Revolving medical door, A-League coup


There appears to be a revolving door on the Lennoxtown medical room.  Just as we hoped to see players return from injury, Liel Abada picked up a strain on international duty with Israel and is expected to be out of action for a month.  We are not short of wingers in the squad, but we are short of them with Champions League experience.  Liel, Daizen Maeda and James Forrest (who is well down the pecking order) fit that category, meaning Yang is likely to face Feyenoord next week.

Being Hibernian cannot be easy.  With half a century of decline setting expectations, they will find it difficult to achieve the status they enjoyed in the decades following The War.  This morning, they appointed Nick Montgomery, the Yorkshire-naturalised-Australian who has managed Central Coast Mariners for two years, winning the most recent league title.

Better this, then trailing through options already discarded from the lower reaches of English football.  There are good managers in the Premiership, over-achieving with far fewer resources than Hibs have (Malky, Stuart Kettlewell).  Taking this option would also be better than another Lee Johnson-type appointment, or reinventing the Easter Road harp with Neil Lennon, but securing the signature of the current A-League winning manager is a coup for the Edinburgh side, and for Scottish football.  I hope it works.

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  1. CALL ME GERRY on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2023 3:04 PM




    I had to choose 2 CH’s from those available. Unfortunately, I never caught our win v Sevco where Scales performance was highly praised. But I did see our game v St Johnstone where he looked poor at key moments late in the game.



    At this moment in time, I do not see Scales as a first choice player – more a squad player. When all CH’s are available, I see CCV, Nawrocki and lagerbielke ahead of Scales (and Phillips will be ahead of Scales too, whilst he’s here). Welsh and Scales are last resort backups to cover injuries imo.


    We can assume BR feels the same given we just signed 3 CH’s. BR will have a pairing in mind with the CL coming up.


    If Phillips is ready to start, and he was signed for a reason, then get him game time asap. CL football is fast approaching.






    Fair enough, sound logic to that. I wonder how Scales would manage at LB, no I’m not trying to get rid of Taylor, who while struggling a bit this season was a contender for POTY last season, that was no flash in the pan. If we could have players ready to step up, like he did in Ibrox all the better but each player will know what he is prepared to wait for and their agents!

  2. Today’s date will strike a chord for many on here. New York City in 2001 the most obvious. But September 11 in Chile 1973 will still stick in the mind. For those who recollect it and those that do not there is a programme on PBS worth watching;


    “Augusto Pinochet; The Coup, The Torture & The West” tonight @ 8.30pm.



    Doubt that it will mention the SFA’s own contribution. Or indeed that the SFA will include it as part of its’ “Heritage” tomorrow, but the fact is the Coup in Chile brought out the best and the worst of Scottish society.


    The best, those that formed the ‘The Chile Defence Committee’ in Glasgow, the local authorities who welcomed hundreds of exiles fleeing for their lives, the support from Miners in Fife, Students, and Trade Unions working at Rolls Royce in East Kilbride (Nae Pasaran) and the worst represented by the SFA and the National Team in playing Chile in Santiago in 1977, in the very stadium thousands where were incarcerated, tortured and murdered only four years earlier. Some heritage.

  3. “TURKEYBHOY on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2023 12:20 PM


    Hopefully looking forward to a front 3 of,


    Yang Kyogo Palma on Saturday.”



    That does look like an exciting front three but I doubt it will be Brendan`s selection. I would expect Maeda to start.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hibs semi-annual search for a manager


    (not a quip – 10 appointments in less than five years)


    … is boring.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    18-3 South Africa



    I thought Scotland did fine, two of their most overrated players aside.



    Darcy Graham butchered a decent chance at a try by ignoring an opportunity to pass.


    (it wasn’t a walk in as suggested by some foolish type who might be English or Irish or both)



    Thought we’d got rid of that “look at me” mentality when Hogg retired.



    As for the Finn Russell love-in, I just don’t subscribe to it.



    Decent player who has done well at international and club level … so the following analogy is a little unfair.



    For me, there’s a bit of the Chic Charley about the guy.



    “Off the cuff” spontaneity as much a product of decades of not listening to coaches as innate skill.



    When faced with top athletic specimens and a well drilled outfit, that positive becomes a negative and he gets suffocated out of the game.




    I agree that Darcy Graham wasted a very good opportunity.


    I am a big fan of Russel`s style. I feel he brings something special to the game.


    I thought South Africa were incredibly powerful.



    Cheerio for now.

  7. Re the rugby we were ‘managed’ out of it by a team who played the official to the max.



    It reminded me of the old Aberdeen team. Always fouling us after we had passed the ball. The number of penalties not given when we got the ball back at the breakdown but we’re impeded by a late SA obstruction was incredible. Never once pinged by a referee. He should have because that’s what the advantage rule is for. By doing this it put our backs onto the back foot for the entire game. It made Russell look poor and even Van der merve never saw any clear grass in front of him.



    Chat is re the parodied hair such as Darcy that this is to cover for drug testing for cocaine but it seems a bit obvious to me. He certainly made a big mistake yesterday unfortunately. I did feel for Steyn who maybe not as prolific as Darcy but would not have butchered that for sure.

  8. As for the welsh rugby outfit



    ‘Cheats’ is one word but to be fair it seemed almost corrupt that it took 12 penalties on their own goal line for a yellow card vs 2 in their own 22 for Fiji.



    I yellow for 17 pens for wales v 1 in 8 for Fiji.



    Crazy imbalance.



    Yet neither the ref in the wales game Carley from England nor the TMO for the Scotland game who is Whitehouse from Wales will face any form of punishment.

  9. MCPHAIL BHOY on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2023 2:23 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2023 1:55 PM







    There’s a book cover about Celtic ( I can’t remember what it’s called) and I was amazed that both Jimmy Quinn and Jimmy McGrory in the photo standing together were so small.







    id it this one ?





    maleys height made hjim really excepional in the early team picrues

  10. In the first instance I would like to thank the Aberdour Rhebels and a few others that had recently donated to my latest project



    Where I recognized the name of donor I had reached out individually to thank



    There was also a few anonymous donations so thanks to those people as well



    When making the social media campaign from may to early September for – The Road To Seville project I found it difficult at times to fit the same message into different social media formats



    Thanks to one of the internet bampots reaching out, we decided to make a wee blog about the journey



    I enclose a link to a piece from today and there are some dating back to last week



    New post to support @foundationCFC



    The Celtic Family and why ?





    Thanks for taking time to read this



    Hail Hail




  11. aipple



    Don’t know of the song. Pretty sure I saw Ossian in the US a while back, might have been in Wilmington DE.


    Doesn’t surprise me that the Scottish folk/theatre/poetry community got involved in solidarity campaigns such as Chile, with Iain Macdonald, Dick Gaughan, the 7:84 Company, Sorley McLean, Hamish Henderson, Norman MacCaig etc in the ranks








    In the first instance I would like to thank the Aberdour Rhebels and a few others that had recently donated to my latest project






    how you doing fella.



    at the recent Greenock Celtic sportsmans you got a great name check and tale telling from both Gerry McDADE and Tony Hamilton for the exploits of those who pedalled to lisbon and seville.



    Mike skelton was my table last year and a great listen too the efforts made.



    well done to you and the 100 or so (my guessing), i promised myself to donate and i have not tey, fix that tomorrow,




  13. ps,



    at the same event Simon Donnelly also for the foundation is takin part in the Sahara trek.



    he was good value on teh night, deffo in the i wasnt a celtic supporter growing up but i will be forever more category.

  14. Saint Stivs


    The very one! All I have ever read about Patsy Gallagher, apart from being a wonderful footballer was how small and scrawny he was. While Quinn and McGrory are solid and strong they’re not much taller.

  15. SAINT STIVS on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2023 8:20 PM



    Hi mate, long time since we spoke – I am getting better thanks hope all good with you



    That’s good to hear positive stories, bhoy that sits behind me at the game is a member of the club,he is also big into his fishing for chatting to him a bit last season and he was telling me he went Upto club & I mentioned that I knew a couple of the bhoys



    I will be catching up with Michael on Saturday



    Keep the faith



    PS if anyone on hear tries to call you a Hun I can vouch that you are not….. HH

  16. Celtic Mac, Pinochet/Chile/USA then …. Every central/south american country & the USA since and now…

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    My Grandfather and great Grandfather attended some of the matches in NYC in 1931. Amazing. 💚

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    My Grandfather and my Nana were at the opening of the Empire State Building. Ffs. No wonder I get about. 🤣

  19. spikeysauldman



    Might not have been the blueprint for what followed, that was already there in Argentina, Brazil and Spain, but provided the template, the use of terror as State policy for many. Maybe Brazil now will set the path for change?

  20. Let’s not worry about Hibs folks until we have taken care of them in a few weeks time..they have a nasty habit of being problematic to us at their own patch ..unlike the Hertz at Swinecastle when SEVCO come calling 🤔

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