New contracts for some but not all


Matt O’Riley had recently turned 21 when he joined Celtic from MK Dons in January 2022.  He was an immediate success, before form shaded a tad, in particular when Ange Postecoglou varied midfield combinations.

This season he has started all five competitive games, with performances eclipsing anything seen before.  He is still young with plenty of improvement potential, so it’s no surprise Celtic have opened talks to extend his contract beyond its current 2026 date.

With Callum McGregor, Daizen Maeda and Kyogo all in receipt of recent contract renewals, and negotiations underway with Matt and Reo Hatate, it’s clear the club have decided wage levels needed to rise to head-off disruption.

All good and well but there’s one noticeable absence from these names.  Concerns about his fitness will exist until we hear the club have offered a new deal to the big guy.

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  1. Somebody will post it.Brilliant buffoon on Rangers Radio,with brulliant idea for Rangers Hotel.


    Side splitting.

  2. AN TEARMANN on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2023 11:53 AM


    The comments are funny- odd sweary









    ‘can you imagine all the rooms decked out in Rangers gear with all their heroes on the wall’ I assume that there will be no cardboard cutouts of Slippy G!


    Couldn’t read the comments as I’m not on Twitter or X as it’s now called, I assume they are good!

  3. Another day,another moan.All that money you have wasted Paul,employing a full time professional Proof Reader.Obviously not doing his or her job.



    Get on top of it,this is not what we are paying you good money for.Harrumph.


    Angry from Turkey

  4. Celtic Football Club have today made the following statement regarding recent proposals announced by the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain, the government body which regulates bus travel across Britain, in relation to coaches taking football supporters to matches.



    Celtic FC are closely monitoring the proposed new rules for fans travelling to matches on public hire vehicles, which have been issued by the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain.


    Celtic has discussed these proposals with groups representing the interests of supporters travelling to matches, including the Celtic Supporters’ Association, the Affiliation of Registered Supporters’ Clubs and our supporters’ groups in Ireland.


    The Club shares our supporters’ serious concerns that these proposed measures would do nothing more than demonise football fans, unnecessarily targeting one particular sport and its supporters.


    Supporters are the lifeblood of the game, with thousands each weekend contributing positively to the sport in Scotland, yet these proposals would negatively affect a large proportion of supporters travelling to matches.


    Celtic will engage robustly with the consultation process, outlining the Club’s deep concerns with the proposals consulted upon.

  5. Re Matt,form shading,


    I thought he done well,and was subject to a bit of unfair criticism,he ably filled in when Calum was out injured which was never really accounted for.


    I feel too he benefits from regular game play,



    All bout squad(asset) management,glad he is getting a new contract,securing a higher price than say leeds offered if his good run continues.



    Get CCV and Hatate done too.



    Hail Hail



    Ps Tom it may not be p67 who writes all the headers,vbusy man maybe.hope the birthday heid has soothed.






  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    The beauty of loan with buy option.



    Get a year under your belt.



    Fully absorbed into the squad, the club, the culture.



    Delivering value.



    …. Then signing a four year contract.




    By my fag packet arithmetic CCV is one year into a four year deal?



    Simple enough options appraisal (on paper(



    Offer him more for the same 3-year period to keep him happy.






    Offer him even more for 4-years to keep us all happy.

  7. Good to hear that a fair few like me remember Edward Ursus in a positive light, always congenial, never snide and a wide knowledge of all things football.


    I wonder how he would be received on here if he were ever to return, one or rwo may be less than receptive but those from back then would surely welcome his return…

  8. Celticbhoy73



    RE CCV – You may well be correct there.


    All the best to your lad Isaac at HeriotWatt,we learn, we improve and make things a little better :-)







    Kin ye imagine aw the wans owe fae Belfast aw stayin in it”







    Aaaaaarrrrgggggghhhhh,yes I can.

  10. Uncle Jimmy




    “It is my opinion that the team which started the season was weaker than that which finished last season.




    Last seasons team won a treble”







    Of course this team has fewer achievements than last year and, no matter what they do, they cannot win a treble now.




    so, obviously they’ve achieved less after 4 league games, 0 SC ties and 1 LC tie, than the team who played 38 league games, 4 SC ties and 4 LC ties.




    But are they obviously poorer than the team of last year after 4 games and one LC tie? Well, they’re out of the LC for a start- so they’ve achieved less so you have some evidence on your side.




    But will they be poorer in the league race, the Scottish Cup and Europe than last year’s version. We lost 4 and drew 2 last year in Europe- getting 2 pts and finishing 4th. If, this year, we lose 5 and win one- are we a better European team? We’ve got more points but still probably in 4th place?




    What if we win 6 points with 2 wins or 5 points with 2 draws and a win and sneak a 3rd place spot? Would that make us a better team than the 22/23 vintage? I would guess a Euro continuation after Xmas trumps a LC win in the eyes of most fans.




    So, with all those possibilities ahead of us, why judge them obviously weaker at all? They have yet to demonstrate to us what they can do. You may be right in your assessment and you may be delighted to be proven wrong but why judge them this early? When my kids were 2 or 3 , I couldn’t know what they could be or where they could go. They hadn’t earned degrees by then or got good jobs or promoted at work, and I had no idea that they could all achieve this. It’s not a great analogy but……..




    back to football- what if BR accepted that we wouldn’t strengthen the Goalie dept; because the goalie he wanted was not going to be let go by his club and he preferred to not just buy any goalie, and wait till his guy was. able to be let go by his club? What if he judged that we could live with Joe Hart for another year rather than bring in another Siegrist-level, ten a penny keeper just for the sake of having new bling?




    I don’t know why we didn’t get a full back or striker but the reason could be similar. Who knows, maybe Mitchell Frame is good enough from the B team to be trusted, without going away on loan, to challenge for a first team slot and ease our Taylor/Bernabei worries. I doubt it but it’s always a possibility with Brendan.




    We don’t always get to plug all our gaps or address our need for improvement areas all at once. Sometimes you have to wait for better rather than buy a lesser target just cos he’s available and willing to come.

  11. HairlikeSpaghetti



    What was your old moniker back then Mark?



    I would welcome him back,the site had a lot more hits then m,busier etc




  12. I don’t have time to proof read,or correct grammar or phrasing.I have a life.And a bloody good one at that.


    You nitpick away.It seems to keep you happy.

  13. AT, its been Hairlikespaghetti (or possibly HLSpaghetti) for as long as i can remember…about 15/20 years ago, it may have been The Betamax Bandit, a name i used on other sites, not sure if CQN was around in those days though….

  14. I once worked beside a guy in Glasgow who left to become a proof reader for Collins Publishers.



    A few months later he came back for a night out in the pub. One lady asked him what being a proof reader involved. He described how he reads and corrects manuscripts before they go into the printing process.



    I said, “Do you find that your job helps to improve your vocabulary?”



    “Aw f*ck aye!” came his response.

  15. Alright fellow Tim’s,


    We have tae beat them Huns now that they are on the hotel idea. We build our own gaff, call it studio 67. Aw the wa’s will be decorated wie pictures of the Lisbon lions, and we can have a restaurant called paradise patio overlooking the floating bus park with 1888 spaces. There will be the Celticquicknews beer garden adjoining the hotel with moderators as bouncers.


    There will be no helicopter pad but a big gigantic light that can shine the Celtic crest into the sky when we win so Thems can see that Paradise is not just on the ground but up above them


    Hail Hail



  16. TOM MCLAUGHLIN @ 12:09 PM



    “Dear oh dear Paul. Do you EVER proof read your articles?”





    I’ve just arrived to read it and you’ll have to help me out and state which particular grammatical solecism Paul67 should be hung for.



    Is it the missing second “for” in the headline?



    Or have I missed an example of him dangling a participle in front of the weans?



    Did he grind a gerund?



    Did he use too many prepositions like Tolkien did?



    Is there a split in his infinitives? An Oxford comma? Did he not study his Catachresis? Improper use of a malapropism? Run-on sentences? Faux-Urban slang? Did he use Like as a conjunction like so many of this modern roof culture do?



    I think we should be informed.



    If he’s found guilty- throw the OED at him!

  17. Celtic FC are closely monitoring the proposed new rules for fans travelling to matches on public hire vehicles, which have been issued by the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain.



    Why is anyone concerned about this guff ?. VOLUNTARY.

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    Ffs I thought I was back in English class in Holyrood. I was pure dead brilliant at it anaw.

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Tam McLaughlin


    Proof read this for tomorrow- “Another beer John?”. Aye and be quick about it. 😂

  20. Adi Dassler @12:50,


    We should all be concerned.


    These measures are targeting sports fans, but could ( and would) be used against any other group in the future.



    First they came for the supporters buses, especially those full of Ultras, who were banging windows , singing “Ooh, Ah, Up the Ra”…



    but I travel by car and listen to Classic FM…



    The Onlooker 1984 CSC

  21. SFTB


    Many thanks for the response and I agree with your entire post.


    Perhaps a little bit of devilment on my part, comparing last seasons league Cup win with the first round defeat of this. I was just disagreeing with those who suggested such opinions could only be made at seasons end.


    A bit like Paul advising it’s insanity to evaluate the recent transfer window, before he went on to evaluate the recent transfer window.


    CQN thrives on opinions. They are the oxygen which breathes life into the site. How dull an echo chamber we’d have otherwise.


    And don’t get me started on any poster who ‘has just read back the entire GG Live Updates thread and was shocked to read……’


    Post opinions. Whatever they may be and whenever you wish to post them.


    Freedom of speech and all that

  22. In other matters.


    Steven Gerrard complained about the referee after his first league game in charge.


    Derek McInnes complained about the refereeing almost every time we beat his Aberdeen and Kilmarnock teams.


    There were three contentious decisions in our defeat at Kilmarnock and they all went against us. Brendan remained silent. Taking it on the chin. I don’t think he has ever complained about a refereeing decision.


    One decision goes against sevco last Sunday and they fire off a letter to the SFA. This must be the first decision that’s gone against them since VAR was introduced.


    It’s about time we get loud about this situation.

  23. Prestonpans bhoys on

    The onlooker



    This is from videocelts:



    In practise this would require every supporters bus attending a typical Celtic home match to be dropping fans at the stadium between 1-2pm which would add considerably to congestion.



    Many buses from Ireland and England will be parked before 12 noon and make a day of it after journeys of upto 10 hours

  24. bournesouprecipe on




    What about Yoof in Asia?



    “ I’m mair concerned aboot the Yoof in this country”



    Overheard at a Bus Stop



    Sunday Post CSC

  25. Garngad to Croy on




    “A big Helicopter pad with a giant Ranjurs badge”.




    With a Big H for Hell in the middle !

  26. HLS.


    Cheers for reply.👍


    I mind ye from referenda 14 was a poor time on here



    Hail Hail

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