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  1. 001 bhoy. Aye registered in scotland. That,ll be the problem. Bah, cheers anyway.

  2. Gorbalstam,


    If your account is a UK account you won’t get a video stream no matter where you are

  3. FK to back post VVD heads down and Scepo and Bitton were both there to tap home.


    Stadium gives goal to Scepo but TV looks like Bittton

  4. Think Scep picked Biton’s pocket their.


    Great ball in and a brilliant cushioned header.


    Let’s get stuck in now!





    /Bishop B

  5. Mags,


    Don’t forget it would have died a death without yer wee brothers efforts and that’s not hollow praise, it was in serious trouble of falling at the first hurdle

  6. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Announcer says Scepovic….Sporting life says Bitton….I have Scep on first goal

  7. ICT defender heads off line.



    Isn’t that a penalty and a red?



    I know it’s neither if you use your hand.