We need to hear from Crawford Allen


We don’t have a dog in the fight over refereeing standards at last night’s League Cup game at Ibrox.  Livingston and even the perennial Ibrox media holdouts were aghast at a decision which led to the opening goal and subsequent VAR approval.

However, we remain the only club who SFA Head of Refereeing, Crawford Allan, felt it appropriate to pick-on for a decision by one of his officials he felt was wrong.  Some context.  In December 2021 Kyogo scored the only goal of a league game against Hearts.  After a rocky start to the season, where the club had won only one from their opening seven games, Celtic collected 25 from 27 points up to that night.

They were on form and closing in on the top of the table, the whole country could sense it and an assistant referee did not raise his flag when Kyogo scored.  Allan could contain himself no more and took to Radio Scotland to express his suspicion that Celtic were advantaged.  He didn’t say it that way, of course, but by saying he thought the assistant was wrong, that was the implication.

His intervention was ill-judged.  Referees get a hard enough time without their own boss taking to the airwaves to undermine them.  This was true then and remains so now.  That the SFA Head of Refereeing didn’t see anything wrong with his actions gave us an insight into how his mind reacted to that Celtic Park moment.  Football takes hold of us all.

We need to hear again from Crawford.  He either should explain his view on decisions favouring other clubs, which would be even-handed but an horrendous mistake, or he need to explain how inappropriate it is that he only spoke about Celtic.

When trying to raise standards in an organisation, it is practically impossible to achieve progress if your own missteps are brushed under the carpet.  The SFA has been a hiding place for bowling club committee-types for decades.  Our game just doesn’t have the competence to attract those with the ability to succeed in a more responsible environment.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’d like to hear from South of Tunis.



    Last time I recall him posting he was heading to London and onto the US to catch up with his kids.



    That was around the 2nd week of March 2020, just as Covid was about to crash through our lives.



    If you’re looking in, give us a wave.




    Hope you are well my friend!



    Could you post the link on here for “Bring Teresa Home” please?



    I can’t do it from my phone as I am a bit of a diddy with these things and I’d like to donate!



    TIA and HH

  3. Not a chance.



    Don’t know of any other business that companies pay for equipment that actually works against them and don’t question it.



    They will keep cheating until WE question it, no one is going to fight this battle for us, media can scream and shout, but it’s up to us. It’s been poor since the star, everything is on a server that we also pay for.



    Use it.



    Stop paying to be hobbled.




  4. CLOUD9 on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2023 11:23 AM






    What do you feel about the number of games Sevco have played in the SPFL without conceding a penalty?

  5. Cloud9



    “I know full well that there are times when the kind of decision that goes against us beggars belief – e.g. the oft-cited ICT handball on the line at Hampden.”





    I’m glad you specified which ICT handball on the line that you were referencing. Like last night, every commentator stated that it was a wrong decision but that these things would even themselves out over a season. Sure enough, we played ICT in a league match a short time after this match and a goal saving hand ball on the line was overlooked by the ref and lino. This time, it was another ICT defender but he used a different arm- so it did even out as they told us.



    So, when were Celtic “evened out”. The advantageous decisions that we were alleged to have received and are “oft-cited” include



    Roy Aitken taking a shy he was not entitled to leading to a goal, several moves later



    Nakamura having the audacity to fall after a trip by a St. Mirren player , earning a free kick outside the area.



    And now we have Kyogo being “probably offside” against Hearts in 2021. Freeze frame this clip at 2.28 and judge how “offside” he is.




  6. Philbhoy



    This is a copy of Mouldy’s original link:-



    Hi folks,


    a brief intro before a request. As you may know , The Kano Foundation took inspiration from BringingMartinHome, where people got together to fundraise to help Martin get home following his illness.


    Teresa and Tommy Gallagher have been involved with The Kano Foundation almost since the beginning , raising thousands through tombola and raffles and have helped hundreds get to Celtic games.


    Teresa was diagnosed with a brain tumour a couple of years ago and was operated on in June , fully aware of the risks but willing to tackle it in her usual inimitable style. Unfortunately, the operation wasn’t as successful as hoped for, and she and Tommy are now struggling as she has reduced mobility and is still in hospital, 18 weeks later.


    The similarities between Teresa’s situation and Kano’s struck me, so I want to do a couple of things to try and raise funds to allow them to adjust the house to allow Teresa to get home .



    Here’s the link to the fundraising page ,






    I’m asking people to donate £1 – that’s all, although you can donate as many times as you want ! If donating, please prefix your donation with BTH so you can be entered into auction . BTH is short for BringTeresaHome .


    I’m also asking that you share this message far and wide – it’s just as important to spread the info as it is to get money in .

  7. Bobby Murdochs Ankle supportin Oscar Knox on

    Allan Crawford or Crawford Allen, wit ever he’s called, won’t speak out, that would give the impression that he cared about Scottish football, not just the deady bears







    I’d like to hear from South of Tunis.



    Last time I recall him posting he was heading to London and onto the US to catch up with his kids.



    That was around the 2nd week of March 2020, just as Covid was about to crash through our lives.



    If you’re looking in, give us a wave.






    Have emailed him on all accounts that he used to login



    They bounced back (as far as I can remember) as undeliverable



    And now we have Kyogo being “probably offside” against Hearts in 2021. Freeze frame this clip at 2.28 and judge how “offside” he is.






    At 2:29 on the video just before the ball is hit he looks offside to me.



    At 2:50 from another angle his knee/toe or left shoulder MIGHT just be offside but that’s one of those where it is too close to call so advantage goes to the attacker?



    Certainly nothing compared to BBJ (https://thecelticstar.com/offside-john-hartson-victim-cup-final-honest-mistake/) which merited no comment.




  10. P67,you are correct, but if the Club don’t speak up in games we are involved in, there’s no chance it happening in other games,the Crawford Allan intervention was pre VAR,he was guessing like the rest of us,and no surprise what side he came down on.

  11. Garry Duncan R.I.P.





    Can’t believe it’s two years since he passed.






    I drove through Dalmuir on Sunday, my thoughts turned to DD as I thought it was around this time that we lost him.



    I miss the late night nonsense we used to type on a drunken weekend, as friends across the bridge, such a good guy to get along with, I regret I never met him once.



    The Horse and Barge is closed now all boarded up and the building surrounded by scaffold, I wont share the circumstances as it is not fit for family viewing, but the place does raise a smile in memory of Garry.



    In one of those serendipity moments there was a group of bhoys passing with a football, all wearing Celtic gear,



    fenian dalmuir right enough



    cmon the foxes.

  12. Mod/Tbb



    Anyone know SoTs 2nd name? iirc his dad was coming up for 90,mail or msg me and i will ask around italian friends who would know that community well.



    Incredible foresight in his posts esp regards


    Lampedusa beach and the number of bodies washed up daily then.




  13. Paul67,



    It is maist frustrating that CA can come out and get away with that kind of comment in Ecosse and be paid a fortune for it.



    St Stivs,



    That is unfortunate about the H&B, a lot of pubs are shutting down.



    What I will say is that is/was a heavy Celtic pub, I only went once with the G-Thang (RIP) and there was a lady that totally owned me @ Pool.

  14. If dodgy decisions do even themselves out over time then Glasgow’s blue team must have a few rocky years ahead of them given that it’s now more than 4 years since they conceded a penalty in a league match at Ibrox, and 22 months (61 matches) since they conceded a penalty in any league game. There’s anomalies and then there’s anomalies… The evening out process is going to cause a lot of “bemusement” over at Ibrox.

  15. Meanwhile elsewhere on Planet Football the Spanish Civil Guard have raided the offices of their Referees Committee as part of an investigation into allegations of corrupt payments to officials by no less than Barcelona FC. Albeit in a somewhat circuitous (roundabout) kind of way. In Scotland we have our own Magic Circle which decides these things, so no need for money when a handshake will do.

  16. Offsides –



    I am looking forward to the day when the Arsene Wenger proposal comes in.


    Effectively advantage to the attacker you can be in front of the defender and the measurement will be the last part of your body that is in line with the defender, so your trailing heel can play you onside.



    How many more goals will that be worth to us – how many offsides called against us last season 20 , 30 or more ?




  17. PETEC on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2023 1:38 PM






    search out why did the Horse and Barge Clydebank close.

  18. The refs aren’t the problem, it’s the Huns that are the problem.



    The Huns are cheats and their support can be mobilised to make lives difficult for the refs , from a safety and business perspective.



    Every time the refs bend over and take one for the Huns , I’m reminded of Michael Sheen in the Cloughie drama telling the Leeds players to put all their medals you’ve won away , as you won them by cheating…..



    Still with all their cheating on and off the park , the modern world to some extent has them by the balls , the really big cheating is so much harder ….. FIFA grown a pair with FFP , VAR has cut down the volume of cheating but still not perfect,



    I’m sure we will be pushing for independent VAR in the near future , to get that last piece of cheating removed







    Re SoT. I was in fairly regular communication with SoT on the blog back then. The cessation of messages between us was very sudden and coincided with him reporting massive rates of Covid in the locality.



    I eventually asked Paul to contact him via his registered email (turns out he had two) and there was no response from either. Fear the worse.

  20. onenightinlisbon on

    At last years AGM Michael Nicholson stated that the board were watching VAR extremely closely…must still be watching it. Inept cowards that they are…

  21. Do not understand the surprise at us being on the wrong end of referees decisions, always was, and afraid, always will be. That’s Scoddland for you !!!



    South of Tunis


    Was in regular contact with him because of our love of music etc , but lost touch a good while ago. Boy, was he into his record collection big time !!!


    Love to know if he’s ok




  22. A rare afternoon without Work calls I am able for the first time to watch the whole of the ICT cup final coverage from BBC Scotland, seen all the highlights after the game itself but this is the first time of watching the whole event,



    A few random observations –



    Pre match –


    the montage, why include other teams winning the cup including several deid team moments of beating celtic ?


    the experts, why have Neil McCann, what association has he with either club ?


    Ryan Christie, aye won with both clubs, why not big yogi hughes who managed the same ?



    In match –


    how good is the movement of Kyogo for his goal.


    how long did it take VAR panel to accept abada goal was onside


    oh how i miss Jota.



    The crowd –


    non stop support from our fans, but with the full republican song book, that must have upset a lot of people.


    Over crowding in the celtic passageways, the double bump must have been much in evidence,






    3,000 empty seats, while hundreds of fans are locked out. these organisations dont try hard enough, the game should be a sell out.



    we won as well

  23. !!BADA BING!! on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2023 11:41 PM


    Even Tory MP Caroline Nokes ,agreed with Adam Boulton, that GB News was as bad as Russia Today,and should also be shut down.



    RT had show by Chris Hedges who is a far better journalist than anyone working in the uk.

  24. Random train of thought . . .



    As we were not involved in last night’s football, I was wondering if BR might think of it as a blessing in disguise. More time to train for the upcoming league and CL games, more time for niggling injuries to clear up etc etc.



    Then I got to wondering if, historically, we gave the LC less importance than the SC and, obviously, the league.



    In all, Celtic have won the League 53 times, the Scottish Cup a record 41 times while the League Cup just the 21 times, 7 of which were since 2015.



    Thought I might be on to something. But a quick Google search showed the Scottish Cup has been on the go since 1874, the League Cup only since 1947.


    So, statistically, not a lot of difference in how often we win each trophy, once every 3-4 years.



    Saying that, I can’t pretend it bothers me too much to be out of it. Strange sentiment? If you rarely win a trophy, or are in a period of rarely winning a trophy, I appreciate that it takes on added importance. Fingers crossed for a Hearts Vs Hibs final.

  25. SAINT STIVS on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2023 1:56 PM



    That is mental and quite spooky It’s a very Mad World at the moment.



    Celtic have a tough Scottish fixture against Motherwell away and then a real biggie against Lazio.



    I’m glad Lazio are in some form as that is the best way to win games, when the opposition, no matter who they are, are playing well.

  26. O S. and I know my maths is rubbish and that we were averaging a LC more like once every 5 years until the recent glut of trebles . . .

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