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Dundee sit in sixth place, two points ahead of Hibs with seven games to play until the league splits between sixth and seventh.  Our incentives tonight will be absolute, but Dundee’s players will be hugely financially motivated to finish top six, an outcome that will have a material impact on their earnings.

A late Mikey Johnston show put some gloss on the Celtic performance the last time the sides met on Boxing Day.  The evening was less comfortable than the 0-3 scoreline suggests.

A late winner sure changes your appetite for the next game.  The world turned when Adam Idah converted Alistair Johnston cross in the 94th minute at Fir Park on Sunday.  With Johnston, Greg Taylor and Cameron Carter-Vickers all having gametime under their belts after injury absences, we can expect our in-possession play to take on a more familiar look.

Yang will surely be rewarded for his outcome-determining contribution on Sunday with a starting place.  A similar argument could be made on the left wing, starting Luis Palma instead of Daizen Maeda.  Daizen is unlikely to see much space available to run into, and should be rested for the weekend’s trial.

That leaves the questions: Kyogo or Idah?  Tomoki Iwata or Paulo Bernardo?  I think we’ll start Japanese for both positions, with changes at Sunday in mind.  It’s good to have options you believe in.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on




    CCV to to start with Nawrocki the CB on the bench, If not Stephen Welsh will take that spot. Very difficult of course, to see how BR can leave Adam Idah on the bench, and it will likely be a straight swop with Kyogo



    The untried alternative is to have both starting as a pair, with a wide player ( Maeda? ) dropping out. This would be revolutionary for BR’s style, but would allow us to keep the shape in a midfield three O’Riley Calum and Iwata



    Pick your widemen as you will Yang Kuhn Palma Maeda. I’d give the willing horse a chance, Yang isn’t afraid to take a man on, inside or out, it’s what happens after that he needs to ‘develope’ fortunately not at St Mirren.

  2. Given we’ll almost certainly be facing a low block tonight, I’d start Idah.



    Kyogo will find space much easier to come by at Tynecastle.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    After the second half on Sunday I’d say the team almost picks itself. The only “problem” position would be left wing. Palma and Maeda have both been inconsistent.


    Kuhn probably deserves a go on that side – see if being on his natural side suits him better. Get balls delivered into the box instead of running inside into congestion.


    However, I think I would go with Kyogo. Not on his best form but generally reliable.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    I think we’ll need 31 points from our remaining 11 matches to win the title.



    Simultaneously absolutely doable and really rather fraught.

  5. Palma on the left would be my only challenge. He tends to cut back onto his right, narrowing the attack.


    We seem to play better when we’re more expansive, get the full backs turned.


    Currently, hopeful of a clean sheet victory.

  6. Kuhn hopefully nowhere near a jersey,maybe a loan to St Mirren, and he will be the new Jinky……

  7. Idah to start, Kyogo on the bench!



    I will be surprised if it’s otherwise.



    And bloody well upset too!

  8. What is the Starz on

    We could really do with Kwon and Tillio for the run in.


    So frustrating for our board and scouts..Top quality Champions league players loaned out by our idiot manager.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Get clear of Dundee at 60 minutes then take CCV off.



    35 minutes at Motherwell



    60 minutes tonight (45 would be better)



    Full game at Tynecastle.

  10. First post since I received some devastating family health news on the bus back from the Killie game – just about caught up with the read back in work.



    @Hot Smoked – will be back on the bus tonight, 2nd row from back, drivers side. Black circa 2000 top, with my ‘wee’ lhad in my old CR Smith home top if you are making the trip and would care to say hello. I meant to look you up on the trip back from Killie but instead sat the whole journey in shock to the point where I nearly missed my stop when back in Dundee.



    @Auldheid – I appreciated you taking time to educate me on the history of Res12/11 and it certainly helped give some context as to why this blog may have seemed to drop the topic and firmly confirmed some suspicions I have of some of the board and their decisions and the aptly named Peter Liewell in particular (sorry if that makes me seem like a Hun to some but lying to supporters – the lifeblood of our club – is not a good look and will never sit well with me). I saw you got a bit of stick for keeping the issue alive but governance of Scottish Football and how our club operates and behaves should be a priority for us all as much as I enjoy just watching the fitba and chatting nonsense about it.



    On that topic, 3-1 to the Tic tonight. Hopefully a better 1st half performance (and a game with no Jekyll and Hyde performances from half to half) to encourage the supporters to support rather than heckle – not sure if I can stomach too many more Killie / Hearts experiences.






    P.S. Sorry to hear about Whitedoghunch (Bryan), or WhiteDogChurch as I always thought he was called whenever I (mis)read his moniker!? Condolences to all who knew him, may he rest in peace.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    96 points would guarantee it. Two or three less and we would still have a strong chance.


    Just win games and keep winning them!




    Really sad news about WHITEDOGHUNCH!



    Hadn’t seen him on for a while.



    Prayers said for his family and friends.



    Rest in peace Bryan.

  13. I like Kyogo but we’ve got a title to win and we need to pick players on form – not based on past reputations. Idah has to start.

  14. @Burnley78 – is your spare ticket still going?



    I might see, if I can get another seat on the bus, if my wee lhad wants to take a pal and I can perhaps take up your kind offer?



    My email is just my blog name at gmail dot com if possible for response as I will be aff oot soon and this site and my mobile phone do not go together (I usually get past the ads but then only see a post or two per page of comments?!).




  15. Quad Bhoy



    Some of the stuff that came from an area whom you would have thought were for good governance was as Macievellian as from PL . Might even have been from PL himself.



    However I welcome the focus being put on good governance by the CST now.



    On Kwon’s performance last night there was little if any football on display.



    At the end of the game the first aiders ran to the football to give it oxygen as it was lucky to still be a football after being kicked near to death.



    Passes to Kwon in space were non existent, space being where the ball was being launched into.



    Only good thing was result as I got correct score on Superbru.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    Might be worth giving Kuhn 30 minutes or so on the left if we are a couple of goals to the good tonight.


    If nothing else, we might find out if he’s as poor on the left as he is on the right , in which case his stay at CP may be a short one .

  17. Good article from Phil today (I haven’t said that very often recently) in defence of BR and the idiocy of the media witch hunt around his “good girl” comment.



    I logged in here thinking Paul might do a similar article, supportive of our manager.



    Then again, maybe not…




  18. GDT



    This is not the time to experiment with Khun who has been extremely poor so far.



    We need to play someone who will put in a shift.

  19. Add oot tae Fitzgerald’s in Liverpool for the game tonight.



    4-1 to the hoops I reckon.


    O’Reilly, Kyogo 2 & Bernardo.



    Think as they won’t sit deep and defend all night, the wee mhan should start. As he can exploit any space in behind.



    Agree with B2B that if the result’s wrapped up, do the same with CCV and get him aff for the weekend’s game.



    Need to put these mini-Huns back in their wee box.



    Let’s get tonight’s game wrapped up by the 60 minute mark.




  20. Is it just me or does anyone else find the woman Alusso quite an attention seeking person who always seems to act as if she is a victim ?

  21. Tonight one of the biggest games in FA Cup history is being replayed after 54 years.



    Weirdly a tie which impacted on Celtic’s history and weirdly we possibly also influenced its outcome.



    Chelsea v Leeds.



    I am sure many on here could name 9 or 10 players from each of those teams back then.



    Squads were smaller and most teams had the same 11 playing each week.

  22. Big Jimmy — BIG JIMMY on 28TH FEBRUARY 2024 6:14 AM


    FAO DAVID66…


    I sent you a TEXT yesterday Mate.








    Big Jimmy my own phone is away for a repair, texts only on the one that ends in 7214.



    D :)

  23. ONIL, According to my mate the bbc reporter was af school with us. I don’t remember her.


    However if she was at school with us I doubt she’s a hun, maybe not a tim but hun is unlikely.

  24. bournesouprecipe on




    “. He draws from the left, so lean to the right,” “The wind’s from the east so aim to the west,” “He crouches when he shoots, so stand on your toes,”



    Paleface CSC

  25. Burnley @ 2.30



    The BBC has an article about the Chelsea/Leeds final and replay in 1970. I was a big Leeds fan than (except of course the semi-final matches) and remember the replay well as it was broadcast in Scotland.



    A modern referee would have brandished 11 red cards according to the report. It was on par with Atletico Madrid at Celtic Park 4 years later but from both sides.




  26. AIPPLE @1.06….HH


    ●Questions from yesterday● Have a go● England related●


    1)Capped by Trinidad and Tobago.Played three times for Celtic?


    2) Joined the Hoops ( Mansfield born) Jan.2011.(12) Scotland caps 2 goals?


    3)Born Sheffield, 1953.One appearance for Celtic, European cup game vs Sliema Wanderers (Malta) ?


    4) He came on as a sub for Jonathan Gould at the start of second half in a friendly game against Sporting Lisbon,as part of the original deal that brought Jorge Cadete to Celtic?


    ● BURNLEY 78 and GLENOWEN gave two correct answers. Q2 and Q3●

  27. Weebobbycollins on

    TIMMY7_NOTED…@ 2.37…I worked with the ‘good girl’ for a number of years. She is a Motherwell fan, no hun tendencies and no anti-Celtic agenda whatsoever. She has a great sense of humour and was always good company. Together we watched Barca v Us 0-0 Nou Camp 2004. She was a fan of Stephen Pearson (ex-Motherwell) who played that night. I knew she would not be offended by Brendan’s comment. She’s much better than that.

  28. ian_in_budapest on

    Imagine that one of us had gained the ear of some important and powerful people at Celtic to the extent that we were influencing decisions about the players who wear the Hoops. For most of us, that’s highly improbable but it seems that Paul67 has, at least to some extent, engaged in discussions about Moneyball and data-driven player recruitment with influential members of the Board and the Executive Management of Celtic. Dwell on that for a moment, it’s no longer a blog discussion, an argument on a supporter’s bus or a debate in the pub before or after the game – it is real and meaningful influence on the strategy that the club follows and the decisions that impact the club’s success or failure.



    Like many on here, I’ve been somewhat mystified by Paul67’s recent outpourings but he clearly feels very strongly about the player-acquisition strategy that he has long championed. That this approach was called into question – although not entirely rejected – by Brendan Rodgers, appears to have raised Paul67’s hackles. However, many amongst will correctly say, “raised his hackles even further” and it begs the question as to whether the data-driven constituency at Celtic had identified their own preferred candidate for Manager when Ange flew the coop last Summer. If so, they clearly lost out in any debate and perhaps they find that hard to swallow.



    CQN is becoming ever more political, and, like others, I can’t see how that benefits Celtic, particularly at this point in the season. Paul67 increasingly comes across as someone who is deeply offended by what we might perceive to be an impending loss of influence. There’s no denying that things are getting far too personal. The sound judgement that was once a feature of this blog is now deteriorating and that’s a great shame.

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