No sugar coating last night’s consequences


Exciting day as we await the Champions League Group Stage draw! Ideally, I would like to go to Frankfurt (already have the Tshirt), Seville and Lisbon.   Whoever we get, this level of competition will be a new level for much of the current squad.

There is no point sugar coating what happened last night.  After achieving remarkably in the Europa League last season, Newco again defined my expectations and progressed to the group stage of the Champions League for the first time.  The money that will now flow into Ibrox, on top of last season’s earnings and cash from sales over the summer, should put them on a solid financial footing for the first time.

They are a strong and effective team, underestimate them at your peril.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    They will invest that cash on the team immediately, does anyone know if our outlay this season has exceeded player sales?

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  3. Agreed. Short-term security security for the first time



    If they spend well in the next week, and not on the sort of players that have Kris Boyd foaming at the mouth it’ll be very close next May.

  4. Having said I wouldn’t underestimate the huns, I’m just about to do that. I don’t think their pragmatic approach will be as effective against a much higher level of opposition. The likes of Goldson, will be very exposed playing some of the teams they might face.


    We’ll find out if our more cavalier style works any better, but I really expect us to cause problems for most of the teams we might face. Looking forward to the draw.

  5. Champions league draw just in.


    Celtic get real madrid, Liverpool and inter Milan.


    Sevco draw albion rovers, stirling albion and gala fairydean.


    Lucky sevco.

  6. One swallow does not make a summer.



    We’ve been told for almost a decade that we don’t budget for CL football and in the years we do make it the money has to be invested over years not a transfer window.



    The huns will have a decision to make – buy players now or keep a healthy cash reserve.



    I’m pretty sure which road they’ll go down. Financial respite rather than long term security was achieved last night.

  7. Agreed Paul67,



    Lots of what ifs and naysaying about the Huns but every team at our level gets to the Euro final with a bit of luck. They are a good team with a system that they trust in, focused onstaying in the game. They will now strengthen and this season has just got a bit tougher.



    Eff them though. Looking forward to Ange 2.0 and like many of us, how we perform in Europe could go either way. Looking for a pragmatic draw today than a behind the sofa kind of one.




  8. P67 — you seem to have TFOD2.1 on the brain.



    It is not a case of what they do with their money.


    It is all down to what we do with ours.



    We have last season’s numbers to look forward too.



    We need to show that we can deliver value with our spend.


    AP shows signs of being able to work the market / find value.


    The ghost of PL looms large but hopefully he is history.



    They will invest that cash on the team immediately, does anyone know if our outlay this season has exceeded player sales?



    When has that ever mattered? The one Summer we spent more than we brought in we ended up losing the league by 25 points

  10. It is what it is.


    Unfortunately, the sectarian, British bulldog types were always going to reappear in a new guise.


    We have to live with it.


    We play exciting, attacking football. They play anti football with cloggers and breakaway goals.


    We go to Europe to engage with football fans from of different cultures, to sing, to have fun and cheer on our team. They go to Europe and boast about pissing on Catholic churches.


    We show solidarity with the oppressed, those in need, those suffering at the hands of warmongers.


    They glorify Empire, occupation and racist exploitation.


    Let us enjoy our journey, because it is ours and we are the good guys and girls.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on




    It does matter, there’s a big difference holding cash for contingency on unforseen events than holding cash for the sake of it, like a piggy bank

  12. Winning in Holland is always an achievement but I thought PSV were a poor side and once they lost their center forward never ;looked a threat and were all over the place as the match edged towards the final whistle. Newco’s European tactical awareness and hardworking teamwork proved to be a success on the night and obviously elevates the reputation of Scottish football with two teams in the biggest competition in Europe to a new level. Agree with Paul we will have a contest this season for the title and Newco are not to be underestimated.

  13. For the first time since liquidation, the team playing out of Govan is going to enjoy a similar turnover to our own. For the first time since 2012, we have a rival who is neck and neck with us on and off the park. Maybe the first time we have been so closely matched with them or Oldo since the pre-Murray days?



    Should be a cracking season from an excitement perspective. Shame the World Cup is stuck in the middle of it and could create all sorts of chaos for teams. Momentum could be lost just as it is getting going, players injured while away in Quattar etc. etc.

  14. For me with newco and it was the same under Gerard in Europe, they seem to be able to stop teams playing and knock them out of their rhythm. They have some dangerous players and have been pretty clinical with their limited chances.



    Also never seen a luckier team in my lifetime. You couldn’t write half of the fortunate things that have happened to them, especially in Europe.



    Still think we’ll win the league unless the MIBs stop us.

  15. I know we all see the importance of Europe this season, I think winning the league means if we’re looking for progress that’s where it’ll be found, but the real battleground is still the spl.



    We need full concentration on domestic football otherwise we could find ourselves in trouble come January.



    Play Angeball against the better teams and come the weekend we should find the spl much easier

  16. Paul 67,



    I have most certainly never underestimated the huns. They have a strong resilient team.



    But we were better.



    By recognising the huns achievement we complement our own team.who bettered them.




  17. Memo to AP and many of our supporters.



    No more dropping players for a Euro tie in favour of a domestic game.



    Change the emphasis and reap crucial Euro rewards.




  18. BIG WAVY on 25TH AUGUST 2022 11:26 AM


    It’s not my view. I do not know the player.


    Its opinion given by one of the russian journalists and football experts. I took it from the article where the journalist put the list of the new arrivals. There are the names of those whose play is far from the expectations.


    Opinion after half of the season.

  19. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 25TH AUGUST 2022 12:27 PM



    It’s served us fine up until now. We’ve had an incredible run of success while still netting a profit in player trading.



    We’ve just had one of those pesky unforeseen events – If it weren’t for the cash we had in the bank after Covid the revolution we’ve seen under Ange wouldn’t have happened. We wouldnt have won the league

  20. MADRA RUA on 25TH AUGUST 2022 12:25 PM



    In fairness, you have described the worst of them and the best of us. If you reversed that, the main difference would be in numbers alone.

  21. GREENPINATA on 25TH AUGUST 2022 12:41 PM



    I think the signing of the Montenegran shows Ange wants a squad where interchangeability doesn’t come at the expense of the quality of the starting 11



    I think we do need to acknowledge the stress playing Angeball does put on the players though. Every one of the starting outfield 11 had a hamstring injury last season. Go hard with the best match day squad in every game, using the five subs sensibly until the World Cup and have a rest

  22. We are delighted to announce the signing of Montenegrin winger Sead Hakšabanović on a five-year deal, subject to international clearance 🇲🇪




    5 year deal,not a loan as earlier reports said

  23. Celtic Football Club








    🆕✍️ #SeadSigns!



    We are delighted to announce the signing of Montenegrin winger Sead Hakšabanović on a five-year deal, subject to international clearance 🇲🇪



    Welcome to #CelticFC, Sead! 🍀

  24. The Man, Ange, said last year that Sevco were a formidable opponent, but we Celtic were a better opponent than any team they faced last year including Frankfurt,get the players in we still need and follow his instructions, full commitment from all the players and all the staff and we will be fine, we wont be changing our approach for anyone no matter the opponent, Ange is very clear on that .

  25. Getting the Number 9 jersey means we’re definitely not getting Leigh Griffiths back then….




  26. !!BADA BING!! on 25TH AUGUST 2022 12:54 PM



    Sead…….could be Sean,in place of his surname…



    Sounds like your putting together a song there Bada,let me know how you get on wi the 2nd name :-)




  27. ZBYSZEK on 25TH AUGUST 2022 12:42 PM



    Firstly, hope you’re well fella. I’ve seen a few reports on him. One that struck me was the fact that he was a teenage prodigy in Sweden along with others of his age (like Isak) but has been criticised for the clubs he has chosen – West Ham and Rubin being singled out. There’s a talent there. He needs to be loved and nurtured and I’ve seen enough of Ange to prove how he does that.



    Maybe he’s found a good match (which the reporters did suggest). We get him back purring and we have a big asset on our hands.




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