Withdraw Ibrox safety licence as they withdraw moral hazard


What happens if you provide cover for a fan who threw shards of glass onto the Ibrox goalmouth before Joe Hart plays in goal?  It happens again.  When this occurred two years ago, Newco told Celtic their CCTV system did not cover the area the shards were thrown from.  The perpetrator was not identified and faced no consequences.  There is no moral hazard to this behaviour.

Matt O’Riley was the one who had consequences to deal with, when a bottle was thrown at him on Sunday from the same area.  Missiles were also thrown at Celtic staff in the technical area from the Ibrox main stand, echoing a similar incident two years ago.

You and I have seen enough to know that if you get any 50,000 people together you will get several hundred idiots.  Every club has idiot supporters.  What’s different is that some clubs and their supporters inhibit criminal behaviour by a combination of CCTV, self-policing, and fellow supporters upholding standards.  Others do not take the steps to prevent criminal behaviour from becoming a regular feature.

Celtic, their players, staff, directors and supporters (when 700 were last admitted to Ibrox) are unprotected at Ibrox by the home club, police of football authorities.  Newco even went as far as to inform broadcasters they cannot guarantee the safety of Celtic players working at the stadium – a tacit approval of this behaviour.

Two years ago, when CCTV was not produced, Police Scotland should have objected to the stadium licence and Glascow City Council should have withdrawn it.  But this is Scotland, this is Glasgow, so nothing will be done.

If it is established that Sunday’s referee, John Beaton, was not shown the camera angle of Alistair Johnston getting a touch on the ball before contact was made with Meryl Streep-Silva, the SFA’s entire VAR system should be wiped out and a fresh start made.

Beaton awarded a penalty, which brought the home club back into the game and ultimately earned them a point.  A penalty can be awarded if “the defending player gets the ball first and the officials deem the tackle to be careless, reckless or has excess force.”  None of these conditions were met.

We’ll await to see what the SFA say, but if VAR is withholding crucial video from the referee, sack every one of them without delay.

The family of longtime CQN’er, Ron Bacardi have been in touch to let me know Ron  – Brian McGinley – passed away.  Brian’s funeral takes place at 11.00 this Friday, 12 April, in Penrith.  His friends can watch the service here, with login details:



Take care, all.

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  1. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I’m fairly confident that the crowd incidents will be filled under nothing to do here. Never to be heard of again….

  2. Great leader, Paul67. Will it make it into the msm and wider? Very much doubt it. As you say, this is Scotland, this is Glasgow. Let’s get out of this rigged league.

  3. That Celtic have made a compliant to the police should mean this can’t be a ‘nothing to see here’ outcome.


    I’m unsure whether we’d formally complained following previous incidents or whether we thought the host club and SFA would investigate.


    The threshold for criminality has clearly been met. Interesting to see where this one goes

  4. Rest in Peace Brian


    You put up a brave fight


    May eternal rest grant unto him o lord.🙏


    Prayers offered in support of his remaining family



    Hail Hail

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    To all on CQN — males — get your prostate checked out, if you haven’t already. It only takes a minute and could save your life.

  6. Ive just read about RON BACARDI passing away. I am somewhat stunned and shocked as I type. I only met Brian once, when he took the time and trouble to come to a CQN Meeting in the Shipbank Pub in Glasgow a couple of years ago.


    I was the first CQNr in the Pub that day ( or so I thought ?), as Brian was in fact sitting alone opposite the bar with his drink. I approached the Bar and spoke to the Owner Frank and his wife ( Janice). As I ordered myself a Beer, Brian spoke up and asked me…” Are you Big Jimmy ?”……I replied ” Aye, who are you ” ?



    ” I am RON BACARDI” he replied, and then he tried to pay for my Beer, but I had already gave Frank some cash to put behind the Bar to start off the Bevvy session.


    It was precisely at that point that he told his actual name as he said ( With a Chuckle), ” I have the same name as a well known ex Referee”…. I replied along the lines of ” Don’t tell me yer name is TINY WHARTON ” ?



    Brian laughed out loud at that suggestion, but he did whisper the name ” Brian McGinley” to me.


    I then suggested to him that MY real name was also somewhat ” well known” for different reasons, which he found quite amusing also, once as I had disclosed it to him.



    Brian stayed for around a couple of hours but he had arranged to meet up with his wife for Lunch while she shopped in Glasgow city centre. During that time, Brian told me of his health problem.


    During those couple of hours Brian had a good time in the company of the CQN Bhoys, and I KNOW for fact he enjoyed himself.



    Very, very sad news.



    Brian you are being missed already.


    A lovely Celtic Gentleman, and I am so fortunate in having met and had a drink with Brian. i enjoyed HIS company also.



    Brian YNWA Mate.


    God Bless.




  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Depressing read.



    Something has to get done about this once and for all.



    RIP Ron.

  8. Paul 67 et al,



    I must basically repeat what I posted at the end of the last article.


    It is one thing to say “But this is Scotland, this is Glasgow, so nothing will be done ”


    But there is something that can be done. We can and should do the right thing by our players and supporters.



    We can immediately call a press conference and tell all and sundry that we are withdrawing our invitation to the hun support into our home.



    Until we do this , then all our protests are mealy-mouthed words that will be ignored.



    Actions speak louder than words.




  9. Our complaint to the police will be somewhere in the middle of the 8000 complaints about hate crime that must be investigated



    Do the Maths, there are circa 16,000 police in Scotland.



    We should make our own stand.




  10. I know that RON BACARDI would have attended the CQN meet ups more than once, but there was some distance between his home and dear auld Glesga, which limited his ability to attend.



    Brian McGinley R.I.P.


    My sincere condolences to all his family and friends.



    YNWA Brian.

  11. Their licence should be at risk as I posted on the previous article, but votes need to be counted, I expect the Police to do a big fat Zero.What was the attendance? Were passageways clear?


    Will Celtic now reconsider away fans from Ibrox at our ground and make it known why, they’re violent act aggressively to our staff use weapons to act staff and players on many occasions and someone is going to get seriously hurt without this being addressed.


    RIP Ron my condolences his family and friends.

  12. Just maintain the ban on them coming to Celtic Park.No tickets.Does anyone think the 2,500 tickets,gives our fans any modicum of safety at Ibrox.Not a hope in hell.Its worse for security,safety.Grow a pair,tell them full Broomloan or nothing.Wont have a better chance.Reasons,?,easy list to draw up.


    Cant be arsed with this faffing about.


    It is unsafe for any Celtic player to be near their fans.The broken glass was vile.Career threatening.A bottle to the head,life threatening.WTF are we thinking about.We sell out our place.Weak,pathetic,lily livered,you name it,we have it.

  13. Safety of management, players and fans at the likes of Ibrox and Tynecastle has been poor for a long time. The Club should be much more vocal, active and engaging with the opposing Clubs, Police and Councils to sort this

  14. TURKEYBHOY on 9TH APRIL 2024 12:38 PM




    I fully AGREE Mate.


    We certainly do NOT need any of the Hun Fan VERMIN anywhere near Paradise.



    Celtic FC….Tell the Huns, the Polis, the SFA…NO MORE Tickets for Hun fans at Celtic Park.



    Celtic supporters, and Players and ALL of Celtics staff DESERVE better than to entertain this VILE Mob within Celtic Park.



  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    This blog is 1000% spot on.



    We have our share of idiots (mostly drunk), but the culture is one of self-policing. On the other hand the hun culture is one supremacism.



    On VAR, this isn’t incompetence, this is corruption. Sack them all in disgrace. They are cheats (not even) hiding in plain sight.

  16. McPhail Bhoy on

    Big Jimmy


    Great story about Ron Bacardi. There’s no doubt in my mind there are some people you meet, even if only one time, you know they are the salt of the earth. I didn’t meet him so it’s always good to hear about the people behind the moniker who have, even if it was only the once.


    Did he explain his moniker by any chance big Jimmy? I assume that his favourite tipple was Bacardi, but why Ron or is that a stupid question and it’s obvious to everyone else?

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