Take Spartak on the left, Green has us all on the run


We’ve never known an easy Champions League game.  Ever.  Teams with low resources who have pitched up at Celtic Park have always caused us problems.  Even our biggest win (3-0, Benfica) was a tense affair with little between the teams territorially.

Five years ago we returned home with a point from Spartak Moscow, expecting a victory at Celtic Park but we had to endure an incredibly tense evening before prevailing on penalties.  Celtic will need to be on top form if they are to win tonight, and a win is what we need to target.  Barcelona will be professional but they will also exercise their right to rest players.  It’s worthwhile remembering that Barca required late winners at home against both Celtic and Spartak; nothing is assured from them tonight.

Spartak have injury worries which will probably see Kirill Kombarov (not to be confused with his twin Dmitir) play at right back.  Kirill is a real weakness and should struggle against Celtic, who have several strong options on the left.  They will play with two holding midfielders in front of a back four with one striker and three across the middle.  Aiden will be a valuable out-ball for them.

This game will take patience, from us as well as the players.  Remember how many games teams have taken and lost a lead in this group.  Scoring or losing a goal is no indication of the result.  It will also be a game where substitutions are likely to be key.  Fresh legs in the last 20 minutes could turn the game.

Take care tonight and have another great European experience. 

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 Dundee United will be devastated by the blow delivered by The Rangers, who have declined tickets for their Scottish Cup tie.  The game is, however, 9 weeks away, which is a long time for a fledgling new club to survive.  The Rangers board cite Dundee United’s behaviour towards their predecessor club, Rangers, who went into liquidation owing United money for the Scottish Cup tie in January this year.  I strongly recommend you don’t try to figure out the logic here, you’re just not clever enough.

After the demise of Rangers was confirmed, The Rangers asked to be admitted to the Scottish Premier League, however, no such facility existed for a new club, so a vote to change the rules was held and 10 clubs, including United, voted to keep the status quo.

Celtic also voted against changing the rules, and if Dundee United are to be punished by a boycott from The Rangers fans, we surely cannot expect them to turn up at Celtic Park as though nothing happened.  In fact, Celtic were firmer than any other club on this matter.  It seems only fair that we are punished, not by one boycott, but by many.  The firmness of Celtic’s refusal to change the rules is surely worth boycotting 100 games at Celtic Park, which would really teach us a lesson.

The pain we would experience facing The Rangers without their legnedary fans would be close to intolerable.  I really hope they don’t embark on an extensive 100 game boycott of Celtic Park.  Please, please, forgive us for voting against a rule change.

Surely we’ve suffered enough by not facing you in league competition during this Armageddon season?  If only we knew how much we would miss ‘Rangers’ when we encouraged the club to vote against the rule change last season.  Screw the rules, we just didn’t know what we were doing!

Celtic should be just as worried about this prospect as the Dundee United, who apart from Celtic, are the only Scottish club to receive an award From Uefa for the good behaviour of their fans.  Think about that for a moment, a football ground filled with nothing but award winning fans!  What is our game coming to?

Charles Green has got Scottish football on the run now.

Epilepsy Scotland have a Celtic ball with certificate of authenticity, signed by 12 Celtic players on the day of the Barcelona game which is available for auction by email.  The competition closes tomorrow (Thursday) at 20:00.  To win this fantastic piece of Celtic memorabilia email your bid to trusts@epilepsyscotland.org.uk.  The prize if for collection only, any postage required would need to be paid separately.  All funds raised will go towards Epilepsy Scotland.

Really pleased with the feedback on the CQN Annual, many thanks. You can order online here, it’s an excellent Christmas present, even for yourself!

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Bhoy



    What a perfect opportunity tonight for one of Lenny’s youngsters to emerge onto the big stage.



    Wanyama did it against Barca. Who will it be tonight?



    Celtic. At Home. In the Champions League. Only a fool backs the opposition.

  2. South Of Tunis on

    Dave Brubeck ..



    I remember seeing him on tele talking about his early days . He said that he very nearly wasn’t allowed to graduate from music college due to his inability to read music . Some of his tutors successfully that his piano playing was so good that he should be allowed to graduate . College eventually agreed to let him graduate on the proviso that Dave promised never to teach music .

  3. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    THE KING VIC 67* 18:00 on 5 December, 2012


    Wouldn’t it be a great gesture of solidarity for all SPL fans to help Dundee United out?






    I don’t know how the fixtures are – if we’re not playing at the same time maybe lots of Celtic fans could go along? :)

  4. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Bit nervous about tonight and think Victor will be missed. However, nights like tonight are what playing for Celtic should be all about so hopefully the players will respond to the reception the fans give them and get us the result we need.




  5. Thanks bournesouprecipie for the heads up re wife. I took a break of 20 mins or so to wolf down a bit of grub and I did exchange a few words but I’m back. I’m really thankful she is going out tonight, normally she does bugger off to another room when a match is on but she has a habit of peeking in to see how things are going. If a ball goes remotely close to either goal she is liable to let off a piercing scream which lifts me 2ft off the chair. In a normal game I can handle it but one of those screams tonight could be the end of a beautiful relationship.

  6. Alasdair MacLean on

    I want to help Dundee United, but couldn’t stomach The Rangers getting any of my money.



    Now if there was an online Oor Wullie bucket…….in lieu of tickets….you know what I mean..

  7. Celtic 3 Spartak 2


    Barcelona 2 Benfica 2


    Good Luck Neil and the Bhoys


    Our managers stock rockets tonight


    This is some team

  8. I think the head to head thing is unfair, goal difference imo should be the first criteria for progressing, the head to head should come after the goals.



    We could beat Spartak say 5-0 and Benfica wins 1-0 and still go out.



    And here’s me thinking the idea was all about entertainment, ach well.

  9. Not sure if this is genuine ,no Ledley?






    Lustig Ambrose Wilson Izyy


    Brown Kayal Commons Mulgrew Sammy



  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Win lose or draw tonight.



    It does not matter.



    Celtic I love you ureservedly.



    Neil Lennon thank you.



    Mon the hoops




  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    If Skoosh cant play a full 90 and with no Victor.



    I can understand that.




  12. The Battered Bunnet on




    Lustig Ambrose Wilson Izaguirre



    Commons Brown Kayal Mulgrew







  13. C’mon the Hoops, will not be their tonight in body but my Spirit will certainly be hovering around Paradise tonight. Any result that betters Benfica’s will do for me but hoping for a win.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH.





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    northern Ontario. They would meet frequently to talk shop.



    The comment was made that preaching to people was fairly easy; a real


    challenge would be to preach to a bear! They decided to experiment. All 3


    would go into the woods, find a bear, preach to it, and attempt to convert


    it to their religion. 7 days later, the 3 men met.



    Father Flannery, who had his arm in a sling, was on crutches, and had


    bandages on his body, began: ‘Well,’ he said, ‘I went to find a bear. When


    I found him, I read to him from the Catechism. Well, that bear began to slap


    me around, so I grabbed my holy water, sprinkled him and he became as


    gentle as a lamb. The Bishop is coming to give him first communion.



    Reverend Billy Bob spoke next. He was in a wheelchair, &had his arms and


    legs in casts. He exclaimed, ‘Brothers, I went out and I found a bear; then


    I read to him from The Bible, but that bear wanted nothing to do with me.


    I took hold of him and we began to wrestle, until we came to a creek. I


    quickly dunked and baptised him. He became as gentle as a lamb.




    The Priest and the Reverend looked down at the Rabbi, lying in a hospital


    bed. He was in a body cast and traction – IVs and monitors running in and


    out of him, in really bad shape. The Rabbi looked up and said: “Looking


    back on it, circumcision may not have been the best way to start.”

  14. TET



    I understand your thoughts on the goal difference issue but disagree



    The game against Benfica at CP was even but they absolutely battered us over there



    Imagine if it was the other way around. We would rightly be saying we were the better team

  15. From Official Club Site




    CELTIC: Forster; Lustig, Ambrose, Wilson, Izaguirre; Commons, Brown, Kayal, Mulgrew; Samaras, Hooper


    Subs: Zaluska, Matthews, Ledley, Rogne, Miku, Lassad, Watt

  16. Paul67 et al



    This is what football is really all about! Having a chance, an opportunity to mix it at the knockout stage. Assuming Juve go through, the only teams we have never played, I think, are Schalke and Malaga. Got to get there! Come on the Hoops!

  17. Freezing. But like a balmy spring evening for our visitors. Hope we can do it. Not encouraged by reports from Barca re messi…

  18. Forster; Lustig, Ambrose, Wilson, Izaguirre; Commons, Brown, Kayal, Mulgrew; Samaras, Hooper subs Zaluska, Matthews, Ledley, Rogne, Miku, Lassad, Watt

  19. *THE KING VIC 67* on





    I don’t know how the fixtures are – if we’re not playing at the same time maybe lots of Celtic fans could go along? :)



    If Sevco do NOT receive any gate receipts I would definitely purchase a ticket!



    However I would NOT go along incase it provoked any sort of trouble/ unwanted attention to our great support!



    I’d rather be part of a “network” of fans from different clubs who choose to fight against corruption and bullying from Scotland’s newest shame (Sevconians)



    Enjoy tonight… Being on the PSG!

  20. awe_naw_no_annoni_oan_anaw_noo



    18:32 on 5 December, 2012


    Win lose or draw tonight.



    It does not matter.



    Celtic I love you ureservedly.



    Neil Lennon thank you.



    Mon the hoops







    Couldnae put it better!


    HH! tae you, too!

  21. Easy on them Paul or they might reek an awful revenge if they get out of the third division and then the second and then…….

  22. THE Count Down is on. Mon the Hoops…………………………………………



    Sammy? KC? Watt? who will be OUR hero.




  23. CQN,



    you are always spot on. Can I widen your observations to not just football, but society as well. I don’t want to live in a community that has these hate filled people roaming free. I cannot believe how short sighted and oblivious to truth so many thousands of people can be. Victims! OMG.

  24. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    Is Izzy a tactical move fro NFL??



    Maybe he reads Paul’s blog and has noticed they have a makeshift right back ?




  25. This will cause trouble, But i’m not fussed about tonight, we have punched way above our weight in this competition and done better than even the more optimistic Hoop would dare to wish. I believe we have lots of great memories from this year no matter what happens tonight, So win, lose or draw, proud and just for the record i think Europa league is were we belong. Just my opinion.Mon the Hoops!!!! Just Win.




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