CQN Magazine new issue out now! Police, law, Neil and Orange!


Issue 5 of CQN Magazine is out today with some exciting changes.  We’re moving print production into the UK for this issue, which will be available after the game against Rangers, with 8 extra pages not included the online version, covering all the drama from next week’s game.

We have a couple of retrospective articles touching on the momentous events of 2011, including an interview with George Galloway, discussing his book about the life Neil Lennon has had to endure.  As you would expect, George doesn’t shirk out of the tackle.

We also have an excellent interview with Elaine C Smith, talking about growing into her life as a Celtic fan, her work and tackling domestic violence.  We cover the recent Football Bill and question the possible agendas behind a senior police officer, and recent striking referee, reporting Celtic fans to Uefa.

We stick our first toe in the short story water, a clarion call to Reclaim the colour Orange, tons of great fan memories, many of which you’ll share and plenty more, it’s all there, including typos and deliberate mistakes!

You can order now with credit/debit card or Paypal and buy direct from the UK for only £3.50 + £1.50 postage and packing.  Shipping costs £2 to ROI, £3 to Europe and £4 to the rest of the known universe.  Click on the link below to order.

Click here to view the new issue of CQN Magazine online for free. You can support the online edition by making a discretionary donation here.

Many thanks to those who have helped get the magazine off and flying this year. Everyone who has contributed (or even read) are invited to the Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow on Friday evening for a Christmas drink. Target time is 20:30, see you there.

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  1. Allyhuntersgloves on

    just read the latest edition of the mag, another cracker Paul. I was interested in the Elaine C Smith Article and her mention of Alan McHugh. Funnily enough I had a pint with him in Aberdeen last night ! and I can confirm he is a major Celtic fan. In fact we spent most of the time talking about how many we are going to take of them next wednesday !

  2. Daily ranger billboard heading says …..walter says the league will be over if the huns sell jelly legs….guess this guy must have been something special in his day…..that other guy chrissy boyd wasnt he special too …seems to have disappeared…..not forgetting the war chest…what happened to it guess we will never get to know…..meantime better sticking to the beano if its still circulating…would be a toss up for best laugh

  3. Bhoys does anyone know where Cathedral House Hotel that Paul67 has invited us all for free swallies to on Friday night?


    Extremely generous fellow so he is….

  4. FourGreenFields on

    3 cheers for Alkmaar coach , at last someone with balls to stand up to cheating referees.


    If only it would happen here.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Think its across from Provans Lordship,going towards John Knox St!! round from the old Royal Infirmary.

  6. hamiltontim –



    corner of Cathedral Street and (I think) Castle Street. Across and along a wee bit from Strathclyde Uni bookshop? I think.



    Would have loved to go along but unlikely…




  7. St Stivs I was a wean, went with the knights bus in Greenock, it’s was great to watch our team rip the cream of England apart, wee Jinky was amazing and the Celtic end and rangers end trying to out sing each other….. Awesome, said on the commentary 134,000, that was wrong as the official attendance was 136,000 and I saw many going over the wall.



  8. Quick quiz.



    The player who gets highest wages per year is Samuel Et’O who plays for FC Anzhi Makhachkala. He gets 15,4 million Euros per year.



    Second on that list is X (?) from clun Y (?)



    Third is Ronaldo who gets 12 million Euros per year.



    The question is: what is the name of the captain of the team whose player gets 15,4 million Euros per year?


    It’s not the captain who gets that money. Club name and player name who gets 15,4 million Euros per year will be the bonus.

  9. FourGreenFields on

    Exiled Tim


    Yes , he pulled the whole team off and reports say discussions going on as to whether game continues.


    Not watching it , just been to by son , he seen it on Facebook comment.

  10. “I’m dreamin’ of a Whyte Krismass,


    just like the huns I used to know,



    where the cheap tops are rippin’


    and the Uglies greetin’



    when they see Big Beram tell them


    where to go…..”

  11. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on



    I was 12 ar the Leeds game- what a night.


    Travelled with the Greenock Assoc bus- my feet were not on the ground when I left Hampden- talk about a tight squeeze !


    I wrote an essay about it in school which I think I still have somewhere – I called Big Jock ‘Sir Winalot’ – that was my career as an author soon the tubes!



    Hail hail

  12. Zbyszek



    He doesn’t need the money anyway:o)



    Christmas preparations same as always this year?



    Must e.mail you in the next day or two.

  13. FourGreenFields on

    Keeper attacked by Ajax fan , he decks the attacker and gives him a few kicks , the guy is taken away by stewards and ref sends off keeper .

  14. ElDiego



    Must email you too.


    I’m very rarely on the computer. Couple of minutes, not every day.


    Same preparations.

  15. ElDiegoBhoy says:


    21 December, 2011 at 21:37





    The answer is the captain of Eto’s team.



    Zbyszek says:


    21 December, 2011 at 21:35




    Et’O gets 20 million per year.




    Nae, my good friend, ’tis not he.

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