Hope in our hearts


Zlatan’s talent, as a substitute in both games for Ajax in Champions League qualification duty against Celtic 19 years ago, was blindingly obvious.  It is an incredible achievement that he remains at the top of the game all these years later.  Pity the younger generation of Celtic fans have been robbed of a chance to see one of the modern game’s greats strut his stuff on our hallowed turf in the flesh.

We have faced Milan five times on European Cup/Champions League duties, never in the lesser tournaments.  The away leg of the 1969 quarter-final ended goalless, passing the advantage to Celtic, but the name Prati still makes older fans shiver.  Celtic battered the Milan goal after Prati’s early strike to no avail.  The visitors would go on to win the final comfortably against a still-emerging Ajax, with Prat grabbing a hat-trick.  Back then, this trophy was regarded as one that got away from us.

The next time we met Milan was in 2004 in the San Siro, when we were level until the 89th minute before losing two late goals (some of us were on labour ward duties and missed the action).  The return ended goalless, as did the home leg, when the teams met in the last 16 in 2007 – and the corresponding away leg.  Milan edged the tie in extra time to proceed to the quarter-finals and, again, going on to win the cup.

The teams met later on that year in the group stage, Celtic recording a famous 2-1 win, their only win over reigning European champions.  Milan won their home game with an Inzaghi strike well into the second half, but the narrow defeat was enough for Celtic to progress to the knock-out rounds on the night.

A year on from their Barcelona triumph, Celtic wilted in a daunting 2013 Champions League group against Barca, Milan and Ajax.  A home win over Ajax and five defeats was a muted end to European endeavours in Neil Lennon’s first period charge.

That single win over European champions was followed next time out by a horrendous showing at Fir Park against Gretna, where two goals in the closing five minutes gave Celtic a 1-2 win.  Beating the best, beating Milan, does not always require great domestic form.  Hope in our hearts……

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  1. Why so negative?


    I hear the GB are planning to let off a few fireworks tonight……. ,the Italians won’t know which direction to shoot.

  2. Hang on Sloopy?


    Just a big busted girl who ‘forgot’ her bra. When I was a teenager in the 60s girls like that were everywhere.

  3. What I don’t want to see in the team,are players who continually fail to turn up for big matches.


    As I said earlier,this game is probably outwith our reach at present,so use it to get players back playing games.


    Griff,and Ajeti SHOULD play,if only for that reason.We will need them on Sunday,and future games.All important games coming up.Rogic,could get 30 mins tonight.We have to start giving players game time.My biggest moan about Lenny is,he has been too loyal.Too dependant on players he trusts.Has to change.


    No great money in this tournament this year,so get the players in,eg,Soro,Turnbull,Rogic,Griff,who need games.What will be,etc.Who knows,we could get a long overdue surprise.




    Yes I did not know he was still out.Nothing against Duffy,but I thought after Saturday,we had to change the back.






    And you know this about Jullien,how?

  5. The Battered Bunnet on

    SFTB :¬)



    Aside, thems is the reason I’m interested. They play their two guys narrow behind Moreorless, within the width of the penalty box.

  6. @KM1875













    Pic before bed: One of the most iconic Celtic photos ever as Bertie Auld poses bare chested with fedora hat and Leeds jersey after Celtic’s epic 2-1 win over Leeds at Hampden in 1970. A record European crowd of 136,000 were there to witness it which will likely never be surpassed




  7. If I recall correctly, Griff missed the July pre-season games in France because he was lacking a bit of fitness and was carrying a little bit extra weight. And it must have been a little because in the photos of him at LXT he looked like he normally does.


    That was over three months ago, am I the only one who is very dubious about the official “lacking fitness” line? I know he is susceptible to niggly injuries but the lad must be biting at the bit to be unleashed.

  8. I dont normally watch the Downing Street briefing, but just now had one of those “big riddy” moments ……..



    a journo is next up to ask BoJo a question, he is introduced and asked to go ahead,



    he is a wee bit animated and very serious looking, he starts to waffle , but no sound



    BoJo interjects, “Mark if your asking a question you need to come off mute or if you dont know how to get someone to do it for you”



    Your in a bad place when your getting tech support from him

  9. DENIABHOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 4:31 PM




    Managing a waster with all the talent in the world is a doddle. I speak from experience :-)





    I looked up the Female dancers name some years ago…I dont know why I thought it was “Christine” ?


    I have had a memory loos…again LOL.



    Liz Brewer what a GAL !


    I could watch that video every feckin day…and the song is excellent also.


    Apparently “Sloopy” was a real Girl from some of the bands College days who was nicknamed “Sloopy”.


    As for Liz the Sexy Dancer…she can sloop over me anytime.



  11. WEEJOE on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 4:08 PM


    Hang on Sloopy?





    Just a big busted girl who ‘forgot’ her bra. When I was a teenager in the 60s girls like that were everywhere.




    WHERE did you live…is it still standing ?



  12. INIQUITOUSIV on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 2:54 PM









    Better colour











    Cheers mate, YES the improved Colours really do make the…er…um “Colours” stand out more !



    I dont know how those boys could play with their instruments while Liz was strutting her stuff just feet away ?


    I think I would have been highly distracted !



  13. “WHERE did you live…is it still standing ?







    ooh er mrs..”





    Carry On CQNing.

  14. Is this new incarnation of the Huns the luckiest team in world football, no Covid related incidents since cheating the system in a pre season friendly?



    Is all the tests from all clubs going to a recognised facility/Lab that is put in place by the Cabal Sfa/Spfhell?



    Or is it the same as the fit and proper person test that the Lying King past, where clubs say “such he is fine” and the cabal accept it.



    Anyway I’m looking for a big improvement tonight in our tempo/ workmate and performance . Oh and more shots at goal.






    D :)

  15. Ffs workrate not workmate



    Lager time I think this prudutiontive😂 text is doing ma but in






    D :)

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    Think the info from Lennon re Griff’s supposed injury and big Julien’s back issue are pish. There’s no question that certain players are pissed off with him. The situation when he managed Hibs is repeating itself here.

  17. I am still greatly unenthused about tonight`s game. Maybe that wil change at 8pm but this feeling is very strange. I don`t know if it to do with the general grey cloud that is Covid, defeat by Sevco or the possibility of the Ten not being realised.


    I have (hopefully very,very temporarily) lost a bit of faith in my team.


    Incidentally, that loss of faith is not helped by the need for some to find escaped goats.


    Greg Taylor is number one in that category but Neil Lennon is challenging strongly. Others worthy of mention are Barkas,Ntcham,Duffy,Elyounoussi,Brown,Ajer and Klimala.



    Would I have been quicker just to say: Callum McGregor is playing well? :-)))



    Think the info from Lennon re Griff’s supposed injury and big Julien’s back issue are pish. There’s no question that certain players are pissed off with him. The situation when he managed Hibs is repeating itself here.”



    ….and if that WERE the case,would you lay the blame for underperforming at the door of the Manager or the players?

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