CQN Magazine new issue out now! Police, law, Neil and Orange!


Issue 5 of CQN Magazine is out today with some exciting changes.  We’re moving print production into the UK for this issue, which will be available after the game against Rangers, with 8 extra pages not included the online version, covering all the drama from next week’s game.

We have a couple of retrospective articles touching on the momentous events of 2011, including an interview with George Galloway, discussing his book about the life Neil Lennon has had to endure.  As you would expect, George doesn’t shirk out of the tackle.

We also have an excellent interview with Elaine C Smith, talking about growing into her life as a Celtic fan, her work and tackling domestic violence.  We cover the recent Football Bill and question the possible agendas behind a senior police officer, and recent striking referee, reporting Celtic fans to Uefa.

We stick our first toe in the short story water, a clarion call to Reclaim the colour Orange, tons of great fan memories, many of which you’ll share and plenty more, it’s all there, including typos and deliberate mistakes!

You can order now with credit/debit card or Paypal and buy direct from the UK for only £3.50 + £1.50 postage and packing.  Shipping costs £2 to ROI, £3 to Europe and £4 to the rest of the known universe.  Click on the link below to order.

Click here to view the new issue of CQN Magazine online for free. You can support the online edition by making a discretionary donation here.

Many thanks to those who have helped get the magazine off and flying this year. Everyone who has contributed (or even read) are invited to the Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow on Friday evening for a Christmas drink. Target time is 20:30, see you there.

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  1. Craig Whyte´s a billionaire


    His floating charge is very high


    The peeple far below believe every single lie



    They aren´t very bright


    He´s completely see through


    They turn a blind eye call him a real good guy



    The flag that he unfurled


    has the pillagers believing in his schemes


    The delays on the bills


    The drying up of income streams



    Laptop gaze open mouth


    Taken by surprise


    Nobody down below believes their lies



    They´re heading to despair


    They’ll be gone in the blink of an eye


    A week until there´s no more money supply



    Suddenly swooping low on a rubbish heap


    He´ll get to buy the midden on the cheap



    Craig Whyte´s a billionaire


    his financing has gone bone dry


    And every hun believes he´ll get by



    The budgets very tight


    he´s presiding over the end of the blues


    The laptop loyal are often in denial


    but not half as much as youse



    Craig Whyte´s a millionaire


    He used to be a billionaire

  2. good afternoon cqn from a dreek and dull balloch loch lomond on the shortest day


    has the MBB bought Man City from Sheik Mansour yet.


    on another subject i thought Terry played well on R C,Dawyll should his colours ,


    and they aint green and white

  3. I thought Terry did well last night; certainly not his best but made his point about meedja bias towards der huns, which dawyllll ridiculed and then when Guidi agreed that certain churnalists would never write anything negative about der huns; the wee pish stained former rangers news worker dawyll chimed in with…..”yes but there are churnos who won’t write anything negative about Celtic too……it’s a standing joke in the industry”.



    My fave was the time Davie Provan outed him for greeting about a Celtic corner:) pecker well slapped that day.





  4. Teenager charged with assaulting Rangers star Kyle Lafferty`s car



    Reice Harrison, 12, is alleged to have thrown a big stone at the footballer’s car outside a supermarket in Johnstone.



    A soon to be teenager has been charged with aggravated sectarian assault of Rangers footballer Kyle Lafferty´s car by throwing a stone at it in a supermarket car park.



    Reice Harrison, 12, is accused of either assaulting Lafferty´s car or wilfully and recklessly throwing a stone at his car while he was shopping



    He is further charged with conducting himself in a disorderly manner on the same occasion, at the car park of the Morrisons store in Napier Street, Johnstone, on November 21.



    The charge alleges he was shouting and swearing and uttering sectarian remarks while wearing a lime green jumper and committing a breach of the peace.



    Harrison’s solicitor sought bail at Paisley Sheriff Court on Wednesday, but the request was denied after opposition from the Crown.



    Sheriff James Spy remanded Harrison, of Ferguslie, Paisley, in custody and set a trial date early in the New Year.

  5. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ says:


    21 December, 2011 at 15:41



    Did you hear both Guidi and Dawell both commenting last night that there were certain “Journos” who can’t help themselves from spouting pro-Rankers (anti-Celtic) bile and I’m sure Terry’s point regarding the “nicknames” could be laid at their door. A valid point I reckon.

  6. We were that poor that if I didnt wake up on Christmas morn with a election I had nothing to play with.



    H H

  7. On the subject of wee Dawwyl King,,,has anyone else noticed that lately he has become a lot more confrontational with callers,mainly Celtic supporting callers,,,all of sudden Dawwyl has a big boys voice lol!!!



    Would love to see Radio Snyde do a live show with Terry/Sean and co sitting in the audience face to face,,,,dont think Delahunt/Keevins/King and co would so disrespectful to punters(all that silly sniggering while the caller is trying to make a point) if they could see the white’s of there eye’s!!!



    Maybe best if i did not attend these live shows mind you,,,anger issues and all that lol :D



    Hail hail

  8. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Yes heard that but delhunt has the fade button if they dont like the truth. My son says we should boycott phone ins for a couple of weeks. Im gettin to agree with him on that.



    Thought Terry could have kept at them abt the ICT game and Colum getting the O F game as I did on Monday night when Dalzel said Madden had a ” shocker”.

  9. Re: Laughatme



    Is that it??



    A 16-year old laddie threw a stone at him or his car and is charged with assault???



    Without wanting to belittle a serious crime (I mean, it could have been a BIG STANE) that is pretty much a joke, is it not?



    Wonder how they are getting on finding those responsible for attacking Stokesy’s gaff – TWICE.



    Seems we are up against it more than ever. . . . . .




  10. The new law is precice I see.



    Reice Harrison, 16, is accused of either assaulting Lafferty or wilfully and recklessly throwing a stone at his car.



    Which one is it then ???????



    hunbelievable, if it wasn’t so serious you could wet yersel laughing.

  11. sorry again slightly off subject and not so nice,have just sent my samples off to the Bowel screening centre,which i believe is sent to everybody over 50 years of age.


    please do not ignore it if it comes through your door.In 2009 i lost a childhood and very good friend to Bowel cancer,he was only 60 and was told if it had been caught earlier he would have had a good chance of being cured.sorry if i have depressed anyone

  12. Who is the guy who writes for Newcastle fan sites???


    NU mad? How infactuated is he with us?


    This guy has to be a ex Orc living down there

  13. Craig Thomson says, “Referees are probably our own biggest critics ……”



    Two things arise from this assertion:



    1. I have neither seen nor heard anything from a referee to back it up.


    2. It is obvious that he has never listened to the views of anyone other than referees.

  14. Paul67


    Eventually managed to get some free time to purchase the CQN Magazines ( 1 to 5)


    Can’t wait for the postie or Fedex to deliver and with the Christmas (oops sorry SNP should have said winter) holidays


    I will enjoy reading the download versions until the hard copies arrive.



    Keep raising the bar !! Hail Hail



    Kudos to RTC for keeping at it in the face of Jack Irvine and his PR (sic) Monkeys, these sad folks obviously have no


    home life and a very bitter upbringing. That reminds me Bob Short of a brain of Strathclydes worst falls into that category


    and surely cannot have a normal relationship with his spouse to be so obsessed with Celtic FC



    C’mon you bhoys in Green !!!!!



    Killie home —- Check


    Filth home —- Check


    Pars away —- Check


    Peterhead away —- Check



    Cannot wait HH

  15. Mort (Kano 1000) says:



    In case you are wondering – a trial diet refers to a hearing where the case will actually be heard (tried) as opposed to a Pleading Diet, whereby a plea is merely entered, and the accused does not actually stand trial.




  16. pauloantony says:


    21 December, 2011 at 16:21



    Noticed this one as well mate (the NewcastleMad resident hun….) I suspect he is related to ‘Jeff Winter’ the NorthEast of england’s other resident hun apologist – a loathsome individual.

  17. Celtic youngster throws stone at laffattmees car



    Hun fan stamps on a celtics fans head in front of hi son





    Published 20 Dec 2011 09:30


    Jump to first paragraph.



    Share this





    A KILWINNING man who stomped on the head of a Celtic supporter in front of his son has been spared a prison sentence.



    Granger Raeside, of Skelmorlie Place, carried out the horrific assault in Irvine’s High Street as the man he attacked, in his forties, made his way to get a bus after watching football with fellow fans.



    The details of the incident on September 18 were revealed last month, when Raeside, 30, entered a plea of guilty at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court.



    See today’s Time for the full story.




  18. Drunken Aberdeen yob headbutted Celtic fan, age 12, court told


    May 19 2011 By James Moncur


    AN Aberdeen football thug who headbutted a 12-year-old Celtic fan was yesterday branded “disgusting” by a sheriff.


    Matthew Brown, 20, attacked the boy hours after his team lost 4-0 to the Hoops in the Scottish Cup semi final at Hampden.


    The drunken yob’s bus had stopped on the way home at a Tesco in Dundee when Brown spotted his victim wearing a Celtic top.


    The lad was helping his mum with shopping when Brown leaned forward, whispered in his ear, then butted him and ran off.


    Sheriff George Way did not impose an order banning him from any match in Scotland after hearing Brown had been forbidden from Aberdeen’s stadium for life.


    Instead he told the apprentice electrician to pay £500 compensation and do 200 hours’ community service.


    Sheriff Way told him: “The fact that the violence was directed towards a young person because he was wearing football colours makes this all the more disgusting.”


    Last night, the victim’s family hit out at the lenient sentence.


    A spokesman said: “We are disappointed that Brown has not been banned from ever attending a football match.


    “We’d expected a full football banning order but the system has let us down.


    “The boy has been left badly shaken by the attack and lost all his confidence.


    “Before it happened, he loved going to Celtic matches but he isn’t interested now.


    “He plays football but his form has dipped badly since Brown attacked him.


    “We have heard no apologies whatsoever.”


    Brown, 20, of Cove, Aberdeen, admitted the assault on April 17.


    He refused to say sorry when we confronted him outside Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday.

  19. I see that the League Managers Association in England has issued a statement of solidarity with Blackburn manager Steve Kean, who has been getting a lot of verbal abuse from supporters.



    I think Scottish managers issued a similar statement when Neil Lennon was assaulted on the pitch. They did, didn’t they? Or does my memory deceive me?

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