Perfect Paisley


Players are not machines.  They cannot go into every game with the same energy or motivation.  You will remember the only time Celtic beat reigning European champions, our win over Milan in 2007, was followed by a scare against Gretna, which required two goals in the final 4 minutes to recuse the points.  This is not a criticism, they are human and react accordingly.

In this respect, visiting St Mirren on Sunday is probably a good thing.  Returning to the scene of our only domestic defeat this season should draw enough response from the tank to ensure we are not caught cold.  Sometimes you are better off with a taxing game than facing relegation strugglers at home.

St Mirren are also in the comfort zone.  They are fighting for a top six finish, which would be a ‘nice to have’, but is far removed from the fight-for-their-income consequences at the foot of the table.  They also don’t have a new manager to provide a dead cat bounce.  In the belief that Celtic play better against better opponents, a visit to Paisley is perfect.

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  1. LUNDSTRAM also ADMITS that the Huns had an ” INQUEST” after the Cup Final ?


    WHY have a so called ” INQUEST” IF you are as close to Celtic has Lundstram has claimed ?


    These Huns just canny shut their holes…can they ?






  2. BRRB – Whats the line up manana?





    Big Jimmy





    Feel free to add.



    D :)

  3. DAVID66 on 2ND MARCH 2023 5:06 PM


    BRRB – Whats the line up manana?












    Big Jimmy









    Some Burd named TAYLOR SWIFT who will apparently be on SFTBs arm ?





  4. DAVID66..



    BELMONT BRIAN. and maybe a few others ?


    LEGGY, BRIAN M etc ?


    IF SFTB is bringing his Burd TAYLOR SWIFT…..then Im bringing KYLIE !




  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The Huns lost the midfield battle because Loonstrum couldn’t get close enough to our players to kick them off the park.

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Victoria Bar. Lists?


    I’m listing to port and starboard. 😂

  7. ‘retreat.’



    AIPPLE on 2ND MARCH 2023 12:22 PM


    Looking at the fixture list for the rest of “phase 1”



    We play thems on 8th April at home and another at Castle Greyskull could follow right after the split.





    Castle Greyskull is commonly know as the home of the huns.


    Don’t let a small vocal minority on here dictate your words




  8. Mod



    Johnston is a hockey player, no messing



    My Rangers cousin (not a hun) in Canada is very happy a Canuck is playing in Scotland

  9. Evening all.






    I can confirm I will be attending tomorrows parley. :)



    Big Judith has some very tightly packed isobars.






    Last time I was in Slater’s for a suit the Salesman asked me ‘Would you like button’s on the fly Sir?.


    I replied, ‘No, I will pay for them like everyone else’. :)



    More like that tomorrow.

  10. Moderator1888 on




    It was beautiful, loved it



    Even CCV and starlord took a step back when they came running over

  11. Moderator1888 on

    Watching Open Goal and derek ferguson is broken, absolutely raging, gutted and clueless at the same time



    If this is a reflection of the hun support??



    Am gona be laughing for weeks

  12. The only Slaters suit I got was the ‘milk round’ last year at Uni one. Faither toik me and paid



    A grey pinstripe i had for 5 years until i got a McAvennie, big shoulder, baggy, black double breaster, also in Slaters



    A great tradition.



    Ps the Celtic pub near it is the worst dive i’ve ever been in

  13. The Rangers fans i walked down Cathcart road with were deflated. The ones at the taxi rank were happy at where they were and want more purchases



    They know where they are at and intelligent.



    Barry F isn’t intelligent

  14. AVANTI train service from Penrith permitting, I will be at the Shipbank tomorrow about 12 o’clock.

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    Ron, that’s great news. Look forward to meeting you ya rascal. 👏👍🍺🍻

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