Perfect Paisley


Players are not machines.  They cannot go into every game with the same energy or motivation.  You will remember the only time Celtic beat reigning European champions, our win over Milan in 2007, was followed by a scare against Gretna, which required two goals in the final 4 minutes to recuse the points.  This is not a criticism, they are human and react accordingly.

In this respect, visiting St Mirren on Sunday is probably a good thing.  Returning to the scene of our only domestic defeat this season should draw enough response from the tank to ensure we are not caught cold.  Sometimes you are better off with a taxing game than facing relegation strugglers at home.

St Mirren are also in the comfort zone.  They are fighting for a top six finish, which would be a ‘nice to have’, but is far removed from the fight-for-their-income consequences at the foot of the table.  They also don’t have a new manager to provide a dead cat bounce.  In the belief that Celtic play better against better opponents, a visit to Paisley is perfect.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    We’re VULNERABLE to a takeover !!!!!



    Josip was treated ba-a-a-d !!!!



    Things must be grim across the city.




  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The SMSM in full flow this morning: Beale plotting player spree whilst Celtic “vulnerable” to takeovers and ex-players “sad”.



    You’d think we just beat the Huns in a cup final.

  3. Celtic ‘vulnerable’ to Qatari takeover as Fergus McCann’s former advisor explains issue with ownership structure


    David Low helped McCann rise to power at Parkhead and has concerns over structure under Dermot Desmond.





    David Low is saying that ” its a way of the Football world these days” and he gives Newcastle Utd and MAN UTD as ” Examples” ?



    i can take the view that this ” Story/Article” is MEANT to be as NEGATIVE towards Celtic as possible, simply because Celtic are so far ahead of the rest in Scotland.



  4. GREENPINATA on 3RD MARCH 2023 9:01 AM


    Point taken Big Jimmy.











    NO Worries Mate, why not join us one day and see for yourself ?



    I am well known in The SHIPPY, and Frank and the Staff look after us very well.


    Frankie and his Wife and Daughter who ALL work behind the Bar, are ALL Celtic Supporters.


    HH Mate.

  5. Weebobbycollins on

    What would be the reaction of fans if there was a whiff of Qatari or Saudi interest? Personally, it would be the end for me, regardless of any promises to become a world footballing power…

  6. Greenpinata 😂 good one




    Big Jimmy



    Apparently, Gary Kemp wrote ‘True’ about Clare Grogan

  7. CONEYBHOY on 3RD MARCH 2023 9:37 AM


    Greenpinata 😂 good one









    Big Jimmy







    Apparently, Gary Kemp wrote ‘True’ about Clare Grogan




    I read that rumour somewhere a while ago.





    Dont worry about the Train going home..


    I can always help you with a Taxi, if needs be ?


    OR…You could use BRRBs PRIVATE YACHT ?





  9. Prestonpans bhoys on

    There is nothing new in what David Low is saying about the corporate structure of the club. We have been in the position that one person has a major share holding since the last share issue. This is DR bad news digging, now if I was a hun reading that article I would be thinking “Celtic are financially stronger than us right now. What happens if an oil rich country takes over”. So they would be even more richer.



    Anyway why would you invest in Scottish football as it stands. Its a complete none story to make bad news for celtic fans.



    File it under bullshite……..

  10. Big Jimmy,



    One day I will join you. I’m currently working away from home.. Unfortunately I seem to have been away for all your previous seshes.



    Cheers and HH.



    PS : I know May Millar sings in the Shippy, her brother Frankie is good mate of mine.

  11. Big Jimmy – Gary Kemp spent a lot of time around 1982 with Altered Images and had a big crush on Clare. He has said often enough that as they were driving around Glasgow, the band were always playing soul music on the cassette player and he knew his next album would be in the “blue-eyed soul” genre having outgrown the London dance scene.


    Hence the line in True about “listening to Marvin all night long”.


    He said the relationship was always platonic and the line in the song “Why do I find it hard to write the next line? Oh, I want the truth to be said” was from ayoung man not able to tell Clare how he really felt.



    There you go :) Enjoy your day, think it will be a good one.



    Big Jimmy





    Aye, it’s called the Vital Spark.




    Aye, Aye Captain.





  13. GREENPINATA on 3RD MARCH 2023 10:04 AM


    Big Jimmy,







    One day I will join you. I’m currently working away from home.. Unfortunately I seem to have been away for all your previous seshes.







    Cheers and HH.







    PS : I know May Millar sings in the Shippy, her brother Frankie is good mate of mine.




    I am quite friendly with Mays hubby….ROBERT.


    Hes a veery talented Guy.


    See you sometime in the future…..IF I live that long ? ?




    HH Mate.

  14. FFFS Give a rest about Mick Beale ,Sevco ,and Bobby Stands ,it’s all about Sundays game v St Mirren with another 3 points up for grabs ,the rest is history

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from McKinnons. Roll n skwerr and a nice cold beer 🍺. It’s a hard life. 👍🇮🇪




    Sunday has destroyed them. Which is nice.




    So true on both counts!

  17. Re any Middle East takeover



    Yes it is all about sowing seeds of disharmony.



    It is of course true and we could ‘what if’ it to death.



    The reality is most would be ‘vulnerable’. The reality is many clubs will go that way in Europe.


    Many have.



    Quite why David wants to opine on it now god only knows.



    Chat such as below are what they desire :



    It certainly would be a way of DD getting a return on his long term investment.



    The leverage the Middle East lot will have on the sport will be huge.



    It may influence European structures going forward



    Celtic would then be at the table etc



    Lawwell spends a lot of time in Qatar



    Etc etc etc.



    Absolute speculation and rubbish but that’s the intent. Why Low encourages it I am not sure ?

  18. AN DÚN,



    Weren’t the dead Huns deeds bought by a snake oil giant back in 2012 ?




  19. Nothing new in what David low is saying what it comes down to is will the major shareholders accept an offered price, it doesn’t matter if it s Arab quatari American money they are all capitalists and think they can buy what they want, to make a buck.


    What would have happened had Fergus mccann been offered crazy money for his shares?


    Club owned buy shareholders is the issue and once in the market you are vulnerable.

  20. Tobago Street on

    More money than sense. I’ve decided to fly to Glasgow for the next week to watch the football. Got a ticket for Wednesday and away to Hearts. Landing Sunday morning at 9:30, taxi to St Mirren’s ground. Email didn’t get me a ticket, phoning didn’t get me a ticket so I’m walking up to and their ticket office and see if that works. Assuming it doesn’t work who knows the best pub in Paisley to watch the game?






    Ps I’ll repost this if Paul puts up a new blog

  21. Burnley78



    An explanation of the amount sitting in cash at bank may help.As long as that is there we look ripe.



    Why is it when ” come and get me” like that cash balance is,is it seen as disharmony? I dont,Celtic with that cash balance are appealing.



    I think a discussion on Dermots shareholding,where is it leading us and where is it going in 1,2,5 years ? Short/med/long term.


    There are legacy issues regarding Dermots holding,it changeover,its settling all still to come.



    Peter may well be in Qatar a fair bit and i am interested as to how you think middleeastern money will better us as a club?( yup sign him n him) but as weebobbycollins suggests would Celtic fans “tupe” over culturally and morally? .



    I think we are a club to stand for something,not a little whore to the highest bidder.



    Hopefully this shines a light on Dermot(and lindsells) shareholding.



    All said Burnley78,knowing Dermot has been in there from day1.When financial plans for rebuild etc where going on it was DD who suggested the plc model,in the nigh on 30 since Fergus stepped in the skewering(power) of that shareholding has tilted well towards Dermot leaving us kellylike as fans- powerless and no say.


    I do thank him for the stability since in corporate terms,saying zero re hun on liquidation,the nimmo smith consultancy,continuity myths abound ” by a great club with great traditions”



    Nothing wrong with questioning DD on future issues,more of it i say,



    Hail Hail

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