Kilmarnock don’t enjoy Celtic Park


Kilmarnock don’t enjoy visits to Celtic Park, winning only once there since 1955, but seldom have they been on the receiving end of such a humiliating result from such a young and inexperienced Celtic team. You and I have seen these games – especially in the League Cup – go wrong so many times in recent seasons: Morton, Falkirk and Partick, to name just three.

What we have at the club now is energy and purpose that makes even our experiments seem potent. Brendan Rodgers must have been delighted at what he got from his players.

For some, like Leigh Griffiths, it was another hour nearer full fitness. These minutes are crucial in preparation for the almighty test of the season against Astana at Celtic Park one week from today.

Really pleased Roy Aitken will be around Celtic Park more often in future in his new role as Club Ambassador.  Roy was a huge figure at Celtic in the 70s and 80s, but there’s at least one generation since who know little about him.

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  1. After all those years of singing for it to happen, Celtic are at last getting round to feeding The Bear.



    I hope action on Res 12 doesn’t take as long …










    Who’s Buddy Holly,and what’s a Ronson Lighter?




    Ffs,it will be Opal Fruits and Aztec Bars next.




    And Spangles,especially Old English.



    Giant smiley.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    looks like Southampton are playing hardball with Virgil over his transfer request. I’ve a bit of sympathy with them as I don’t like the tapping up of players, whether it’s Liverpool or anybody else.



    I’m sure Hertz will be telling Sevco to GTF over Walker, too……….

  4. TURKEYBHOY on 9TH AUGUST 2017 12:08 PM


    It was also a special moment for Ralston’s family who were in attendance in Paradise to see him achieve a lifelong ambition.



    “It was my first-ever goal here and it was an indescribable feeling,” he said. “I loved it. My whole family were here as they are every time. They are massive Celtic supporters like me, so they were all buzzing like me, if not more!




    How good is that.What a role model he has in KT.Brendans praise of Keiran today was brilliant.If Anthony wants to emulate him,he knows how.

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    was there an incident in block 444 last night?



    seen JPT looking for people to contact him if they have any comments on it



    Smoke bombs?


    Soccer hooliganism?


    Police brutalilty?


    Lager-fuelled eggy ferts?



    That was a deflection according to Roddy Forsyth.




    Was it,Aye.Just checked the Southern General to see if anyone brought in ,in a Coma.The only outcome of that hitting you.

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    If that shot was deflected, the ball would have ended up at Glasgow Cross, burst:)










    There was an incident outside my house ohhh bout 3/4 weeks ago not sure, I was sitting on my bench in the garden (lovely day) listening to some music having a glass of Vino, a young girl came past with her dog, they stopped at my garden and her dog left a deposit, at the time the dog was doing its business she was searching her pockets obviously looking for her scope, she didn’t have it apologies and said she would come back, I said it’s ok I’ll get it, she never heard me, few minutes later a guy came down, her dad I think had a wee bag he did, and asked where the dog had done its business, I told him it was ok that I got it, he apologised, not a problem I said, and he went on his way.



    Now that’s what I call people looking after they’r pet when outside of they’r house, being responsible, a thing cat owners just don’t get, that’s my point of the cat saga, and I did wish his cat all the best and hope it would get better, THREE TIMES, he asked for prayers for it but I’m sure he got some, I find moonbeams a very aggressive person some time, I would suggest pet classes, and anger management, he does tend to loos it at times, or maybe it just me that upsets him? Naaaaa



    Can’t be he doesent know me :))

  9. Celtic Captains.We will have 3 of our greatest at Celtic Park now.Past,Present ,and Future.


    The Bear,Broony,KT.

  10. Cultsbhoy says Hail Hail to Hector and Brendan on

    I said this last week..domestic opponents come to Celtic and look on the bench thinking any of our squad would not only walk in to the first XI of their team but in all probability be a star turn. See Ryan Christie at AFC.



    Last night out this theory to the test.



    It proved the theory holds.

  11. Go tell the Spartim



    I was told to expect 1 in this week. Like everyone else I am hoping it is Patrick.




  12. month after arriving at Ibrox Carlos Pena has been sent on a special fitness programme.



    The chunky midfielder with a flair for religious tattoos was given a brief run in the friendly against Marseilles but has been posted missing from the wins over Sheffield Wednesday and Motherwell.



    Sevco paid a reported fee of £3.5m for the former Mexican internationalist but there’s no sign yet of him breaking into Caixinha’s star-studded midfield.




    Ha Ha Ha.The boy has a taste for the finer things in life.Reading about him before he signed for the Monkeys,I read,he had talent ,but had wasted it,in nightclubs,and high living.Ahem,a bit like me.So many loan deals ,with managers prepared to try him out,but all ended in failure.


    Along comes clueless,and buys him.Whats Mexican for Joey Barton?.

  13. Well done to big Roy.



    From wiki-



    At Celtic, he was nicknamed ‘The Bear’ by the supporters due to his large frame and commanding presence. Playing as a centre back or defensive midfielder, often as captain, Aitken made the third-most appearances in the club’s history and was particularly noted for his contributions in the club’s double-winning 1987-88 season.[4]



    He later went on to play for Newcastle United, joining the club for £500,000 in January 1990. He captained the side in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to gain promotion from the Second Division. Having been signed by Jim Smith, he was deemed surplus to requirements when Smith was replaced as manager by Ossie Ardiles and returned to Scotland with St Mirren.[5] He did not remain long at St Mirren, signing for Aberdeen for £100,000 to act as player-assistant manager.[6]



    Aitken won 57 caps for the Scotland national football team, scoring once and featured at both the 1986 and 1990 World Cups.

  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Listen to Cosgrove’s emphasis to Jimmy, vocally warning him that he may be going too far.


    Hun bravado descends into stupidity. JC ends up spilling the beans like a total numpty, and Sir David’s part in the whole stinking scenario.


    These peepul are blatant criminals.


    Should be in jail.




  15. TD 12.24.


    That’s very impressive, well done that father and daughter, very responsible, or what is because they knew it was outside the house of T.D. and thought oh oh we better clean that up before we get a boot up the jacksey :-)

  16. TONYDONNELLY67 on 9TH AUGUST 2017 12:24 PM





    Please can we move on? Its CQN, a football site.


    We all get it. You are the Big Man. You kick cats. Message received.


    No need to mention it 6 times a day.



    Get a life!

  17. Section 444 is directly above us so difficult to see what is going on.



    We did hear lots of booing, and a few expletives directed at Polis/Stewards.



    This section has been getting right behind our team lately.



    Cannae have that can we.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Strip the wallpaper



    strip the willow



    but maist of all




  19. !!BADA BING!!



    That’s bad news for the boy in hospital and for the club overall, I hope he’s going to be alright.



    In the hospitality man whit next:((




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