Salmond up to his knees in silence

It was as though large parts of Scotland’s media, and many Rangers fans, had decided enough was enough after Saturday’s game.  Sectarian singing was reported and roundly condemned, although, inexplicably, BBC Sportscene flippantly suggested disagreeable refereeing could be a cause.  It was, however, Nil By Mouth from the government on tackling this peculiar fabric of society.

A Scottish government spokesman was unable to even acknowledge Saturday’s events, giving the Sunday Herald a completely neutral comment: “We deplore sectarian or bigoted chanting at any grounds or from any fans in Scotland.”

By his own admission, Alex Salmond is busy “arguing” with HMRC and campaigning to secure Rangers’ unique place in the fabric of Scottish society – despite openly being in breach of Fifa rules which could see Celtic kicked out of the Champions League and Scotland unable to compete in the World Cup qualifiers.  It would have cost him nothing to fall in line with everyone else and make it clear this behaviour is not what he is fighting for.

Issues like this are why we need a First Minister, Alex.  If you have decided to go Nil By Mouth, you’re betraying the very fabric you should be cultivating. No one wants to live in a Scotland that looks like this.

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218 thoughts on "Salmond up to his knees in silence"

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  • The Spirit of Arthur Lee

    In One

  • kevinlasvegas

    more and more stuff coming out all the time, sfa and spl must be complicit in all these lies. i think everything will lead back to them. in terms of registration errors or over sights ; ) blind eyes being turned and european money being paid out when the taxes weren’t being paid. regan has played it down and never condemned der hun which is very strange indeed for a man who is all about honesty and transparency. i think the wee man has joined the ranks as an honery(ahem) member of the (billy) boys club.again gordon smith has not opened his mouth through all this. gutless man and hopeing everyone forgets about him. I think hes a link in the chain. missing link??lol


  • hamiltontim

    Celtic Champions 2012

  • Folly Folly

    More reality TV shows for follow followers of the Foe Malign:

    The Apprentice (Boys)
    Living in the Past
    One Man and His Dog (following the exploits of the ‘crowd’ in seasons 2013-14 onwards)

    Or, for the U.S.-based follow followers:

    The Real Orange County


  • unew mike

    rangerstaxcase says:
    20/02/2012 at 12:24 am

    When someone takes a walk on the wrong side of the law, they no longer have any reason to not stay there. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that those who ran Rangers will have done much more wrong too, but I do not have much information on that.

    May as well be hvng for a sheep as a (succulent) lamb.

  • Partizan

    Partizan says:
    20 February, 2012 at 09:59

    ‘Like Carlos Tevez without the looks….’

    I’ve changed it slightly but you may well have quote of the day there Silver City :-)))))))

  • hoopeddreams

    Another multiple article day beckons.

  • unew mike

    Paul you didn’t miss the target yet again !

  • kevinlasvegas

    My mate was at the game and said best atmoisphere apart from celtic games and then they started the bigoted guff and he said to me, maybe we deserve to die and to rid if all this guff. he was gutted. a time for unity and support and all they could do was sing about killing catholics. He was scunnered on sat and right disheartened at FT. just though i’d share that with u guys. a different point of view and all that.


  • kevinlasvegas

    the real orange county. cracker folly


  • yogijunior3

    Paul et al

    I had a dream. The same as Dr King.


    Admittedly, I don’t have the same interest in civil rights in America. I’m more apathetic than activist, more functionary than visionary, more lackadaisical than leader. Apart from that though……

    I dreamt of how best to help our poor relations. I’m charitable that way.

    How best to market the post liquidation Newco? I have the answer.

    It should be called;

    “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rangers”

    and the strapline;

    “With the same amount of vile sectarianism, toxic, racist bile and mindless thuggery, but with MASSIVELY REDUCED levels of cash!!”

    Should I contact their marketing department (otherwise referred to as the janny) do you think?

    Wouldn’t want them to miss out.



  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    Has anyone asked Kenny McAskill for a quote on the atmosphere?

  • kevinlasvegas

    they never done themselves any favours on sat, that shows how stupid they are. The only way out of this is some kind of agreement built on sentiment and they answer that with hatred. i think they lost some media and nutural support with their behaviour on sat.


  • dessybhoy

    Paul 67
    To me the reporting of this is the responsibility of the the match commander, his equivalent at CP had no difficulty in reporting Celtic to UEFA and he or she should initiate the reporting of this from Saturday, however it may tell us more about the Police attitude to both clubs when it comes to these issues.
    The government wanted Celtic done and they achieved it the rest of the time they will sit back and say one is as bad as the other, neither do I want to live in a Scotland full of predjudice that goes unchallenged by the people whose job it is to do this.

  • jhilday

    A bleak grey curtain has been drawn over North Ayrshire this morning.

    And it’s raining quite a bit too.

    Well said, Paul.

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    To be fair to them they did quieten down later.

    I came through Buchanan Street underground station around 5:30 on Saturday and a whole trainfull of them pulled into the other platform. I can report that there was no sectarian singing at all. In fact they all just sat in stony silence looking out of the windows, presumably contemplating the future. Or lack of it.

  • ibleedgreenandwhite1

    Charlie Mulgrew named in the Scotland squad,,,,,poor beggar what did he do to deserve that?????

    Hail hail :D

  • twists n turns


    long time ago, my wife’s (then girlfriend) friend was going out with a guy from Northern Ireland. Eugene was his name. He and I met socially, and I took him to the Hun game at Ibroke. Unfortunately, I only had tickets for the orcs end but we went in anyway. We were taking some abuse naturally, and this was still 30 mins to k.o. To be honest, it was getting a bit hairy. Anyhow, eventually the police intervened and escorted us out and re-sited us in the good ghuys end.

    We won 2-0, (I am almost certain) and I remember Murdo McLeod scored one, but my memory is bad. I don’t recall the 2nd. Must have been about 79/80 season. I reckon had we still been in the wrong end, we’d have got a fast track to the nearest hospital.

    Anyhow, as we left the ground, we came under attack from a hail of bottles. I remember thinking Eugene will think I am some sort of a headcase, bringing him to this. Anyway, safely back in the pub and he starts telling me all about his team, Cliftonville, and the bitter enemy Linfield. I realised then that the game he had just been to was a rather mild tempered affair!

    I often wonder how he is doing. I lost touch when he separated from his girlfriend.

  • kevinlasvegas

    I have a philosophy in life and its very simple and we all know it “never back the bad guy” i wonder if some of these LL are starting to think this way. u cant excuse everything they do. Traynor has been an example of this again he gets the hammer out in his column and your call on sat, he want moonbeams brought into it now.


  • Barrach Obampot don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers

    as ever well said Paul67

    My MSP is deploying the usual political tactic when dealing with awkward questions

    …by not answering them!

    I can only assume from their lack of condemnation that this is “part of the fabric of the Scottish nation” that the First Minister is so keen to save.

  • Big Nan

    Excellent article.

  • What is the Stars

    Pat Fenlon

    We complained for years that Rangers (and Linfield) wouldnt employ catholics and when they do we brand those catholics who played for them as traitors/huns/judas etc

    Maurice Johnston was a different case,because he led Celtic to beleive that he would sign for them and then changed at the last minuted leaving Celtic public humiliated by the whole thing

    But that apart a footballer is surely perfectly entitled to sign for whatever club he wishes
    Those who label Pat Fenlon a hun because he played for Linfield are absolutely no better than the bigots who inhabit ibrox.
    Pat Fenlon is a Celtic supporter,Pat Fenlon played for Linfield
    They are 2 facts,they maybe 2 facts that are hard to reconcile for many Belfast Tims but they are facts all the same.

    Get over lads

  • St Martin’s Bhoy

    Paul – a wonderful article. Spot on….again!

    I’ve been one of only a few voices in our supporters club over the years to say that I hoped we never had to play them again. More and more are coming round to that way of thinking. I actually went further and said I wished we could play in any other league in the world than the morally and financially bereft backwater of the SPL.

    Our Club is run magnificently (tin hat on re transfers!) with a strategy that has been carefully planned to ensure our survival and future growth. If only the SPL, the SFA and Scotland in general could come close to matching that leadership.

    They don’t have the intelligence which is fair enough. Far more damningly, they don’t have the will. Let them rot.

    Thanks for everything. Hail! Hail!

  • seventyxseven ‘glace’


    I am impressed.
    Salut! Salut!

  • Paul67

    unew mike, felt let down by that non-committal statement.

    dessybhoy, indeed.

    jhilday, cheers.

    Barrach, Big Nan, thanks.

  • Barrach Obampot don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers

    kevinlasvegas from previous thread


    Actually I think our man Craig is trying to get on Extreme Makeover, especially now as the huns have left a message on his castle gate.

    Time to dig a bigger moat Craig!


  • voguepunter

    It was, however, Nil By Mouth from the government on tackling this peculiar fabric of society.

    Could the fabric of Scotland be the same stuff they make
    orange sashes from ?

  • Folly Folly


    Perhaps in referring to the ‘fabric of society’, our First Minister may have had the expression ‘life’s rich tapestry’ in mind: suggesting that bad experiences are merely part of life which must be accepted since they cannot be avoided …

    That said, regardless of what he may or may not have intended to say, if he fails to condemn the sectarian singing at Ibrokes, perhaps it is because he is hoping for der Hun to fold before he has the chance to do so.

    Otherwise he should henceforth be renamed ‘Alex Chickened’ …


  • Che

    Once again the evidence is there for everyone to hear or read,
    unfortunately once again the silence from those in authority is deafening, this is becoming an all too commonly used tactic, when it suits.
    They may never give us the answers we seek,
    that in itself should not stop us from continually asking the questions.

    The cynic in me says that the First Minister himself is far too busy to comment on this latest episode of shame in the annals of a club steeped in shame, he has more pressing matters to contend with,
    tomorrow is after all……..
    pancake tuesday.

  • oglach

    dessybhoy says:
    20 February, 2012 at 10:06
    Paul 67
    To me the reporting of this is the responsibility of the the match commander, his equivalent at CP had no difficulty in reporting Celtic to UEFA and he or she should initiate the reporting of this from Saturday, however it may tell us more about the Police attitude to both clubs when it comes to these issues.
    The government wanted Celtic done and they achieved it the rest of the time they will sit back and say one is as bad as the other, neither do I want to live in a Scotland full of predjudice that goes unchallenged by the people whose job it is to do this.
    Perhaps I am being somewhat paranoid but I believe that the police commander reporting Celtic to the SFA and UEFA was part of a concerted effort by the SNP and Police to ensure that their “Even up the numbers” bill was pushed through the Scots parliament. I would be very surprised if any mention of the singing of ‘illegal’ songs at the ‘sectarian fest’ at Ibroke is made in the Police commanders report. Who knows he may have even been tapping his feet in time to the ‘cultural & historical ditties’ being sang by the fabric of Scots society.

  • Barrach Obampot don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers



  • kikinthenakas

    I think that their behaviour was entirely predictable and although it was reported it has been with some caveats.
    I was at our game yesterday with my son and his pal, it is the best atmosphere at an away game since Seville and the beach balls, guys I spoke to who attend every away game agreed.
    While they were up to their knees in bold we were covered in jelly and ice cream and if you think that’s because of the situation you are partly correct, remember last season on the last day, they were up 3 at Kilmarnock and were still up to their knees and we had lost the league after ten minutes, but we were singing about out team, Lenny, mjallby, and Celtic greats and there is the difference.
    No to newco.

  • ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’

    Folly Folly says:

    20 February, 2012 at 09:58

    More reality TV shows for follow followers of the Foe Malign:

    ‘Huns under the hammer’
    ‘the secret billionaire’
    ‘the Killing’

  • unew mike

    Paul 1st comment was direct paste from RTC I too felt he could have said more but in the light of my recent review of Traynors prose I was amused by the post script above. As for my second comment I forgot to add well done at the start hail hail

  • Che

    What is the Stars says:
    20 February, 2012 at 10:11

    Bang on.

    maybe someone could clarify,
    what should we term some of the “rangers” supporters who past and present have worn the hoops?

    Do they remain “huns?”

  • gscbhoy

    Age is definitely affecting my memory, so apologies if i am on the wrong track here, but i seem to recall that Neil Lennon said a few years back that he would have played for the dark side if they had asked him in his younger days?

    I dont understand why anyone of a Celtic or a catholic persuasion would sign for them. That said, I know quite a few boys from my own youth football club who are as staunch Celtic supporters as i was at their age but who signed pro-youth with TFOD – without exception, they are all good, intelligent, well-balanced boys. Maybe it’s me that has the problem rather than them?

  • kitalba

    There seems to be an arguably commendable amount of empathy and support being recorded in the main stream media for Rangers manager Ally McCoist; after all the man is under an enormous amount of pressure. He does not know how secure his job or his club is; for him that must be terrible. I would laud all those proclaiming compassionate affinity with Ally but I can’t, because the very same people who are so concerned about the health and well being of McCoist did not once have the courage or the compassion to codemn those who tried to take the life of the Celtic manager, and others.

    There is a big difference between losing your job and losing your life as Ally McCoist so graphically explained to the slavering media when he explained the tragedy of the Ibrox disaster and the media again highlighted how caring and thoughtful Ally is.

    Pity they can’t think outside their own box though.

    With those who tried to kill Neil Lennon, and others, soon to appear in court, I am still waiting for the vast majority of those who are so publicly supportive of Mr. McCoist to show their impartiality and compassion without prejudice, by condemning the vicious acts of those who made Celtic’s manager, and his family and friends too, wish that the most he (Lennon) had to worry about was losing his job.

    For the record… I sincerely hope that Ally does not lose his job, ever.

  • KJamBhoy

    Well done Lennon and the team yesterday. Another emphatic win in Edinburgh a joy to watch!

    Only complaint at the moment, everyone is playing too well, I wanna see what some of the new bhoys can do!

  • yogijunior3

    Paul et al

    One thing in particular on which I disagree with Salmond. Rangers are not part of the fabric of Scottish society. I prefer to think of them as part of the body of overall Scottish culture.

    Unfortunately the part they represent is the malignant tumour. A cancer.

    Which does, when left untreated, spread it’s virulent toxins and infect all the healthy and properly functioning components.

    The opportunity exists here for radical surgery. Cut it out. Watch it die. Watch the rest of the cultural body thrive healthily once it’s gone.

    Although it may well come back, if enough damage is done this time, it will hopefully be much diminished and easily crushed.

    And next time. We’ll be waiting and watching.



  • kitalba

    Used to be a hun but he’s alright now,

    Alfie! Alfie!

    Used to be a hun but he’s alright now,

    Alfie! Alfie! Conn.

  • LiviBhoy

    twists n turns says:
    20 February, 2012 at 09:55

    From previous article.

    In my younger days (90′s) when I was a teenager I would regularly go in the home end at various grounds. We were rubbish but it still wasn’t always easy to get a ticket. Our bus allocation went on the points system so occassionally I missed out. Being younger you have less fear you are desperate to be at the game and it’s usually OK in the main stand. I used to get tickets for most games home end if desperate.

    I have been in the following grounds home ends.

    Livingston: Knew most of their fans and it was OK. A very new club at the time and they were happy for the cash. Couldn’t really get any abuse because most of the Livi fans I knew in there supported another club a few years before.

    St Johnstone: Went into the main stand twice. Not pleasant. Wasn’t the worst but they did give some of our players abuse. The old guys with the rugs on the knees were the worst.

    Hibernian: I was in the main stand when I was around 18 or 19. Me and my mates were blootered and luckily there was quite a few older Celtic fans in there. The Hibs fans were alright and wished us well and hoped we won the league. We did and won 1-0 on the day. I think Reiper scored. Could be wrong.

    Dundee United: Was in the Geroge Fox stand at Tannadice and it was a cup match. We won 3-2 and scored very late on. I think Brattbakk scored the winner. May have even been extra time. Was a bit nervy in there and we left early. Last time I was in a home end until yesterday.

    Dundee: One of the better grounds to go to. Their fans were OK with us on the day. I was very young and my old man was steaming. He spent the whole match shouting at Gerry McNee who was commentating on the match very near us. The Dundee fans were fine and had a laugh. It was a family section tho.

    Dunfermline: I was just a Bhoy. It was the centenary season. In the shed beside the Celtic fans and my dad asked the steward if we could sneak into the away end. They wouldn’t let us so we stood with the Pars fans and watched us lose when big Packie lost the ball in the sun. Their fans were OK but my old man was pulling them up for their language and everything. We left on good terms and my old man met the guys in the boozer at Paradise at the next game after offering to buy them a pint if they were brave enough to show up. Decent fans in those days.

    Falkirk: The famous 5-4 game. One of the best games I have ever been to. 6 of us in the Falkirk end. There were red cards and penalties and a last minute winner from John Collins. We got busted when the Hoops got a goal and half the Falkirk end jumped up. They moved us from the Falkirk end at Brockville out by the main stand and into the Celtic end which was pretty sound. The away end was packed and when Collins scored the winner in the last minute people were on the pitch. What a day that was!

    Hearts: Went on my own aged 16 into the centre main stand. It was just when the away end was seated and there were limited tickets. I took my seat and got up to appluad both teams on the park. Applauded Hearts first as Rousset came out and crossed himself. The bile and abuse was astounding. I got busted! They just knew I was a Tim. Some old guy was abusing the life out of me but I refused to budge. A steward came up and said I better leave. I said I’ve done nothing wrong here and said I was here to watch the game in the main stand and the ticket did not say home fans only. The guy in front of me and a few around said we don’t know if he is a Celtic fan but he is just a kid. He has said nothing and that old boy is at it every week. Throw him out! Don’t like the Jambo’s one bit but one of the guys next to me said ‘Kid you have some balls coming in here on your own.’ I just said that I was a football supporter and wanted to watch my team. It was OK after that and we won 2-0 prayed we didn’t score again and was pretty scared walking out but I got away with it. The guys on my bus thought I was nuts!

    All in all it hasn’t been all that bad in the home ends and it gives you a real sense of perspective. If you can just sit and watch the match it’s OK. It’s harder if the home team score. That’s when you get busted. The accent can be a dead giveaway too. Most fans know each other. I went in the home ends when the games weren’t on TV and I was Celtic mad and would do anything to be at the match.
    Wouldn’t do it now and if Mrs LB wasn’t a Hibee I wouldn’t have done it yesterday. Better watching it on the box.
    There are decent football fans in this country but the majority go with the mob. There are a few grounds I wouldn’t do it at. Hearts I would never do again after the first time and their hatred for us is much worse than then. If anyone thinks about it I would reccomend the main stand. Take an old guy or a kid with you. The old guys on our bus used to get main stand tickets for most grounds. OAP and said they were Celtic and they got in fine. Aberdeen even gave them a discount, access to the stadium bar and a tour. They got blootered and loved it and got to meet the board. Thought that was great of Aberdeen.


  • kevinlasvegas

    night night, have a good one bhoys, i work nights and it my kip time, lets see what today brings. excellent points as always Paul.


  • starry plough

    Well said Paul 67 like our Young Lions you are on a great run…

    You shall know them by their words and deeds in this time. Saying nothing sometimes is as bad as opening your mouth and putting your foot in it..


  • Folly Folly

    RE: Reality-style TV shows for der hun …

    For the discerning follow follower of the quintessesntially British club, I give you:


  • greenjedi


    Depends on who the player is.

    McGrain – Tim

    Burley – HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For example


  • unew mike

    update from RTC himself unfortunately he doesn’t have the time and stamina of Paul67 though RTC deserves enormous credit for highlighting the shameless collusion of the scottish media in the guardian at the week end

    rangerstaxcase says:
    20/02/2012 at 8:39 am
    81 2 i
    Again apologies for being missing in action throughout all of the excitement of the last few days.
    A combination of trying to make up for lost time with my deeply neglected family and sifting through the avalanche of new information that is coming in. When it was a trickle of data from known sources, this project was much easier. Sifting gold and diamonds from the silt is quite time consuming.

    I do expect to have a new blog post up by Wednesday. Thanks for your continued interest and support for this project.

  • bamboo

    Phil Taylors darting philosophy keeps popping up in my head.
    ” When youve got your opponent going dont give him a chance to recover -keep your foot on his throat!”

  • Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly

    Although facing stiff competition from the likes of Keevins and Traynor, there is a hack writing for the Scotsman named Allan Patullo who outdoes them all in the anti- Celtic sentiment oozing from his articles.
    I stopped buying the Record some time ago andhave now vowed never to buy another Scotsman while he writes for them. Is the Herald worth trying?

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