Neil, Brendan and the risk-free dream appointment


I’m seeing a bit of “Neil Lennon cannot get the job now” comment after our capitulation at Ibrox this afternoon.  Brendan Rodgers got things equally wrong at Ibrox in December but no one was calling him the wrong man for the job.

If you think the primary issue Celtic have right now is tactical choice and team selection, you are overlooking what is staring you in the face.  Celtic are playing with a squad that has changed little since Ronny Deila days, despite the volume of new faces introduced to the club in the intervening period.  Seven of today’s starters and eight of last weeks’ were at the club under Ronny.

Ronny won two of our eight consecutive titles, but his final squad was in need of significant overhaul.  Three years on and Odsonne Edouard, Oliver Burke and Jonny Hayes are not going to significantly change things.

Neil could have played Scott Sinclair, but Scott has been dropped by both Neil and Brendan at various times over the last two seasons, there is no guarantee he would have made a difference today.  He could have risked Kieran Tierney, or perhaps James Forrest, but for a dead rubber when we have a treble treble to compete for?

Eye on the prize and the prize right now is the Scottish Cup.  And if you want a tip on who will be our next manager, it will be whoever we think will successfully improve the squad.  Whatever Neil’s chances are, I doubt they were influenced by today’s performance.  And if you believe any appointment is risk-free, dream on.

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  1. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    ****LMS 12 Round 9 results- we have a winner****



    Good Evening fholks



    Well we lost the Rudi Vata Cup, so life sucks at times and so did our performance today, but make sure you go to work tomorrow feeling Gr8888. The treble treble is coming to a place near you soon.



    But what about LMS 12? 3 teams were meant to enter the final but on countback we found that Hot Smoked had doubled Chelski’d it so they were out and that left us with 2 teams…. Bognor Bhoy and The Exiled Tim cunningly disguised as ” The Stand In”



    Well, it doesn’t happen often, but we have a winner after only 9 rounds……



    …Well we mean 2 winners or was it 2 “loser” winners?



    Both contestants chose Livingston to win, and thanks to 57 year old Kenny Misser, they both lost/winned and share the final prize, winning £320 each. Well done Bhoys, We will be in touch very soon!



    Our two chosen charities also benefit to a smashing donation as follows:



    Lisbon Beneficiary: Alzheimer’s Scotland £556


    Seville Beneficiary: Little Princess Trust £139



    So that’s it for this season, It leaves us to thank you all for your continued kind and generous support helping so many good causes. We could not do this without your wonderful support.



    We hope you to all see you soon in the new season.



    Thank you and HH



    CRC and Bateen Bhoy

  2. We can look for up and coming managers/coaches from the continent which would be a risk but when I saw the performance of Steve Clarke’s Kilmarnock at Paradise recently I hope the powers that be are in deep discussions with him to take over on May 26th. He can organize a defense and is tactically aware. He has worked with some of the best coaches. I know that he has said that the sectarianism bothers him but money talks. I love Lenny but not for me second time round and this is not a reaction to today’s poor performance.

  3. excathedra44 on






    James Forrest was badly missed today and selecting Mikey Johnston wide right


    and Oliver Burke wide left, was just plain wrong especially with hindsight.


    I heard a rumour today he’s a doubt for the Cup Final , hope its just that.




    Yes he was missed, considering he was hitting a bit of form,and yes the NL selection was poor as I said earlier,given he could not know they would all wet their pants, leaving his selection looking very poor.



    Ref Cup final,I must try and find out.

  4. DESSYBHOY on 12TH MAY 2019 8:18 PM



    December and today this team and squad have failed at ibrox, two different managers, serious questions about this team as well as its leaders, they will be confident that they have the measure of this present team, I hope the new coaching team if it’s not to be Neil Lennon has seen today, tiredness is a pathetic excuse, watch them jump on a plane for Scotland.





    Now that brought a point that was at the back of my mind to the front.



    Logically if it is the same players then the problem lies there in terms of performance on the day and not the managers.



    BR liked a team that was technically better than the opposition in Scotland to offset their strength and determination, but for various reasons, injury being a part , the quality guys have not been as available on the day and physically and mentally the opposition have been stronger so won both games.



    NL likes a team that reflects his attitude,- strong, determined, unafraid and winners when the going gets tough. I don’t think the teams that lost both games carries that stamp at all, but to win 9 iar never mind 10 (forget the CL as we wont be in contention if we don’t win the titles) that is exactly the kind of team we want.



    Since his arrival NL could not have his team playing the way he liked it because he doesn’t have enough players ( injuries being a factor) to play in the NL way.



    So he sticks with much of what players were used to with a little bit of long ball that rarely paid off in terms of the men up front winning physical battles nor enough midfielders capable of doing the same.



    So the dilemma is go for a system where technical ability and technical coaching is the deciding factor a la BR or where physicality rules a la (dare I say it?) Martin O Neil being the way to go.



    This is not an argument about who gets the job. The argument should be what is needed now we are faced with a stronger opponent than we have had in the past, how do we counter them?



    Start from there and pick the right man for the job. The performance by Steve Clark v them will be interesting although Killie will have something to play for to hold 3rd place and they wont but he is man who knows winners inside his budget. ,



    NL knows the type of player he wants as he worked under MoN who took the hard physical approach. I think NL had doubts about some of his players but had no option but to play them.



    It would not worry me one bit if we went more physical for the next two seasons and the question is what manager out there wants to play in a more direct results are all that matter physical way and wants a squad with that mindset and physical attributes to match ?

  5. Whether P67 has a link to the board or not why would any poster give one flying duck …. this place is for us to air our own views and pretty sure P67 doesn’t give one jot whether we agree with him or not ….. any chance the detractors here or elsewhere might one day think he might just have a different view …. in fact if nothing else he has created at least two blogs maybe three so agree or disagree he has given the board lovvers, malcontents, happy clappers and even undercover Huns an avenue to moan, groan or even sometimes enjoy winning trophies ? (obviously not the Huns and some forever unhappy Tims :-)

  6. Peter Lawell would be (maybe will be) severely mis-guided if Neil Lennon is appointed full time manager for next season.


    I know the sensitive / defensive element amongst our support will say that there are too many fans that come under the “spoiled” definition.


    But lets be realistic / pragmatic… If the start of next season is a continuation of just now, then expect half empty stadium, and potential top tier closure.


    It may sound spoiled… but fans will vote with their feet. And the place will be in disarray. Guaranteed.

  7. And that’s not just my opinion by the way… its a reflection of what I am seeing… here on CQN, on social media, and other blogs.


    I’d estimate 70% want a new manager.


    Maybe as little as 30% are happy for Neil to continue.



    That’s what I am seeing.


    And fundamentally that’s not the basis of support needed to appoint anyone.


    The club need more fans on board. Therefore they absolutely must look beyond Lennon.

  8. Absolutely fantastic seeing the footage and pictures from the Athletic Bilbao match with their tributes to Billy McNeill



    They really went all out



    Anyone know the history behind this idea where it came from and why Atletico go to such measures for someone who had no apparent connection to their club?



    I know they do it for ‘One Club Players’ but why? And is it usual that they make such an effort?

  9. The pertinent, and perhaps only, question that we as supporters should ask is. Would you have chosen Lenny as our new manager if Rodgers would have left during the summer rather than dropping us in it?


    I’d guesstimate 90% of us would have said no. We would be hoping to secure the services of someone of the same managerial calibre as Rodgers.



    Lenny is and always will be Celtic legend.

  10. I don’t really mind if the next manager is NL or not.


    I want some genuine quality players bringing in [buying not loans]regardless of who is in control of the managers office.


    Its all about recruitment for me.


    The lack of quality from midfield to upfront has been alarming for some time yet everyone seems to focus on our defence with regards transfers.


    The back four have been pretty solid all season for me and the stats back that up.


    4 or 5 new starters for midfield to attack with no guarantee starts for ANY current player including Mcgregor,Eduard and Forrest who I regard as the best we have.


    Genuine competition brings out the best.


    Cheap half hearted loan deals bring out the yellow vest.

  11. RUGGYGMAN on 12TH MAY 2019 9:04 PM



    I’ve changed your last para below then commented.




    Reading Paul 67s lead article, and the notion that 7 or 8 of the players that made up our first 11 in both recent Ibrox defeats, were with us under Ronny Deila’s reign.



    If we take that a stage further, what it actually alludes to… and what is actually accurate, is that during this decade period of unbridled success… things have been too easy. The board have had it too easy. We have beat what was put in front of us, but it was always easy. We’ve had spells where big clubs (by Scottish standards) , Hearts, Hibs, Rangers, Dundee Utd have all had large spells playing out with our top flight.



    And all due respect to Ronny Deila, our board brought in a Norwegian part-timer, unheard of, untested, because knowing of the ease of the Scottish topflight landscape, they knew we would get away with it.





    And thy were right, if ever there was a time to try and develop our own without risking losing the titles, that was it.



    But time has moved on, based on debt levels only Rangers can contemplate because no one cares enough to question. not the SFA, not even Celtic, they are at a stronger point to compete since 2011 when their debt (£18M) was just £4M short of what it is now. (£14)



    There are club licensing rules to try and combat excesses but as Res12 has shown, you can drive a coach and horses through them with nothing whatsoever to discourage you if you are Rangers.



    Based on the untruths in 2011 and SFA handling thereafter how far back does that approach go? There are at least two other UEFA rules prior to UEFA FFP2011 that might have been breached, yet Celtic want to depend on the SFA to decide if they acted impartially with licence applications made by Rangers who made a fortune by systemic non disclosure.

  12. BHOYLO83 on 12TH MAY 2019 9:39 PM



    Is it because they only ever recruit from within the region and respect a club that won the European Cup with a team of locals?

  13. Lay off young Mikey Johnson,Neil Lennon gave him a job to do this afternoon,he was protecting Lustig,who we all new that Kent gave him the runaround,the last time at Ibrox,big big mistake by Lennon,should have started with Ralston at right back, apart from losing the game,we had one shot on target,which Burke missed a sitter,is Neil Lennon the man to be the next manager at Celtic,on today’s showing and a few other,I say no,and another thing , since Brendan Rodgers has left the club,the players were always turned out smart, football strips, training tops,now all we see them wearing them horrible Grey tops,

  14. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 12TH MAY 2019 9:42 PM




    I should have added that another factor was that until 29th December The Rangers were mentally and physically weaker, making BR victories more of a shoo in.

  15. weebobbycollins on

    The reason attendances will fall away and the top tier closed is because some people’s love of Celtic is conditional…

  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 12TH MAY 2019 9:00 PM






    I think this notion that Paul has connections with the board stems from the fact that he has never once criticised those on the board. We have had some very poor transfer windows of late (January and summer 18) and yet there is no criticism ever levied at them. The same can’t be said for players or managers. This inequity leads to an assumption that Paul is not wholly impartial.

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Scott Sinclair MOTM, easily unless he touched the ball, can anyone remember him getting a touch, no his fault and that’s why he gets MOTM, after 15 minutes my cry was “keepers baw” and the team duly accommodated, obviously the players were told to go out and enjoy themselves cause there was no heart in that team, fuckin disgrace.

  18. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ RUGGYGMAN on 12TH MAY 2019 9:04 PM



    Great post.

  19. Auldheid


    I respect your endeavours on the Res.12 front, and everything related to Sevco’s financial doping / mis-management.


    I would guess from Pedro Caixhainha to S. Gerrard, they continue to be a loss making football club. Their expenditure exceeds what they make. .


    However they will keep going, and literally go for broke this next 2 seasons, until they reach the champions league earning landscape, where they would (if they get there) start to be in a position to redress the financial imbalance.


    However, we all know their crusade will be allowed to continue un-challenged. No one speaks of the fact, they are a financially unsustainable club. That fact gets no coverage.


    In the meantime, I am interested in the footballing consequence. The consequence’s to us.



    And just now, as I see it, they have invested sufficiently to get very close to us, on the park.


    They will back Gerrard again this summer, and they will add some further quality.



    My question is…. what are we going to do about it. ???

  20. And another thing (hic!). When it became clear that Lustig was injured, I remembered that Ralston was on the bench, just as he was in December when he became our best player despire only playing the 2nd half. Disappointed that Toljan was brought on instead.


    Disclaimer – I did post “early doors” this morning that any evening posts were likely to be sponsored by jungle juice and best to be “scrolled by”!


    PS2 – Watched the 1st half in John Lemon and the 2nd in Lewis’s so managed to Jobo Jinx both of them!

  21. glendalystonsils on

    WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 12TH MAY 2019 9:51 PM


    The reason attendances will fall away and the top tier closed is because some people’s love of Celtic is conditional…



    Whether we like it or not , that is a fact. Not everyone is equally faithful through and through. But the bottom line is that the product on the park has to be good enough to win over people who might otherwise find alternative ways to spend their time and money.

  22. And two further things – not saying the outcome of performance would have improved- but (1) that dive from Defoe and (2) that elbow on Brown by Flanagan (I think). Both scandalous and not properly dealt with.

  23. ruggygman on 12th May 2019 9:55 pm


    My question is…. what are we going to do about it. ???




    Announce Lenny as Manager & sign Gary Hooper ;-)

  24. Auldheid



    I’m sure that’s part of it



    The history of Athletic Club is very interesting and would be great if the club arranged a friendly with them at some point to show our gratitude



    Very classy

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    GDT & WBC,


    The “club like no other” is structured to take advantage of the passing trade, the suckers will be there no matter what, it’s all about knowing when to throw the suckers a bone. Exploitation its the Celtic way.

  26. Jobo



    The big question is…. Lewis’s or John Lemon’s



    Which do you prefer?

  27. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 12TH MAY 2019 9:51 PM



    There is a line between loyalty and being taken advantage of. People vote with their feet when that line starts to get blurred.

  28. James Forrest, your comment “I suggest that if we do you adjust the attitude. Big time.” has been deleted. CQN is not the place to speculate about a confrontation with another blog user. This is unacceptable behaviour. Learn how to contribute cordially or not at all.

  29. Bhoylo83. John Lemon had a much better atmosphere though the location was a wee bit out of the way. Lewis’s was an accidental find! I actually went into Looneys Lounge (which had been recommended) only to be told that they weren’t shoshowing game and Ithat Id be better off next door! With us failing to score it’s hard to say which of the 2 was best.

  30. Auldheid @ 9.50



    Well it takes a manager to know one ;-)



    BR’s words after it, were roughly “ Rainjurz were the better side,…….. listen, I think we’ve won something like 12 times in a row yada yada yada ” …………………………….Then he was gone



    If Steve Clarke or anybody of Celtic parked a bus and lost at Ibrokes, CQN would fill up just the same, if they got a mere draw, it wouldn’t be good enough, because Sevco are a new seven year old club, and its not allowed.



    If it was the Special One however?

  31. having lost the league today, and under the new spl rules all previous 7 titles passed to the team that beat us, giving them immediate access to the champions league, and our place in the cup final, while taking over our bank account by hanking the ticket office with a phone call from nairobi,






    its been the worst day of our lives,

  32. Naka's left boot on Kieran Tierney's foot on

    The squad has stuttered throughout the season, not just through Lennys tenure.


    We needed investment in the summer ( even before losing dembele and Griffiths) the January window was no better possibly due to signs that BR was for the off.


    Lenny has done well to get the league over the line, not necessarily that easy considering what he was asked to step into, the treble treble is all that is important for the rest of this season.


    The squad is the best in the country by some margin, but a reliance on the same players to keep producing is costing us, especially given the season length, today too many of those players were missing. I have no doubt that given the backing, Lenny can build a team for the 10 and we know he can set us up in Europe,judging him on the last 8 games only is harsh


    The alternative is a bigger risk in my opinion, get in a big name, give them the investments big name demands with the wages that go with it

  33. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Was asked,


    “What else can we do” I responded, ‘implement res12’


    The lawyer jumped in ‘we can’t take the information provided as evidence’.



    It’s not nor ever has been their job to provide evidence, simply be convinced there is enough evidence to implement res12 and ask for an investigation and let those with the power to indict the evidence to do their job, 6 years later and the same shit from the same baw bag “representatives/guardians” have all but buried res12, last throw of the dice time and this time those supposedly protecting shareholders interests need to be included in any investigation, they are the most guilty.

  34. Jobo 9.59pm (our time)



    Arfield committed more fouls than our midfielders (Broony apart) touched the ball … so his yellow card for “scoring” should have also been a red



    Disclaimer … this is not an excuse we were shoite but Flanagan and Arfield should have both walked … although getting beat by 9 men might have been even worse :-)