Cast of Thousands lift Celtic to victory


After a bizarre opening period, which saw Hearts pass through Celtic with ease and create good chances, but also saw Kyogo open the scoring, Celtic hit their best form of the season.  Their speed of passing and thought was better than I remember in well over a year.

Kyogo’s third season has not been as productive as his first two in Glasgow, but he was at his outstanding best against Hearts.  His innate ability to find space in a packed penalty area delivered the opening goal from a pitched Reo Hatate cross.  Matt O’Riley’s high ball into the area for the second was the pass of the game, but Kyogo’s finish was quite sublime.

Nothing calms the nerves like a two-goal lead and full of confidence, Celtic swept the ball across the Parkhead pitch with speed and precision.  Hearts could easily have gone into the break facing double the deficit they did.

You and I have been chastened by the loss of late goals in recent weeks, so although Celtic totally dominated the second period, a third goal was welcome to settle the game.  It came from a penalty, awarded when Lawrence Shankland raised his hand above his head when defending a cross into the six-yard box.  Matt O’Riley continued our excellent recent return from 12 yards.

Two goals up with a penalty to hit, the game was secured, so this is not a rant that Celtic were somehow done out of something, but the reasons why Shankland was not shown a second yellow card for an incident which went to VAR is indicative of how far officialdom has to come in Scotland.  We do not have a problem with VAR, it’s more about applying the rules consistently.

The uptick in form of Callum McGregor and Reo Hatate in the space of a week was huge.  Both players made it their mission to take control of the midfield, harassing Hearts players into rushed decisions and using the pristine surface to their advantage.

More significant still was the Cast of Thousands on the slopes of Celtic Park who lifted their team to victory.  As the season reaches its crescendo, a Celtic togetherness will sweep aside allcomers.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Butland and Barasic also had alterations in the car park with the hun hordes,their players hate their supporters

  2. Crystal Palace 4 – 0 Tax Dodging “Sir” Jim Rat Cliffe’s eleven




  3. Good e evening troops.



    Anyone hear the sound clip of Clement moaning about BR which has been leaked.



    I don’t know how to post stuff like that on here Bada you normally here/ see these things have you heard could post?



    He is raging with BR. It was pretty what we seen on TV.



    If already been posted then apologies.



    D. :)

  4. PP thanks but I seen that one it’s pre hus interview at the weekend.



    He is saying ” don’t ask be about him and respect he has none, to say he (BR) wants to have fun there is no respect, you guys are against us its not the way it is supposed to be”




    He has lost it.



    D. :)

  5. AT team earlier with Diazen in it will be team.



    3 – 0 the boys.



    D. :)



    Goodnight timland

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Nope not seen that one but Yip he’s completely lost the plot, what next ‘ the dogs bark and the caravan keeps going’ aka Pedro Caixinha woof woof 🐕🐶

  7. fieldofdrams on

    I remember Fergus McCann using “The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on”. Great wee Arabic saying.

  8. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Every day a school day, did a Google on the proverb…



    Proverb. the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on. History (or progress) moves ahead, no matter the criticism it may attract.

  9. Hail Hail bhoys



    I am away to dream of family past and present 🙏 and celtic.



    D. :)

  10. Good morning ya Lazy shower from a dry at the moment 9 degree Garngad.



    Nearly 5 hours since the last post and not the army trumpet version.



    Only 4 more sleeps and pesky feckin work separates us from a good ole Hun skelping.



    We play like Saturday and use the ball the width of the park we will run them ragged.



    Clements giant Alien cone HEED will explode.



    Brendan is living rent free in their.






    D. :)

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Officialdom in Scotland is corrupt. Crawford Allan stinks the place out.

  12. DAVID66 and BRRB…..and any others who MAY be interested ?



    A couple of weeks ago I had Electricians working in my house. One of them is the ” PART OWNER” of a Race Horse.


    He told me that it would be running on WEDNESDAY ( TOMORROW) 8th MAY the owners are hoping for the Horse to WIN ?



    Ive just checked Tomorrows Race Cards and it is running at KELSO Tomorrow.



    There are NO ODDS available this morning, but I expect the Bookies to state the odds later Today, or early Tomorrow,



    I will Post the ” ODDS” when I see them along with the name of the Horse. The Horse DOES have some good recent Form, as do some of the other runners, so the ” ODDS” MAY be reasonable for a Bet ?




  13. Crystal Palace v Man Utd last night.



    I fancied Crystal Palace before the game because Mun Utd are poor under that Manager ” Erik Van Taag” or whatever his name is ?



    I took the Correct score of 3 – 1 to Palace….they won 4 – 0. I fell asleep after the 1st Goal.



    I can see Erik getting sacked and maybe Big ANGE to take over ?







    BIG JIMMY on 7TH MAY 2024 7:23 AM




    I have just looked at SPORTING LIFE WEBSITE for tomorrows KELSO card and all horses are priced up.

  15. the long wait is over on

    Morning all.



    Big Jimmy 728



    I doubt the big man will get that job.



    I fear that his “There’s only one way my teams play” type approach has already been sussed out and countered.



    His recent run of losses is matched only by Ardiles.



    He could with reading some Darwin :-



    “ It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”




  16. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 7TH MAY 2024 7:39 AM


    BIG JIMMY on 7TH MAY 2024 7:23 AM









    I have just looked at SPORTING LIFE WEBSITE for tomorrows KELSO card and all horses are priced up.




    Cheers mate, I will try and have a look.




  17. THE LONG WAIT IS OVER on 7TH MAY 2024 7:52 AM




    You may be correct but IF Man Utd sack Erik Ten Hagg ( or whatever his name is ?), and they don’t fancy ANGE for the Job….MAYBE they will go for that Fitba GENIUS ” Phil CLEMENT ?






  18. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 7TH MAY 2024 7:39 AM


    BIG JIMMY on 7TH MAY 2024 7:23 AM









    I have just looked at SPORTING LIFE WEBSITE for tomorrows KELSO card and all horses are priced up.





    I just had a look at the Sporting Life site and the Horse EARLY ” Price forecast”.


    I won’t REVEAL the Name of the Horse and ” EARLY ODDS” from the Sporting Life just now, as I will wait until BET365 and LADBROKES post their Prices for the Horse later Today.



    I will say….IF the Sporting Lifes Forecast is APPROX CORRECT, the ODDS should be quite Favourable for Punters like myself to have a Bet ?



    What I can also state is that the Horse is NOT ODDS ON…but a healthy Odds AGAINST.



    I will be tempted to have a GOOD PUNT later Today.






  19. IF Man Utd sack that so called Manager and can NOT get ANGE or Clement for the Job…they can always have a look at BRRB ?






  20. If we play like we did on Saturday I am confident of a victory , but it can’t be stressed enough the part we the fans have to play, we need to be on the hxxs back constantly throughout the 90 plus minutes ,along with the mibs when they are at there usual cheating . In fact we should have asked for a uefa official o be present and at killie midweek .as that is last chance saloon .

  21. BIGRAILROADBLUES on 7TH MAY 2024 8:35 AM






    I can just imagine you giving your Team Talk to the Man Utd players in the Dressing Room with a Pint of Beer in hand….and a KERRY OOT between yer feet….just in case someone tries to steal it ?






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