A gentleman that’s going round Turning the joint upside down


There’s a gentleman that’s going round
Turning the joint upside down
Stool Pigeon – ha-cha-cha-cha
He’s an old ex-con that’s been away
Now he’s back, no one’s safe

It’s quite likely that David Grier and Craig Whyte had many conversations they didn’t want replayed on BBC Reporting Scotland.  Their deal to acquire Rangers from Sir David Murray and Lloyds Banking Group would have required many scenarios to be considered, some of which would certainly be unpalatable.  So with this in mind, Grier may have been comfortable discussing strategy with Whyte when the latter recorded their conversation in May this year.  They had been in the proverbial trenches together before and at one time would have had a bond of trust.

What frankly beggars belief is that either party would consider this bond to be still in place a month after Duff and Phelps sued Craig Whyte’s company for £25m.  It’s even more surprising that Mr Grier and Mr Whyte were on such convivial terms – chatting liberally in a restaurant about such a serious matter – while they were supposed to be on opposite sides of a £25m legal action.

We now know that Rangers administration went miles off track soon after it started. Whyte, as we predicted back in October last year, hoped to present creditors and Scottish football with a fait accompli.  Duff and Phelps were to complete the task within days for a fixed fee of a fraction of what they eventually raised.

Instead Duff and Phelps fee increased by a factor of six, Whyte lost control of events and inherited a great deal of litigation, not to mention a police inquiry.  Duff and Phelps must now prepare to tell the truth to Lord Hodge next week.  There are millions of pounds at play here and anything short of the truth could land them in heaps of trouble.

Credit to Mark Daly and Reporting Scotland for landing the recording.  The BBC are taking a pounding this month but this was a stunning item for an evening news bulletin to present.

Craig Whyte, you will remember, threatened to sue Daly last year and managed to convince the hard of thinking that Daly, and the BBC, were victimising Rangers by dishing the dirt on Whyte.  Some still adhere to this belief, despite now realising their Messiah was just a naughty boy, it’s a cognitive dissonance thing.  Another lesson that football fans are fools for bombast.

After all the talk then they wired him
And he took a walk with his crooked friends
And they joked about the good old days
And he recorded it on a reel of tape
He caught the mug who did in the forgery
And the babe in charge of larceny

We have to wonder what liquidators BDO will make of Duff and Phelps actions when they take over next week.  Ha-cha-cha-cha.

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    O.G.Rafferty 10:58 on 25 October, 2012



    I’m surprised Alex Thomson is still working after upsetting Cornelius Graham and his band of m(eights) – who were so shocked at him questioning Kelvin MacKenzie that they complained to Ofcom…



    These Sevconians are so delicate – they must be made of bone china.

  2. Twitter comment on the BBC taking a pounding



    Hush women, the Sky men+the Daily Mail men want to use the paedophile man to get at the BBC men. So depressing.”



    Like the odious chant from the hordes at ibrokes about Scotlands greatest manager

  3. One year on from a pivotal moment in Celtic history



    CQN 15th October 2012




    Paul 67,have a word ,Dail Mail today plagiarising your ideas .HH

  4. hi bhoys


    asked last week if RFC(il) creditors had approved final payment to duff and phelps ?


    have seen nothing on internet or msm


    could another court case be on the way ?




  5. Rangers Tax-Case‏@rangerstaxcase



    Dear Mr Traynor. Whyte used Ticketus money to pay off bank debt, not to purchase the club. I’m sure he managed the £1 in actual cash.

  6. Steinreignedsupreme, 11:08 on


    Indeed and they’ve been doing their best to get back at him, to a laughable extent in some cases.


    Unlike their IQs, their blood pressure may well be rising steeply in the next few days…

  7. Whyte is no fool, I can only imagine he taped it. The share issue is now a bit wobbly. Actually buying shares now a bit like holding wobbly jelly in your hands. Likely to slip through your fingers and splatter on the deck leaving nothing but regret for being so stupid to place them in your hands in first place.

  8. Goldstar



    October deadline likely to lapse and be extended. Several abandoned and washed out games. Will email soon.



    Taggsybhoy and Paranoidbyexperience also needing to play their SECOND rematch after two draws! Hash tag epic.

  9. Went to see Kid Creole and the Coconuts on their Tropical Gangsters tour at the Glasgow Appollo back in 82 (I think). Loved that album, it was the soundtrack of a cracking summer for me. I was 17 and hitting the pubs and clubs in Troon and Ayr – Anchorage, Pebbles, Bobby Jones, Rumours etc., A magical time.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    stephenpollock 11:16 on 25 October, 2012



    Your metaphor would be more accurate if you replaced the jelly with a hot jobby.

  11. DeniaBhoy, 11:22


    I saw them on that tour as well, in Belfast and if I close my eyes I can still see his Coconuts 30 years later

  12. Love it Paul, great article.



    UB40’s Rat in the Ibrox Kitchen might be another to hold for the future:



    There`s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna go?


    I`m gonna fix that rat that’s what i`m gonna do,


    I`m gonna fix that rat.



    When you open your mouth you don`t talk, you shout


    And you give every body the blame,


    But when they catch you up,


    They will shut you up


    And you got no one to blame



    There`s a rat in me kitchen ……..



    When you out on the street,


    You practice lies and deceipt


    And you scandalize my name


    But when I catch you up


    I`m gonna pull you up


    I`m gonna check-out inside your brain



    There`s a rat in me kitchen …….



    You invade my space


    Make me feel disgraced


    And you just don`t give a damn


    If I had my way


    If I had my say


    I`d like to see you hang



    There`s a rat in me kitchen …..

  13. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    If I was that wee face-painitng wummin – I would be having a few words with my lawyer…

  14. Steinreignssupreme: Sorry to read about the quality of your bowel movements; pasta and porridge man myself so dunno what you mean :-)

  15. The mischief is oozing from PAUL67’s keyboard these days.


    Nobody enjoys a diet of Hunnic epicaricacy more than the long downtrodden Carfin men.

  16. .






    When are You going to Get to the Real Story..



    Paul Baxendale-Walker, Rangers tax advisor and pornographer:



    When he was Recomended to SDM.. (By The Scouts)..Did he Go See him Live..



    Or Like Walter.. Did he Just watch His DVD’s..;0))))



    Summa of UpPompeyCSC

  17. O.G. Rafferty – indeed. We were in the 3rd row in the stalls so got a great view of them too. Those were the days when you could leave your seats and go up front to the stage without being chucked out. It felt more like a party than a concert. I loved those days. You could see a band one night at the Apollo and another night at the Edinburgh Playhouse. None of this jetting in, doing Wembley and jetting out again to another stadium.

  18. Steinreignedsupreme on

    O.G.Rafferty 11:16 on 25 October, 2012



    It is very entertaining watching the Sevconians gang up on twitter, passing the collective brain cell around like a hot potato, as they share their ‘put-downs’ and concoct outrage.



    They’ve even taken to scribbling articles of late – or in the case of Scruffy Junior, plagiarising from RTC.



    Previously, only people sniffing glue were so deluded. The times they are- a-changing.

  19. stevietar - putting the turd back into the turd division on

    Excuse me harking back to the Barca game, not logged on here for a bit & was rather shocked to see the stats on the UEFA website state that Bacelona had 90% of possession. But then I thought, “only two goals from all that”…



    Barca 90% Possession, 2 goals = 0.022% possession-to-goals ratio.


    Celtic 10% Possession, 1 goal = 0.100% possession-to-goals ratio.



    So we are 5 times better at scoring goals that Barcelona.



    Posting quick while I’ve still got a straight face…

  20. Steinreignedsupreme on

    stephenpollock 11:30 on 25 October, 2012



    Pasta and porridge? It’s a wonder you pass that at all. Your eyes must be bulging like Craig Whyte’s…

  21. DeniaBhoy, 11:35


    They knew how to put on a show all right and they went down so well they came back early in 83 to a bigger venue. Belfast coconuts were never the same after that

  22. Steinreignedsupreme, 11:36


    And yet all this collective talent does is spend its time going round and round and blaming the messenger. A total inability to step back and consider what has been said and what is going on. They are one giant knee-jerk reaction.

  23. Tim Malone,



    I thought that the zombie equivalent of the SVdP, the RFFF, paid the face painter and the guy who provided the glass trophy.

  24. Everything to do with Rangers and those who aspire to control the “brand” stinks of corruption.



    A bit like that King Midas in reverse, everything touched starts a rot.



    How long is Scottish football going to allow itself to be associated in any form with such a corrupting mindset?

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