Treble chasing; business, not personal, the dirty battle


Amid the general hilarity on Scottish football at the moment I’m sure it’s not escaped Ronny Deila’s attention that we have one of our most important games of the season coming up on Saturday.  The league is a marathon without any specific focus, the League Cup final is another huge game, but facing Dundee away is exactly the kind of game a club who are chasing a treble often lose.

It was Dundee who knocked the Aberdeen bandwagon off its tracks.  Given half a chance they will do the same to Celtic on Saturday.

Kenny McDowall must have felt a bit humiliated at being told he has to pick players on loan from Newcastle United, although clearly not humiliated enough to tell them to stuff the remainder of his contract.

Llambias’ instruction appears bizarre, but there’s always two sides to each story.  If McDowall informed his chief executive that he would not use the players, for reasons other than sporting merit, Llambias may well feel justified in making the instruction.

This public shaming of Llambias, the board, and by extension, Mike Ashley, is another act in a dirty battle.  Still, “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business”, as Dave King almost said about Ashley yesterday.

Ashley’s men may be robbed of the ability to pick the team after an EGM next month, but he remains able to inflict a lot of ‘assistance towards the club’ before then.  If I can paraphrase Tom Hagan, ‘Mr Ashley never asks a second favour once he’s refused the first, understood?’  When personal offence has been taken, sometimes even good business isn’t enough to bring a ruthless patriarch to the table.

When news of the attack on the 10-year-old boy broke on Monday I assumed it would be a matter of hours before the offender was charged.  Three days on without news is concerning.  It appears that those who associate with people who believe random violence is acceptable and care little about the application on justice – which has nothing to do with any specific policing issue.

Hard cash is now available to anyone with information leading to an arrest. If you can’t report the offender for the sake of the victim, do it for the money.  You don’t need to be a witness to report the issue and collect the reward, you just need to know enough to get the ball rolling.

Well done to all who have gotten involved in the appeal to help the victim, especially organiser Rod Lee.  Stunning work, Rod.

CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner, Cup Final weekend, Friday 13 March, at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park, email me for details,

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  1. hebcelt


    Just checked up it 1st got given to “the temptations”, but the record company thought it may effect their middle of the road image and the rest they say is history ,



    Didnae know that

  2. hebcel



    I didn’t want to name him in case anyone else was trying to work it out!



    But he was a Star.

  3. Celtic FC Tickets @CelticFCTickets · 5 hrs5 hours ago



    St Mirren FC have advised that they will sell tickets direct to Celtic Supporters for the match in April (a)

  4. Celtic Football Club@celticfc · 33 secs33 seconds ago





    Jamie Lindsay curls in an inch-perfect free kick from over 20 yards to put the Bhoys 1-0 up.

  5. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Bishop Crosas CSC ‏@BishopCrosasCSC 4m4 minutes ago



    Hoops bar CSC got some spare tickets and seats for Saturday.

  6. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Robeert 88 13.51



    Nothing crude about it at all,



    I’d wonder if you could name the murderous non religious ideologies if possible?




    Crude in the extreme as was the reply to Lubo. Muderous non-religious ideologies? I


    said I was not long back from Cambodia. Add to that the most murderous regimes in the twentieth century: both Soviet Communism and National Socialism. The nearest those ideologies came to religious expression was the belief in MAN without God. came to

  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Seems to me that Mike Ashley has the same attitude to fitba punters as Michael O’Leary has to Ryanair customers.



    Basically amounts to “Mr. Customer – your’e a piece of sh!t and I am going to remind you of that at every opportunity – just because I can – since I’ve got something you really want”.



    Ashley seems like a horrible individual – the huns deserve him.

  8. The Honest Cover-up on




    Isn’t fascism a murderous non religious ideology? Or Communism or Pol Pot’s movement.


    Does your hatred of religion extend to nontheistic religion like bhudism?


    Serious question, would you like to see a ban on all religion?

  9. Philbhoy correctomundo but he was a Starr. Interesting bit of info both artists were with Tamala so it figures btw 1970. The temps released “Ball of Confusion” about the same time, very similar song, nowback to matters football. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  10. Canamalar



    14:01 on 5 February, 2015





    The guy that threw that bottle attacked the whole crowd going by scullybhoys argument.



    Scullybhoy, that’s right init





    Strange logic. I only said those in the bus were attacked. As a schoolboy in the North of Ireland I sat on a bus that was attacked by stone throwers every evening for an entire year. I know the fear that everyone on the bus felt, not only those unfortunate enough to be injured. Oh dear semantics can distract from the fact that a child was injured and I certainly felt ashamed that it was seemingly done in my name.

  11. I always love the argument that religions are murderous institutions … I also love the contention that religion has started more wars than any other thing …



    Yes, I suppose there have been more wars over religion than there have been over, say, cheese making … but that’s a surface observation without any digging.



    Let’s look at the so-called “religious wars” shall we?



    When you look at how a “religious war” is defined, you find something striking; none of them were, actually, about man’s place in sight of God. They were – without exception – wars over temporal power … i.e. land, wealth and status.



    You’re kidding yourself if you think religion was anything other than a flag of conveniance. Those wars would have happened anyway because the ruling classes of the time required them.



    And at that time, some of those ruling classes were the churches themselves, which were determined to protect their standing and influence.



    The greatest of these conflicts – The Thirty Years War – erupted between Catholic and Protestant centres of power in Europe, and expanded to include nearly every major regional power of the time … no coincidence, since the words “Catholic and Protestant” were simply badges worn by two enormous ruling dynasties within the Holy Roman Empire … both of which paid lip service, at best, to the teachings of the church itself.



    11,000,000 died in that war, but many of them were killed in the general expansion of that war to engulf other countries who didn’t even pretend to be motivated by the church.



    Robert88 asked an interesting question … the non-religious murdering ideologies … it’s an easy one to answer.



    The greatest war in the history of mankind – World War II – was launched by an aggressively athiest, anti-church, anti-religion ideologue and his party of like minded individuals … and their greatest enemy in that war was, itself, a state which presecuted millions of its own religious citizens and banned the practice of every one, until it cynically reinstituted them as part of what it called the Great Patriotic War.



    So Soviet Communism – between 1917 and 1953 – when the death toll was certainly between 10,000,000 – 15,000,000 million (entirely seperate from the war) and Nazi Germany just for openers. Add to that Mao and Pol Pot and others …



    This is without talking about The French Revolution.



    The evidence, actually, is pretty conclusive …



    Athiest regimes make the religious leaders look like amatuers when it comes to turning on the taps of the blood bath.



    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn probably said it best when he spoke of the purges under Stalin, and why they were allowed:



    “If I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: ‘Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

  12. Just caught a bit of the sevco press conference there on ssn .



    Kenny McDowall was asked more pressing questions in the 2 min


    clip i saw than the gardener was asked in the last 3 yrs .



    Journalists ? more like sevco pr men especially when the gardener involved .



    Anyway , keeps the hilarity going over there a while longer ,

  13. Scullybhoy,


    The RST made a statement that the boy was attacked and bottled, that implies singled out the same argument you are making.


    Their statement is now backed up by you and everyone on here using the same terminology.


    Did you read the boys fathers comments, even he understood his boy was not attacked, the boy was hit by a bottle thrown at the bus.


    He was not attacked, yes semantics as I said the other night to cultsbhoy, it is those semantics that allows the RST to make the stupid claim the boy was attacked and bottled, backed up by people who should know better.

  14. Jeezo philbhoy bet you wish you,d never mentioned that song “War” now. See what you’ve started!!!! Hail Hail Hebcelt

  15. The Raven


    “Kenny McDowall was asked more pressing questions in the 2 min


    clip i saw than the gardener was asked in the last 3 yrs”.



    Exactly the sleekitest of the sleekits McCoist would not have been pressed on anything that put him in a bad light, and the presser would have been spun positive,


    So that’s that cleared up the wee lad wasn’t attacked, he wasn’t bottled, but he did get hit in the face by a bottle thrown by some cretin.


    The wee guy will be so glad, probably less painful too, now that’s cleared up.

  17. We will be moving the new CQN a Magazine site, described this morning by Paul as actually being “quick news”, onto the main CQN servers next week as we get ready for the new look Celtic Quick News site.



    The mag site has been very popular so far and crashed the test server this morning. It is back up now.



    Can a few folk test it for me to see if it is working?



  18. blantyretim & Richie.



    I’ll be in Glasgow tomorrow for a wee visit to the pub? around 2.00pm.

  19. South Of Tunis on

    blantyretim @ 13 40.



    No deep fried pizza.Had a pizza yesterday.Best pizza in Napoli – from a place called – Pizzeria Port ‘alba. Pizza


    doc ( real pizza )- mozzarella / tomatoes / basil and olive oil.) Family business / making pizza since 1830.Big signed photo of Maradona behind the counter..

  20. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on

    Below is the text of the e-mail that I sent to the SFA ( this morning; I received an auto-reply, stating that it would be passed on to the appropriate department, but nothing urther since.



    Dear Mr. McGlennan,



    I’ve just checked the “Disciplinary News” section of the SFA website (, and cannot see any sign of a Notice of Complaint having been issued to Lee McCulloch, concerning, in particular, the two incidents during Sunday’s Scottish League Cup Semi-Final fixture between Celtic and Rangers, when he made, in my opinion, calculated and deliberate violent assualts on Leigh Griffiths and John Guidetti.



    I’m fairly confident that I will not be the first person wo has contacted you concerning this matter, and I am also sure that you are are a very busy man, but I should like to ask you to reply to me, and to advise whether you intend to take any action against Mr. McCulloch.



    Should you not have seen coverage of the incidents, and require further details to aid your investigation, please let me know, and I will supply links to websites which have full coverage, from more than one angle.



    Yours sincerely,




  21. leftclicktic





    14:23 on



    5 February, 2015





    The Raven


    “Kenny McDowall was asked more pressing questions in the 2 min


    clip i saw than the gardener was asked in the last 3 yrs”.



    Exactly the sleekitest of the sleekits McCoist would not have been pressed on anything that put him in a bad light, and the presser would have been spun positive




    Agreed mate , never had to field an awkward question once ,


    kinda felt bit sorry for mcdowall , he doesn’t look comfortable


    doing the press stuff .

  22. West End of East End on

    Canamalar – I don’t know what point you’re trying to make but I think you’re alienating a lot of people in trying to do so. If you’ve ever been on a bus when it was stoned / bottles thrown at it you would call it being attacked. I’ve been on those buses, hiding under the seats and it’s a frightening experience. If someone asked me afterwards what had happened I would have described it as being attacked.



    We have scum amongst our support as do most clubs, it’s the world we line in…

  23. Cultsbhoy,


    The Poison needs to be drawn out, or it infects everyone.


    You keep spitting your poison, I’ll keep lancing the boil.

  24. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    What is it good for??????



    (Hebcelt – See if this has the opposite effect!)

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