Revolving medical door, A-League coup


There appears to be a revolving door on the Lennoxtown medical room.  Just as we hoped to see players return from injury, Liel Abada picked up a strain on international duty with Israel and is expected to be out of action for a month.  We are not short of wingers in the squad, but we are short of them with Champions League experience.  Liel, Daizen Maeda and James Forrest (who is well down the pecking order) fit that category, meaning Yang is likely to face Feyenoord next week.

Being Hibernian cannot be easy.  With half a century of decline setting expectations, they will find it difficult to achieve the status they enjoyed in the decades following The War.  This morning, they appointed Nick Montgomery, the Yorkshire-naturalised-Australian who has managed Central Coast Mariners for two years, winning the most recent league title.

Better this, then trailing through options already discarded from the lower reaches of English football.  There are good managers in the Premiership, over-achieving with far fewer resources than Hibs have (Malky, Stuart Kettlewell).  Taking this option would also be better than another Lee Johnson-type appointment, or reinventing the Easter Road harp with Neil Lennon, but securing the signature of the current A-League winning manager is a coup for the Edinburgh side, and for Scottish football.  I hope it works.

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    I don’t see it as a problem, just a bloody stupid thing to do and for what benefit 🤷



    As I said it’s to give their rabid fans something to be staunch about.They hate Scotland.Its one up the National team.Surprised a few on here can’t see this.The same Board give our opponents in Europe the same facilities,as a GIRUY to Celtic.Everyone is against them,everyone is a Taig,or a Fenizn,out to get them in Scotland.As hard as that is to believe,take a look at their blogs .They are insane.Everything that mob do,the Orange strips,the orange piping on all their gear,the slogans on the walls and dressing rooms.


    ,the permission to display the Billy The Butcher tifo,all sheer naked bigotry and hatred and a Fek you to all.The training facilities,just a small part of the bigger picture.

  2. Turkeybhoy,



    Where should Engurlund train ? Lesser Hampden I don’t know.



    Would or should we assist if the price was right. ?



    Have we ever offered training facilities to Scottish opponents.



    I am genuinely intrigued I do know that the huns have previously offered training facilities to our opponents.



    Is there a correct protocol for this ?




  3. England played at the weekend and are in Scotland for two days, one of which is match day. I would have assumed the normal protocol would have been a light training session at Hampden today? I am sure when we play in Europe, the schedule is to do a training session at the actual ground of the game, no?



    I don’t see any issue with them using Murray Park, but I doubt if Scotland were playing at Wembley tomorrow night we would be training at any of the EPL grounds the day before.

  4. bournesouprecipe on

    I don’t think England using Rainjurz old training ground is an issue, but Sevco using it, is a matter of lasting significance.

  5. glendalystonsils on




    Maybe Rainjurrrz left it to Sevco in their will.

  6. garygillespieshamstring on

    They have previous for offering facilities to our European opponents.



    They are so pathetic that they see this as a feel good story and a way of getting the moronic support support onside instead of commenting on the real issues.



    Shows how desperate they are. He’ll mend the lot of them.

  7. I don’t see any problem with England training at Achenowie. It’s a big hullabaloo about nothing at all. How does it disadvantage Scotland?

  8. Well I suppose all the Sevcos, the Rangers, Newco blah, blah established in 2012 were founded by Charles Green, an Englishman.



    I don’t see any issue with them using Murray Park, but I doubt if Scotland were playing at Wembley tomorrow night we would be training at any of the EPL grounds the day before.


    Before Scotland faced England at Wembley in the EUROS in 2021 they trained for 2 days at Fulham’s training facility.

  10. Just catching up after a busy weekend .


    I met up with the shipwreck crew on Friday – i would have been safer on the wreck of the Hesperus 🤪


    As protocol demands , Captain BRRB was last to leave the sinking ship –


    McGuire stood on the burning deck , whence all but he had fled


    Wan mair hauf and wan mair pint then doon the road tae bed

  11. a meander to something else –



    Some will correctly state that Scotland gave England five on 31 March, 1928. Others might point towards the diminutive nature of the XI in blue.



    But how many could confidently recall that the 40th meeting with the English was to decide who would finish last in that term’s British Championship?



    Or that the crowd gathered outside the Scottish FA headquarters to hear the team being named reacted angrily at the preponderance of Anglos in the side?



    Or that striker Hughie Gallacher was making his first appearance after serving a two-month suspension for pushing a referee into a bath?



    Newcastle forward Gallacher’s inclusion at the expense of Celtic’s Jimmy McGrory caused consternation, as did the exclusion of other regulars such as Rangers’ Davie Meiklejohn and Bob McPhail following an inter-league trial match presided over by the Scottish FA’s seven-man selection committee.



    Furthermore, these faceless blazers had chosen a callow XI with an average of seven caps – an apparent folly encapsulated by the inclusion of debutant defender Tom ‘Tiny’ Bradshaw in direct opposition to England’s feted Dixie Dean.



    Gazza, thrashings and Tartan joy – the ‘Auld Enemy’ meet again


    Then there was the height issue. Of the front five, Jackson was a colossus at 5ft 7in compared to Alex James (5ft 6½in), James Dunn (5ft 6in), Gallacher (5ft 5in), and Alan Morton (5ft 4½in). And given that these were days when goalkeepers could be barged into nets, stature mattered.

  12. My proposed XI for Saturday –





























    With all hopefully all going well, an intro from the bench for the likes of Bernardo and Palma.




  13. SAINT STIVS on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2023 1:55 PM



    There’s a book cover about Celtic ( I can’t remember what it’s called) and I was amazed that both Jimmy Quinn and Jimmy McGrory in the photo standing together were so small. For a pair who scored so many headed goals as well. I know people were smaller 100 years ago but it seems most were around 5’2-6”. Especially that Scotland front line!

  14. Nice one Paul and I agree re Monty; seems a solid geezer, loved by players and has done wonders with a peripheral A-League side. Good player manager type and brought thru and sold many young uns..


    To see them belt Melb City in last years final was a joy. Ridiculous steal of a buyout fee to the Mariners.


    I hope he’s good for the auld cabbage and ribs (who I’ve been fond of since the Schaedler, Stanton and Cropley days).



    Re our treatment table door – isn’t Tilio expected to emerge out the other way by now ??

  15. Neil Lennon going back to Hibs didn’t make much sense for anybody involved. Neil is out of work and has been for a while, he nows the game can leave you behind but Hibs still looked a bad move to me.



    Hibs being Hibs, they’ll probably have this man sacked in January.

  16. A good start to the Day…Betting wise…


    A lovely horse WON the 2.30 at Perth at odds of 5/1.



    The Horses NAME ?……..” KYOGO”






  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Crystal Palace via Gallaghers and the Imperial. Still celebrating….




    I had to choose 2 CH’s from those available. Unfortunately, I never caught our win v Sevco where Scales performance was highly praised. But I did see our game v St Johnstone where he looked poor at key moments late in the game.



    At this moment in time, I do not see Scales as a first choice player – more a squad player. When all CH’s are available, I see CCV, Nawrocki and lagerbielke ahead of Scales (and Phillips will be ahead of Scales too, whilst he’s here). Welsh and Scales are last resort backups to cover injuries imo.



    We can assume BR feels the same given we just signed 3 CH’s. BR will have a pairing in mind with the CL coming up.



    If Phillips is ready to start, and he was signed for a reason, then get him game time asap. CL football is fast approaching.




  19. Tom – I stand corrected but, as you say, it is a hullabaloo over nothing.



    As an aside, a Scotland win tomorrow would be a terrific feather in the cap for Clarke and the players. As a schoolboy, the games against England were rarely something to smile about.

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