Neil, Brendan and the risk-free dream appointment


I’m seeing a bit of “Neil Lennon cannot get the job now” comment after our capitulation at Ibrox this afternoon.  Brendan Rodgers got things equally wrong at Ibrox in December but no one was calling him the wrong man for the job.

If you think the primary issue Celtic have right now is tactical choice and team selection, you are overlooking what is staring you in the face.  Celtic are playing with a squad that has changed little since Ronny Deila days, despite the volume of new faces introduced to the club in the intervening period.  Seven of today’s starters and eight of last weeks’ were at the club under Ronny.

Ronny won two of our eight consecutive titles, but his final squad was in need of significant overhaul.  Three years on and Odsonne Edouard, Oliver Burke and Jonny Hayes are not going to significantly change things.

Neil could have played Scott Sinclair, but Scott has been dropped by both Neil and Brendan at various times over the last two seasons, there is no guarantee he would have made a difference today.  He could have risked Kieran Tierney, or perhaps James Forrest, but for a dead rubber when we have a treble treble to compete for?

Eye on the prize and the prize right now is the Scottish Cup.  And if you want a tip on who will be our next manager, it will be whoever we think will successfully improve the squad.  Whatever Neil’s chances are, I doubt they were influenced by today’s performance.  And if you believe any appointment is risk-free, dream on.

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  1. quadrophenian on

    Ahhh – amazing how clearly you see it after a decent night’s sleep…it’s even clearer now we were gang-bullied.


    They outfoxed us off the park (yes, Macca & Steevie did) and their odds and sods outfought us on it.


    Bainy thought Eddy was gonna head it away, so abandoned vigilance and lost the first goal.


    The MIBs permitted covert hacking and overt assault (no change there, then).


    Our board equate $1-3million journeymen as significant signings.


    Let’s not confuse trying hard and ‘getting it’, as qualifications to do the best job for the club we still love


    And let’s not rip into personal attacks when our football pride and personal egos get wounded.


    Off to have molar surgery – can it be any more painful than yesterday? HH




    Thanks for coming on and interpreting today’s offering from Paul for us paragraph by paragraph and using bold type too. Some posters, however, can operate beyond the literal level. There are many who feel that from time to time Paul acts as a conduit for the Board to either get a message across or to use the Blog as a sounding board so that the Board can gauge the feeling among supporters on certain topics. Many have chosen to ‘read between the lines’ and draw their own conclusions on Paul’s blog today. Your contribution is welcome but a tad patronising, if I may say so.




    I e mailed you the other date with update and request for info.

  4. gordybhoy64 on 12th May 2019 3:44 pm



    I am on the waiting list for a season ticket,



    i expect to be offered one this year,



    i will stay on the waiting list if Neil gets the gig






    Aidan said to me the other day that he thought there may well not be a full take up of Season Tickets.



    I just said that Celtic are going for 9 in a row. No Chance.



    I hope you get wan Gordy but I cannae see it.



    The Team needs serious refreshment. I’d make big Kristoffer Ajer the Capitano whenever the Time comes – which will hopefully means he stays @ Celtic for many years yet.



    The Nucleus is there, we need to really up our game for next Season though.

  5. I know that Rafa the gaffer is likely out of our range.



    Who knows eh?



    A Dream Team of little olde me, Roy K and Martin.



    Roy and Neil p!ssed all over Ibrox the wan Time they played there Together.

  6. Petec


    Should we win at Hampden, the record books will record a treble treble.


    A good season in anyone’s mind.


    A unique achievement made in adversity. The sign of true champions.


    One that will stand in our exalted history.


    When the chatter and recriminations on here and elsewhere are forgotten and stored in some digital dustbin, our children and grand children will be in awe of what we accomplished.


    Just as we celebrate the Lions of Lisbon.

  7. ‘GG,



    I dinnae mind losing meaningless games against them. The Midfield needs Energy though Big Chap to make things happen.



    Kristoffer Ajer is one heck of a player and is never found wanting. He, IMO, should be the next Celtic Capitano.



    Celtic without Kieran @ leftback are a shadow of the team they should be.

  8. I hoped Celtic would have treated this game as a preparatory event prior to our history making Cup final.


    I was willing to rest our finer players and with correct coaching we would put on a show regardless of team selection.


    Yes we put on a show with an insipid and gutless performance. Our demeanour and attitude was shocking with only Ajer and Possibly Bain getting pass marks.



    We have no right to win every game, c’est la vie, but what I cannot accept from any player who pulls on the hoops is a lack of effort and dedication. Even our managers body language was questionable on this occasion.



    Fortunately we have a chance of redemption in the next two weeks. We can make history, and we will enjoy and celebrate like there is no tomorrow; however the warning signs are clearly visible.



    HH, a mega wobble but the journey continues.

  9. Yesterday was the Huns ONLY chance of redemption this season. They won their home games and we won ours. We don’t need redemption this season and finish as League Champions, League Cup holders and still with a chance of winning the Scottish Cup to complete a Treble Treble. Changes will be made in the summer so let’s enjoy being Champions and leave Sevco to their delusions of grandeur.



    Who’ll be the first to say that Lenny ‘threw’ that game to send the Board a message?





    I am one of the Rodgers “Accusers” following the “Match” v Sevco last December who questioned him and his “Possible Agenda”, so I can assume that your Post was directed at Myself to some extent,( and possibly others ) ?


    UNLIKE Rodgers, Neil Lennon did not have too many options yesterday when it came to Team Selection, UNLIKE Rodgers, he didnt play Calmac at left back, and he couldnt possibly have foreseen how poorly Guys like Tom Rogic, Calmac would Play etc ?


    Sinclair, in his Sub “Performance” showed why it was Correct of Neil NOT to start him.


    We also ( correctly) lost another attacking option with Weah leaving a few Days ago.


    Many have wanted Burke in the Team, due to his Pace and Strength etc….Neil Lennon obliged, but again was badly let down by a £15 million Player who couldn’t Trap a Mouse with a Ton of Cheese.


    I did think that Ralston would get the nod at half time, but I thought young Toljan did reasonably well…not ideal !


    I gave the Celtic defence and Scott Bain “PASS MARKS” Immediately after the game yesterday and I stick by that, but how could Neil foresee IF Bain was going to be at fault for Sevco’s 1st Goal ? IF Neil thought that Bain WAS at Fault, what was he supposed to do…SUB Him after just Two Minutes for Doris ?



    No, it didnt cross my mind yesterday that Neil “Threw” the game yesterday in order to send a message to the Board, and yesterdays game and result, when compared to the Fiasco last December, when we had a Manager who wanted out asap, are not comparable in my view.


    Another reason why I have been angry with Rodgers since last December and I have stated this ever since his so called “Presser” after the December “Game”, when he DELIBERATELY FAILED to Call Out the Blatant Thuggery and Ref Beaton in the aftermath…Neil Lennon had NO HESITATION in Calling out Ref Clancy, and the Linesman Ross, in his “Presser” immediately after the game yesterday in HIS “Presser”….There lies a Massive difference !



  11. I meant to add that I would also have liked Neil to Call Out that Diving Cheat Defoe in his “Presser”…why wasnt Defoe Yellow Carded ?


    Didnt we have wee Jamesy Yellow Carded for apparently Diving recently, in an away game ?




  12. morning bhoys from a very sunny Cheshire. absolutely scunnered by that performance yesterday, hope mr desmond was scunnered too.hh.

  13. Have just awoke from a fitful drunken sleep.


    And yes, we still played horrendously bad.


    The team looked passive, tired, lacking in creativity and slow.


    Sevco, on the other hand were up for the fight and faster to every ball. The game reminded me of that semi a few years back that spurred the board to appoint Rodgers.


    Why are we always reactive?


    Why are we never proactive?


    Can nobody in charge see that we are stale and in need of quality new blood?


    Not loan players to plug gaps. Players who are ambitious, on the up and have a desire.


    We have needed a new Right Back for 2 years. Shocking that we subject ourselves to an ageing Lustig. Fine player he has been but it is shocking that we have no RB to replace him.


    For a club our size it is really poor that we have to use a winger to fill in at LB when Keiran ain’t fit.


    Hopefully as I said earlier that we will get a similar reaction to defeat than the time we lost the semi.


    If not, I fear for 9 never mind 10

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Morning all.



    Look on the bright side.



    No fracas at full time whistle, no stabbings, no summit for two equally naughty teams.



    I wonder why???



    This won’t be mentioned by MSM.



    I wonder why???



    Hail hail

  15. TOSB



    Since you chose to mention my use of bold type, I will explain the rather obvious reason it was used but I’ll leave it out of this reply. In a blog like this where you are referring to something someone said earlier, you have 3 choices if you want to differentiate what you are saying from the views and words of the original poster. You can use bold type, as I did, or quotation marks which I will use here , or underlining to separate the texts, which I find a bit risky as the line can be too short or too long. I used bold, not to be patronising, as you suggest, in your “reading between the lines” manner, but to aid clarity so you knew which were my words and views and which were not. It also has the advantage that you use the Original Posters own words and are not accused of twisting them or omitting important sections to make your own counter-argument more easy.



    Now as for your own views:-





    “Some posters, however, can operate beyond the literal level.”



    You might have to explain to me where this “beyond” took you to. That was the original question I asked- “what are you reading in Paul’s words that I could not see?” If it is beyond literal, i.e. the written word, is it smoke signals, interpretative dance or telecommunication? (That is an attempt at humour, BTW, in case you choose to find that patronising too).




    ” There are many who feel that from time to time Paul acts as a conduit for the Board to either get a message across or to use the Blog as a sounding board so that the Board can gauge the feeling among supporters on certain topics.”



    Not really part of my argument, at all, and I accept that Paul has close Board links. I just could not see a Board message that Neil has got the gig in the actual words Paul used. BTW, I think, and I always have, that the Board would be daft to gauge the views of the general Celtic support through CQN- I don’t think we represent a genuine cross section and nobody intelligent should draw conclusions solely on the response here. The Board can read lots of blogs to gauge views without planting questions.



    “Many have chosen to ‘read between the lines’ and draw their own conclusions on Paul’s blog today. Your contribution is welcome but a tad patronising, if I may say so.”



    You may say so- it’s a free blog but you can equally be accused of patronising me, by giving a meaning-free response of “reading between the lines”. All I see is blank spaces, into which you can place any meaning you choose to put, but you should n’t blame the creator of the blank spaces for the meaning you put into it.



    Now, maybe, you could try to answer the question I posed- Where do you or others draw the inference that NFL has been appointed from the leader post above.



    Work calls- I’ll catch any reply later

  16. BIG JIMMY on 13TH MAY 2019 6:37 AM




    Who’ll be the first to say that Lenny ‘threw’ that game to send the Board a message?




    Thank you for your lengthy and comprehensive reply but no it wasn’t directed at you or anybody else it was meant as a joke.


    Whether Rodgers ‘threw’ the game v sevco or not is open to debate but it ranks with yesterday’s game with Celtic having only one shot on target in 90 minutes.

  17. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on 12th May 2019 11:53 pm





    ‘Respectfully disagree. Yes the defence should have dealt with it but it was hardly a postage stamp free kick. Scott should have easily dealt with it.’







    The problem for Bain is that he had to deal with the free kick in real time, as it happened, and without the benefit of hindsight.



    Out of interest, at what stage in the trajectory of the ball from it leaving the striker’s boot to it crossing the line should Bain have committed himself to diving the right way?

  18. Still can’t explain it.



    Thems won and that’s difficult to stomach at any time.



    At the time it didn’t matter much that the game meant nothing in terms of the League. My heart remained unconvinced all last night even though my head was advising the conflicting emotions of calmness and nonchalant defiance.



    It’s good to be a Tim and we always have to work hard for the privilege.



    It could be a lot worse – ye could wake up and be a fat, hunned-up, bigot.




  19. In ither news………



    The “message” craftily constructed and employed without recourse to any realty ( whether in viable reach or no) is that the Huns urny scared of us and they huv improved. Both lines, dug-whistle worthy…..


    ……..Guff of the most worshipful excellence pedalled at an effective Level and lapped up by slaverin’ currants the length and breadth of the Copeland Road.



    Thuv hud thur day in the sun.



    All eyes on the Treble bhoys please.




  20. Just a wee thought.


    The next time we play that mob it will be at the asbestos dome so any new players and possible manager should be made to sit in a room, undisturbed, to watch our last 2 games against them at that pit so that they know what they will have to listen to for 90 minutes and what to expect.


    Yesterday wasn’t just a meaningless game it was about setting down a marker for Us v them in the next fixture. Unfortunately, they laid down that marker.


    As for taking 800 tickets off them we’d be as well telling them to ram it and banning them from Celtic Park. That situation could have led to fatalities in the first home game v sevco this season and to date no satisfactory investigation/explanation has been given for putting the lives of Celtic fans both young and old at risk.

  21. Pog,



    I have seen the astronomical police costs for the last Celtic v Huns game.



    We reacted to the huns cutting our ticket allocation at Grayskull in reciprocal manner. We should have taken the initiative and banned them full stop; especially in light of our safety concerns.



    For next season, be proactive Celtic and ban the huns from Paradise. It makes absolute sense on soooooo many levels.




  22. Recap fae yisterdae…



    Bain… nothing tae say, first goal howler


    Lustig… time to go


    Ajer (A)… Midfielder at best


    Jozo… big fearty


    Hayes… future Partick Thistle captain (pish)


    Brown… finished


    Rogic… big lassie


    Burke… how the f**k he commanded a £15m transfer is beyond belief


    McGregor… anonymous


    Johnston… 2nd time at the big hoose and never showed again


    French Eddie.. £9m doon the pan



    Lennon, thanks fur the memories, bye…

  23. traditionalist88 on

    Of course Neil Lennon is going to get the job, yesterday and Decembers visit to Ibrox was more to do with our lack of quality and investment last summer, which has the newco creeping closer and closer to us on the pitch.



    No point pretending otherwise, they are closer to us than we could have ever believed this time even last year.



    However, Lennon is the right man for the job. If you see his man management the on the pitch with players(eg. with Ajer at Tynecastle when Ajer apologised for his mistake) you know he is the best candidate.



    He knows the club and league inside out.



    He was the manager the last time we overachieved in Europe.



    He won’t insist on tippy tappy football 10 yards from our own goal by players who are not comfortable doing so.



    I have to laugh at those who are so aghast at the possibility of him getting the job but can’t for the life of them give a realistic and suitable alternative! The closest we got was last night when someone said they hoped we’d go for the Standard Liege manager!



    Does he have a name?!



    So is he the new flavour of the month(as Marco Rose was for a while and a couple of others). Wonder if he knows much about Celtic, Scottish football or is all that bothered about the significance of 10-in-a-row!




  24. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on 13th May 2019 9:08 am





    So when should Bain have committed himself to dive to save the ball?



    Before or after it passed in front of the hun forwards?

  25. quadrophenian on

    In meeja statements, Neilly reveals we’ve had a squad depth problem…for some time (Q; did JK spot it too?)


    With 32 in the big team, 8 out on loan and a development team, is it time to revamp (or tober) the coaching & recruitment setup who’ve spunkt how many millions on 30-odd guys who cant replace yesterdays no-shows?


    Eyes on the prize, yes, but cast them over the wanton fiscal profligacy behind the scenes too, surely?

  26. I’ve read a lot of revisionist nonsense on this blog over the years, however this plumbs new depths normally reserved for those doyens of denial at Level 5.


    Yesterday was not entirely the fault the players, I mean, how can you blame Ronny’s 11 when they’re on the brink of a treble treble?. No fault can be aimed at Lawwell, as Paul67 has praised our activity in each of the last four transfer windows. So that leaves our world class, best available coaching team of Lennon, Kennedy & Duff.


    And if they are what we have to look forward to next season, I’ll give it until February before we close the top tier again….

  27. Nobody thought that Celtic could attract such a high profile manager as Brendan Rodgers.


    We did though, we paid the going salary and got the justified rewards. We were imaginative and ambitious.



    We must similary be imaginative and ambitious going forward.