Celtic issue material update to stock market


This afternoon, Celtic issued a trading update to the stock market, “As a result of [player trading]gains, Celtic now expects earnings for the year ended 30 June 2023 will be significantly higher than previous expectations, which were formed before the conclusion of the season and prior to certain player disposals.

“Player registration valuations and player trading can and often do materially influence Celtic’s financial performance in addition to trading revenue.”

This is confirmation of the impact we expected from the sale of Jota.  I do not recall any previous occasion when the club felt it necessary to issue a material impact statement.  These are exceptional times, not just for Celtic.  Occasions when any company has so much money they need to tell the stock market are few and far between.

A financial statement for the year to 30 June 2023 will be issued in mid-September, after the transfer window closes.

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  1. AN TEARMANN on 6TH JULY 2023 4:22 PM





    AN TEARMANN on 6TH JULY 2023 1:49 PM….



    RONNNIE-Sorry to say….you have still not spelled the name properly.



    AT -i only had one attempt at spelling ‘her’ name at 10.29,it defaulted to predictive I didn’t repeat my error at 1.49 but am sure like GP I am always interested in language and its correct use.



    RONNIE Mairi is the correct spelling for what you have typed. If your sentence was in Gaelic, you would have used Màiri.



    AT ‘Re Mairi Black’s comment on Celtic? <from 10.17



    So does that mean my linguistic predictive text default is correct lol wait til I see GP :-))



    Mhàiri is the vocative tense, as in when you are talking TO Màiri.






    Seo Màiri – this is Mairi.



    Halo a’ Mhàiri – Hello Mairi.



    I hope that this helps….






    Seo Mairi –



    AT Thanks Ronnie,language is always an education.👍




  2. I see we have a Twitter videoclip from Celtic FC of Maeda looking straight at camera and winking. No comment to go with it. Contract ext perhaps?

  3. Official – Hot on the heels of the news that Kyogo has signed a new deal with the club, his fellow countryman, Daizen Maeda has also signed a new Celtic contract until June 2027.

  4. Celtic manager, Brendan Rodgers added: “Daizen has many qualities that I like in a player – high intensity, attack-minded and his work rate on and off the ball is exceptional.



    “He has played a key role in the team since he arrived, helping to secure yet another Treble for the club so I am delighted we have been able to secure a new deal with him.



    “Daizen’s attributes make him a really exciting player and I am looking forward to working with him.”

  5. Prestonpans bhoys on

    do not recall any previous occasion when the club felt it necessary to issue a material impact statement.



    I thought they did one for Kieran Tierney…….

  6. Postecoglu compensation will be pre June 30 and I’m told its hefty its not 5 its upwards of 10 I’m led to believe

  7. Moderator1888 on

    DESSYBHOY on 6TH JULY 2023 5:12 PM



    Postecoglu compensation will be pre June 30 and I’m told its hefty its not 5 its upwards of 10 I’m led to believe






    Interesting, a good deal if accurate

  8. BSR @ 5:13 PM,



    Quite, for those interested in players signing contracts – great news that Daizen has signed a contract extension.



    CELTIC40ME @ 9:44 AM,



    Reading a synopsis, that sounds like a very interesting book and one that makes sense to me.



    Many are now questioning the western approach and concerned about the pathological thinking.



    AN TEARMANN @ 10:05 AM,



    Your shorthand has confused me a bit, my assumption is it refers to this paragraph that was in a comment to CELTIC40ME…



    “…Also it was said that Kyogo was going and Brendan Rodgers managed to persuade him to sign a contract extension for four seasons, Kyogo stated BR was a “top level” manager.



    This refers to the speculation after AP went that Kyogo was going to leave Celtic, when KF was in Japan he was asked about it, he refused to be drawn and stated he was concentrating on the Japanese NT (source Sponichi).



    After his time with the national squad he resolved the situation (source CelticFC.com)






    Hail Hail

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Quaich. It’s a hard life. Especially if you are a hun.😁

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Celts are here saying Brendan is keen on strengthening the goalkeeper position.



    I hope this time he bases his search on someone who is good with his hands before worrying about how he is with the ball at his feet.



    Hopefully Dorus has hung up his seldom dirtied gloves.

  11. ‘GG on 6th July 2023 12:34 pm



    Covid Health Update



    Since my initial positive report end of last week things have gone downhill. Like a poor second half.



    Covid in serious threat to lungs. I’ve been transferred to ICU and undergoing oxygen therapy and a standard protocol of a drug regime with Remdesivir and a couple of others.



    60% success rate but my immune suppressants reduce survival chances.



    So please offer a prayer and /or positive thoughts.












    The Very Best Wishes ‘GG



    A good article tae P67.



    Keep them down as they are the worst winners ever in their behaviour.



    Daizen signed on for Longer – Deelighted.



    Let’s get Reo signed on another contract.

  12. Moderator1888 on

    An Tearmann



    I was replying to Dessybhoy



    That should be the person you should be addressing



    Glad you are here to keep everyone on their toes ;)

  13. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good news about Daizen’s contract status and I enjoyed reading the manager’s comments about his qualities.



    Brendan’s clarity to all his players was shared with us during his last spell. In particular, I remember what he wants to see from his centre-backs; aggression in both penalty boxes, physically imposing, quick, able to play with the ball at their feet, intercepting ahead of strikers.



    Neither CCV nor Starfelt earn a tick for 5 of 5. Will the manager settle for either of them?

  14. ‘GG @ 12:34 PM,



    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.



    Hail Hail

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The info I just got,says a big hitter is offski ,marketing team taking him off promos for new kit….

  16. GG, Just logged in after a break, really sorry to hear your news, you will certainly have both my positive thoughts and my Prayers,


    Hopefully your next Post will be about your recovery.


    Thinking & Praying for you



  17. The returnof weeron on

    An Tearmann…



    Yes, we need to protect what little we have of our ancestor’s language.







    Hi Tom could you give me a good place to pick my friends up in Edinburgh after The Who concert on Saturday night. They can wlk around 20 minutes away from the venue and we are heading back towards Glasgow. Thanks in advance.



    GG stay strong prayers will be offered for you.💚🙏

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