Want to face stronger opponents or go home after the coin toss


We have a recurring theme on here: never make excuses before an event.  Allow players, the manager, or anyone connected with a performance an opportunity to make an excuse for a failure, and they will take it.  Before a game, I don’t like to hear complaints about a plastic pitch, hopeless referees or injuries.  Be ready, or don’t be at Celtic.

Yesterday, Mick Beale told the media “We’re competing against the odds if you like. In general, if you look at any league in the world, the team that spends the most is first. So, we have to compete against the odds because we’re not going to spend the most money.”

This is sport.  If you want to compete with only 50/50 odds, go home after the coin toss.  There are some narrow openings for this kind of chat in football.  I would let Ange away with it in the Champions League, where we have no expectation of winning.  But here, in Scotland, I’d march any Celtic manager out of town for throwing excuses for failure around.

Losers lose not because they have fewer resources, but because they have a loser mentality – and that’s a few days after listening to a self-help coach who recently picked himself up from a cell bunk after a DUI conviction!  Can you imagine what they would the mood would be like if they didn’t have that pep talk?

While we’re on the subject of the other lot measuring themselves against Celtic….  John Lundstam gave a really nuanced interview yesterday.  “It is one game, they turned up and we didn’t. I think the combination for that didn’t complement each other well. It looks like there is a massive gap but I don’t think there is a massive gap.”

Compared to his manager, this is faultless.  To you and me, Celtic dominated, but there was only one goal in it, they hit the post and really should have converted the rebound.  By objective measures, the gap was narrow.

There is a problem here, though.  Being narrowly worse than the team you need to be better than is almost as bad as being miles worse.  Winners can have planned improvements, losers have a responsibility to break-up even good teams, sometimes sack even good managers that reach European finals, because being narrowly worse is to fail.

There is a combined message from these two interviews: a team that is worth less money came close against powerful champions, which is respectable.  Being second to this Celtic team is respectable.  It is where they are in the food-chain and where they are likely to remain unless something incredible happens.  Maybe the Qataris will buy them!  (Joke, honestly, no one with real money is interestined in Scottish clubs).  Ibrox has had a buyer from Motherwell, then Hamilton.  Can’t you see, it’s circling the Larkhall sinkhole!

There is a few years of this type of chat to come before someone levels with their fans.  Second place with a puncher’s chance is where they are.  Take it or leave before your side’s runner up medals are awarded.

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  1. DAVID66 on 4TH MARCH 2023 5:38 AM


    Morning Jimmy🤣







    Im off back to bed.







    Laters “high there Mr Bridges, Sebastion, Sebastion”







    Kev B is Hilarious.




    Im having a couple of cups of sweet Tea along with 5 or 6 Fags.



    ” The SALTMARKET SEBASTIAN” is alive and well.







    Good morning all from Govanhill. Another grand Saturday in prospect. Braw.












    I hope that you got home okay with the Jacket ?





    Wee BILLY LOUGHNANE has got THREE Horses Today at LINGFIELD.





    5/2, 4/9 and 7/1 are the Early Odds.



    i also think that THE SKELTONS MIGHT have Three winners or more at KELSO Today ?


    fingers crossed.



    Take care BRRB Mate.


    See you real soon, maybe next week for a wee Bevvy ?





    Im glad that you enjoyed the wee day oot.


    Thank you also for your kind words earlier.



    Yer a good man.



    HH my auld China.

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    A glass was raised to Garry Duncan, Neustadt Braw and all other departed friends. Braw.🍺

  5. BRRB



    Great pics from a great day!



    True what BELMONTBRIAN says, BIG JIMMY is a LEGEND!



    (See, I’ve started reading BB’s posts!)



    BIG LEGGY blamed his fall on a dodgy stool!



    Ooh err misses!



    PS Hope he does not suffer any after effects.



    What a day, lovely memories, thanks again!

  6. bigrailroadblues on



    Glad you enjoyed the day old chap. You can never have enough good times. 👍

  7. Got a wee surprise yesterday when Virgin TV phoned the Mrs and told her as loyal (ouch) customers they were upgrading our package to include SKY/BT Sports and a few other channels and reduced our monthly cost.



    Will watch the game tomorrow for sure!



    C’MONTHE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Whooft …



    two line ups that wouldn’t look out of place on Crimewatch :-)



    Even Ange would struggle to field a team fae that mob



    Only jesting bhoys … jealously is never a good trait

  9. BRRB



    Indeed! Looking forward to the next one!



    Hope you are good!



    Back later!

  10. Philbhoy 8.52am



    Was off work on Monday (after final) then two short days Tues/Wed as the kids schools were on strike so not a chance I could finish early yesterday … never been in the Shipbank (yet) must be one of the only boozers that I haven’t :-)



    Delighted you all had a great day, as I posted there is never a bad day oot talking rubbish about Celtic

  11. Weebobbycollins on

    “Aye, my wee yin said “why is everyone bald?”




    True…I’ve seen more hair on an egg.🙄

  12. The Evil Genius comment this morn



    Michael Beale’s Celtic huddle showed he’s learning from the best but he should copy another Ange factor – Chris Sutton



    The Rangers boss hasn’t been shy to take a leaf out of his counterpart’s book but there’s one more thing he should take note of across the city.



    Michael Beale holds his post-match debrief at Hampden



    It was interesting to see Michael Beale copying Celtic’s huddle on the pitch after the final whistle at Hampden last weekend. But the Rangers manager should be looking to take a leaf out of Ange Postecoglou’s book in far more meaningful ways.



    There’s always a huge fall out after a derby defeat and it’s magnified a million times when it comes in a cup final – especially when one of the teams has been played off the pitch. Rangers went into the game in bullish mood, talking up their chances, firing barbs across the city and talking a good game. A few days later we have the Ibrox manager talking about battling ‘against the odds’ and facing a total rebuild in the summer.



    Talk about a wild ride. Beale has spoken about standards at his club but I didn’t see those standards when the Rangers team refused to hang about to see Celtic go up and get their winners’ medals. I also didn’t see it when he held the group meeting on the Hampden pitch after the game, which was clearly a show for the supporters, when the inquest should have gone on behind closed doors.



    That is the big lesson Beale should learn from this damaging week. The pandering to the masses has been good knock-about fun but in the long term it doesn’t do him any good.



    We’ve had the ‘lucky man’ stuff that will continue to haunt him as long as Postecoglou is on top and the ‘them’ jibe didn’t do much good either. There’s been some growing grumbling about the financial gap to Celtic as well and it got louder this week.



    I said last week you only have to look at how Martin O’Neill handled stepping into the Glasgow goldfish bowl with his ‘Rangers are the benchmark’ stuff. He didn’t talk about the money situation, he was on about the teams. Rangers had won the league by a mile the year before he came in and he was still talking about benchmarks when we were out of sight.



    Beale came in all guns blazing but now the penny seems to have dropped. But there’s no use moaning about money or injuries, or whatever excuses get rolled out.



    He only needs to look at the job Postecoglou has done at Celtic. Who inherited a tougher job?



    When Postecoglou arrived in Scotland he was right up against it. He was dismissed as a nobody by folk who refused to research his stellar career. The Celtic squad was on its knees, players were desperate to leave and Rangers had won the title by the length of the Clyde.



    That really was a total rebuild. When Beale came back to Rangers he talked about picking up a squad who were European finalists a few months earlier. Now it’s back to square one?



    There wasn’t a peep out of Postecoglou back then either. He had to quietly go about revolutionising his squad while still winning games. He’s been hailed from all quarters now, but I don’t actually think he got enough credit for winning the league last season.



    Talk about winning against all odds. But it just shows how the balance can be tipped.



    I actually don’t think Rangers have gone from being world beaters to no-hopers in the space of a week. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in between.



    But I also don’t think there should be this realisation Beale has a tough gig on his hands just because they lose the League Cup Final. Beale ALWAYS had a huge task ahead of him.



    Celtic look stronger in just about every department. And the scary thing for Rangers is, while Sunday was a fairly comfortable win, I don’t think Postecoglou’s side were quite at their best and there could be more levels to come. It will be up to Beale to keep up and try to be competitive, but there’s no doubt he’ll need help.



    It’s not that Rangers have not had money – it’s just that they’ve not used it wisely. They can point at the amount of cash spent by Celtic but they have also brought a lot in on sales.



    Postecoglou has balanced the books but he’s also barely wasted a penny. The big money arrivals have all done the business and the bargain buys have looked like steals. Cameron Carter-Vickers might gave cost £6m but he’s been value for money, but then look at the likes of Reo Hatate, who cost less than Rabbi Matondo.



    It’s not just about spending – it’s about spending better. That is an issue higher up than Beale. I still can’t believe Rangers haven’t sorted out the futures of Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos and there has to be serious questions asked if they leave for free in the summer.



    Beale has managed to get more of a tune out of Morelos but still doesn’t look in top condition and although he got his goal on Sunday, he never really troubled the Celtic centre backs. He would still need replaced though and it’s the same all over the pitch.



    Beale doesn’t seem to lack confidence and he’s done a lot of talking since he come in. But he went from sounding like Mourinho to starting to come across more like Pedro – when he really should be taking his inspiration from Postecoglou.



    petec now talkin’



    Or lazy youtubing.



    Happiness – morelos :)






    Ta the Shipbank possee for Remembering the G Thang.

  13. Adidas and Celtic introduction a fourth strip fine if you can afford it , incidentally were does the money from these merchandise go,I know on match days the fans queuing outside on a winter’s day waiting to get inside needs to be addressed,the Superstore is to small and again facilities are missing, correct me if I’m wrong,for the majority of our ordinary fans who put plenty of there money into the club,they are just customers.That Irishman and Lawell and others should hang there heads in shame ,

  14. Hi there,



    Looking for some advice …been a while since I’ve been to a game …what are the chances I’ll be able to pick ups ticket ifI turn up to the ground on Wed night …I seem to remember guys holding tickets for sale ????

  15. Dissapointed that I never managed to make it to the Shipbank yesterday.


    Pleased to hear that you all had a great time.





    Maybe catch up before game on Wednesday

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    St Tams


    I’ll be in sports bar early doors, not going to the oak, cos I usually end pished with Prestonpans and his brother. Bad influence the pair of them.

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy


    Thanks again for the jaiket. Didn’t get home til 1a.m. Mrs BRRB was not amused.

  18. RIP to the famous Morton’s roll,


    You filled me with joy each morning and I will forever and desperately look for a replacement.



    BTW- when Leggy fell off his wonky stool in the Shipbank yesterday- full credit to whoever it was that shouted out, quick as a flash, “Penalty to Rangers!”




    i think it was Big LEGGY who was rather ” WONKY”…..The stool was INNOCENT !






  20. LEGGY should should been Yellow Carded for ” STIMULATION”.


    His DIVE was MORE convincing than Abaddas last Sunday.



    Thanks to ALL the Bhoys yesterday who took the time and trouble to come to MY Local yet again.


    Im STILL laughing at LEGGYs antics….and DAVID66 doing a grand job with his ” Kevin Bridges “.





    1AM ?…..Your a Bad Bhoy.








    it is highly likely that you will get a ticket at the ground on Wednesday.

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