Treble chasing; business, not personal, the dirty battle


Amid the general hilarity on Scottish football at the moment I’m sure it’s not escaped Ronny Deila’s attention that we have one of our most important games of the season coming up on Saturday.  The league is a marathon without any specific focus, the League Cup final is another huge game, but facing Dundee away is exactly the kind of game a club who are chasing a treble often lose.

It was Dundee who knocked the Aberdeen bandwagon off its tracks.  Given half a chance they will do the same to Celtic on Saturday.

Kenny McDowall must have felt a bit humiliated at being told he has to pick players on loan from Newcastle United, although clearly not humiliated enough to tell them to stuff the remainder of his contract.

Llambias’ instruction appears bizarre, but there’s always two sides to each story.  If McDowall informed his chief executive that he would not use the players, for reasons other than sporting merit, Llambias may well feel justified in making the instruction.

This public shaming of Llambias, the board, and by extension, Mike Ashley, is another act in a dirty battle.  Still, “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business”, as Dave King almost said about Ashley yesterday.

Ashley’s men may be robbed of the ability to pick the team after an EGM next month, but he remains able to inflict a lot of ‘assistance towards the club’ before then.  If I can paraphrase Tom Hagan, ‘Mr Ashley never asks a second favour once he’s refused the first, understood?’  When personal offence has been taken, sometimes even good business isn’t enough to bring a ruthless patriarch to the table.

When news of the attack on the 10-year-old boy broke on Monday I assumed it would be a matter of hours before the offender was charged.  Three days on without news is concerning.  It appears that those who associate with people who believe random violence is acceptable and care little about the application on justice – which has nothing to do with any specific policing issue.

Hard cash is now available to anyone with information leading to an arrest. If you can’t report the offender for the sake of the victim, do it for the money.  You don’t need to be a witness to report the issue and collect the reward, you just need to know enough to get the ball rolling.

Well done to all who have gotten involved in the appeal to help the victim, especially organiser Rod Lee.  Stunning work, Rod.

CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner, Cup Final weekend, Friday 13 March, at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park, email me for details,

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  1. Canamalar



    12:58 on 5 February, 2015





    “When news of the attack on the 10-year-old boy”


    So the boy was indeed deliberately targeted for attack, thanks for clearing that up.





    Everyone who was on the bus was attacked. Is that clear enough for you?

  2. Hun skelper,


    It’s easy to imagine some clown throwing a bottle at the bus, I’ve no problem with that scenario and I do hope he is caught and prosecuted.


    The difficulty I have is that we seem to have of eye witnesses on CQN who are telling us the boy was deliberately targeted and attacked, yet apparently refuse to go to the police with this information.

  3. South Of Tunis on

    Still raining in Napoli.Return to Sicily tonight.



    Looking forward to getting home , not least because Mrs S of T says this has been delivered –



    The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records Vol 2.



    6 lps / 800 choons on a USB and 2 books.



    175 different artists.- Charlie Patton / Son House / Blind Lemon Jefferson/ Blind Blake/ Lottie Kimbrough etc etc…

  4. Canamaler,



    Believe you are getting “targeted” and attacked mixed up.



    Let’s hope the young lad was not targeted. However attacked he most definitely was.



    Hail Hail

  5. Canamalar



    13:30 on 5 February, 2015





    Go to the police with your eyewitness account please.





    If only I could. BTW if your 10 year son was hit in the face with a bottle in similar circumstances, would your views be different?

  6. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    12:46 on 5 February, 2015





    True enough each to their own, Im glad that all religion is in its death throes, how about those who live without religion each day I switch on the TV or open a paper each and everyone one of these death cults outrages me further with the next mindless killing for their ‘God’.



    What you get from religion you can have without it, its a cancer on this planet, outdated, backwards and prehistoric.





    You’re entitled to your views. My faith gives me great comfort and consolation at times when I’m worried. At other times it fills me with happiness. I do not, however, like extremists or fundamentalists from any religion.

  7. embramike




    10:25 on 5 February, 2015




    It;s true – Mike Ashely now picking the Sevco Direct team !!



    The Clumpany ‏@TheClumpany 16m16 minutes ago



    This is fantastic! | Rangers boss told all five Newcastle players must start every game | Rangers | STV Sport




    WOW just WOW


    If ever you wondered what not having a grain of dignity left but be brimming over with sleekitness looked like just watch that by McDowall(IMHO)

  8. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Robert88 12.46



    A crude assessment of something that springs from a fundamental wondering about what life is all about and one that ignores the fact that non-religious ideologies can be as murderous as those that spring from what are defined as “religions”. I’m not long back from Cambodia.




    I dearly wish and pray that the excesses perpetrated in the name of religion would vanish and the stillness and positive values that can be found at the heart of most expressions of faith would prevail but, as my faith informs me, there is a weakness within us that often lets us down.

  9. War………………………………….what is it good for?



    Aaaabbbsoloooootly nuthin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The Honest Cover-up on




    Good article here on New Atheism




    Sums up the difference between atheism and new atheism.


    Atheism “I have no God”, new atheism “you have no God”.



    I can’t understand why people get so angry at the millions if not billions of decent human beings in the world who take comfort and spiritual fulfilment from their faith. Religious extremism and fundamentalism is of course a completely different matter but the vast majority of “religious people” do not fall into that category.


    It seems to me to be like saying “politics is evil” because of extreme right wing political groups.


    New atheists’ lack of tolerance can be quite alarming at times and their desire to forcibly impose their views on others in my personal experience is more blatant than any of the religious people I know.

  11. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on




    Your blog, your call – but I’d have maybe taken counsel on speaking out about the injured boy – more so discussing the ‘reward’



    A pointless exercise, those that know you or the blog would not need to read a declamation statement on it



    Those that don’t know you or the blog wouldn’t care if a statement was made.




  12. S o T



    Some great choons there by the ‘sound’ of things!



    How’s the old codger?






    Buon viaggio!




  13. South Of Tunis on

    16 yr old mate of mine was badly injured by a bottle at Anfield in 1966.Bottle was thrown by a half wit in response to a ridiculous offside decision.Badly injured / freaked out / missed out on his O levels .Depressed .Never went to a football match again.Dont think he gave much thought re being attacked or targeted. Throw a bottle into a crowd, there is a good chance you will hurt someone.Stupid is as stupid does .

  14. I hate the fact that a “celtic fan” got into the position of throwing the bottle in first place. I am under no illusions that we have our fair share of muppets, however we also have way more true fans who would speak out against acts like this and hopefully someone comes forward to get this guy brought to justice!

  15. lubo of the lamp on

    Robert88 – 12:46



    “Im glad that all religion is in its death throes, how about those who live without religion each day I switch on the TV or open a paper each and everyone one of these death cults outrages me further with the next mindless killing for their ‘God’.”



    Funny kind of “death throes,” for expample:



    By the end of 2012, the worldwide Catholic population had reached 1.228 billion, an increase of 14 million or 1.14 per cent, slightly outpacing the global population growth rate, which, as of 2013, was estimated at 1.09 per cent.





    And Christianity is not a “death cult”, Christians are those that are being persecuted by the ‘death cults’ in countries such as North Korea, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan…





    “What you get from religion you can have without it, its a cancer on this planet, outdated, backwards and prehistoric.”



    Nope, that’s The Rangers tactics last Sunday you’re describing there.

  16. philbhoy



    13:37 on 5 February, 2015



    I wouldn’t have thought that happened, just as I don’t think a wee mini-bus full of orcs sitting quietly going to a football match is suddenly attacked by a mob who opened the door.

  17. patmcgrathtakesapenalty



    Nothing crude about it at all,



    I’d wonder if you could name the murderous non religious ideologies if possible?

  18. Celtic Football Club@celticfc · 47 mins47 minutes ago



    Celtic Development Squad v Dunfermline: Fasan; Fisher O’Connell, Kelleher, Waters; Lindsay, Hill, Breslin; Thomson, McMullan, Duffy.



    Young Michael Duffyl makes his 1st start as an official BHOY.


    Go on sonmake a name for yourself

  19. The Honest Cover-up



    Good article, thanks for posting it.



    When dealing with all people I remember something my Wee Mammy told me, ” Painting yourself white by painting someone else black never works, stop it!”



    A little tolerance will go a long way..

  20. leftclicktic great song, brings back memories of romancing an American airline stewardess in Majorca the year it was released. She could,nt get enough of it – the song that is!!!! H H Hebcelt

  21. lubo of the lamp



    I’m not looking for an argument, its merely an assessment of what I see daily, Christians victims? Had to read that twice and have a laugh to myself, as ive said, cults the lot of them all as murderous as the next.



    Pulling a stat out means what? Essentially the next generation is born into the world and has no choice about religion they are born into the world and told you will be a muslim as your parents are or catholic or whatever, indoctrination from the first breath. I come from a very large Catholic family, and detest it. If children had the choice or young adults I would very much doubt any of them would willingly choose any cult to follow.

  22. SoT,


    The guy that threw that bottle attacked the whole crowd going by scullybhoys argument.



    Scullybhoy, that’s right init

  23. Maybe the real story is that the boy who was attacked volunteered to take a sore one from a Sevco fan dressed in green and white who got more of his mates to dress in same colours and it’s all been a big set up? ( said only the truly insane)

  24. hun skelper



    We all know that the smsm print what suits them and their agenda.



    No doubt a wee boy got hurt and frightened.



    Perhaps the occupants of the bus brought it on themselves, if you know what I mean.

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