CQN Magazine new issue out now! Police, law, Neil and Orange!


Issue 5 of CQN Magazine is out today with some exciting changes.  We’re moving print production into the UK for this issue, which will be available after the game against Rangers, with 8 extra pages not included the online version, covering all the drama from next week’s game.

We have a couple of retrospective articles touching on the momentous events of 2011, including an interview with George Galloway, discussing his book about the life Neil Lennon has had to endure.  As you would expect, George doesn’t shirk out of the tackle.

We also have an excellent interview with Elaine C Smith, talking about growing into her life as a Celtic fan, her work and tackling domestic violence.  We cover the recent Football Bill and question the possible agendas behind a senior police officer, and recent striking referee, reporting Celtic fans to Uefa.

We stick our first toe in the short story water, a clarion call to Reclaim the colour Orange, tons of great fan memories, many of which you’ll share and plenty more, it’s all there, including typos and deliberate mistakes!

You can order now with credit/debit card or Paypal and buy direct from the UK for only £3.50 + £1.50 postage and packing.  Shipping costs £2 to ROI, £3 to Europe and £4 to the rest of the known universe.  Click on the link below to order.

Click here to view the new issue of CQN Magazine online for free. You can support the online edition by making a discretionary donation here.

Many thanks to those who have helped get the magazine off and flying this year. Everyone who has contributed (or even read) are invited to the Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow on Friday evening for a Christmas drink. Target time is 20:30, see you there.

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  1. Ramie,



    before computers existed!



    Swiss Tony



    Any advice on presents to buy for our beautiful woman folk?




  2. The Lizard King on

    Celtic_First says:


    21 December, 2011 at 13:43



    You lost me at “fair” and “MBB”!!!



    You are correct, and of course let’s see what happens – I am of the belief he is making it up as he goes along so can’t claim to “know” what he’ll do next.



    Looking at the behaviour so far though, he has supplemented the squad back up to the same level as our first team squad (about 25 first teamers) and he has tied down the major players on long term contracts – this is not cost neutral month on month. The winning side from the last 3 years is still largely on the park. Win At All Costs has largely been protected. They are 4 points clear.



    Compare with Hearts – paying the low earners, settling with the tax man AHEAD of the high cost stars. I am not saying Hearts are in any way altruistic, but they are prepared to take the hit on footballing performance (play the kids) to ensure sustainability. Rangers will NEVER do this. The 1st X1 will be protected at all costs. No major clubs in England have actually folded after an admin event as eventually they cut their cloth. Rangers would rather die than not win.



    I don’t know what else MBB can pawn or not pay but he’ll use this avenue as the primary tactic. Minty has him over a barrel though – twas ever thus.



    Secondly, it is not as easy as saying, ah well, I’ll sell some players then. The market will sniff a distressed seller, bids will be low and made late in the window with no time for sourcing replacements. There hasn’t been any attributable interest in any of their players as far as I am aware – just the whiff of Winalot.







  3. reclaiming the Orange,



    maybe now that our culture and heritage is being undermined this is not a bad idea?

  4. So this is business the last with the huns


    fiscal year over, a new one just begun.



    And so this is business, goodbye to the huns


    The tears of career ones the end of the bungs



    A very merry business and the huns dissapear


    Let’s hope it is final and they dont reappear



    And so this is business for weak and for strong,


    For skint and for poor ones, the road is so long.



    And so happy business for green and for white


    For the blue and the red ones please put out the light



    A very merry business with the times so austere


    Let’s hope it’s a good one with lessening smears



    And so this is business goodbye to the hun


    what´s the collective noun for hot cross buns ?



    So this is business the last with the huns


    fiscal year over, a new one just begun.



    A very merry business and with times so severe


    if you cant pay the taxman your a celestial spehere



    hun is over if you want it, hun is over now.

  5. EKBhoy



    Personally I would go with the tried and tested finest wines and Belgian chocolates. This is why a man like me is known among the discerning ladies of this town.




  6. EK


    No worries


    My oldest brother played in an orange strip for st brides


    I used to go and watch him…. He want a bad player either


    Were you annexe first then big school?

  7. Quick quezzy for any ‘statos’ who may be around:



    Can anyone tell me how many of Jellyfish’s 14 league goals this season have been from penalties … ?

  8. The Lizard King



    I agree with a lot of what you say, especially about the MBB making it up as he goes along.



    It is interesting that admin-survivors have had to accept that taking a hit on the field is the only medicine that will work but that this is only likely to provoke a NEVER, NEVER, NEVER response from people that claim to hold Rangers in high esteem. Must be the old air of supremacy they have about the place.



    I think it’s too late for them anyway. The only thing the MBB can achieve through player sales is to keep the machines turning until the big tax case stops them and cops the blame for doing so. Either that or raise cash for him to escape with. Saving their club is an impossibility.

  9. Paul,


    Ref your comment on policing city centres for the despicable crime.


    I have to take a minor issue with that. The police do try and police that kind of crime, not just with visible patrols but with large scale media campaigns to advise on womens’ safety.


    It is very hard to police the kind of random ‘lightning strike’ acts that these events are.


    They are utterly cowardly and despicable and still rare enough to make headline news, unlike slashings, glassings and non-fatal stabbings which take up most time on nightshifts.


    As I say there are some decent really hard working people out there who’s onlly agenda is locking up these @@@@@@les.


    Hail Hail

  10. I couldn’t help notice this wee bit from this morning’s Herald, reporting an interview with Walters Myth:



    ‘Meanwhile, Smith said Rangers would inevitably think about making a move for Boyd who has terminated his contract with Turkish club Eskisehirspor after only five months, in which he played only 76 minutes of football and claimed he did not receive any of his monthly salaries.’



    I can see now why Boydichenko would be an ideal signing, used as he is to working without pay.

  11. Neil "Penfold" Lennon on

    Ramie & EK Bhoy. Sounds like your talking about St Brides in EK.



    In my day the team played in a rather nice purple with yellow sleeves.



    In fact, depending on when you were there, you may know my old man. A certain bearded chemistry teacher who also took one of the football teams.




  12. McNair is the greatest on




    I had a strange thought the other day as we approach our 125th birthday (technically next year) why dont we have a new away strip. The St. Patricks (born in Scotland allegedly and Irelands patron saint ) strip which would be green, white and orange hooped. It would be a salute to both our Irish/Scottish connections. Does anyone know our first away game next year roundabout St.Patricks day? Our opponents that day might want to join in the festivities!!!!!

  13. St. Bride’s East Kilbride played in a pale purple, or as some of our female readers might say, “thistle”.

  14. paul – will the other four issues be available in the uk? a bit old fashioned & like the printed matter.

  15. The Lizard King on

    Celtic_First says:


    21 December, 2011 at 14:07



    It is interesting over the last few days that the (lack of) response from the Board to the various attacks we are under has provoked some discussion around “what are we here for” as a football club – we all have many views on this which is healthy and instructive.



    I wonder if that topic even comes up with Rangers fans – they rail when their definition of “culture and tradition” are perceived to be under attack from the Timmy establishment / BBCTim / UEFATim / Laptop Tim. But in terms of an honest objective assessment of what they stand for in a language that does not involve playground loyalism, it is lacking. To win stuff, is about it.



    One of the benefits that needs to accrue from the death of Rangers is a rebirth of identify and culture into something positive and sustainable around the new club. Some truths need to be admitted to. Will they ever admit their own hubris has lead them to their doom?







  16. Penfold


    I remember a certain teacher you describe


    I also remember the purple and yellow job


    My brother was 7 years older than me and I think they


    Were short of good strips for a couple of games


    I left st brides in 86


    Good days …. Crazy days





  17. McNair is the greatest says:


    21 December, 2011 at 14:13





    I had a strange thought the other day as we approach our 125th birthday (technically next year) why dont we have a new away strip. The St. Patricks (born in Scotland allegedly and Irelands patron saint ) strip which would be green, white and orange hooped. It would be a salute to both our Irish/Scottish connections. Does anyone know our first away game next year roundabout St.Patricks day? Our opponents that day might want to join in the festivities!!!!!





    We were conceived 125 years ago next year, but our 125th Birthday will be in 2013.

  18. I remember the 1965 3-2 SC win against K’nock who as WG states went on to win the championship that season. It is one of my earliest memories of a sunlit CP and I have a memory that Charlie Gallagher was our hero that day along with Tenthirty. Any auldhauns recall.

  19. SFA urge clubs to weigh up overhaul of leagues set-up














    21 Dec 2011




    SCOTLAND’S 42 senior clubs have been asked to consider new proposals on league reconstruction.


    A paper produced at the request of the Sfa’s professional game board recommends a streamlining to one governing body. It also suggests an extra promotion and relegation place between the Scottish Premier League and the First Division, via a system of play-offs. A pyramid structure would open up entry to the bottom tier of the game. Club chairmen will study the paper and send feedback to the SFA for consideration in late January. The proposals also include enhanced parachute payments for clubs relegated from the SPL and a new method of distributing money aimed, in particular, at bridging the gap between the bottom of the top flight and the top of the Scottish Football League. Scotland’s league and cup competitions are currently overseen by the SFA, SPL and SFL. The paper suggests one corporate body be set up to govern the leagues by the summer of next year, with the 12 SPL clubs and 30 SFL clubs under its umbrella. It recommends changes to the leagues’ voting systems and a seven-man main board to administer the new set-up, supported by an operational board of a similar size. The listed model for the distribution of revenue, has SPL clubs taking 90% of the first £19m raised, with 5% going to the next tier – possibly renamed the Scottish Championship. Under the proposals, SPL clubs would take 90% of the first £19m in revenue. Then, of the next £4m raised, 70% would go to the top flight, with the league immediately below taking 25%. SPL clubs would get their hands on 85% of any distributable revenue above £23m. Under the proposals for SPL play-offs, the bottom side would be automatically relegated and replaced by the winners of the league below, with the club finishing 11th involved in two-legged ties with those in second, third and fourth in the second tier. The play-offs for the remaining divisions would follow the same model. To cushion the blow of relegation from the top flight, it is suggested that parachute payments be increased from £250,000 to £400,000 in the first season and from £125,000 to £200,000 in the case of a team staying down for a second term. On the subject of a pyramid structure, the idea of forming super-leagues for the Highlands and Lowlands from 2013/14 is put forward. The winners of each division would meet over two legs, with the victor then facing the bottom side in the senior set-up. There would also be access to the new Lowland and Highland leagues from feeder divisions, again via play-offs.



  20. 5 out of 14, eh?



    As I may have mentioned before, the late, great Jimmy McGrory (scorer of something like 538 goals in 530 games) is thought to have taken only 3 penalties for the Hoops; missing at least 1 of them.



    A bit like the Sundance Kid, he preferred a moving target. Plus, it’s tricky to take penalties with your napper, if you know what I mean.




  21. Neil "Penfold" Lennon on

    Ramie. I left in 85, after 5th year. We could have been in the same year! If you not you could have been in my wee brother’s year ……. He is BstarkTH on here.

  22. Manager: Our focus is only on Kilmarnock game


    By: Laura Brannan on 21 Dec, 2011 11:23


    SUNDAY’S three points against St Johnstone extended Celtic’s league run to a magnificent seven wins in a row, and Neil Lennon is now looking for his team to make it eight with a Christmas Eve victory over Kilmarnock.



    A win in that game will continue the Hoops’ impressive form at the moment and set up a mouth-watering Glasgow derby four days later, but the manager doesn’t want his players looking ahead to next Wednesday.



    The visit of Kilmarnock to Celtic Park on Christmas Eve is all that is on his mind, and he´s hoping his team can deliver the perfect present to supporters in the shape of three points.



    “Seven wins in a row is good form but it can go at any time and we have to be wary of that,” the manager said.



    “The St Johnstone win was important because Rangers had won the day before and we wanted to keep our run going. We’ve done that and there is a positive feeling going into the game against Kilmarnock. They took two points off us at Rugby Park so, again, it’s a game we have to be wary of.



    “When we’re playing as well as we are, you look forward to coming into training and playing the games. Every game comes up with its own dangers and we have to make sure we don’t look too far ahead.



    “I don’t want my players thinking of the Rangers game yet. We’ll take the seven wins in a row and now we want to make it eight on Saturday.”



    Celtic will go into the game without Daniel Majstorovic, however, after a collision with St Johnstone’s David Robertson saw him fracture his cheekbone last weekend.



    He underwent surgery on Monday and will be sidelined for the next six weeks, and while the manager is understandably disappointed to be without th Swedish defender, he believes his side will cope with the absence.



    “It was a 50/50 challenge and Dan got there first,” the Hoops boss said, reflecting on the incident. “It was a thumping challenge, which you want your centre-halves to do, but it’s a blow for us. He was a real presence for us back there and a good leader on the pitch too.



    “We’ve got good cover, though, with Thomas Rogne and Kelvin Wilson – and Charlie Mulgrew can fit in there as well. Glenn Loovens isn’t far away either.”

  23. Lardo66, fair point well made.



    McNair is the greatest, an excellent idea.



    Boba Petta, first 4 issues are only available from Magcloud.

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