Ibrox shaken to red brick core


Within the first minute at Ibrox yesterday, Newco sent a long ball forward that tempted Liam Scales into a challenge he missed.  Seconds later the ball ended in the net, only for the assistant to correctly flag offside.  It looked like a portent of doom to come, however, Liam was undeterred.  He threw himself at every ball into the Celtic final third, clearing danger throughout.  He earned his Man of the Match award.

Gus Lagerbielke was dispossessed when the foot of Dessers clipped his ankle.  The striker advanced into the Celtic box before squaring for Roofe to shoot past Joe Hart into the net.  Even after the first replay, I didn’t see the foul, but it was there.  TV viewers were later treated to bizarre weeping by some on Sky and the BBC highlights programme, where it was explained that while the rules say it was a foul, we just don’t agree with the rules!

This is what being conditioned to getting refereeing decisions your own way looks like.  It is also why Scotland, more than any other country, needs Video Assistant Referees.

Response to this incident determined the outcome of the game.  Our 23-year-old Swedish central defender, on his third outing for the club and still looking for a win, could have been discouraged from holding onto the ball or being open for a pass, but that didn’t happen.  Just as Liam immediately got over this first minute missed header, Gus continued to show, pull opponents towards him and play short passes into space.

Can we agree that Callum McGregor had his best 45 minutes in years?  Much of the credit for Liam and Gus’s fortitude came from the captain making the right angles.  The greatest thing about possession-based football is that it looks easy.  There is always a simple pass on.  Callum made sure this was the case yesterday.

35-years-ago (yes, really), Paul McStay ranged a pass deep into the Rangers half for Chris Morris to run onto.  He squared for Frank McAvennie to score a memorable goal in the Centenary Season.  Just when I was extolling the virtues of Callum’s play, he recreated this move.

The ball took two defenders out of play – then waited for Liel Abada to cross.  What would McAvennie do?  Score, of course, but Kyogo, realising he was at the near post with a keeper ready to block, tried a deft flick to the back post, where he hoped to find Daizen Maeda.  You are not going to remember Callum’s pass 35 years from now, which is a pity, because is was no less deserving than the Maestro’s.

Celtic were now in full control and with the home crowd audibly restless, Kyogo got free again.  This time his second touch let him down and the shot was eventually smothered.  Surely, they could not continue to allow the Japanese striker such freedom without consequence?

For all the great play, when the moment came, it was quite simple.  In the final minute of added time before the break, Joe Hart cleared a goal kick into the Newco half – you don’t want to mess around at the back so close to the break.  Connor Goldson stepped forward from marking Kyogo to head the ball back where it came from.

This is where it gets interesting.  Matt O’Riley, not known for his heading ability, fired his neck muscles to send the ball back, over Goldson and into space for Kyogo to exploit.  Perhaps wary of his second touch after the chance a few minutes earlier, he waited until the ball sat up, then (as they might say in Japan these days), gave it laldy!  It was a strike worthy of winning such a game.

Celtic emerged from the break with a lead to defend and set about doing just that.  Greg Taylor and Alistair Johnston tucked in, O’Riley and David Turnbull sat deeper.  This allowed Newco plenty of the ball, but no space in which to use it to any effect.

Their best chance came when Lammers rounded Hart but as we waited for the net to bulge, he mis-controlled and the ball rolled out of play.  They’re not very good, these new Newco-ers.

Johnston, with only an hour of play under his belt this season going into the game, doubled that time before being replaced by Anthony Ralston.  Then, on 75 minutes, Greg Taylor pulled up.  Celtic were forced to play for 15 minutes, plus 8 in added time, with a back four of Ralston, Lagerbielke Scales and Bernabei.

Cameron Carter-Vickers, Maik Nawrocki, Nat Phillips and Stephen Welsh would all have played, if fit.  It was the most ridiculously under-strength Celtic defence I have ever seen, yet they glided through the game.  Ralston and Alexandro Bernabei had the better of their clearly troubled opponents.

Michael Beale will rue leaving Cantwell and Raskin out of the team, at least, that’s how I remember it.  I am sure his mind wandered to the break-value of his contract, in the hours since.  When Brendan Rodgers was interviewed before kick-off, I thought I sensed hesitation – I was wrong.  His record against Newco is better than any manager in games between Celtic and either of the Rangerses.  He is a talent and yesterday he shook Ibrox to its red brick core.  It was a sight to make your heart sing for a title so wonderous!

My friends in Celtic, enjoy your week.  We’ve still to speak about the transfer window – expect both barrels.

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  1. Happy Monday to all. Maybe a little more to a certain section?



    Happiness is like wetting yourself.



    Everyone can see it, but only you can feel it’s warmth.




  2. Hey, yeah you, with the sad face


    Come up to my place and live it up


    You, beside the dance floor


    What do you cry for, let’s live it up

  3. Hart’s long goal kick that led to the goal within three touches is a reminder that there is always an alternative to the trend of playing out from the back. Joe kicked long a few times and I was delighted to see it. Call me old fashioned.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    I thought BR’s reaction at the final whistle gave a measure of how important the result was to his current situation. He’s usually fairly circumspect in such situations but I think a little anxiety got quite the release at the end of the match.

  5. After reading the article I looked at the league table on the top right hand corner of the page, Sevco and Ross County tied on 6 points, 4 points behind us and Motherwell and 2 points behind St. Mirren. I know it’s VERY early in the season but that made me laugh!

  6. Thank you for planting ‘Rangerses’ in my head – I’m now mumbling ‘Rangerses, we hates them, we hates them forever’ – Gollum style.

  7. DENIABHOY on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2023 12:16 PM


    “Hart’s long goal kick that led to the goal within three touches is a reminder that there is always an alternative to the trend of playing out from the back. Joe kicked long a few times and I was delighted to see it. Call me old fashioned.”



    Unfortunately DENIABHOY most goal kicks tend to reach the opposition, as it did in the case when we scored. Fortunately some of the time the opposition is equally wasteful and so it went straight to MOR who sent it towards Kyogo who scored a beauty thankfully.


    But I agree passing it out from the back needs to be replaced at times by a long(ish) ball. I’ve noticed in the past that Big Joe’s throw-outs to midfield are quite accurate. Maybe something to work on.

  8. I have to laugh at the fallout of the VAR decision on the goal for Thems. It reminds me of the pk they got for unfashionable Sickala kicking Carl starfelt . I also just watched Thems commentary of Kyogos goal😂😂😂. They just don’t have a clue. Bama, well my classroom at least, is green n white. Happy Labor Day to all American Bhoys.




  9. Brendan Rogers and our staff are hard as nails. The abuse yesterday was rife.



    We will get better and we have heavy reinforcements to come back.



    Delicious. Csc

  10. Lets be clear about something


    Acker Bilk brought that challenge on all by himself


    He dillied he dallied


    Dallied and dillied


    And er he dillied again…..

  11. Agree with all you say, Paul, and now ecstatic, after seeing the starting eleven @ 11:00 on Sunday, with a slightly unexpected, but deserved win.



    I expected we’d be crowded out and bullied in midfield, however Mr Beale decided to ‘go long’ almost straight from the kick-off, and continued this approach throughout the game, obviously because he felt we’d be nervous & weak in the centre of defence. The fact that we stood firm is testament to Liam & Gustaf. The match and the win will be character-building for them and a boost for everyone at Celtic Park with the treatment tables at Lennoxtown on shift-work.



    As I said before the Ibrox fixture, we now have the opportunity to fashion a young/vibrant/hungry squad, and Brendan is the right man to do it.



    I trust your upcoming transfer-window article will give a positive take of exactly where we are as we face up to another vitally important season. With a fit and replenished squad there is much to anticipate.

  12. Paul 67,



    Agree, ” Even after the first replay, I didn’t see the foul, but it was there. ”



    Watched the game in a busy pub and nobody spotted the foul. We all thought it was a goal.



    However a few replays showed it was a definite foul. It was the correct call although if the boot was on the other foot I would have been raging.



    Imo, very poor of some posters having a go at big bad John.


    I would imagine as a striker himself he would think the goal should have stood.


    John was wrong, it was a foul but he is entitled to his opinion .


    Leave BBJ alone 😔




  13. The Holm tackle on Cantsowell right at full time was super sweet.



    Excited for that kids prospects. First involvement a dig from outside box and final a solid tackle to break up play.

  14. Still gloating – lots of heroes yesterday but a mention again for Daizen.



    He’s not a great footballler but he’s an athlete with a great attitude for games like this and Europe.



    We won a watch yesterday with 3 points I only had hope in my heart for.



    Enjoy Labor Day fellow US Tims.

  15. ‘Michael Beale will rue leaving Cantwell and Raskin out of the team, at least, that’s how I remember it. ‘





    Superb commentary P67.



    And what about midfield genius Cifuentes? If Ryan Jack was getting a game before me i’d probably chuck it.

  16. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    So will that be wee Joe’s cup final goal consigned to history once and for all……………..only 24yrs.

  17. I thought our clever pressing and tactics forced the Hun to play the long hall and their front 2 or 3 are useless in the air, happy days.



    I can see Sima being recalled at Christmas (if there is a clause) as his football development is heading in reverse at Ipox. and I’d give Dessers to the clocks change to be in the treatment room….



    Brendan clever chap he’ll get more out of our players , take Matt , thought he has in the right place at the right time more often , seemed to be further back and 5 yards in than under Ange.



    Hopefully same will happen with Hatate who very often gets stranded in midfield, onwards upwards




  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Crikey, Paul, sounds like we have just overcome a bunch of world-beaters and not a “basket case” as they were recently described!


    Wouldn’t normally be too excited about a single goal win against a mid-table side, but factoring in the injuries, dropped points in the previous game and the upcoming break the three points were the main thing.


    Now for some improvement for the challenges we will face in the genuine big games in the weeks and months ahead.

  19. Most people say it was a trip on Lagebielke for the disallowed goal but it seemed pretty obvious in real time and replays that he was pushed over.



    When I thought it was going to stand, I thought CQN will be in meltdown due to it being a pretty obvious offence.

  20. In 4 weeks or so we could have a squad with



    6 decent or better centre backs



    6 decent or better Centre mids



    6 decent or better wide men



    2 decent or better strikers



    3 decent or better full backs (possibly Scales could play there)



    Not sure re goalies but the ex United guy seems set not to play and there seem mixed view on Bain.



    Overall it’s a really decent squad and pretty soon the issue will be keeping everyone happy.



    Maybe Scales is even a left back / back up left back ?

  21. A fantastic win given how depleted we were going into the match.



    Very encouraging to know that we’ve got the beating of them with so many players out.



    I suspect Beale will be off fairly soon, probably before Halloween.



    I don’t see how they can hope to catch us in the next year or two given the clear gulf in class between the squads.



    And even if they did bridge that gap, we’d still have one of the very best managers in the world sitting in our dug out.

  22. AIPPLE on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2023 12:09 PM


    Happy Monday to all. Maybe a little more to a certain section?



    Happiness is like wetting yourself.



    Everyone can see it, but only you can feel it’s warmth.




    President LB Johnson didn’t much care for speeches on economics. He said, ‘It’s a bit like p***ing against your leg. You think it’s pretty hot. But everyone else thinks it stinks.’

  23. bournesouprecipe on




    Good account of events.



    The referee didn’t see the foul either, I think you wrote a year ago that Celtic would be the beneficiaries of VAR decisions, yesterday eventually proved your point.



    Very pleased for Brendan he can now get some peace to build his brand of Celtic Glasgow.



    Hail Hail

  24. Just finished listening to a replay of Clyde SSB from yesterday .


    Hugh Keevin’s prediction – Rangers 3 Celtic 0 .


    He also said at the start of the game that Scales and Lagerbielke were totally out of their depth .


    Doesn’t say much for the Rangers Hugh 🤪

  25. Our priority must be to win the league .


    It is well documented the entry to the newly formatted CL of next season , will bring fabulous financial dividends.



    So with that in mind .


    I sit here the Emirates lounge , waiting on our flight to Dubai .



    In a state of mild bliss .



    The win was all that mattered .



    Looking more holistically at the performances of both teams .



    I thought the standard of football was very poor .


    Both teams gave up possession far too easily .



    Kyogo is class above any other forward on the pitch .



    I’m glad that Kent and Morelos have been replaced by immobile big lumps of wood.



    Celtic will struggle in the CL , but it’s all about the league for me .




  26. Caller Andy commenting on Beale’s signings –


    He was sent to the shops for bread and milk and came back with chocolate 🤪

  27. Caller James –


    Rangers are a team full of serial losers.


    Ryan Jack was four post codes away from Calum McGregor 🤪

  28. Michael Beale stated in the post match presser that Rangers spent £13 million pounds on 9 players in the transfer window .


    I presume that he offered up this gem as some form of mitigation for yesterday’s result 🤪

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