Skewed reporting of ticket ‘dispute’


Context is all, and the context for reporting of the ticket ‘dispute’ for our Newco game on the 30th was significantly skewed.  In brief:

After humiliating defeats by Celtic at Ibrox, Newco cut Celtic ticket numbers by 90%.  This led to 700 Celtic fans in a corner of the stadium with bottles and other missiles thrown at them.  I’ve been there and it is incredible this option passed Health and Safety rules.

Celtic initially reciprocated the 700 tickets arrangement before drawing a line: we have safe arrangements for visiting fans or nothing at all.  Celtic want a return of 7,000 visiting fans, Newco want only 700.

An SPFL subcommittee agreed that home clubs had a duty to provide a “reasonable” number of tickets for visiting fans but that arrangements should be SAFE AND RECIPROCATED.

Celtic issued a statement highlighting the subcommittees assertion of fan safety, Newco’s statement talked about a reasonable number of visiting fans, without reference to safety conditions on that requirement.

Guess how the story was reported?  Amazingly, Newco won the case but were forced to concede.  That was actually reported in Scotland yesterday.  It bothers me more than it surprises me.

We all know fan safety is paramount and it is either impossible or expensive for Newco to guarantee the behaviour of fans sitting adjacent to the corner they previously put Celtic fans.  We also know denying visiting fans access detracts from the game.  We can further agree (with the SPFL) that arrangements should be reciprocal.

The solution is to revert to 7,000 visiting fans but this cannot happen without Newco relocating their ultras group, whom they are loathed to take on.  Alternatively, we lock out away fans, or run the safety gauntlet at Ibrox until a tragedy occurs.  Safety.  Ibrox.  I know!

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Aren’t the board wonderful at standing up for us. We should applaud every last thing they do…..

  2. Paul 67,



    The huns can do what they like at the pit of eternal stench.



    But at Parkhead it’s our ball and we don’t want them and we certainly don’t need them.




  3. lets all do the huddle on

    no time to read the article – its stopped raining for the first time in weeks. think ive got a half hour window to run out and do my xmas shopping before it starts pishin doon again

  4. How come Feyenoord supporters were able to occupy a section designated to Celtic supporters, could this happen again if the reason aren’t understood? Safety is paramount I’m just surprised it has taken this long for it to be seen as so.

  5. the long wait is over on

    From time to time I wonder if my complete disdain for that lot as an outfit is just me.



    Then a day like yesterday comes along and reminds that it isn’t just me and that disdain is totally justified.



    I cant add anything to P67’s factual assessment of the history of it all but their willingness to completely distort the truth and revise the history of it , in cohoots with a compliant MSM , defies belief.



    They started it but it can easily be sorted by going back to the same arrangement as before they chose to sabotage it.



    If that is to be done it needs to be done at the start of a season or , if after the start, once there is an even number of games so that one side is not advantaged over the others.



    Maybe I missed them offering to sort it out ( on a reasonable basis ) before the game at theirs earlier in the season.



    If I did no doubt someone on here can point me to it.



    I’ll wait.



    Horrible outfit and have never been anything else in my lifetime.

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Good article, if you compare the statements from us and the huns you would think it was two entirely different subjects 🙄

  7. the long wait is over on




    Cognitive Dissonance is , I believe, the well-worn CQN favourite to describe it…

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Skewed indeed.



    By BBC Scotland no less.



    You know, that tax payer organisation that’s meant to impartial.

  9. In this season of goodwill when we can feel sorry for Mr Rodgers and some of our players just remember


    That Seigrist, McCarthy and Phillips are earning £20000. A week more than the entire St Mirren squad.

  10. Bournesouprecipe, BBC Scotland understands that he’s Gone Fishing, On The Beach. He got distracted while Driving Home… Looking For The Summer on the Road To Hell.

  11. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Jings the last time I saw that expression was over 40 years ago when I wandered into the wrong lecture room, it was a psychology class.



    Took me years to recover…….

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    How come Feyenoord supporters were able to occupy a section designated to Celtic supporters, could this happen again if the reason aren’t understood? Safety is paramount I’m just surprised it has taken this long for it to be seen as so.





    this is a guess but i dont think they bought that section as a block. i reckon they might have had tickets for different parts the lower tier but just congregated there because thats where the rest of their fans were

  13. “We are Celtic supporters, faithful through and through…”



    So for the next 2 weeks at least let us actively and positively SUPPORT our managers and players as they face the coming games (and MIBs/VARs):



    Sat 23 Dec Livingston (H)


    Tue 26 Dec Dundee (A)


    Sat 30 Dec Rangers (H)


    Tue 2 Jan St Mirren (A)



    There is enough negativity and sniping from our opponents, their supporters and the MSM without rounding on our own and piling on even more pressure. At least let the Celtic support show them big love over the season of goodwill, whatever ensues. Negativity achieves nothing… but more negativity and harm!

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, now we have an old firm ‘war of words’ on top of an ‘old firm title race ‘. What’s next – an old firm ‘tug of war’ over a player? That’s assuming their head of recruitment is as good as ours of course.


    Anyway, all positive for the half of the old firm that benefits from this stuff………

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Huns don’t have a leg to stand on. Board would’ve been slaughtered by fans if they hadn’t held the line. They are 100% right on this.



    I don’t think it’ll give us a sporting advantage on 30 Dec sadly. Quite the opposite. Who will forget the atmosphere in Feb last year when the atmos was electric before the 3-0 game. Will be funereal with dread for this team if Lawwells cheap duds – and that’ll just be our dressing room.



    Nice side point re hun Board being afraid to take on the onion bears. We’ll see the results of our Board’s ‘courage’ to take on the GB on the 30th. Talk about taking credit for grotesque failure. I think Humza has been reading this blog based on the budget…

  16. P67- you yourself have missed why the allocation was cut.About 3 seasons ago, the skint huns decided to sell Season Tickets for the Broomloan Rd stand,and that’s not going to change anytime soon, the rest is fluff,we should have knocked back 700 tickets from the off.There was a rumour that they asked us for the 7,500 x £51 up front in that close season, we chased them and they sold STs there,as they were desperate for cash,as ever


    Nobody plays the victim better than the huns.As far as the SMSM goes,one of the worst is the Placeman Hannah,who obfuscates the story on Clyde 1 and The Hun rag,4 times a season now and it goes unchallenged.

  17. Go tell the Spartim on

    Maybe P67 can redress the balance next time he’s on the BBC? Has anyone at the club challenged this narrative or are we just gonna let them do what they always do?



    The best way to shut them up is to beat them and we’ve beaten a better team than them just recently, though Dallas Jnr and the Mibbery werent involved.



    Why not fire a shot across the VAR bows before each and every game or are we still a soft touch.




    Watch carefully for the exact moment the tickets got cut




  19. Newco relocating their ultras group, whom they are loathed to take on. Alternatively, we lock out away fans, or run the safety gauntlet at Ibrox until a tragedy occurs. Safety. Ibrox. I know!



    have the board lifted our home ban on the GB yet .

  20. imo appears that we are trying to swing the attention onto thems issues other that focusing on more urgent matters on our own door step.

  21. Paul67 et al



    Not sure, five years on, that you have grasped the facts of the matter. As bada bing has pointed out the 700 number was a direct consequence of Dave King’s decision to maximise income from season ticket holders at Ayebrokes, making it impossible for his club to allocate 7000 tickets to Celtic supporters. Nothing to do with results, bad as they were for his club. Celtic FC’ s reciprocate action, led to the events of September 2 2018, whereby, Celtic PLC in conjunction with GCC and Police Scotland, limited access to Celtic Park via London Road for that day’s Celtic-Rangers match, forcing thousands of Celtic supporters to re-route behind the North Stand from both directions and creating a crush which could have led to fatalities. After which the Board commissioned an “independent” Report from Fairhurst Consultants which I have described on here as a whitewash. I would be very careful if I was you of attempting to adopt the moral high ground as regards this issue. Instead of banning supporters as we do now, we bent over backwards to retain some of the Old Firm “atmosphere” and put tens of thousands of our fans at serious risk of their health and safety.

  22. The away ticket saga of versus skinty FC is a tired and well worn saga already. It’s just a chance to create distraction and deflection from the implosion of our team on the pitch.



    Let’s focus on the fact that we’ve allowed them back in the title race with all that Champions League cash to rake in next year. With the almighty Sterling at stake here, I thought the board would have made sure we walked the league this season. And by this I mean quality signings.



    The board won’t have their sorrows to seek come the 30th if they beat us, with the stadium packed to the rafters with Tims…

  23. the Western islands on



    They destroyed the game once, and we’re letting them do it all over again.





    Aren’t the board wonderful at standing up for us. We should applaud every last thing they do…..




    Yep, it’s always Celtic’s fault – except it isn’t.

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Paul67 @ 12:00



    Guess how the story was reported? Amazingly, Newco won the case but were forced to concede. That was actually reported in Scotland yesterday. It bothers me more than it surprises me.





    It surprises me that it bothers you Pablo.



    There are outcomes .. and there’s yap.



    Outcomes are tangible.



    Yap and cow farts deliver CO².



    Sevco and the SMSM are in the yap business … together.



    No bad thing when your enemies sing together in tune.



    Focuses minds.



    Hopefully including those of ALL our fans.

  25. Bad Day at the Races…



    My favourite Jumps Trainer had SIX Runners Today ( and One Non Runner).


    ALL Six were beaten.


    Most were ” Placed”.



    I dont remember the Trainer ever having Six runners on one day, and they ALL get beaten ?



    I have followed this Trainer for over 30 years and I will continue to do so.


    So there !


    I did get Two ” Returns”…. a Place Pot Bet came up, and a QUADPOT bet also came up.






  26. CELTIC MAC on 20TH DECEMBER 2023 12:56 AM


    Was looking back to when King Kenny got his first first team game for us. League Cup quarter finals September1968, against the mighty Hamilton Accies. We had won six of six in our group, including beating Rangers home and away. Beat the Accies 10-0 in the first leg, Lennox 5, Chalmers 5. Lou Macari got his first start for Celtic. Kenny came on as sub in a 4-2 victory in the 2nd leg, at Douglas Park, John Gorman also played as did George Connelly, Davie Hay, Jimmy Quinn, plus Bobby Wraith in goal and Pat McMahon. Won all ten games in the League Cup that season beating Hibs 6-2 in the delayed but great final in April 1969. Took a wee while to establish himself after that but once he did well he went from strength to strength, with a fair claim to being the greatest player in these isles of the 20th century. For me though always the 20th Century Bhoy.



    *I actually thought he wisnae goin tae make it as after that first burst, he seemed tae disappear with the other Quality Street lhads makin the breakthrough includin Vic Davidson and then both him and Kenny tarted tae score for fun in the reserves especially against the deid team eventually Jock played him in the Frank Beattie testimonial and at the start of the season in the Dryborough Cup where he shone very brightly on both occasions.



    One bright Saturday early on in his career I witnessed his first, I believe, hattrick against Dundee, that night as I crossed Balloch Bridge I bumped intae my da, his first question was “good game the day son” my answer was “aye and I just seen the white Pele the day”.

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