Legia frustration spills onto Celtic


In a press conference today, Legia major shareholder, Dariusz Mioduski, has been scathing about Celtic, who benefited from Legia’s mistake last week.  Perhaps his most important comment was, “The football family of Legia are all suffering now.  Their dreams are shattered, it’s against football values”.

There can be no doubt that Legia are suffering and that their punishment was in no way proportional to their mistake.  Some of this hurt is inevitably going to find its way to Celtic, who Legia apparently asked to withdraw from the tournament before the Disciplinary Committee sat.  Celtic, Legia inform us, declined to respond.  My understanding is that the rules do not allow for input from the losing team when a suspended player has been involved – as they do when an ineligible player is involved.

Former Juventus-great and current chief of the Polish FA Zibi Boniek had earlier said, “Everyone thoroughly looked into this matter, but Michel Platini and Giorgio Marchetti [from Uefa]said one thing, ‘Zibi, there is no backdoor.  Nothing.  Regulations do not provide for any other penalty.  We are very sorry’.”

If there was a possibility Celtic could choose to forgo their place in favour of Legia, Celtic would be presented with a moral dilemma, but I don’t think the club’s actions would be any different.  Their reluctance to ‘pick up the phone’ to Legia suggest as much.

One area where Mioduski’s information differs from Celtic’s is where he states “No-one at UEFA in Nyon was even considering a 3-0 forfeit Celtic win on the morning of the ruling.”  I understand Celtic were told the exact opposite, that a forfeit was the only outcome possible, corroborating what Platini and Marchetti told Boniek.

Our very best wishes to Fraser Forster, who yesterday became a Southampton player.  Southampton have an enormous rebuilding exercise ahead after selling the majority of their first team players this summer.  They now have a good keeper, who I expect will be busy in the opening months of the season.

After my article yesterday on Fraser Forster’s dedication to his work, a CQN’er sent me this nugget:

“My brother used to go to the dancing with Jinky.  He would go to Jinky’s to collect him and Jimmy would be all suited up, apart from wearing his sand shoes, as he would be practicing his dribbling while waiting to be picked up”.

There are no shortcuts to brilliance.

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  1. seanoc



    From last thread



    I appreciate that but I would suggest that the manager was generalising on the overall principles of loan deals. Let’s assume for one minute that we qualify for CL and these 2 players have a standout campaign,do you honestly believe that will want to stay with us? I also appreciate the other side of the coin that if they flop we don’t have to sign them but overall our past experiences involving loan deals has not been good.

  2. Near miss n Edinburgh the day, wee overnighter with the blonde one, she needs it bless her.


    Was at mass this morning at St Rochs, Garngad on the way up, nise wee church.



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  3. Macjay



    If yer still there.


    As I was saying….clap as much as ye like, but we still got battered by Legia, 6-1


    Did you see that, maybe you missed it.


    Ye can clap from now till doomsday, it wont change reality.



    Mon the Hoops


    CFC not PLC


    Sack the Board






    14:13 on 10 August, 2014


    Big Joe


    I am 20 mins inland from Baza.


    For some reason I thought you were up Barca way, didn’t realise you were just up the road, in fact I know a Joe from Tore, an Irish bloke, a barman, can’t remember the bar, in saying that, he might have gone back to Ireland, haven’t been in touch for over a year.


    There was a poster a while back that lived down Mazzaron way, McGrain in Spain, I think, not sure mind you.





    I………………. not far mate, just up the road.



    McGrain in Spain………………… that’s it………………….



    Met him about 7 or 8 years ago through CQN………….



    Not seen him on but haven’t been on for ages myself.



    There about 20 odd still go to Paddy’s Point for every game.




  5. Snake Plissken on

    Any sympathy I had for Legia has fast disappeared.



    They were to blame from the administrators to the manager to the player himself. Their fault and if UEFA allowed them to play with a wee fine then later in the tournament a big team could do the exact same with minimal consequences. Where would it end?



    They can say they’d have withdrawn all they like. The proof would have been in the pudding there. Anyone can be clever after the fact.



    There is not a club out there that would turn round and say no to reinstatement no matter how much Legia may claim they would have.



    The bottom line is if they had done their paperwork properly none of this would be happening.

  6. Legia chairman slagging off Celtic, says he can’t get in touch with them. Believes that if Celtic agree then UEFA will allow Legia to replace Celtic.

  7. Mioduski is basically saying, we did make the mistake, but we shouldn’t pay for it.


    The rules were in place before the game, they were the same for us.


    We did not make the mistake they did.


    Unfortunate, definitely, incompetent, absolutely.


    I am feeling a little less sorry for them now.



    Celtic must stand by their ethics and play by the rules.

  8. eddieinkirkmichael on

    If the rumours are true re Celtics interest in Tonev does anyone think Ronny has identified him as a player he wants in?

  9. iki



    14:29 on 10 August, 2014


    Legia open letter to Celtic is sneaky but clever.



    I would ignore it simply for the reason that the approach was not made directly to club but in a way that stinks of blackmail.



    Legia are losing any sympathy that I had for them.

  10. Macjay



    If yer still there….im just as qualified as you in giving my opinion.


    Long may it continue.


    No rewards for failure.





  11. Neganon2,



    the majority of our first team are established international standard players, unlike the phoenix club… I’m guessing that Wallace/Zaliukas are probably their only current internationalists… we will hammer them.




  12. He really wants us to stand down, because his club broke the rules.


    His questions should be directed to UEFA, we have nothing to do here, except abide by UEFA’s ruling.

  13. Paul



    I thought it would be impossible to link big Fraz’ lifestyle and training methods with Jinky’s!



    Well done on managing that!






    HH jamesgang

  14. Walter smith is one hypocritical pr*ck. “perhaps he wants to put pressure on the referee”



    And sky Scotland are doing their job to protect the referees after Robbie Nielsons perfectly valid statement.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Legia Warsaw will get more publicity in Scotland via MSM than Sion did over their cheating.



    Pity there was no miscrocosm of coverage equitable with the cheating that happened leading to the death of our former rivals.



    The Legia as did the Sion Chairman will become more quoted in Scotland than Alex Salmond.

  16. Snake Plissken on

    I saw a tweet earlier where Legia were moaning about UEFA not complaining about Celtic’s banners but did about theirs.



    Anyone know what they said?

  17. eddieinkirkmichael



    Eddie do you not think also that the new manager would have a look over the existing scouting system and targets that were in place before he arrived or would he bin it and concentrate on the players he wanted to bring to his club in Norway, I’m sure the man knows his own targets and would he not be unprofessional if he was to disregard a dossier of players and targets already at the clubs disposal??




  18. If Celtic had withdrawn, Legia would still be in the Europa play-off and St Pats in the CL play -off.



    Also, Celtic would be facing a heavy fine and a possible Euro ban.

  19. mullet and co 2 on

    Eddieinkirkmichael, Tonev was on our wanted list last season. Ronny fits the players he’s given into his team rather than him requesting certain players.

  20. Legia management are a bunch of ****…



    instead of deriding Celtic, they should be telling their own fans what action they have taken against the clown who messed up the paperwork !



    I do not believe that Legia, themselves – or any other club in Europe – would be considering to allow Legia to take their place in the CL qualifiers, if the situation were reversed.




  21. Celtic board are good at ignoring people, especially their own supporters.


    Not surprised Legia cant get a reply.


    But I know I can reply, with a swift GTF.




    Big Peter is too busy foisting unwanted loan players on the manager and supporters.




  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon


    14:35 on


    10 August, 2014




    14:01 on


    10 August, 2014


    C’mon Macjay you like throwing your weight around. Let’s see it.





    14:08 on


    10 August, 2014


    Ah macjay1 so you want others to show their cvs etc but you are not willing to do so???



    Silly boy.




    No questions answered


    No response from green man.


    Instead, his alter ego,chimes in.


    Presumably on his behalf.


    Is green man incapable of response?


    Has his bolt been shot?


    Who can tell?


    Instead we get NegAnon2.


    His champion.


    Are they just good friends?



    Pathetic and personal response.


    In the best tradition of ,sadly,your good self.NegAnon.


    I had the impression that you had serious,reasonable,if controversial,points to make.


    You`re right.


    That was silly of me.


    I`ll know better in future.


    Hail Hail to Celtic supporters………….wherever they may be.

  23. Just watched their owner on ssn telling Celtic to come to an arrangement with them so they can stay in the CL as it was a small administrative error,saying its not about money, celtic should not answer this guy, he appears to be provoking celtic, let uefa deal with any appeal, and in future read the rules on registration properly and follow them.

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