Going one better next season

We had a special night at the Celtic Supporters’ Association’s 67th Annual Rally last night.  It was great to see our two treble winning captains: Tom Boyd giving praise to the giant of the European game, Billy McNeill.

I had a chat with Scott Brown, who received his Association Player of the Year award.  A day before he collects his fourth consecutive league championship trophy you’d think he would afford a moment of satisfaction, but he’s not happy this isn’t a treble winning season.  The events at Hampden last month have left an open wound.  All he could talk about was going one better next season.

Before you leave for the game tomorrow remember to bring along some change to buy a Ronny Roar badge to raise funds for the work of your Foundation.  See you there.

World class deficit of self-awareness

The word of the day is anosognosia, def. a deficit of self-awareness. While discussing his Fit and Proper examination by the SFA, Dave King told the media that “If the level of detail that was applied to me was applied to Craig Whyte then he would never have taken over the club.  The club would [...]

This, my friends in Celtic, is what you call a journey

The heat was suffocating, it was 35° and city was heaving.  On the long walk out of town some enterprising locals were selling water or cola to the increasingly dehydrated caravan of people.  I passed a few, not willing to succumb to extortionate opportunism, but soon gave in. I walked into an orange tree earlier [...]

Faux precipice, the £30m man, fan shakedown

Lots going on today, we’ll maybe have a second blog this evening on Craig Gordon, but for now…. Last month I wrote that Dave King’s Fit and Proper issue was a faux precipice.  If he was not found Fit and Proper he, “could easily appoint his own people to the PLC board, he would be [...]

Living within your means still resisted

Michel Platini’s Financial Fair Play initiative at Uefa has been one of the more inspiring developments at the top of our game for decades.  It brought spending into line with income throughout the English game and punished what Platini called financial doping. It has been so effective, Platini now promises to relax the rules.  The [...]