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Dundee sit in sixth place, two points ahead of Hibs with seven games to play until the league splits between sixth and seventh.  Our incentives tonight will be absolute, but Dundee’s players will be hugely financially motivated to finish top six, an outcome that will have a material impact on their earnings.

A late Mikey Johnston show put some gloss on the Celtic performance the last time the sides met on Boxing Day.  The evening was less comfortable than the 0-3 scoreline suggests.

A late winner sure changes your appetite for the next game.  The world turned when Adam Idah converted Alistair Johnston cross in the 94th minute at Fir Park on Sunday.  With Johnston, Greg Taylor and Cameron Carter-Vickers all having gametime under their belts after injury absences, we can expect our in-possession play to take on a more familiar look.

Yang will surely be rewarded for his outcome-determining contribution on Sunday with a starting place.  A similar argument could be made on the left wing, starting Luis Palma instead of Daizen Maeda.  Daizen is unlikely to see much space available to run into, and should be rested for the weekend’s trial.

That leaves the questions: Kyogo or Idah?  Tomoki Iwata or Paulo Bernardo?  I think we’ll start Japanese for both positions, with changes at Sunday in mind.  It’s good to have options you believe in.

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  1. It’s got to the stage now,we need guys on the park who are up for the fight,need a few to get held up by the throat and told what this means…..Kuhn need not apply

  2. Teary Mann fae ages ago…





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    TODAY’s Huns in Scotland are pissing themselves laughing at how TODAY’s Irish people are resisting TODAY’s invasion of Ireland….whilst daft wee Timmy from hunners of miles away cheers on TODAY’s invasion falling for the media and wee Krankie’s and woke sell outs Sinn Fein’s “All Immigrants Welcome Here” – claptrap patter as these woke sleekits know that this is an invasion and Sinn Fein are bound and gagged cause they sucked up to the EU unelected banking cartel scumbags, there is NO immigration…they are an invasion!



    Thousands of young fighting age men don’t run away from a troubled land [France ffs…were is the war in France?] thousands of fakeugees leaving their women and children behind..real refugees don’t do that…but fakeugee invaders do.



    The Hun’s are beside themselves with laughing disbelief that the Irish from the 26 counties who are being swamped with vermin…like Varadkar….sleekitry off of the scale…these real Irish people of TODAY’s Ireland are repelling TODAY’s EU puppet Varakr’s strings being pulled invasion of Ireland by vile fakeugee scumbags.



    There’s no invasion of Scotland or the dark north…because the Hun security threat would rise up and do what Huns would do to invaders…so the EU, WEF, WHO, IMF, etc all know that a Hun uprising would spark uprisings all over the Western world with the people of the West hail hailing the Huns as Super Heroes…and Timmy would be left looking like the succulent lambs that they have become since 1994.



    But don’t worry TODAY’s fake Tims are still fighting off the last invasion from a hunner years ago…fae hunners a miles away! fkn lol.



    Unlike you Teary Mann…I don’t care what school the truth went to or who it supports…the truth is the truth…no matter what school it went to….I know that a narrow minded guy like you will find that rationale very difficult to comprehend…even blinding you to the FACt that it is you Teary Mann who is the bigot…not me.



    Now grow the fk up.



  3. Would be shocked if Kyogo starts tonight. Haven’t given up on Kuhn – there’s a good player in there and he needs time to settle in to life at Celtic. Some of the comments on him have been way over the top.



    So, Hart, AJ, CCV, Scales, GT, Cal, MOR, Tomoki, Yang, Idah, Palma



    Would not be opposed to Cal or MOR being benched in favor of Bernardo, but BR’s not making that call.

  4. Gerry mc nee


    Exclusively revealing kev(struth) J is now a son of struth,home of unionism and the troof.


    Youd be kicked out the jungle,oh most rebellious son of stroof.


    Try get out more,racism is racism is racism


    The internet has damaged you,hing a coat on yir door and make do with that as a bogey man.

  5. Bada,


    I agree re Kuhn. Last time I saw us sign a player that was so obviously not good enough was Bangura. There were still fans hoping Mo would come good months after his arrival. I’d love to be proven wrong but I ain’t expecting it.

  6. Timmy7



    Let oot the ward to post its fascist fascist guff!



    Hope your well buddy


    A win tonight please




  7. T7- we want all players to be a success, but at this stage of the season, we can’t afford any empty jerseys, the best stat on Sunday was the amount of goals our subs have scored, need the whole squad willing to put it in,Kuhn looks like a rabbit in the headlights, see what he’s like in pre-season. HH

  8. AnT, I’m well thanks hope you are too. I’ve moved to Helensburgh and settled in really quickly and enjoying retirement.



    Bada, Yes I agree. It’s just very worrying that the team selections are so random. Expecting subs with so little playing time to come on and make an impact is unsustainable IMO. I’m afraid I don’t see anything to be optimistic about in kuhn, so far he has looked terrified, slow, weak and with a poor first touch, that’s not a celtic player.

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    Khun is a good footballer trapped in 140 pounds of tremblin’ mince. When I see him on the pitch with the ball he looks absolutely petrified, the footballing equivalent of the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, yet despite that he’s been a performer at his previous clubs.



    One for the ‘man management’ gurus.

  10. I fail to understand the bitterness from some CQNers towards Jane Lewis.



    Firstly, she didn’t say or do anything wrong in her interview with Brendan and secondly, she has clearly and very publicly stated that she doesn’t believe the manager meant any offence and that she was not offended by his comments.



    Too many Celtic supporters assume if you’re not a Celtic supporter, you are virulently anti-Celtic by default.



    Finally, Jane Lewis ain’t no hun — see above.



    3-0 to the Bhoys tonight.



    Hail Hail

  11. Team for tonight



    Big Joe



    AJ. Cam. Liam. Greg






    Paulo. Callum



    Luis. Big lhad. Daizen



    3-0 for the tic

  12. Majestic Hartson on




    Saw the answers you got yesterday but that 1st question is driving me nuts.

  13. Two 3:0 predictions already!! I hope you’re both correct.


    Personally, due to recent performances, I’d take any victory at all and with CCV fit please give us a clean sheet.




    If you’re lurking — I noticed a comment from you last week that hinted that you were withdrawing from commenting.



    I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but I miss your contributions and your counterbalancing against the more conspiratorial naysayers.



    If you have indeed withdrawn, please reconsider.






    You were already a prominent poster when I discovered CQN in its infancy and while I sometimes didn’t understand your comments, you are a veteran of these pages and a highly respected contributor.



    Does anyone know why PETEC is still absent from the blog?











    Saw the answers you got yesterday but that 1st question is driving me nuts.




    Me tae. I can picture him playing in very important game we won against the huns. I saw him years later and remembered him for his heroics;.



    ps is uncle DICK still with us.



    Answers to quiz


    1)Tony Warner (Liverpool born) played in the 5-1 humping of ‘u know who’ at Celtic Park.


    2)Kris Commoms.


    3)Steve Hancock.


    4) Kevin Pilkington.


    +Take carr MH +


    3- nil tonight at Celtic Park


    1-1 at Rugby Park

  17. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Old mod banned him and deleted his account, he was asked to create a new moniker and refused, he stays on SC!

  18. Interesting to see will it be Kyogo or young Idah to night. it’s hard to ignore the credentials of Adam who’s airborne body swivel and header ranks as one of the best headed scores I’ve seen for for many a day. We’ve watched Messi and Neymar do it for Barcelona and Mbappe and Griezmann do it for France so why not Idah and Kyogo for the Hoops although it’s doubtful if Brendan would change tactics at this stage of the season??



    Kuhn looks lightweight and is not ready yet for Scottish football but he must be given his chance to adapt but not tonight. Yang and Palma on the wings or Maeda who does the work of two men. Calmac best position is linkman with Brendan to decide decide between O’Riley, Iawata or Bernardo.



    Same back four that finished the game on Sunday with CCV and Scales now the solid central defence pairing.



    TIMMY7_NOTED…@ 2.37…I worked with the ‘good girl’ for a number of years. She is a Motherwell fan, no hun tendencies and no anti-Celtic agenda whatsoever. She has a great sense of humour and was always good company. Together we watched Barca v Us 0-0 Nou Camp 2004. She was a fan of Stephen Pearson (ex-Motherwell) who played that night. I knew she would not be offended by Brendan’s comment. She’s much better than




    That is a very important and poignant post.


    Thank you WBC.



    Cheers and HH.

  20. TIMMY7_NOTED on 28TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:26 PM



    AnT, I’m well thanks hope you are too. I’ve moved to Helensburgh and settled in really quickly and enjoying retirement.



    *there used to be a very vibrant CSC over there which would leave by van but when it started to grow amalgamated with the Lomond CSC which left from Hill Street Alexandria and over the Black Hill stopping in the parking lot at the pier to pick up their members and then ontae the Stags Heid in Dumbarton for the former members of the Strathclyde CSC who had also merged with the Lomond.



    Great club with one of my memories of equaling Wullie Maley’s 6 in a row against Ayr United on the Thursday night at hunden, a game I attended with the late and lamented EDB’s wee brother, on the Saturday the bus was bouncing more than usual when someone produce a ginger bottle full of whisky which was quite common in an area surrounded by distilleries, we were blootered and rockin and rollin as we passed through Cardross.



    oh happy days csc

  21. Another Board Statement re away fans…….still waiting on them supporting the manager, after the crap in the media this week….

  22. Tontime, One if the guys working on my house told me there’s still a bus that starts in Helensburgh Central then does a few more pick ups including Cardross. I stupidly assumed it would be hun central down here but almost everyone I’ve met so far have been Tim’s. A lot are ex Vale/Dumbarton/Glasgow including myself.


    Train service is excellent so I’ve not used the bus yet.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    36 years for a 51 year old.






    Justice delayed and all that …..



    The upside though to convictions 20 years later?



    A genuine “throw away the key” sentence

  24. its easy to be tempted into starting Idah – but he needs eased into the team since he’s not played many games with Norwich. Pushing too hard might lead to injury – although I think it could send a warning to Kyogo who needs to do more (and midfielders need to find his runs).



    Killie game not live tonight gives the officials the license they need to pave the way – watch for early bookings and VAR looking / searching for infringement to the benefit of them – I dont want to be paranoid but I’m sick of the lack of controversy they seem to avoid with VAR – its a global outlier!



    4-0 celtic – will be interesting to see Johnston against the quick Liverpool loanee – Maeda got nothing out of him last time around

  25. !!BADA BING!! on 


    Another Board Statement re away fans…….still waiting on them supporting the manager, after the crap in the media this week….





    When 60,000 folk get up off of their knees and stop blindly financing a creepy crooked woke knee bending PLC…and drain the fkers out…and if they refuse to leave after throwing yet another title to the Huns and a ticket boycott has trashed the share price through the floor….then Tims have to show that they really want their club back and visit their nearest Halloween shop and order thousands of “V for Vendetta” face coverings and kick the doors down and citizen arrest the “V for Vermin” PLC w@nkers!



    Or live on your knees and look up and ask the cloud “Why do they treat us like this?….Why, why, why, why us..we’re the good guys??”



    And the big Direct Energy Weapon’s DEW’s behind the cloud will look down and see you all waving Palestinian flags and..…



    Paranoid my @rse CSC




  26. Emma Caldwell, justice at last.


    Another remarkable mother who refused to give up and fought the establishment.



    My thoughts are with her family and some remarkable people, including her lawyer. Aamwr Anwar.

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