mission to take control of the midfield, harassing Hearts players into rushed decisions and using the pristine surface to their advantage.

More significant still was the Cast of Thousands on the slopes of Celtic Park who lifted their team to victory.  As the season reaches its crescendo, a Celtic togetherness will sweep aside allcomers.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 7TH MAY 2024 10:31 AM



    Who was that and what was he saying?


    Sounded like , ” You are wasting my tadpoles .” !!!

  2. Weebobbycollins on

    Sounded like , ” You are wasting my tadpoles .” !!!



    “You gonnae save ma cat pals”


    “I stopped every single one.”



    Lol Doesn’t make sense. Then again, nothing does coming out of that place… :-)

  3. Weebobbycollins on

    I doubt Silva will play again for them after the weekend’s shenanigans with Shrek.


    And Nosferatu appears to be under an awful lot of pressure…pressure he has never faced before in his career, whereas Brendan seems to be taking everything in his stride, enjoying it even…


    Roll on Saturday…

  4. I think the angry fan says to Butland- “You gonna sign my tap, Pal?” just after calling him a prick.



    Butland says “I stop for everyone” (I think) refuting the accusation that he is an overpaid waster with no time for the fans.



    I have no sympathy with players who snub the fans time and time again but, in my experience, most players do interact with the fans most of the time but they have lives too and sometimes appointments/ family meetings to get to after a match.



    The relationship gets spoiled by angry wee assholes like the guy in the video who thinks he is entitled to insult the guy AND ask him for a favour.

  5. The main pressure next Saturday will be on the team that goes one goal down. If it’s them- they will crumble without fan backing. If it’s us, I hope we stick with them as we have a chance to overturn it.



    If fit, the team almost picks itself, – the only decision is Kuhn or Forrest and I expect the younger guy will get the nod. Maeda will be in but energy from the subs will be important as I expect a scrappy fouling game with no time to settle. Let’s face it – 90% of our games against them are 100mph fare. You get the occasional classic but I don’t think this Ibrox outfit are capable of classic football. It will be elbows, blood and snorters and we will have to stand up to it.

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on

    BURNLEY78 on 7TH MAY 2024 10:35 AM


    McLean at VAR is the big concern for Saturday



    Exactly, he’ll var review Collum’s decisions and he’ll not have the balls to stick to his original call moreover McLean will ignore any hun infringements.

  7. The officials for the Killie game have been announced too:-



    Don Robertson, who will serve as the fourth official in the upcoming Glasgow Derby, has been appointed as the referee for the match against Kilmarnock.



    Euan Anderson will be assisting Robertson on the field will be Graeme Stewart and Frank Connor as assistant referees. Notably, Graeme Stewart will be involved in the Glasgow Derby as the Assistant VAR.



    Euan Anderson has been named as the fourth official for the encounter at Kilmarnock, while the VAR responsibilities will be handled by Greg Aitken, supported by AVAR Dougie Potter.



    The main pressure next Saturday will be on the team that goes one goal down. If it’s them- they will crumble without fan backing. If it’s us, I hope we stick with them as we have a chance to overturn it.





    I have been thinking much the same SFTB.


    IF the Huns went ahead during the game, I FANCY Celtic to eventually overcome them ?


    However, IF Celtic go a Goal UP…the Huns MAY struggle to stop Celtic scoring again, ESPECIALLY with 60,000 Celtic Supporters roaring The BHOYS on ?



    Personally, I would play JAMESIE, KYOGO and DIAZEN from the start, and hopefully BOTH Wingers will give the Huns real problems from the first whistle.


    Maybe once the game is reasonably ” SAFE” and the Three Points look to be Celtic’s….then Brendan could make One or Two changes….with JAMESIE and maybe DIAZEN coming off as their ” Work is Done” ?



    Depending on how the game is around the 60 minute mark….I would expect that KYOGO will be taken off, and replaced by ADAM IDAH ?


    Its ” Possible” that Celtic will change AT LEAST Two of the Front Three at some point ?



    Ive already backed wee KYOGO with the Bookies to Score a HAT TRICK….I cant remember the ” ODDS”…..So I am gonna have another look.





  9. LADBROKES have Priced KYOGO at 50/1 to Score exactly THREE GOALS…My cash is ON !



    The Huns will get their usual Penalty….Hopefully NOT until The Celts are already FIVE Goals UP ?






  10. SAINT STIVS on 6TH MAY 2024 6:22 PM


    And a few thousand no shows sitting somewhere but not at the game.




    I was in attendance at my nephew’s wedding in London so had to miss the game. There were at least 6 season ticket holders there. Similar very important family occasions and commitments take place at this time of year, weddings, First Communions and family holidays. They all take a toll on Tim’s’ ability to attend big matches unfortunately. Family first, then football.

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