From David Marshall to Tony Watt


Just days after The Beating of Barca in 2004 the youthful Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell presented teenage sensation, David Marshall, with a new contract, reward for his incredible goalkeeping performances against the Catalans.  Having made only a single first team appearance, in a cup game against (then) lower league opponents, David played the second half of the first leg against Ronaldinho & Co, then all of the second leg, without conceding a goal.

It Camp Nou performance was the most remarkable I’ve seen from a keeper.  After years looking for a solid performer to make the position his own, it looked like we had a new star.

A year later David had, if anything, regressed.  He remained first choice until after the start of season 2005-06 but Artur Boruc, for a while the genuine article, soon replaced him.  David was shipped out to Norwich before eventually settling at Cardiff City, where he has built a solid career, but his star never shone as brightly as we expected it to.  His Scottish contemporaries, Allan McGregor and Craig Gordon, both overtook him.

It is incredibly hard for a youth player to break into a team like Celtic in a position like goalkeeper, or striker, the pressure to deliver – every time – is so high, we are a whole lot more likely to introduce wingers.  The parallels between David Marshall and Tony Watt are remarkable, so far.

From the outside it’s hard to guess what went wrong for David at Celtic.  He lost his place at Celtic when he was just 20 and the trajectory of his career was never the same but 20 is still remarkably young for a keeper working at Champions League level.  Tony Watt is two years younger than David and he is in the considerably better position of being able to come on as substitute for sections of games, or to drop away for a few weeks, if necessary.

We should expect more fantastic splurges of form from the player but there will be frustrations and dips in form too.  He has the skill, speed and strength to make it.  With hard work and patience he stands an excellent chance.

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    14:43 on 16 November, 2012




    Methinks IB may just have contracted a severe dose of the CharlieGreens, opens his gub and a whole lot of nonsense tumbles out


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~



    CHE,I think he just RATNERed our support.



    Too thick to realise that the brass don’t give a f..k about our opinion on the product,just as long as we turn up and do what we are told.



    NEWSFLASH,ya pr..k.



    We’re not………….





    To paraphrase,the board will continue to run a successful club,and you lot joost behave yersels.



    Patronising git.



    And that was to the shareholders!



    You can easily guess their opinion of the rest of us.



    Absolutely disgraceful,IMO.

  3. BMCUW



    I take it that as your words were not in inverted commas then it is all just rumour at the moment then ;-)

  4. The first words Bankier spoke as Chairman of Celtic FC were to slag off the fans in general for what was at worst a tasteless though harmless banner aimed at Uefa.



    Those who held that banner in Europe did not do themselves any favours and if the banner had said FCUK Uefa it would have had the same effect without incurring the same consequences. But Bankier rather than give a no comment was only too eager to indulge the Masonic Scottish Media and feed the demonisation of the GB with the results we now see.



    Is it a B or a W we should pronounce the name with?





    My Dad couldnae make it today due to my Mum putting the foot down on a wee bit of hardly-necessary decorating.



    Were he there,I doubt his response would have been as measured and polite as that of,say,Che.



    Who thought it had been AWE NAWed.



    THAT’S how bad it was.



    You are correct to say that we are reacting to rumour,that we were not there,we don’t KNOW that he actually said that.



    However,there were a lot of well-respected posters who were.



    Not a one has contradicted it-in fact,I think they are so appalled they are asking each other “Did I hear right?”



    In the absence of a nay-sayer,I’ll go for the prevailing view on this one.

  6. Kilbowie Kelt


    Once your present petition has run its course,you may consider setting up a new one condemning the outrageous statement made by Mr Bankier today.HH

  7. Wull we beat Benfica?






    Wull Benfica, Beat Themsels?


    According tae . Alyss..



    “Benfica, Wull.”



    Wull Whit?



    Heck.. Ah don’t know.. She said it.. Ah didnae!



    Howevah…… Using a wee tate of the ole Gray Matter.. fur it didnae tak.. Much..Ah did notice that…






    Barca..Did Beat Themsels.



    So.. It disnae tak a Mental Giant , tae Figger that..



    If Benfica, goes intae the Game… using the same TACTICS.. as Barca did, when they played agin us..



    And Those Tactics..Played right intae oor .. Hauns..



    Then.. Ah kin see whit Alyss is Gettin’ at.



    Fur. .. ye saw whit… Tony , did.. tae the Barca Defensive Set-Up..



    He.. showed it fur whit it wiz.. NON EXISTENT.



    Barca, figgered that they could Blind us wi’ Science..



    and.. They nearly did.. “Nearly”..



    But…Nearly , is always.. a Miss.. Ah Suppose that is Why.. they CALL IT..”Nearly”..






    On the Break.. Celtic, were Very Dangerous.. owing tae the All oot Attacking Tactics, which.. Barca employed… their Cupboard wus the Back.



    Neil, and his Fellow Plotters.. Plotted..well.. Well.



    And .. Doon Went the Barca.. who wur lucky tae scrape a the Dying Minutes..



    Which put a Faur Bettah Light oan what turned oot tae be their Maist Embarrassing Loss..fur quite a while.



    Nae question..



    Celtic, did Barca up…like a Bilsland’s Pan Loaf..






    Ah Am Soiten that…Ma Interpretation o’ whit.. the Artful Alyss Said..



    Is the correct wan…



    We wull see..



    Won’t we?..



    Ah say..



    Celtic , wull Win.. this wan..



    Because.. Benfica.. Needs DESPERATELY.. tae Win THIS wan.. and. so ..



    They wull Pull Oot AWE THE STOAPS in thur Church Organ.. tae try tae.





    Still, Laughin’

  8. Paul67,



    Good to see you at the AGM today. Great atmosphere there. I wonder how Raman will report it this evening (was sitting close to him, as you probably realise).



    My one concern is that our manager (who was the star turn imo) and the players will have Benfica on their minds, instead of Aberdeen. One game at a time, lhads.

  9. Parkheadcumsalford



    did the IB fella actually say.. and I paraphrase


    “and you lot behave yourselves”

  10. There seems to be a lot of berating of our chairman on here, which certainly wasn’t the attitude at the AGM. I was late arriving so I may have missed any comments he made at the very start. Certainly, while I was there I didn’t get the feeling he said anything untoward and there certainly didn’t seem to be any antipathy towards him from the shareholders in general.

  11. ParkhedCumSalford



    Hiya, pally.. long, long.. Looooooooooong time see oan here..



    Nice tae Meet ye,,again..







    You, obviously, wur at the AGM..






    Did.. Mr. Bankier.. actually say .whit he is being quoted as saying?



    Me..and Forty Million Frenchmen. wid .. Appreciate . a Response..





    Yer pal..who likes ye aloater..



    Still.. Laughin’

  12. Kojo,



    Benfica play in just a couple of hours, I hope Neil is over there watching them as they will be totally different from Barca.



    We need to get ourself a platform over there and build from it. Getting that platform is the hard part because that team is fantastic and they will come at us with absolutely everything.



    It’s gonnae be great to watch this very young side tackle another massive obstacle.

  13. fergus slayed the blues on



    Regards Benfica being a distraction ,I agree but I think the reason it’s such a distraction is because we are in a great position in the group and now have a serious chance of making it to the last 16 ,not that bad as distractions go IMO


    hail hail

  14. Greetings from a showery Lisboa .



    This shareholder takes great exception to a ship in the night telling me to behave.



    I’m now — going to have 2 glasses of port with my hot custard tarts – that’ll teach the pompous arrogant condescending offensive git

  15. See this new police commissioner mularkey. Looks like if they voted for themselves they’d win by a landslide.

  16. Trying to read back. There has been a poll taken on the Resolution that there be no joint sponsorship. I suspect the Board will win that, although the feel of the Meeting was quite obviously to end it asap.

  17. fergus slayed the blues



    This has to be one of the finest ever CL groups. It has everything IMO.



    And Barca apart, everyone could end up bottom or going through to the last 16.



    Bring it on!!!!

  18. saltires en sevilla on

    Narrow defeat v Dons in exchange for 1 point v Benfica?



    I would take that point right now…

  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Sofa- pasteis de nata, one of the 5 major food groups.



    And the best coffee in the world.



    I’m not really jealous…

  20. fergus slayed the blues on



    Agree regards Benfica they will be a formidable force at home ,also Cardoza will be on from the start and he seems in good form ,two goals against Spartak and missed a pen for a hat trick .


    He was a sub at CP and I would like to think that was out of respect for what we could do to teams at home .


    I must say though that Lenny and the bhoys are building a good record in Europe and I hope it continues on Tuesday .


    I think lenny and the bhoys deserve to go through on their showing so far

  21. Vmhan,



    Sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts are with your family.



    30 year anniversary of my Dad’s passing away soon and your words were a poignant reminder so if I may, write down all you can of your time together as through time you start to forget the small things.



    I’m sure reading this in the future will bring plenty of tears and laughter, in the right measure!!



    Take care


    As there seems to be some confusion as to what was and was not said at the end of the AGM,I have c&p the relevant post.



    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~





    13:53 on 16 November, 2012




    Just in from the AGM.



    That was my first experience of seeing Ian Bankier in action and must say extremely disappointed.



    From his stumbling introduction of PL ( we have the greyer fatter version with us today ??? ), to his clumsy recognition of John Keanes contribution to the club to his condescending closing sentence –



    ” the board will look after the commercial and business aspects of the club you just behave yourselves over the next 12 months”.



    This ghuy better be an excellent corporate executive because his people skills are rank.



    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~



    I redacted the poster’s name,but he is IMO well-respected on here.



    Everyone can make their own mind up from that,as far as I’m concerned.



    Or possibly from the gossip in the pubs or at the game tomorrow,or at the Race-night.



    Truth will out.

  23. Loved this wee quote from Paul McConville’s blog regarding a post by some Zombie attacking him on the internet: (WARNING – this may affect your sides!)



    “Respect and honour are traditional Rangers values. Rangers will show respect and honour to all who merit it. As for everyone else, they will see another traditional Rangers value on display:


    “The will to win and crush all opposition.”

  24. Che and Kojo,



    I have been wracking my ole memory and I have a wee faint bell ringing in my head that the Chairman did say something, which I felt if taken out of context could be misconstrued. But I didn’t take the impression away from the AGM that he was intent on being either critical or patronising to the support. Far from it. Everyone in Celticland is on a high and he seemed to be part of that. Our manager added the wit to the occasion.

  25. fergus slayed the blues on



    it sure is but the last two games can spring a change in results as teams that are deemed out of the running play as they have nothing to lose and others make look to avoid losing any ground .The mentality of the players will play a big part in the next two matches .I think this is were a wee bit of luck can make all the difference ,hopefully it’s us that get it .


    hail hail

  26. fergus slayed the blues on

    Emerald B


    That line would bring the house down at the Fringe .


    I saw it and was convined that it had been AWE NAWED ,do the sevconians have there own AWE NAW


    hail hail .

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