Perfect Paisley


Players are not machines.  They cannot go into every game with the same energy or motivation.  You will remember the only time Celtic beat reigning European champions, our win over Milan in 2007, was followed by a scare against Gretna, which required two goals in the final 4 minutes to recuse the points.  This is not a criticism, they are human and react accordingly.

In this respect, visiting St Mirren on Sunday is probably a good thing.  Returning to the scene of our only domestic defeat this season should draw enough response from the tank to ensure we are not caught cold.  Sometimes you are better off with a taxing game than facing relegation strugglers at home.

St Mirren are also in the comfort zone.  They are fighting for a top six finish, which would be a ‘nice to have’, but is far removed from the fight-for-their-income consequences at the foot of the table.  They also don’t have a new manager to provide a dead cat bounce.  In the belief that Celtic play better against better opponents, a visit to Paisley is perfect.

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  1. Adidas






    28 Feb 2023


    First Team



    Manager: Sunday was special but now we kick on


    By Ryan Maher






    As celebrations go, the Celtic squad’s League Cup-winning party won’t necessarily rival the carnival of Rio de Janeiro.



    The 2-1 win over Rangers on Sunday at Hampden Park brought Ange Postecoglou his third trophy as Celtic manager, yet such is the mentality and desire of this team to continue to push for more, the festivities were condensed into a timeframe of a couple of hours, starting from the sounding of the full-time whistle.



    With a game on the horizon this Sunday away to St Mirren, the message from the manager to his players was to enjoy the moment but to ensure they stayed switched on for another important game.



    However, the manager ensured both he and his group did take the chance to enjoy another special moment under his stewardship, as he reflected on a great day for the football club.



    Speaking exclusively to Celtic TV, he said: “It was a great day for the club. The players did their part and on the big occasion, I thought we performed really well and we had to show all facets of our game.




    “There was a fantastic atmosphere and that continued on into the night and it’s fair to say when I went for breakfast with my beautiful wife the next morning, Glasgow seemed to be quieter – I reckon it was a big night on Sunday for some of us.



    “I enjoyed the day and I was really pleased and proud with the performance the lads put in for such a big game. It was going to be a significant day and I’m really proud of everyone that it turned into a special day.



    ‘It doesn’t matter how much success you have during your career, you don’t take any of it for granted. It’s all hard-earned and nothing is ever given.’



    “As much as I enjoy every part of the role that I have every day, when those moments come along you want to make sure you share it with the people that are important and for us, that’s the ones on the pitch and in the stands.



    “We’ve got a big week coming up starting with St Mirren at the weekend and then a midweek game which we haven’t had in a while and that will be our focus.



    “A key part of everything we’ve done so far, and even on Sunday, is that it’s not just the contribution from the starting team but from everyone.



    “We will need everyone next week with three big games and that will be our message, have a strong week of training and get ready for the first challenge at the weekend and make sure it’s another strong week for us.”

  2. Melbourne Mick on

    PARK ROAD 67



    All good, princess planning another cruise, don’t know


    where she gets the money, must have a rich sugar daddy.


    Hope it’s big DD, might be lookin for tickets for that Europa


    final 😜


    H H. Mick

  3. MM



    Morning good sir! Where you off to on the cruise?



    Headed to Mexico in May for the first time for a work ‘retreat.’

  4. Looking at the fixture list for the rest of “phase 1”



    We play thems on 8th April at home and another at Castle Greyskull could follow right after the split.

  5. Melbourne Mick on




    Haven’t a clue, just talk at the mo, I just get told to


    pack a bag.


    When I know where, I look up Celtic bars in that destination 🥰🇮🇪


    H H. Mick

  6. Melbourne Mick on




    Haven’t a clue, just talk at the mo, I just get told to


    pack a bag.


    When I know where, I look up Celtic bars in that destination 🥰🇮🇪


    H H. Mick.

  7. Wise words there, MM.



    “I just get told to pack a bag.”



    Mexico trip is one of those all inclusive deals. Free bar you say? I’d never abuse that.



    Good article on Ange”



    I would say that article was more than `good`. Were i a journalist in the popular press in Scotland, I would hang my head in shame after reading that excellent article…..and maybe the readers of that popular press should also question their own reading choices.

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Big Jimmy from last thread



    Norrie Martin was the man who conceded four goals in the ‘69 cup final.




  10. BTW. If anyone needs further enticement for a visit to the Shipbank tomorrow, I hear that SFTB is bringing Taylor Swift along.

  11. SFTB


    Another BTW.



    Of course the Covid outbreak started in China…..Donald Trump told us and who could possibly doubt that paragon of truth and virtue?

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Nothing on partner club, Paul? What’s going on!


    Goodwin could be a good appointment for United. Last time he was in the dugout for a Dundee Utd v Aberdeen game, Utd won 4-0…..

  13. “PETETHEBEAT on 2ND MARCH 2023 12:55 PM


    ‘Perfect Paisley’.


    Not something I’d expect to see in a Celtic site :-)”



    What if we had just beaten them 5-0 at Love Street?

  14. HOT SMOKED on 2ND MARCH 2023 12:54 PM




    I don`t know….someone who deals in quick repairs for trousers etc?







    I was in a Greek tailor’s once,





    ‘Yes, Eumenides?’

  15. Oh dear, it begins.



    Taylor Swift you say?



    I told my tailor last week that I wouldn’t be using his services anymore.



    He said “Fine, suit yourself”

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