Want to face stronger opponents or go home after the coin toss


We have a recurring theme on here: never make excuses before an event.  Allow players, the manager, or anyone connected with a performance an opportunity to make an excuse for a failure, and they will take it.  Before a game, I don’t like to hear complaints about a plastic pitch, hopeless referees or injuries.  Be ready, or don’t be at Celtic.

Yesterday, Mick Beale told the media “We’re competing against the odds if you like. In general, if you look at any league in the world, the team that spends the most is first. So, we have to compete against the odds because we’re not going to spend the most money.”

This is sport.  If you want to compete with only 50/50 odds, go home after the coin toss.  There are some narrow openings for this kind of chat in football.  I would let Ange away with it in the Champions League, where we have no expectation of winning.  But here, in Scotland, I’d march any Celtic manager out of town for throwing excuses for failure around.

Losers lose not because they have fewer resources, but because they have a loser mentality – and that’s a few days after listening to a self-help coach who recently picked himself up from a cell bunk after a DUI conviction!  Can you imagine what they would the mood would be like if they didn’t have that pep talk?

While we’re on the subject of the other lot measuring themselves against Celtic….  John Lundstam gave a really nuanced interview yesterday.  “It is one game, they turned up and we didn’t. I think the combination for that didn’t complement each other well. It looks like there is a massive gap but I don’t think there is a massive gap.”

Compared to his manager, this is faultless.  To you and me, Celtic dominated, but there was only one goal in it, they hit the post and really should have converted the rebound.  By objective measures, the gap was narrow.

There is a problem here, though.  Being narrowly worse than the team you need to be better than is almost as bad as being miles worse.  Winners can have planned improvements, losers have a responsibility to break-up even good teams, sometimes sack even good managers that reach European finals, because being narrowly worse is to fail.

There is a combined message from these two interviews: a team that is worth less money came close against powerful champions, which is respectable.  Being second to this Celtic team is respectable.  It is where they are in the food-chain and where they are likely to remain unless something incredible happens.  Maybe the Qataris will buy them!  (Joke, honestly, no one with real money is interestined in Scottish clubs).  Ibrox has had a buyer from Motherwell, then Hamilton.  Can’t you see, it’s circling the Larkhall sinkhole!

There is a few years of this type of chat to come before someone levels with their fans.  Second place with a puncher’s chance is where they are.  Take it or leave before your side’s runner up medals are awarded.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD MARCH 2023 3:53 PM


    Beale is actually Mike Bassett- Fact



    he reminds me of Ricky Gervais without the wit and Danny Dyer with even lesser brains.



    i could not take him seriously if i played for him.

  2. Bada.



    Still gigglin at lunstrum soundin like lily savage






  3. Beale is actually a Mike Bassett-David Brent hybrid.



    The type of odious bore who has wasted hours upon hours of peoples working lives by sitting them down to spout soundbites dresses up as some kind of cutting edge philosophy.



    Probably capable of putting on a good training session but a rank amateur as a manager.

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    Mr Beale, did no one at ipox tell you that their view is that having more cash than your opponent does not provide any sporting advantage?



    I’m sure that’s what I heard a few years back.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Why don’t we stop wasting time, effort and money organising games and league seasons? Let’s just award the trophies in August to the club with the biggest resources and we can all go home.



    I have posted the above, or similar, on CQN at least 3 times over the years in tesponse to posters complaining about Celtic failing to beat teams with a vastly inferior budget, as if there should never be shock results in football.



    So Paul’s analogy about going home after the coin toss resonates well with me.



    Bring on the Saints.

  6. Agree about Beale, His soundbites are irritating,


    First comment I read from him once he had been appointed was , we are going to take off the handbrake.



    What exactly does that mean ye fecking clown.



    you might as well have added ye were going to wash the windscreen as well.

  7. “CORKCELT on 3RD MARCH 2023 4:34 PM


    you might as well have added ye were going to wash the windscreen as well.”







  8. In fairness, I listened to Mick Beale`s interview and thought he was quite good. Even so, he was further below Ange than his team is below us !

  9. He also said it was unthinkable that the Huns wouldn’t win at least one trophy every year.


    Again pure stupidity, you win Trophies on the field of play, no Club be they Celtic, Hearts or Huns can expect to win a Trophy just because they have historically been successful.

  10. Tobago Street on



    Tobago Street.


     No problem,


     Afraid to say I don’t hold out to much chance of a ticket.


     I’m in Paisley tomorrow and will stop at the ticket office and see if they have any. Would you take one for the home section of there are any ?



    …Very kind of you mate. YES! I would have taken any ticket!


    But my cousin just phoned me! He’s called in a few favours and has secured me one in with the Celtic Support! Ya Dancer!



    TIMBHOY163 on 3RD MARCH 2023 2:33 PM


    TOBAGO STREET I Take it you stayed there ,if I remember there was a Police Station there,



    … Indeed there was TIMBHOY163! Right beside Lyles Pub (eventually called John’s Bar )! Almost on the corner of Stevenson Street and Tobago. We lived across the street and one close up towards the Gallowgate at 145. When folk find out I’m from Tobago street in the Calton they always mention the Police Station, sometimes the Cottage Bar on Abercromby Street. On rare occasions St Mary’s school ( Forbes Street ) gets a mention.




  11. Apple at 4.47


    It’s good, especially the half time team talk during the Mexico game 🤪

  12. wt actual f does this even literally mean?



    “Revamp is a better word than rebuild,” was the view of manager Michael Beale when asked about his summer plans for his Rangers squad in the aftermath of Sunday’s Viaplay Cup final defeat.”



  13. Johns bar Glasgow.



    Big Jimmy, good horses story on the old glasgow pubs website an awe.










    You are here: Home / J / John’s Bar


    John’s Bar


    by John Gorevan Leave a Comment



    110 Tobago Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.



    John’s Bar


    This old established pub was once called Lyall’s Bar.



    Michael Lynch son of John Lynch of the Old Barn’s, London Road ran this pub for a short while.



    William Lyall


    William Lyall.



    It is probably better known by the locals as Lyall’s Bar, William Lyall took the pub over in 1923, he was born in Rothiemay, Banffshire and had been associated in the licensed trade since 1901. He was also a member of the Glasgow and District Licensed Trade Defence Association the Royalty Burns Club and the Ex-Ploughman’s Association as well as the Aberdeenshire and Moray and Banffshire Ploughing Associations. He was a keen Freemason and founder member of Lodge Abercromby. William died suddenly on 16th January 1951, he was survived by his wife and two sons.



    Lyalls interior


    Interior of Lyall’s Bar 1965. The occasion was proprietor J Lyall being presented with the Tennent challenge cup which he won at Ayr races in July 1965 when he placed the first four runners in the Tennents Trophy Race. He kept the cup for a year he also won 24 complimentary paddock tickets for the races. In the photograph is left to right T G Dick, sales manager of J & R Tennent Ltd, Mr I Lyall, Mr J Lyall and Mr P Scott, sales director of J & R Tennent Ltd.



    The last time I passed this pub it was closed down.



    John’s Bar 2005


    John’s Bar. 2005.



    Johns Bar 2009


    John’s Bar. 2009.



    Licence Holders.



    1990 Michael Lynch.



    1973-1965 William McDougall Lyall.



    1937 William Lyall.

  14. Prestonpans bhoys on

    JACKIEMAC on 3RD MARCH 2023 6:06 PM


    wt actual f does this even literally mean



    That guy is all soundbites. They don’t have the cash for a rebuild that’s for sure, loans and cheap buys at lengthy installments will be the plan. Will that improve the side, doubt it and certainly doesn’t constitute a revamp either.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Aipple- Mike Bassett is full of stereotypes, but was ok,actually ahead of it’s time before Allardyce got the England job

  16. Tobago Street on

    Yeah, Saint Stivs. That pic from1929 is up between the Gallowgate and Duke Street I think. My Granny and Granda lived up there when my auld man was a wain. All gone now of course. Tobago Street now only runs as far as Millroad Street.



    Funny! My Da’ used to call Forbes Street East Rose Street. I’d forgotten it was renamed for one of the priests. Great Pic!


    Notice the school is gone. I went there from primary 1 through 5 before leaving for Canada a shockingly long time ago.



    LYALL’S not Lyle’s. Oops. Was sent there more than once to get my da’. There was an off licence just on the right when you went in. I remember collecting bottles and taken them back: thrupence each! Nice work if you can get it!



    I’ll be back this week and go for a stroll round the auld midden and revel in what might have been. I’ll end up in Lynch’s or the Braemar ( if there’s room, tiny place it is ) supping on creamy Guinness and looking all chuffed wi’ masel’.




  17. you enjoy new st mirren park and get us a result.



    the calton for me is fascinating, unique, its ours.



    i also like to here people stories from there, when someone says my granny went to st marys, and was probably fed at the tables, it is just how close we are to that time, its recent past really while someone still remebers someone who was there.



    as an aside I had a wee yap with Gerry Collins at sundays game, did you know them or the burns when growing up ?

  18. Day 3





    I’m feeling exceptionally well today. (It’s only the third day, I know, but all the same I’m feeling great.) I had a visit this morning with two reporters, David Beresford of The Guardian and Brendan O Cathaoir of The Irish Times. Couldn’t quite get my flow of thoughts together. I could have said more in a better fashion.



    63 kgs today, so what?



    A priest was in. Feel he’s weighing me up psychologically for a later date. If I’m wrong I’m sorry — but I think he is. So I tried to defuse any notion of that tonight. I think he may have taken the point. But whether he accepts it, will be seen. He could not defend my onslaught on Bishop Daly — or at least he did not try.



    I wrote some notes to my mother and to Mary Doyle in Armagh; and will write more tomorrow. The boys are now all washed. But I didn’t get washed today. They were still trying to get men their first wash.



    I smoked some ‘bog-rolled blows’ today, the luxury of the Block!



    They put a table in my cell and are now placing my food on it in front of my eyes. I honestly couldn’t give a damn if they placed it on my knee. They still keep asking me silly questions like, ‘Are you still not eating?’



    I never got started on my poem today, but I’ll maybe do it tomorrow. The trouble is I now have more ideas.



    Got papers and a book today. The book was Kipling’s Short Stories with an introduction of some length by W. Somerset Maugham. I took an instant dislike to the latter on reading his comment on the Irish people during Kipling’s prime as a writer: ‘It is true that the Irish were making a nuisance of themselves.’ Damned too bad, I thought, and bigger the pity it wasn’t a bigger nuisance! Kipling I know of, and his Ulster connection. I’ll read his stories tomorrow.



    Ag rá an phaidrín faoi dhó achan lá atá na buachaillí anois. Níl aon rud eile agam anocht. Sin sin. (Translated this reads as follows: The boys are now saying the rosary twice every day. I have nothing else tonight. That’s all.)

  19. Lovely afternoon in the Old Ship Bank with a fantastic bunch of Tims. Great craic and loads of laughs!



    Great to meet RON BACARDI for the first time and hope everything goes well for you, Sir.



    Special mention to BIG JIMMY for your amazing hospitality, thank you so much.


    The perfect host!



    Wee shout out to the staff as well, just brilliant!



    And the buffet lunch was 5 star!



    PS I hope Leggy is OK!



    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  20. Tobago Street on

    Gerry Collins, I don’t remember I don’t think. Collins name is familiar though. I played with Tommy on the St Mary’s junior team before leaving for Canada. Blue and Gold jerseys, playing on the bloody red ash pitches down near Shawfield. Great way to spend a Saturday Morning.




  21. Saint Stivs



    Loving the old Calton pictures and stories, my mother was from Stevenson Street and my dad Green Street.



    Only story that was shared was my mother’s first communion at St.Mary’s and all the male members of the extended families on guard in case the Billy Boys attacked

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